Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FANTASTIC GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE! Losers Eat Melted Surprise! FUNnel Vision Flips & Fails Fun

Difficulty: 0

oh hi ghhh ooo

Oh, no oh, nooo

today, we are [playing] a fantastic gymnastics in

Yeah, [we] did it and yes, it's nature's hands to the floor

Press the yellow [blind] over and over to make him spin

Make you pressure [uh] trying to write a go shoes off the boy. Yes kind of make it land on the joker

There's twenty five eighty or a hundred [forty] [don't] worry you can get the highest score. Yes

What's up guys? Hi guys have a little challenge. Yeah, yeah, I want to know how to make it better. I'll be right back. Oh

Ja ok

Hi, can I borrow your neighbor?



[well] the loser is Gonna have to eat poo from [Sean] dices

[anything] why that's usually how it's like, we're looks everyday

[I] just [took] [a] call back. Sorry. He's still running [through] [mazes]

Bring you around for round all right. Go for round up [furs] is going to be less wet

so yes

He fooled me


That movie thing. Oh, you know

We'll be good. You know [okay] your turn

Okay, okay, go to third. I think you just want to talk [to] it [all] right

Just adjust with it. I mean get to boot

Totally not stop

its Growth

What's it taste like you think that?


Sorry, but I'm like


Decided on the opposite way time to eat your brothers boom yeah

Now have a ticket. I mean up

Let's hit top

50 [is] a little crooked but so far like we got 50 points now. Take this [very] go get it Chakri. I



Okay - wait till tonight, and I got me tonight


I got a boo-boo [like] I [got] from the dipper

I'll have some oh

Yeah, how to memory?


Did you say so so what your self is 100 0?



The shirt your life feeding your brother's fruit. Yes

Hey, that's all and 20 now, right


100 100

100 150 yes here. This is the last round

We're going to know what now though if Lexi doesn't make it is actually open. This is the last round

I'm gonna go it's the last round what she does it are we fixing to get time

How did the [exist] is not one? Thank you?


dear my silly faces bottom towards

1:45 first place is less than 150 seats [in] 125 and now let's seem like you're at a hundred right now

Come on. You got this wow wow there's only crowd

You got this I?

Don't know guys for you to I don't think

It's is it is it on the rock?

stick the landing

yeah, [Lexie's] techincally didn't stick because it was like slanted Frankie something that's it nice because he's

Trying. I think the days over you have one more piece of duty to get pretty much your voluntary


after watching the footage back

We actually feel that shape would be the true winner and at Lexi's first round should not have counted to be fair to Michael

but do you agree that Jay should be the winner or should mike last turn have counted making him the winner putting Lexan second and

Chasten third, let us know in a comment. Oh

Holy night

[last] one are so final score

[what] on wood almost [at] 200 he got this is Justin

Lovely acting tommy, but you [lost] I go to Cali go

down go

You gotta come on ten nine eight seven oh

what ah

[Shawn] you walk buddy. You gotta eat that that's your movie. [oh]

I think russ is scared now. This is how it started like actually?

You [keep] eat. You got ears

Yeah, oh, oh

Is [it] [on] handsome? Oh? [yeah]? Oh?

All right, yeah, little day

What you want more coffee? Yes?

All right time to roll out their poopy

Poopy you get so out whoa. [whose] banal snack

Nutella one

Francis Captain Mike dude let me have your shoe. Why I won't cut through it. I want you to come through it

every single day give me your shoe enough I

Can't go where that was your cousin? Yeah?

Bubbles hold it up

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