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I think that you have noticed that since the latest chrome update the backspace key is

no longer working to go back to the previous page.

Lets test it, go to Google, search for something for example Chrome, click on the

first like and press the backspace, after the second time you press the backspace you

will see a message on the top of the page that says: Press Alt and the left arrow to

go back

Google has deactivated this key so you dont have to worry about losing you work by pressing

the backspace key when you are not suppose to press it.

This change is reflected on the Chrome version 52.

Also, since a lot of users has complain about this decision, Google has released a new Chrome

extension that brings back this function to the browser.

To install it, you need to go to the Chrome WebStore at, and

search forGo back with backspaceand then add this one to Chrome, Restart the browser

and the fucntion to go to the previous page using the backspace key is back and working.

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