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- The fact that he's so gorgeous

and also a huge nerd.


- We met--

- We met--

- Online.

- We had gym in high school.

- I-- - I don't remember.

- It's been a long time.

- We went bowling at a ghetto bowling alley.

- [Couple] Strawberry Lane.

- We met at a coffee shop

and we were the only people at the coffee shop.

So it was just like us and the barista

on our first date together.

Which was cute. - She read my tarot.

You read my tarot. - I did?

- Yeah.

- It was actually really scary

'cause we've only had this long distance phone relationship

but in person what if it's super weird?

- First of all, she gets out of the car

and I'm going like yes!

Totally scored on this one.

- I came up on my motorcycle and I had a lollipop.

And I said, "Hey little girl, wanna go for a ride?"

- Well--

- She got on the motorcycle.


- She came up for my birthday

and I told her I was like,

"Hey right when I see you I'm gonna kiss you.

"There's gonna be no words."

And so she started walking out of the terminal

and I jumped out of the car and just planted it on her.

- We weren't really allowed to see each other at the time.

He was a missionary.

And so we planned this secret date, I guess you could say.

- His companions.

- My companion 'cause you always have to have

a companion with you.

- He was like a third wheel. - He was a third wheel.

- We went and saw a movie.

And I think, did you leave part way through

and go sit in your car or something?

- I had a stomachache.

I had to excuse myself for a while.


- We went to grab dinner at Red Robin near her house.

And then I got super awkward and got really drunk

and I was, "Okay you have to go."

- Yeah she kicked me out of the car.

She was like, "Alright, bye."

- When I got in the car at the airport

I was like, thank God this isn't weird.

I mean there was just a connection.

It was like instant connection.

- We sat down and talked about anime for two hours

- We sat down and talked about anime for two hours

and I felt like that was our real connection.

We kissed that night.

- She kissed me first.

So I just wanna put that out there.

(tongue clicking)

- This is so bad that the whole world's gonna know this.


- You did kiss me first!

You'd like pushed up on me and then I--

- He didn't ask that. - Oh, okay.

- Met at a golf course.

- Danced, drank, we're crazy.

- And we had gone out to a table

where the waitress had seated us.

- So apparently my roommate at the time

had more than a friendship feeling for me

and I had no idea.

- And none of the tables are positioned

to the point that we want to see the view.

- All of a sudden I got clocked out of nowhere.

Just right here.

- Start moving stuff around.

This is good, nope, nope, this is good.

- Some scrawny little sweet gay boy right over here

pulling me down the stairs trying to avoid the fight.

- That was kind of monumental

and Jeff was willing to work with me

on finding the right spot to sit at.

- I called her and said "Hey you just got me

"kicked out of my apartment.

"Can I come stay with you for the night?"

And so we never really got a first date.

I mean, we went to Denny's.

- I got Moons Over My Hammy.

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