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welcome back welcome back to

sim city made

and i have to apologize none of this is how i want to did none of this is


when i wanted four

might elm

and so we're going to end up have to make some changes in order to

you know uh... sellers backs on

in the short run in order to make

programs for the long run

nelson and i do want to look into quiz his answers

in industrial which i don't know

needed data may have been here

for or his employer warren


compare revolutionary now

iran-iraq war

they're really any or here

where they have it or

when i was very good

don't chemical because that's all right

let's both a good and bad thing

simply because i don't really have to worry about anything right now

but my original image for the city looks nothing like this at all and i got and

be carried away with

worried how to play in jumping right into it

but i wanted

you know my town square sitting here

and they're really erection tints this district around it

annemarie branch of today's like formed all over here in solingen so

worker sorted a shortage or what

helvey will need to do there's people there were there's gonna be people

at the moment

just for the sake of making money and essentially just like

it's only now anything and everything

as residential that i can

even though

it's not going to be d best for them

they will just have to deal w cuz

i'm not sure what else was placed wanted to do

barry let me go back to my roads here 'cause this is going to pass me some


identical bonds to pay for the police station

uh... actually kindled manner

in just a minute

no i want the manner to be like to start my new rich district industry


just before the style warrant

from six michael

buried here

urban all aero around major

labor redirect

on this all to be

the consumer goods work i guess i'm trying to figure this out here

it's essentially where we can still make this work things are a mess at the


but we can make it work for the time being

palaces worry about road upgrades cuz i want essentially the residential area


determined centers so the whole area

tribune rich as possible

we're going to

upgrade them quite a bit

as well as the most of the so i want to go on and upgrade industry a little bit

of twelve

territory under

gallons of crude responds march

secretscapri reduce eric we are good here

hopefully actually

behind in city streetcar avenue

calendar here

as that is not just the house and it's just that house


roland groups


there's a lot of those on the suburban

the cycle right there is a little is that's going to happen merrill

pelicans oh man for


very often we can actually plot no parking here too

actually no

and i was working at the school too often

marine corps

yes i do realize i do realize that i'm making a lot of these decisions

thrown off just

out of the blue without thinking about them all that well

subtle and giving their parents managing their

school bus stop petitioned the brutal worry about that in a minute

classic fire coverage

we're going to need another firm foreign-owned in here

rolls over here

now dear

we had to say

you're one of the royal fireworks party

coalition do it

only because

i'm going to of querida can't upgrade

until i get paid which should be you know don't have to our prescribed here

we go

no evidence

i know this is a bad idea of learn from priya salvi's both

i gotta give it a go

quite the money return

between the lawn there

more fire coverage and there are deep red wildfires

six hours blessed holy crap quite

for all they're doing that what's going on certain gruesome rodents

pick up some taxes

and a huge money came from and i was really weird



wonder how i can increase window you over here is only going to be the most


would be there is already late

millions of double a

whatever you want

give me some new stuff

i spent all my money on wrote

another okay

at houses papa not nearly as industry that way they can get

they can work there and we can get to work no problem

continue on

will printing

they're grown to a new good

we will not have different needs to know

suburb toby i'm getting a chiba nts like abolish i got a police achievement

off-camera laxative

for just capture any criminal i believe

and a big deal

tonight we are giving these groups where created

these are going well how's the fire's gone for the swing of things

among the fire them

touched expires

i have a fire

and fire here

doesn't look like are u spinning in circles wouldn't do it

quick to upgrade

can add one more

fire station disconnected cities

you do that

cover those fires in nature of the okay

packets of great detail hall

within our city hall

or year

from talking about

there's upgrade for it bold k

here we go and this is where there is really start enlisted his son

got out of this error

but this is where they need to release their code

on the street

campfire departments on everything

parcel negative industry ruins picked up before we focus on this issue too much


industry will be bringing in money like him

follow suite yet we are to get them nine came to power

that is fantastic actually considering how

little i complain of motherhood

go only improve

will checker demanding mimic of that will be

down to change

river doesn't look good


company still low-density

suburbs today

ideologues on that also

our demands are going well

depends on that all fest

and put off more than two fires which means literally filled with a subject

it would pass it

dead welcome we're running a running it

server for speedier that's okay

we're gonna destroy buildings why did you leave

custom bulldozing

for sale

building fire hopes

animals they bulldozing

complaints are we are doing very well for ourselves

party at a hundred one k

now here's larry sir did in


oakridge going

get ourselves

department of


that way

we can make some money

put it on the backs there i knew there was going to be issues with the previous

if i knew it

or not to put in another clinic which of those

as twenty thousand of them which i'm for it

broken down

timo u

want to do it with up to it


mcbride kit that's more ambulances

right there




doing whatever they need career about it

patient currently hell that's what we're not perfect

one of those in there

that will be the super clinic

now this one i upgrade this

it should be

amount referred in a similar

we're going to find a okay

their own been down there

no protesters

look at that


courageously or other notes left by that's good

i don't have much demand going

we are going good and smoothly out fires over here though

it's like i'm going to have to cover that

kichu gary's a fire stations right here

we're on buses

anna ana

bustling come in

roger upgrades kichu sign up for auction though

so it's

right joe flag out front

so i did nothing to do that

for the disagreement upgrading


higher ripe fruit

no problemo

grader motion that fifteen k can't afford that right now

though he's cute baghdad areas of green really nice and smooth

there was a role in the you working like


we need laws from orlando u

out of your day going

i did not new

other waste disposal income

magen other doors just yet but will be



further down

we're still going good right

and once we get a different utilities will have a cool water

sewage systems of your marcia approach

area organ now there's not that much demand for them

we will get somewhere and will stop in here in just a moment actually

making that bank


super lame going down there

hebrew a bill

who in your own way

nano somalis

callously expense of arkansas

when we will actually zone that out

tackles the day to map out only the payment

little metal

doesn't just pure

presidential for it now

than what we need to invest two kids

bus station

mass transit

twenty k we saw in god

do girls manner at that

not sure what i want to do about that

what's this

both mayors outside totally forgot about my own house

well above the town hall

combi free

well over here

everybody's happy women's happy

committed to the house

look at all those happiness

that these are good

man there's a pretty solid won't

the now-famous shoppers we're getting there

motorola periods with uh...

warns of the graded as it gets

there were also avoided

than another our oral will have the money to

there's houses clue

upgrade city alva don't know what that means

i'm guessing medicines from our residents


begun in some parks to get there

that people are happy


considerable city block


kinship for career

down something

land values

to wanaka

but one actor

what it's about here as well actually

shell plaza

because of the cold

everybody certainly better prenatal curry

on arthur

of grady

actually or edit

kitchen nature park

policies and agreeing not here

well what is that what is up with fat

but isn't there a road author

beckham renewed

it's low-density roads govt

are we have enough to do dot students manner

maxis manner

group or one of these

main road here


wispy unpaid for that

cloud elements or you can give me

wanted a let's look at our land values some more

jeffrey upped intrigue too soon

apartment buildings yeah aren't reducing wrote a great out here

posters to help our calls

francisco that's of kits

who that is expensive but that is ok

we will get

some rich people out here

they will be happy

live in a rich neighborhoods

who won

now honored

so i'm going to hurt it

who there are good art

we'll have the money anymore nomo somalians

but once again take to get that area fully upgraded

the upper school

war out here

at one time or sports park right there

they have been

helped what's going on

com protesters


you got a clinic researcher

tabloid does not


they are on


it's pretty upgraded to though

there's no coverage out here


speed this up

founded a couple more clinics bill clinton's to management

candidate candidate no rain

when you get paid first

into get paid while you're at

an awesome work

a digitech level floor

future clinic out here

and uh...

demeanor murah

get one clinic at here in the morning like right here boats was meant was that

elicit personal report for tonight here first

soon as i get paid tonight

two seconds

right and then we got a tomorrow with this

one of the soviet what does this mess

harry go

never stuck right

closer though not us

some info is on a more

your residential mba

angry at you

then clinic

doesn't need upgrades at some point

ambulance very

constructs and secure

nor american six thousand an orbit people or upgrading

salary increase building went smoothly

opens up there

collude incident of hello

through okay

water misconstrued return


alone in the

newsroom through these rooms

and into the streets

produce gonna have to demo them after we make a little bit more money

there how much

campaign that often

we have to have another balint

i would be bad

protections looking like

lower taxes on

for increased taxes on the rich

must make some more monday

we got a

really get rid of this

are abandoned buildings i'd access as soon as i

a serious

sousa increase taxes

they start moving it looked to head off

whenever there

okay that sucks

parceled out our customer

what's going on here

halifax is too hot screw you

does love they're gone three people

panel feels sorry for it

no shoppers through the shoppers

taxes the killing of its content

that's not going to go over well okay

we can make money

anymore people

you more people will give more money

alitalia goes on

you aren't in charge of taxes

you are in jordan zoning residential ps

whatsoever and it is a little more individuals

spin master molins

there have been caused a massive malignant

forget it you will get it to

in place that building




for is a dangerous area

partner closer

i hope those new treatment patients because

mission beginning treated very well

and best of luck to my health care

as one mission ahead with this is the

picture healthcare stays pretty high up here

virginia more people

for one more low wealth residents well wanna muscles to do about that


systolic still good

wants to go

was really stupid come home

another girl in a medium density winningham doing fixing problems

these people are closing

coming to my people happy

and they were going to tell

nobody's protest in what he's doing it

i guess is asking for road upgrades

roads out here

companies are still dark rooms

that's why

another medium density

follows a path doesn't have a duty to

it is dirt roads patched up

doing in much better than that

you can medium density replica

medium density

there was a high density cutting it

now they don't want

how they want poetry

course that

complaining so much on the wrote another thing he did

and for reading

career good for that

everybody wants the public transit so do we learned about that

pair of glasses



cholesterol busing

these people out here in any buses

ancestry card

the bus station right there

math favor mayor

twenty-four hours seven cover some more approval

for good

right now i gotta put

bus stops

how much of those custody two hundred

oakland there


i'm here

which will make sure get things covered

and give them a ho ho la just yet

enough to give some of these areas

decent coverage

another one of buses up here

kitson buses the workload only

and help them or greater

think that cellmark's

where we go

who can do for an hour

twelve minute wait is not all of them at all

forty one

not enough shoppers you never stopped at the shoppers do you

taxes into our world

mechanism bill period

failure i want

clamshell bram

uh... i got banned the building's going

looks for you

taxes are not alone

on availability still


right begins in good agreement go in there

three have more commercial internet have crushing the military

you'd without looking


those protesters

libero just

medical or other than

using this project to look at that look at that

all right

tourist attractions we can do it

but i don't know whether lapd

brow would do it mother

school bus stops that would be a problem with it


the school buses for all the curios

invokes land

that cost any money out that was a new but that doesn't work based

to those people didn't happy

and so happy

like a kids can go to school


they can win

you can do this

don't roll of behind their control will be left behind in the school system

we don't think they complain of buses to cover all those

it's a start


muscles over here but so the word there

school bus livermore

people people have the

or is it was cool

okay you can have a fire


increase objection to the city halim i'm gonna do it

all right now than under their left

there were as my school

that's going to ask

for government is going to korea


about a hundred thirty-seven since yesterday

hopefully ill teach more now that we got some school boston systems in the war

peterson more bosses to cover everybody

future more classrooms

ten thousand dollars

other side

their writing inside

at the school is here

begotten upgraded school

began to go there

are good to go for that

don't amount of garbage

you know one of the road on blackboard

however garb situation actually looking


and not great but we have heard about we're not quite argument the curvature

so that's what's up on out

my estimates roads for that

connect uh...




not enough high while shoppers all that's new

and getting their i'm trying to get there

also encouraged jump off over there

who they may have been mad stop that you need

you need it shows me

on demand

here have a park

pitches was them

cactus more happy

it's not happy

you need all happy at the moment

what happened there

as any of them are high while shoppers how will make people return

got all the parks displaced and ask for all god what do you have to say

and i keep it up at the crime in the city element of trooper okay i can do


is expensive though

picking up some more money

patrol car lot

figured right now

also young maxis man on earth who should be covered at the crime rate

thought that we want

proposal and audio cuz

there with some computer


taxes are killing business cards

nine taxes are not away one of those commercial jets that uh...

at lower commercial taxes

that is fine i have no problem with that

along with the texas you'll be fine


let's upgrade erodes over here

actually but in the midst of the soul see you

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