Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jobe Kneeboards

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- [Spokesperson] Within the JOBE collection

we have different kneeboards for your day out in the water.

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So first off is the JOBE streak.

Now the streak is a really easy to ride wakeboard

because of the tow hook handle in front of the board.

You just place your handle behind this

and you'll get dragged out of the water really easily.

It has a big EVA deck pad with holes

in there to put your knees on and one single strap.

So you're locked in and ready to go.

Now, if we turn the streak

you'll see that it has big channels in there.

So a lot of grip and two fins

in the tip and in the tail for extra stability

and extra grip, makes it a really easy board to ride.

This board is available in a vintage

teal color and in a standard red color.

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Now, what we did with this board is we made it thicker.

So there's more buoyancy in there

and you can ride with more weight on there.

It has the big EVA deck pad with the holes for the knees

and it comes with a single strap.

So you can really lock in.

Next to that, we have a tow hook handle

so you can attach your handle on there

and you'll get dragged out of the water really easily.

Now, what we also did

with this board is we gave it a twin outline.

So it makes it fun to start playing around with.

And once you look at the back of the board, you'll see

that it has small channels in there, not the thickest,

but makes it very accessible

and smaller fins on there as well.

Combine this with the rotomolded foam injected core.

And you've got a board which is durable and stable.

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Now the prophecy is one of the more playful boards

in our lineup.

This is due to the wider outline at the board

which makes it more stable, dampens landing swell

and a twin outline as well.

Now it's got all the necessities, like a big EVA deck pad

and a single strap to lock you in.

But the cool thing about this board is the channel set up.

So what you'll see is a heavy channel set up

with smaller fins on there as well, giving you a lot

of traction and a lot of response.

It comes with a high press foam core as well.

So this adds durability to the board

but also adds response, making it the perfect

board to play around with.

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The Stage is the most high end

kneeboard in our kneeboard collection.

This is due to the hybrid core

which is a PU foam with wood.

This makes it the lightest, thinnest board

in our collection with the best response.

Now, this board comes with an EVA deck pad

on the top, holes on there to put your knees in,

and a padded single strap as well.

So a lot of comfort in there which

will really make for a nice ride.

Now, this board also has a fiberglass layup on there

which also makes it stiffer.

And it has an ABS sidewall, which will protect the core.

This board is basically for the rider who demands

nothing but the best.

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