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-Congratulations on everything.

First, I have to talk about this rumor that I'm hearing.

-Okay. -Okay?

And tell me if I'm close or if this is true.


-I heard that there may be something -- maybe --

Ooh? -Mm?

[ Laughter ] -A reboot or -- no?


[ Laughter ]

-There might be a "30 Rock" reboot.

[ Cheering ] -Well...

-That's what I'm just hearing. Now this is now.

-Okay. Here's what I'll say.

So, we were on red carpet for the Broadway opening,

and someone was like, "Would you guys ever do

a '30 Rock' reboot?" And I was like, "Maybe."

And, like, a little bit of that is on -- on me.

Like, I must be so thirsty for Internet attention

that I was like, "Maybe."

-"Hey, I might've been Beyoncé, too.

I don't know." [ Laughter ]

-"Maybe I'm Banksy. Yeah, yeah."

[ Laughter ] -"Maybe I'm Banksy."

-It's either, like, say yes to stuff like that,

or I have to walk around CVS holding Poise pads,

trying to get in "Stars -- They're Just Like Us!"

So thirty for attention.

But I think, you know --

Who knows? Like -- [ Laughs ]

-"Stars -- They're Just Like Us!"

-Just like us.

-Yeah, they're in a bad mood. [ Both laugh ]

-So, you know, Robert Carlock and I,

we would never do a straight reboot

because that would be too easy. -Mm-hmm.

-So, like, we -- I don't know.

We're trying to think of a way to do something.

Should we do like a prequel that's like "Muppet Babies."

[ Laughter ]

Or, like, set in a dystopian future

where there's a lot of, like, robot sex.

-Yeah! -And just, like,

McBrayer comes in and says, like, "Oh, no!"

[ Laughter ] -"Oh, no."

-I don't know. But if we get anything together,

I promise you will be the first to know.

-Okay. -Okay?

-I'll take that. Thank you.

That was good.

If you get something together, let me know.

-All right. [ Cheers and applause ]

-I want to thank you ahead of time.

I just looked at our calendar, and you're booked for our show,

like, less than a month from now.

[ Laughter ] -Yeah.

-So thank you for coming back.

-It's my pleasure to be here. -Thank you for coming back.

And sorry to keep booking you for our show, but we love you.

-I love it. -But you had a decent idea,

which I thought was -- -Yeah, I was like --

'Cause I'm coming back 'cause I'm gonna do "SNL" in a month,

which I'm also excited about. -I can't believe it.

[ Cheers and applause ] Come on!

That's gonna be great. -I get to join --

I get to join the 5 and a half Timers Club when I come back,

because I hosted with Amy last time.


-So I don't know if there are any other half-timers.

[ Laughter ] -5 and a half-timer.

-Since I'm coming back so soon and the world is so crazy

and the news, everything, cycle's moving so fast,

I just thought, what I'd like to do is,

I've written a letter to my future self.

[ Laughter ]

And I'm just gonna -- we'll keep it right here on your desk.

-Okay. -It says "For Tina, from Tina."

[ Laughter ] April 19th.

-Yep. -And then, when I come back,

we'll read it, and we'll just see, like,

how much the world has changed

and how much my life has changed.

-We're gonna do this. When you come back,

we'll read the letter, and see what has changed

between now and less than a month from now.

-Yeah. And by the way -- -Wow, this is fantastic.

Thank you. -You're welcome.

This is exciting. I'm keeping this right here.

This will stay here.

This will stay here until you come back.

-Oh, good. -Yeah. Okay, perfect.

-What a nightmare for your stage manager.

[ Laughter ]

-So, May 19th, you're hosting "Saturday Night Live,"

Nicki Minaj. -Yes! Nicki Minaj.

-That's fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ]

But May 18th, it's someone's birthday.

-It's my birthday!

[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪♪

-Also, it's when the soundtrack comes out.

-Yeah, this is my birthday present

is the "Mean Girls" original Broadway cast recording,

the digital version comes out that day.

-Yep. That's exciting. -Super exciting.

-And your birthday and "Saturday Night Live."

-And my birthday. -Are the kids --

Do the kids know "Saturday Night Live" yet?

How old is Alice? -Oh, yeah.

My 12-year-old -- I have a 12-year-old daughter

and a 6-year-old daughter.

And, yeah, it's really -- You'll get to this.

It's pretty fun, like, when they get old enough that you can --

you can start to, like, show them old "SNLs" or whatever.

And she's finally, like, into "SNL" now.

She kind of wants to stay up and watch it.

By the way, what she's not into

is me talking about her on talk shows.

So we'll figure that out later. [ Laughter ]

-Oh, yeah, yeah. We'll bleep that out, yeah.

-But, yeah, so she's old enough she can stay up and stuff.

And we were in -- we were working

out of town on "Mean Girls" in Washington,

and she texted me, and it was like 11:25 on a Saturday night.

She's like, "Mom, I want to watch 'SNL' tonight.

How do I do it?"

And I was like, "Okay. You can stay up.

Just put on NBC."

"H-How do I do that?" [ Laughter ]

Like, she's such a, like, Gen Y, whatever they are --

-Gen Z or whatever it is, yeah.

-She couldn't understand, like, broadcast television.

I was like, "Channel 4."

She's like, "I don't know what you're talking about."

[ Laughter ] And I was like,

"Well, I guess, like, tomorrow we could watch it

on the NBC -- like,"

She's like, "Mom, nobody watches!"

[ Laughter ]

-"How do I watch this on YouTube, Mom?!"

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