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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Day26 Intervention Goes South ? Making The Band

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(dramatic music)

- Listen, so when I did it,

I felt like the most Godly thing to do

was to come to our brother and tell him in his ear.

I bent down to him in his ear, got on my knees and said,

"Que," I said, "You up the vibe of Day26 right now.

"Dog, we need our brother."

Guess what he did?

He stood up and jumped stupid.

- Yeah he did.

I just think it's a real hostile environment.

- [Robert] Say what you say, Donnie,

'cause you on the outside looking in.

- [Donnie] Well Brian just tried to prevent the whole thing

and he pushed Brian like he was trying to--

- Yeah, like he was trying to fight you.

- [Donnie] It wasn't even like, that's just hostile.

(dramatic music)

- I didn't even get to get out my mouth.

He said, stood up, "Don't come at me like that.

"Don't do that," da-da-da-da-da.

Hold on homie.

Big Mike, you got a lot of reason in you

and you try to keep the peace.

But you wouldn't even have made it past where I did.

You woulda knocked his ass out and don't play with me.

(dramatic music)

He just said, "All y'all some," he said,

"Are bitches, if y'all don't want me in this group, y'all.

"I'll call Diddy and tell him to take me outta here."

(dramatic music)

You cannot fix that.

- I know that.

- And I'm not about to stand here and dance next to a

that's looking at me like he wanna whoop my ass.

Bitch, you got a problem with me, handle it

'cause I'm a grown ass man.

(dramatic music)

- [Willie] At the end of the day, you not no,

but is he looking at you like you're a?

- I don't know.

I don't--

- [Willie] When you look at him,

is he looking at you like--

- No, I ain't got, I don't know.

That's what I'm saying.

I'm just trying to keep the peace.

Dog, keep the peace, man.

- I don't give a about no peace.

I don't give a about no peace no more.

The peace is done.

- No, dog.

- The peace is done.

(dramatic music)

- Can we rehearse?

Nobody got a problem.

You guys have the problem.

I'm good, let's rehearse.

- We have a problem?

The world can see you have a problem with something.

'Cause you single handedly up Day26.

- [Que] I'm not--

- Aubrey, Aubrey.

- [Que] Thank you.

- [Robert] Aubrey.

- Thank you.

- [Robert] Aubrey.

- Where this is coming from?

- [Robert] Is what, from you!

- Thank you.

I don't have a problem.

Thanks for the petty stuff.

I still don't have a problem.

- That's not petty though.

It's petty to you 'cause you don't give a about Day26.

- I give a, that's why I came back here.

- But it's not petty to us

'cause we give a about our brotherhood.

Don't sit like there like you bossing up.

- [Que] I'm not bossing up nobody.

- 'Cause I'm not even bossing up to you.

- No as long as you don't disrespect me, we're good.

- Now hold on homie--

- Hold up homie.

- Let me tell you something.

I love you more than I love anything right now.

- [Que] Okay, so let's rehearse.

- Listen.

Que, the group feels like your vibe and your attitude--

- It's us up.

- All four of us feel this way.

- Right.

- [Brian] You know what I'm saying?

All four of us.

- [Robert] Even Michael!

- We feel like your vibe and your head and your heart

is not in Day26 right now.

- It is in Day26.

You guys are, you're the problem.

You're the problem.

You're yelling, I don't have a problem.

I'm still here, I came back.

- I sit there, man, I sit there and I try to embrace you

on a day to day--

- Well whose fault is that, Willie?

Whose fault is that?

You ruined that relationship.

You ruined that relationship.

The bottom line is I'm here and I'm ready to work.

- The bottom line is you here

and you bringing the wrong energy

and I'd rather not have you here at all.

- [Que] Fine, that's your issue.

- Come on.

- [Que] Don't touch him.

Don't touch him.

- Why am I dropping stuff when you the one

looking at me funny?

- I'm not looking at you funny

'cause I don't got a problem with you.

- So why the am I not dropping?

- Don't come in my face like that.

I don't have a problem.

I don't have a problem.

- No hold on, you said,

why you still walking up on me?

- Dude, don't walk towards him.

- 'Cause you keep coming at my face.

- Stay over there, dog.

Stay over there, man.

Dog, just, you walk that way, man, damn!

Why are you walking towards him?

- I'm not, you are, dog.

I'm not you, dog.

- [Que] Let him go.

- Let me go!

(dramatic music)

Aubrey been gone from Danity Kane a long time ago.

Why she in Day26?

(dramatic music)

- I don't have a problem with you guys.

What's the problem?

You guys are getting mad and slapping your hands.

Que doesn't have a problem.

- I'm a say this and I'm done with it.

This my money.

I gave up a lot to still be here.

I have a son and anybody who takes food

out of my son's mouth

will get his ass whooped.


Take it the way it is.

- It is what it is, you said that.

I still don't have a problem with you guys

and I'm ready to work.

- I'm just letting you know and that's the bottom line.

- [Que] You got the issue.

Obviously, you got the tension--

- You have the issue!

Day26 has the issue with you!

Can you stop putting it on everybody else

and realize that your other four brothers

have a problem with you (beep).

- Man, y'all on some other,

y'all on some other.

Y'all got this playing.

- Ain't nobody out here playing.

- Playing?

- I know what it is--

- [Willie] This ain't no game.

This is real life.

- You said, you said--

- I said, "I'm going to go on with or without you."

- You said the group is moving on with or without you.

- [Willie] With or without you.

- You said the group is moving,

I got the text right here.

- He didn't know that, he didn't know it.

- Y'all (beep) played me.

- [Willie] How we play you?

- Y'all played me and I dropped that (beep).

The next day, you hit me in my mother (beep) face.

- Listen.

- Y'all mother (beep) is the problem.

I'm still here.

This is petty!

Got a (beep) problem.

You got something personal against me--

- I don't got nothing--

- [Que] Yes you do.

- That's everybody here.

- You do got something personal against me!

- Dog, don't walk up on him.

- Don't walk up against me!

- Dog, I will bust your face with this (beep) stool, bitch.

- What the (beep) you wanna do?

'Cause I ain't scared of your ass.

I'm not scared of your ass.

- [Robert] I ain't do nothing to you!

- (beep) I'm tired of your (beep).

What you wanna do?

(Que and Robert yelling at each other)

- Que, y'all stop.

- [Que] Don't jump to me like I'm a bitch!

- No, hold on.

- [Que] I don't give a (beep).

- Yo, he just--

- I don't give a (beep).

I don't give a (beep).

- Bitch, you picking on someone--

- I don't give a (beep).

- I'll throw this (beep) over there at your bitch ass.

- Hit me mother (beep) 'cause I'm not the (beep) problem.

I'm not the (beep) problem (beep).

(Que and Robert yelling at each other)

- No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

Nothing happened.

- Leave them alone, they gonna hurt theyself.

- No, no, no, no, no.

- Y'all ain't doing this to me.

- Move, move.

(Robert yelling)

- [Que] No, no, no, no, no.

- Que, you don't have to fight.

Que, don't--

- [Robert] Make it happen.

- You're not, y'all not gonna keep playing me

like I'm the problem.

No, y'all petty.

'Cause I'm dropping my (beep) and I'm still here.

- Physically you're here.

Are you in here?

- Y'all heard me!

- Are you here?

- Y'all heard me!

- But are you here?

- I'm still here though.

- You're not answering my question.

- I am--

- You're here physically but are you here?

- Yes.

Y'all (beep) that up so maybe y'all gotta build that.

Maybe y'all wasn't--

- You're not allowing us to.

You're not allowing us to, Que.

(dramatic music)

- You wanna fight?

Do we gotta fight?

Do we gotta fight 'cause if we gotta fight,

we could fight.

If we gotta fight, we can fight, man.

I don't give a (beep).

(dramatic music)


Man, this is up, man.

(dramatic music)

- Que.

- [Que] It's up.

And you know what's up, Mike?

I've been talking to you because I feel like

I can come to you out of everybody

and you ain't doing.

- What the you want me to do?

- [Que] You ain't doing, you ain't telling,

you ain't talking 'cause you know when I come to you

all this be happening.

I'm so weak from this.

I'm so weak from this phony ass.

Y'all is not real.

All four of y'all, man.

That is not right.

All four of y'all not right, man.

- [Robert] And so the world is against Que?

- I come to you crying.

- It's two different sides to everything.

- But I'm saying you can speak up

and at least not leave me hanging.

- Speak about what?

- What, he feels the same way we do.

(dramatic music)

- So if y'all don't want me here.

Y'all don't want me here.

- [Robert] I don't want Que here.

- Y'all don't want me here.

Y'all some up, grimy,

and y'all phony.

You not real,

you not real,

you're not real,

and you're not real,

and you not real.

This is up.

- Let me tell you something.

(door slamming)

(dramatic music)

(beep) him, man.

(dramatic music)

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