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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Emmanuel Hudson Remixes WWE w/ Sasha Banks | Wild 'N Out | #TalkinSpit

Difficulty: 0

- Sasha, let's do it! (audience cheers)

- [D-Wrek] Black Squad, wild out.

(audience cheers)

- Walk like a wrestler!

- Oh, like a wrestler? - Walk like a wrestler!

- Oh. - Walk like a wrestler.

- Walk like a wrestler, okay.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. (audience cheers)

(crowd laughs)

Nick, so since this is a WWE special edition,

did you put me on this episode

because you knew that I don't ever tap out?

Is that why? (audience cheers)

Is that right, don't spit 'cause I can go all night!

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

(D-Wrek laughs) (audience cheers)

- Yeah.

Sasha probably thought I was Mark Henry.

She got all excited. (audience laughs)

Hey, Sasha, they tried to put me in the same outfit

as Yvng Swag before I came out here.

(audience laughs)

Oh, you don't believe me, okay, cool.

(audience cheers)

(bell dings) (audience cheers)

Yeah! (audience cheers)

(audience laughs)

- Nicholas Cannon, listen, brother.

WWE stands for one thing.

When it comes to your album release party,

it stands for Where Was Everybody?

(audience laughs)

(bell dings) (audience laughs)

(audience cheers)

- I ain't gon' lie, I feel like a (bleep) right now.

(audience laughs)

(bell dings) (audience laughs)

(Yvng Swag laughs) (audience laughs)

(audience cheers)

- Come on, DC! - What's up, Nick?

(scoffs) I ain't even gon' lie, you know who you look like?

Lamont Sanford with your stupid ass (laughs).

(audience laughs)

(screeches) And guess what, boy, yo head,

look at that head, (bleep) wrong with you?

You better laugh, ain't nobody playin' with you.

You better laugh. (audience laughs)

(audience cheers)

- Sasha, Sasha, Sasha (grunts).

One of the most ferocious athletes there is

across the world! - Mm!

- But I think you have a kind heart, right?

- Mhm. - Since you say yeah,

let's put it to the test, Con and Big Mack, I need you.

(audience cheers)

Spit the water out

if you don't want Con to die (laughs).

(audience laughs) (audience cheers)

Hold on, boy, hold on, hold on, hold on!

Hold, hold on! - Spit it out, spit it out!

(audience cheers) - Con, bro, my bad, bro.

- Aye, man, we losin' this game!

(audience laughs) (bells ding)

(audience cheers)

- D-Wrek.

Who won this game, man?

- Nick, you spit the most, so the Black Squad wins.

Makes some noise for 'em! (audience cheers)

- WWE Superstar Sasha Banks came to play!

Everybody on their feet!

D-Wrek, take us out! (upbeat hip hop music)

Wild out, we gon' wild out, we gon' wild out

We gon' wild out, wild

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