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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Trudeau Government Launches Alarming New Assault on Democracy

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You already know about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's admiration

of thebasic efficiency" of authoritarian governments.

Last year, Trudeau's Senate Government Leader

advocated for the destruction of the Opposition here,

in the Senate of Canada.

Now, he's launched a new assault on democracy.

His 51-page missive boils down to one simple, dangerous concept --

the Trudeau Government directing Senators

both Opposition and Independents --

how they should vote and when they should amend legislation.

According to the governments Senate Leader,

voting in a bloc to support the Trudeau government should be encouraged,

but voting as a bloc against the Trudeau Government

is nothing but partisanship.

Its curious that the only caucus

Liberals find to be partisan is the Conservatives.

Maybe that's because we are the only caucus

questioning the government and holding it to account.

This is our critical role as the Official Opposition!

And, we in the Conservative caucus

are open and transparent about it.

Trudeau's so-called "independent senators"

cloak their political allegiances in smoke and mirrors.

Its time they were honest with the Canadian public.

Trudeau's "independent" senators vote 95% of the time with the Trudeau government!

The "Independent Senators Group" is now recognized as a caucus,

gets caucus money, and has caucus leadership.

It certainly acted like a partisan caucus

when its leadership flew ISG Senators back to Ottawa

from their Senate committee trips

in order to vote as a bloc for the Trudeau government's agenda!

The Trudeau government's grandindependent Senateexperiment has failed.

Yet, Trudeaus Senate Leader blames

the partisanship of the Conservative caucus

for his own inability to shepherd Government bills through the Senate.

The Trudeau government created this unworkable system,

and now they're complaining because it's not workable.

Go figure!

This Senate discussion paper

is the latest example of the long arm of Gerry Butts and the PMO

stretching across the street

and into the heart of our parliamentary democracy.

This Trudeau PMO's fondness for consolidating power

should worry us all.

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