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Stand still there!

There are women

Afraid the Master will come, they will see

That monster of Master!

Hey! 1-2-3 dip in the water!

It is very cold! Don't splash the water!

Originally my delegation went "bath fairy" nè!

Over here, did I just pass by just now?


Is there a recent bath?

Or go up again!

You lost a big bottle!

What is it, bro?

It is a bottle to hold water!

Seems we went to the road, right?

Ah! This side line.

Looks like I have to take a shower first!

He took a shower and he didn't wear pants!

Now I go ahead I film the original presentation!


Teacher goes too far!

I can turn off by this way!

To Gia only for

This is the way to go!

This road is definitely not wet

Is that right, Gia?


I and Hy have known this way since just now!

Is crossing this tree?


Let Gia lead everyone through!

Sister can not afford to balance!

Before bathing in the stream, beware of falling!

See Gia go or not?

Maybe I shouldn't have "showered first".

Bathing must wear pants!

Many times, they are forced to buy film sources

so sad!

Now remaining Quyen with Dat prepare over!

Hey! See this!

See these two!

Calm down, dentist!

Posture to go like this is okay!

Let yourself go to Quyen.


You only have one pair of pants left!

Wet pants are losing too!

This posture is very difficult!

But Dat and Quyen have passed!


Teacher! He stood there silently

There are women!

When you go, you will see my monster

will make people scared!

Oh my God!

And my monster is like that

but Mr. Thong said that he has a pet

So cute!

Where are you all going so much?

Teacher bath!

As Ngoc showered that!

She asked for a bath too!

Probably heard that "take a shower" and asked to follow

Yes, that's right, Master

Are you coming back again?

He found the winter bath happy too!

Probably want to go back too!

Looks like it's already a bath!

This place has a water mound!

There is a large stone block to cover up the dressing!

Get dressed quickly!

On the way already!


When you go down, why are you looking up here?

I do not look!

Gia dropped it to the second already!

Did Dat see you now?

Im im im taking off, sister

How scary

I just dialed to Duy Anh

could not get all the song after

Oh my God! You must have seen everything, huh?

Maybe a little sticky

Let me open it for Quyen tonight!

Everyone keep changing

Now I'm just filming the movie Quyen!

Okay, let me plug in a suorce here

to film too!

It's cold!

Hey! 1-2-3 dip in the water!

So cold! So cold!

Rub rubbing water first!

It will be less colder!

We are all down, sister!

Warm up the body!

Come here, I'll lean on each other into the water!

I sat down already!

Water has come to the pants!

It is very cold!

Now, splash the water!

Come on! I remember I had to do my homework !!

I come up here!

Hello! Are you calling me?

Let me up now!

Behold! Invite Trung Trung to cross over another country!

People rub the water to cool down first

Come down and make it cold!

Wash your face first, it will be less cold!

So cold! Missed sick already?

What does Duy Anh stand there for?

Wash yourself?


Ah! Ahhhh

Play splashing water!

No playing !!!!

Where strength to cross!

Where the power to splash water!

Filming now!

It is wet! It is wet!

To Hy behold! Get it wet!

Oh my God is so cold!

So wet, huh?

Where the mouse! Where is your mouse?

Play the game together again in the water!

Play now! Play now!

Which one is shaking?

1-2-3 down !!!

Please qigong

for gas condensation

What smells so bad?

Quyen! Quyen is on the wind!

Wind upstream always!

And now my hands are up


Starting to vibrate!

Hot already!

Ah! So cold!

Dat Oh!

She will tell Tri

and Tri will laugh at Dat's nose!

But Tri doesn't have a bath like me!

It is very angry!

Mr. Trung is filming right?

Liu Bei !!!!

Liu Bei !!! Teasing

Tri will laugh at Dat's nose

because Dat dirt cake!

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