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What do you think of when you think of Calvin Klein?

The first thing I think of is denim.

When I think of denim, I think of ease.

I think of second skin.

I think of weekends and friends.

I think of my childhood.

My jeans and I have been through a lot.

Going to New York in denim.

Getting your heartbroken in denim.

If your jeans hug the butt the right way.

I feel like the boss.

I'm ready to take on the night.

I feel just like I can rule the world.

You can dress it up or dress it down.

Tank top and some kind of over shirt.

I typically pair denim with a blazer.

Denim is something that everyone can feel great in.

I don't think I could live and I don't want to live in a world without denim.

I'd say I think of the modern cotton waistband.

I have to have on a Calvin Klein sports bra because that's just like necessity in your closet.

I think there's something really sexy about combining underwear with like a masculine silhouette.


No, that's not true.

Which ones?

Briefs, always.




Just something I can like lounge around in and feel comfortable in.

They make me feel glamourous.

They make me feel just effortlessly beautiful.


All around happy.

To me there's nothing more classic than the Calvin Klein logo.

Just super classic looks.

When I wear the Calvin Klein logo

I feel like I'm a part of a community or culture.

I mean I feel like Calvin Klein for me has always just been a staple.

I just love to throw

a t-shirt over like a turtleneck.

When I think basics I automatically think Calvin Klein

because that's what I grew up in.

There's like so many things that I think of when I think of Calvin Klein.

I say trendy, cool, hip.

Like sexy confident.

I feel like that's exactly what Calvin Klein is.


Oh my gosh, yes.

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