Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BT21 UNIVERSE 3 EP.05 - Trials and Tribulations

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how about OOOO?

hmm, that's

EP.5 Trials and Tribulations


so we came up with some keywords

and we'll just exchange ideas freely

and make complete sentences

by connecting those keywords

Creating Stories Using Keywords 1. Select words from the list

CHIMMY / Picky eater / Churro / Feelings hurt / Truth

2. Create story by combining selected words

ex) RJ decides to show off cooking skills for CHIMMY, a picky eater.

And friends come in when RJ's tasting the food.

Thinking RJ was hogging, friends make fun of RJ.

They soon find out the truth and give a churro to cheer up RJ.

okay, let's start

let's go!

BT21 Meet Archrivals Mystery / Foreshadow / Email / Confrontation / Message / Rivals / Change / Chase / Win or Lose

BT21 meet archrivals!


like CT21, or something like that

or how about

how about *T?

what about ***(brand name)21?

we'll go with JT21

hahaha, JT

there are four of usI mean five

(reluctantly) okay, wellJT

how aboutT21?

eh, that's just

doesn't AT21 sound good?

AT's good! Let's go with AT

B-rates get the flak, no?

it's the rise of the B's!

these members (of AT21)…

are those from each individual rivals

and now they're a team as well

then, what about Jin(RJ)?

they've each been chasing their rivals and made a groupa team...

Jin(RJ) turns out to be a double agent like in ***(preventing spoilers)!

then, they are thethey'rethe

each of them is our(BT21's) rival?

so, like GWANG or MOYA?

yes, they gather as well

and the rivals eventually make a team, right?

that's right

one of them was on RJ's *ouTube channel

MOYA, my(KOYA's) rival

a yellowish koala

MOYA goes digging for dirt about us(BT21)

and sends an email!

"I've received intelligence that your teamwork is poor"

like a hacker. right?

right! So MOYA stirs up controversy on *ouTube

like, by threatening to spread photos!

for example, photos of us(BT21) in conflict

spy shots, like

CHIMMY and RJ with their backs turned against each other

something like that

but, it's really nothing!

right, it's not the truth!

but MOYA emails these photos

that's when it starts to change

and we(BT21) chase after them

there's a bit of conflict like

did you REALLY feel that way?

among us(BT21)?

like, whooaaaa!

OH! Take us down from inside

"well I had no idea... How could you?"

like, "Look at your facial expression!" by showing the photos

AT21 BunkerAT21 stares at a monitor with serious faces.

IAN: Add milk to COOKY's hand. – TUTU: Make TATA shoot a ray gun!

AT21: Put in a picture of a T-rex! And a space monster! A black hole! – MOYA: (having a meltdown) One at a time!

Attaches fake photos and clicks "Send".

eventually, we(BT21) catch them(AT21)

and face confrontation!

yes, we confront them!

confront them?

why all of a sudden?


you don't need to use all of them (keywords)!

so, not all of them, right?


Using all keywords not mandatory

we chase them and conflict occurs

and then?

it's a mystery!

(I'ma use all them keywords!)

that's about it

getting emails from a mystery rival and

photos where we(BT21) appear to have bad teamwork

maliciously edited photos!

and changes occur among us(BT21)…

like, "Were you like this then?"

and that's how we(BT21) experience conflict

BT21 Meet Archrivals

One day, an email arrives from a mystery rival.

The email contains fake photos that make BT21's teamwork look poor.

Members are divided after photo discord.

BT21 begins to see changes in their friendship.

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