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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 700 Cars hidden on a Ranch in Colorado | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 8

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Wow a Buick Wildcat convertible oh man

of the 700 cars that he owns he's got 66

AMC Eagles of the 66 this is the rarest

one only two are known to exist in the

world this one and another one I'm Tom

Cotter the first car I found that was 12

years old I'm 61 years old now I'm still

finding cars and in this series you'll

see that there are still plenty of cars

left look at the size of this joint


we were invited to come and tour

Terry gales Rambler Ranch today in

Elizabeth Colorado it's an amazing

facility I've been doing this old car

stuff for a long time and I've never

seen anything like you're about to see

take a look



I think these Eagles are still in pretty

much demand I've seen them in the last

guy that's Pacific Northwest New England

but they're probably hard to get parts

for do you do you sell parts for these

you know are they pretty good vehicle

this is 1960 Etzel wagon and how many to

say they made 59 59 and you know this is

probably one of just a couple left very

rare car this is one Edsel really start

to realize they probably were not the

right car for the market they were

priced too high so this is more for than

Etzel it was just a rebadged Ford to an

Etzel villager is what it was called

East ik so this has an automatic well

it's got a manual gearbox with no with

no clutch you still had to shift it but

you didn't need a clutch interesting

this is 1956 Rambler classic cross

country and it's a very rare car it was

just explained to me that well this was

originally a woodgrain in the middle

here so this would have all been

woodgrain and then this coral color here

and here this cars there's an emblem

right here says air-conditioned so 56

car with air conditioning it's that's

very rare there's an air conditioning

flap right here so you know your wife

says get a little bit too cold honey

well she could just slip that down on

the other side

or you could regulate it like that the

rare part about this car it's a two-door

hardtop no post so when these windows

are down it's it's this is all open

you've got a vent window in the front

and event window in the back I wish we

had vent with us today but you can see

there's different year this is a 56 this

is a 59 cross country the same model but

three years newer but this has a post

here so this would have been a more

traditional wagon that would have been

the sportier wagon this is a 1950 Nash

ambassador and of all the cars we've

seen here this is the only two-door on

the property they only built this style

for three years 49 50 51

this is a 50 I can tell that because

it's got an enclosed gas cap I have to

say of all the cars we've seen here

personally this is my favorite it has it

has such Art Deco style it's dripping

with I think with beauty it's the the

hood is so long it's got a huge 6

cylinder overhead valve engine the hood

is almost disproportionately long to the

rest of the body there was a version of

this that had a sofa and arm rests as

the back seat almost like a living room

plenty of legroom and if you look back

here it's got this beautiful drop trunk

with tail lights that are built into the

body here it's just just a fabulous work

of art so if you're asking me which

favorite AMC product in this whole place

this is the one I would like to tell



of the 700 cars that he owns he's got 66

AMC Eagles of the 66 this is the rarest

one they were available in 1980 with a

four-cylinder motor a six-cylinder motor

and seven were made with a turbo diesel

motor this is one of those seven only

two are known to exist in the world this

one and another one

AMC had a partnership with Renault at

the time so there was a European

connection this motor was built in Italy

a turbo diesel engine

Terri's not quite sure of its lineage

but it's an Italian motor it could have

been an industrial motor I'm not sure

but he said the gas mileage was amazing

but at a very expensive option a $14,000

Eagle four-wheel-drive Eagle was raised

up by $9,000 to roughly $23,000 in 1980

that's a lot of money in 1980 cars very

much in demand even today because

they're four-wheel drive they're

comfortable it's not a truck it's a

wagon you can put multiple people in

here so of all these 700 cars he said

this is one of the most special cars he



we visited a place called the Rambler

ranch owned by a guy named Terry Gayle

and he had a wonderful collection of AMC

and Rambler cars well he's been driving

down this road for years and there's

always been a gate up but he saw behind

the gate lots of garages and old gas

pumps like that one over there he said a

car guys got to live here so nobody was

ever home nobody's ever home one day he

went by the gate was open and there was

a man going out to get his mail Terry

stopped the car introduced himself and

they've been friends ever since

so Terry got permission for us to come

here and take a look at Lewis collection

garage starting right here a garage

garage garage garage garage garage door

all over the place I can't wait to see

what's inside of them this is a very

desirable car this is a Lincoln Mark 3 I

don't know what year it is it's probably

68 70 something like that now this is a

Jeep scrambler

it looks like 40,000 miles so this is a

Corvair 95 it's a pickup truck it's

loaded with stuff right now

so it had a rear engine six cylinder

flat six air-cooled motor made by

General Motors it has a a manual gearbox

I'm not sure if these are for speeds or

three speeds but the seats in my shape

the headline is good the door panels are

good this if that's original paint this

is a pretty amazing amazing vehicle

Pontiac Lamar

said it convert it to convertible now

did you buy this one new no okay but

you've had it a long time thirty years

so this I I would imagine to 68 69

Pontiac my mom I'm not a Pontiac expert

this has got a what's convertible rare

car automatic on the floor bucket seats

console it's a 350 engine it looks to be

complete and very pretty the hubcaps are

on it very nice car

62 Merck oh boy look at that is it a

Monterey dear do you remember what you

paid for it oh my goodness so here we

have well it looks like we have a few

new unique vehicles here starting with a

59 Buick it looks like this has a

three-speed manual on the column and

it's got a worn-out seats it's got a

bullet hole in the glass so this has

been it's been to the track and back as

they say so that looks like a homemade

body on a model a frame that's got a

model a front end

19:30 grill modeling engine so this this

is all up to this point right here this

is model a this is to 1940 Ford hoods

mated together and made into a boattail

speedster what a cool little deal this

is huh so they made like a little one

about I mean this is like a catacomb

it's like this place has been hidden for

decades or two 50s Mercedes four-door

sedan I wonder if he bought this new

convertible oh man you like those wheels

I've seen those wheels all over the

place oh man look at that all right what

do we have here a pink Thunderbird Wow


isn't that sharp so it's a hardtop coupe

pink t-bird that's probably what a 65 66

Wow Wow Wow look at that interior that

is a sweetheart this is the car I like

so far yeah so far this is the car I

would own I mean if this is originally a

pink Cadillac and not pink head like

pink t-bird you can see Marilyn Monroe

riding around a car like this

$400 and you got it for 400 grand for

dolls Wow

Louise that do you think that's original


it sure is sweet did you ever drive his

car around it's so undervalue it's

unbelievable so the Haggerty price value

on this average is about twelve thousand

two hundred dollars in a concours


there's only $26,000 it seems so unfair

to have a car this grand they it would

cost you a hundred and twenty five

thousand to restore it that it's only

the worth twenty five thousand in

concourse condition I think the thing to

do would be just you know use it enjoy

it certainly don't touch it wash it wax

it put the air in the tires change the

oil and just drive it the way it is very

nice it's a convertible so we know it's

a two-door most likely okay well now I

can see wow a Buick Wildcat convertible

oh man just got seventy nine thousand

miles do you remember what year this is

68 Wildcat convertible big ol v8 style

wheels have dual exhaust it probably

sounds sweet if it does

now it's a 1902 oza bill so in my bar

and find adventures or my whole life is

the oldest car I've ever seen it's got a

tiller steering wheel a wooden body Wow

I'm gonna go check out the back so

Louise mom was born in 1902 and that's

the same year that this obeah was born

it's a 1902 Oh Sabeel it's got a tiller

steering wheel that's that's the steer

right there it's got a wooden body you

can see the old pin stripes on the body

probably brush painted well this is a

substantial car this is cool

Wow you do have a variety of cars I have

to say that Buick Wildcats - not o -

lows wheels very nice here's a crunched

up Opel GT check out how big these

headlights are now this is just the door

to the headlight there's a manual lever

inside next to the shifter it's manual

and you flip it in these headlights go

whoop and they just turn like that all

the way in the headlights up there but

then for good styling that our

aerodynamics weather better fuel economy

during the day you'd have them like this

and these are pretty darn neat cars

they're underappreciated there's a

couple of guys that race them in sports

car racing but they were a baby Corvette

they would these were made in Germany

about the same time that the Corvettes

looked like this made in America they're

both owned by GM so there's some family

lineage you know I got I gotta say this

is one of the most special discoveries

I've seen in my life our new friend has

collected these cars not because they

were valuable he collect them because he

loved him and he saw cars that needed to

be saved and brought them here and

covered them up and in some cases

repaired them some cases he just let

them sit but they didn't get worse look

at the variation from an Alfa Romeo to a

Lincoln Continental to a seven liter

Ford Galaxie - Puzo that's a car

enthusiast and and guys

like this man right here are few and far

between that they save these cars not

because it makes sense in their head

financially but from their heart and I'm

really really glad to have met you this

has been a really amazing day thank you

so much

Wow nice





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