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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Học tiếng Anh qua phim | eJOY English

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so we have an interpreter just in case I

need one but you actually are M you

speak English yes so pretty well you

taught yourself English yes I tell

myself exactly how did you teach

yourself English actually my English

sister was a sitcom Friends see the man

I'm in luck win come on hey I'm gonna

hang you now okay like I choosed a tooth

in her and someone even had a Tom Yum

kung pao go come on come on I think I

can hang your back home I think I can

win budget is 90% few friends yet I know

exam lab although then clanging same

theme from my foot dating hand Leila

books of an alarm when you come home at

night I am caught a leprechaun no zoom

hike what about pain formula no someone

new tank okay that'll be they love you

come behind of women but that a bunch of

natural magic lamp went through you and

me try gwamorous is in school see him

tonight at midnight to Malaga including

some tiny making money to let me know

that you learn to rule until by POW camp

soon laughs check out have a crush on

somebody ask somebody out to be

negligent a bit more tensed here to here

look in here but I caught a fancy hotel

until night my token victim to beat me


no teeth healthy I am sent a Macumba for

dating and modernity the man with maps

and under hello you can time can cook

the duck Dido very mature connecting

line look Martin caught a program to the

shaman Bernie Coco vans arrived over 90

Banco de San French King enjoyed go

bachata nice donkey same Bank important

same to Netflix you know in so enjoy

extension in changing vehicle because

it's a - poop - chicken yeah well

include your deity hello life also to

the enjoy the pad on top petal many bank

of the extension convey at yeah but hop

to the South today

do it they call it community means at


I am bats above a canyon but some

friends you got to believe it no I'm

effect okay shadowing day no man to beat

it's a shadowing lousy plums are some

shadowing the radio telling me to me on

the high same light video of a shadow in

coachmen titania welcome P R and a same

thing but dating Andy Abernathy I am

diagnosis is always a mobile theme

here's onion but the thunder and hating

him fun you got me laughing one more

thing but he lays all eternity band e I

am called hey Matt no saying it took

something I need to come chillin a man

or attenion but Noah no denying ICO file

a motor car horn copolymer them come

back more nerd well man I took some my

heart the back comes no though they toe

is an but no look me up him I know you

got cook Sukhoi took me out in I need it

clearly in a Foghorn Doudna video

ionize him in he thought my Mina come

come to the back didn't work that they

have been entered like yoga Ming mum

what about Co take call Newton votes on


sing up like a bad video let's out and I


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