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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【マリオUSA】しんだら即終了!!緊張感あふれるスーパープレイを見よ!【戌神ころね/ホロライブ】

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good morning~​


good morn

good morning~​

Today, you guys have been, like,​

"This is gonna be over in a flash,"​

"She'll only last a minute,"​

And just commenting whatever comes to your head...​

"You should read super chats in advance."​

Are you making fun of me?!​

So like, I haven't practiced for today,​

But I'm wholeheartedly going to play with caution today.​


I want to keep at it for an hour.​

I want to last an hour, so I'll give it my all.​

Well, I have another stream at 1 AM today, too.​

So like, uh... Y'know?​

Y'know, I've got some waywaylee...​


Like, even if I end this stream immediately,​

even if it's over quickly, it's fine in the long run.​


With that out of the way...​

Gimme a sec.​

The usual.​

Looking good. How about you guys raise a ruckus while I wait?​

Raise a ruckus while you still can.​

Gimme a sec, I'll read your comments.​


Oh, wait, this is...​

Oh nononono yo!​

Oh it's over here.​

Ah nonono.​

Select Load and open this one?​

It's this one, right?​

January 25...yup, this one.​

"Good morning, this is rare!"​

Let's go!​


Wait! Wait!​

Wait a minute!​


W-w-wait a minute,​



What do I do? (x3)​

Stop! Stop!​

It's gonna be over!​

It'll be over! Hey!​


But [gibberish]​

Do this...​

Wait, I can get past using this. (x3)​

Wait for it.​

Wait for it. (x4)​

No! No! I don't want it to end!​


That was close. (x3)​

These guys...​

Wait! I hate this!​


Come on! This is futile!​

What do I do? (x3)​

Hold up. What do I do? (x7)​

What do I do? (x4) Hold up.​

There's one over there, too.​

Gimme a sec. After it shoots...​

After it shoots...​


You're kidding me.​

Hold on.​

How high can I jump...?​



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