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The crowds are still flocking to this glorious Gothic style castle,

and we're going over to Alan Partridge,

whose next items have a distinctly Gothic air, too.

Peter, what a wonderful collection

of film posters you've brought along.

- I think they're special. - What, about 100 of them, or something?

- Yes, that's right. - It's unbelievable!

So tell me, how have you accumulated these?

Has it taken a long time to get them?

- What's the story? - Well, when I was in my early 20s,

I found a dealer who dealt mail order on these sort of things,

so I just bought loads of them over the next two or three years.

May I ask how long ago was it?

In the '80s, '90s?

- Early '80s I bought them, yes. - Right. Early '80s.

Obviously we're in an internet age,

it's a different world now, isn't it?

- It certainly is. - How would you find a mail order dealer?

Do you remember how you came across it?

It was in a Hammer International Fan Club magazine.

Ah, OK. So you were a member of the Hammer fan club.

- Yes. I was. - You were.

- I don't think it exists any more! - No, I'm not sure it does!

So you were clearly a fan of Peter Cushing.

- Certainly, yes. - And Christopher Lee.

And all the movies they were in. So, some investment, there -

and what were you shelling out for these posters?

Well, the Dracula one was 250.

That's far and away the most expensive -

everybody thought I was mad when I bought it.

Wow, that was a lot of money in the 1980s.

That one was 17.50.

And have you had them on display at your house?

No, they've just been in a box.

- Yeah. - In a box.

- Where does the box live? - It has lived in the loft,

- but at the moment, it's in the garage. - OK.

Right, and do you not even have this one up?

- No. - Why is that, Peter?

I don't think my wife would like it.

Well, it's not for everyone, is it?

"The terrifying lover who died - yet lived!"

- It's an iconic poster, isn't it? - It is, yes.

So are you sad to be seeing them go?

In a way, but... I'm perfectly happy to do it.

Good, well, film posters are becoming quite a collectable area,

quite a rarity, you know. You don't see many of these around.

Of course, they were only really available

to those who had an intimate connection with the film industry.

They weren't that easy to get hold of, as you know,

probably, more than us,

there were probably different rules and exceptions,

some posters worth more than others,

and this is clearly the star of the show.

Potentially, this one could be worth a few thousand.

- Really? - Then the Wicker Man, I think,

for me, it's a bit bland, that, isn't it?

I suppose the picture is.

Which is why this one,

I think, anywhere from 50-200 range.

This one, I really like this one.

- What do you think? - It's beautiful.

- Is it your favourite?

- It is, yeah. - This one's going to be worth a few hundred


maybe 300-500, Because it's a really iconic one,

and, of course, Star Wars is a very current one,

- and I'm sure that one's worth a few hundred pounds as well.

- Really?

So potentially, you could be looking at many thousands of pounds,

- Peter, but... - I hope so.

Well, yeah, it would be nice, wouldn't it?

Well, I'm really looking forward

to seeing how the auction house splits those,

and what kind of value to put on them,

it could be one of the most exciting sales we've been to for years.

Oh, good.

You're right, Adam.

When these Hammer Horror posters go under the hammer,

they could make movie magic.

Finally, it's been worth the wait

for the stupendous collection of horror posters -

and as Peter is on holiday, his sister Jane is standing in

on what could be a very big sale.

Thank you very much, Jane, for coming in.

Now I know you've seen a lot of these posters...

- Yes. - a young girl, when Peter was collecting


he had them on his bedroom wall.

- There was 113 in total. - Yes.

A crate full of them. We've singled out a few, mainly the Dracula one,

which is an iconic one and also, I think, Peter's favourite.

- Yes. - What do you think we'll get for that today?

Well, since then, I believe we've found out the condition isn't great.

- It's been behind glass, so it has been trimmed and it has been...

- OK.

So it's got a few... I mean, if it was a really good example,

- it would be a few thousand pounds. - Wow.

And the others, I believe, Peter is in discussion

- with the auction house to put them into a specialist sale.

- I think so.

I mean, they'd need an awful lot of attention to go through 100 posters.

You've got to be very systematic, methodical,

and hopefully they'll do some deal

- and put them in a specialist auction for him.

- Yeah.

But today, the auction house will be selling ten posters of the 113,

starting with Dr Terror's House of Horrors.

I can start you with my commission bids at 200.

220. 240. 260.

This is a great sign!

300 I'm bid for the first one.

- Yeah. - 320 on the phone, here.

340. 360 on the internet already.

380 on the telephone.

400 on the net first.

400. 420.

440 on that phone.

460, no?

460. 480. 500, now.


This is a good omen for the rest of the collection.

600. 620.

640, now.

660 bid.

680, now.


It's 680 on the first lot.

Out in the room, on this phone here,

last chance, we're selling.


That just shows how much cachet these iconic films have.

Now for the Dracula poster, starring the late Christopher Lee,

this could reach thousands in pristine condition -

but will the damage put the bidders off?

Is in poor condition,

but it is exceptionally rare.

Start me at 1,000.

- Yes. - Yes, 1,000 bid.

1,600. 1,900.

2,200, now.

- 2,200. - Someone's very keen.

2,400. 2,600.

2,800. 3,000.

The appetite for the Dracula poster

seems to have surpassed any worries about damage.

..on the net already.

4,000, I've got.

4,200. 4,400.

4,600 on the internet.


4,700, she goes.

4,700, 4,800, I've got.

4,800. 4,900, I've got.

5,000 bid.

- Wow! - 5,000, I've got here.

5,100, here.

5,200, now.


At 5,300.

It's on this telephone.

- Yes. - 5,400. It's come back in.


I've got to go 5,500, if you want.

- That's incredible. - 5,500 now.

At 5,500.

Your last chance.

It's going, going...


I wish he was here!

- Yes. - Oh, I really wish he was here.

Looks like the film buffs definitely got their teeth into that...

..and the remaining eight posters sold for 2,280.

Well, that's a grand total of 8,860.

Wow! That's one happy boy.

- Yes. - You've got to get on the phone.

It's going to have turned maybe 1,000

into many, many, many thousands.

That's antiques for you, and that's modern collecting.

Join us again soon for many more surprises in the auction room -

but until then, check out more Tea Chimp videos.

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