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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Australian English Connected Speech Part 4 | Learn Australian Pronunciation | Australian Accent

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welcome to this episode of all the

English breakdowns guys today I'm going

to teach you the breakdown of the

expression how's it going our hours are

gone which is something you're going to

hear all the time in Australia this is

probably one of the most popular

greetings in Australia and it's a bit of

a rhetorical question you don't need to

tell people how you really are

people are just asking if you're okay

have a girl mate and you can just say

they're good how are you going how's it

going so how is it going how is it going

rather how is it going first step is

that is gets contracted onto how with

that little apostrophe s how is becomes

how's the next step is that going going

becomes going so we lose the G there

instead of that sound of that in it

becomes an sound goin goin goin goin

I've written here Z 2 to emphasize the

fact that this s actually sounds like a

Zed and you'll notice this in the word

is is it sounds like a Zed and so when

it's contracted on - how how becomes

house the house sir how's it goin how's

it goin another thing to comment on here

is the fact that there's ed despite

having been contracted on - how from the

word is actually joins to the start of

the word it and this happens all the

time in English when there is a vowel

preceded by a consonant on another word

we often mesh them together so that it

flows so you'll hear how is it going

how's it going how's the girl mate yeah

not bad how about you mate how's it

going how's it going and one more thing

to know here before we wrap up before we

finish up is the fact that the H can

also disappear so you might just hear

really really strong accents where

people just say as a gala mate as a

gallon Elle's a gallon as a gallon

so that's it for today guys I hope you

like this episode I hope it sort of

taught you a little bit about

contractions in the way that Aussies

pronounce different things and I'll see

you in the next episode peace out guys

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