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- So guys today we're doing the ultimate challenge

and I'm of course gonna win.

- No I'm definitely gonna win

'cause we're playing last to stop eating their food

wins the mystery box! - Mystery box!

- I'm definitely gonna win 'cause Ronald is a picky eater.


- Ya' think.

- So we're gonna be picking food

from this baggy and whoever is last

to stop eating their food will win the mystery box!

- We don't know what's in the mystery box

cause' it's a mystery but we'll find out soon enough

'cause I'm gonna be the one who's opening it.

- No because you are gonna get bananas

and you're gonna forfeit right away.

- No I'll eat anything to get whatever's in the mystery box,

even if it's bad, I still want it.

So let's see whose gonna be picking

from the little baggy first.

- [Both] Rock, paper, scissors shoot.

- Yes! - No!

- No!

- I get the first choice okay.

(drum music)

- Well you have a hard chance

of the getting the worst thing.

- Okay, get something.

Beet root, bananas, lettuce.

- Cream, ice cream.

Ice cream, I got ice cream!


I get ice cream!


- Okay well, you're gonna get sick faster so.


- I'll eat fruit ice cream.

- Okay, okay, gimme gimme.

(drum music)

Okay I got mine.

Alrighty, what is this?

- Apple?


- Apples, you're lucky.

- Is that lucky?

- Yeah, I'm gonna get sick

so fast from eating this ice cream.

- Okay well, ha ha.

- So guys there's one more thing inside the baggy

and I wanna see what it is.

What could've we gotten?


- Broccoli.

- Broccoli.

- Maybe we should ask our dad to play with us.

- He's gonna have to eat broccoli all day.


- Okay, so lets roll this back up and put it

back in the bag and ask our dad if he wants to play.

- Hey do you wanna play a game with us?

- What's the game?

- Last one to stop eating their food wins the mystery box.


- What's in the mystery box?

- We don't know it's a mystery.

- Okay get your food.

- Okay let's play.

(upbeat music)

And I get,

broccoli. - [Boy] Broccoli.

(laughing) - Okay.

I think I can actually do that.

- Oh, oh

- What did you pick?

- I got ice cream.

- And I got apples.

(laughing) - Oh no what?

You guys are cheating me?

- No we're not cheating.

- No, not all.

- Alright guys lets go to the store

and pick out our food for the day!

- Oh like we have a choice?

- Guys, so we're in the car going to the store

to get our supplies and then we're gonna go

to the ice cream store to get Karina's

you know what, her ice cream.

And I think apples is the best choice

because they're not disgusting

and not too sweet so you

won't get sick of them that fast.

- No apples are so sweet, broccoli's the best choice.

- Broccoli is the worst okay.

I can eat a piece of broccoli

but not the whole head or tide, it's terrible.

- But-- - No, broccoli is tasty

and it's not sweet

so you won't get sick of it, it's perfect.

- Karina you wanna switch?

- Yes.

- I'll give you broccoli and you give me ice cream.

- Yes. - No!

We're not allowed to switch here.

No switching you pick it, you get it.

- Ronald how about you,

you give me your apples

I'll give you broccoli.

- No, I'm sticking

with my beloved apples. - [Dad] Oh my god.

- So guys we're going to the store

and I'm gonna buy a lot of broccoli.


- Okay guys so I'm gonna get a bunch of apples

because I wanna win this challenge.

I'm gonna get a bunch of apples.

- So much broccoli.

Guys, we're in the store

we're getting some broccoli and here it is.

(trumpet music)

- Okay, so we got our bag,

honestly do I care about ripeness, or how it looks?

Hmm, is this organic?

- So guys I'm right by the ice cream place

and debating what flavor I should get

'cause I don't wanna get something that's too sweet

and I don't wanna get something that's really plain

and boring so I'm gonna get my favorite flavor,

raspberry sorbet 'cause it's right in the middle.

And also, I don't know how much ice cream

I should get because I don't want to run out.

I'm pretty sure my dad is gonna go on for a long time

because broccoli is the best I think

'cause it's not sweet at all and it taste good.

Ronald I think is gonna lose right away

because I've never seen him eat an apple

in my life - [Man] Right.

- So I don't have to worry abour him

but just my dad I have to worry about.

So I think I'm get 24 scoops.

I know that's a lot but I don't,

I wanna win this challenge.

I wanna get the mystery box so I'll do whatever it takes.

So let's get 24 scoops.

- Ronald do you think I can eat all this?

- No.

Oh my goodness that's so much!

Guys like that's just like one broccoli

there's like three more in here.

Like what.

So guys, here are my apples.

I just finished putting them in.

And I think I put enough apples,

like 3 bags I think that's good enough

- Ronald can you eat all this?

Is your stomach big enough? - Well.

Well I just I probably can't eat all of this.

- Guys I just got all my ice cream,

look at all this ice cream.

Okay guys so we are back home and this is our food haul.

We are gonna be having a mukbang,

we're just gonna be eating,

you guys are gonna watch

and see who is the last one to finish.

- Yes.

I'm gonna be the last one.

- No, I'm definitely gonna be the last one.

Look at all this ice cream.

- Like you're not gonna eat that much ice cream.

- I'll just eat it slowly.

- I have so much broccoli but I think

Ronald is not gonna eat all the apples.

- Well no, I'm gonna eat enough.

- Yeah, but I think I'm gonna eat more than you

and possibly Karina's is gonna melt before I stop

so I'm gonna be clear winner here.

- [Boy] Wait.

- If it melts I can still eat it.

- It's not based on how much you eat it is based

on how long you are eating for.

So you have to stay here for who knows how long eating.

- But Ronald, when was the last time you ate an apple?

- Yesterday actually, yeah.

- Really are you sure? - Yeah.

- Well be prepared because you're gonna

be hating apples after this.

- Oh no.

- All right let's begin.

- Okay guys, challenge starts, now.

(eating sounds)

(upbeat music)


- Tastes pretty good.

- Some, some good broccoli so far.

- Dad we just started.


- I'm already starting to get sick of this,

it's really sweet.

- What, It's your favorite flavor?

- Yeah but, I have so many ice creams to go.


- Mmmmm so good!

- You're so weird!

Why do you think broccoli tastes good?

- I don't know, I put some salt on it.

It's really good.

- That's cheating! - Yeah, yeah!

You're cheating!

- No.

- You're out, you put salt.

- You put salt!

(sad music)

- I'm not cheating!

- You're out, you're out.

- How else are you supposed to cook broccoli?

- You just don't cook it!

- You don't cook it!

- I didn't cook my ice cream?

- I didn't cook--

Now that would be cheating.

- Okay, no, no, no, I don't fall for this.

- You're eating salt.

- You put sugar in the ice cream.

- I didn't add anything!

- That's an ingredient.

- Ya that's an ingredient they put in the store.

- No, you added salt.

- Okay fine let's let it slide.

- Slide?


So I have eight bunches of broccolis here

I have one backup in the fridge.

- One backup?

- In case I run out.

If I can finish one bunch of broccoli,

you have to finish at least like four scoops of ice cream.

- No.

- Just to be fair. - I'm eating constantly.

- My strategy is nothing just to eat

and talk so I don't get bored.

- I'm mostly done on my first bunch.

- Okay fine I'll--

- As long as I can take a break.

- No!

- No!

- So guys I'm on my first apple and look how many apples

I have and I'm not,

I'm like not even half way done this like please help me.

- So guys I'm finishing my first scoop

and it's starting to get really sweet

I only usually have one scoop not 24 so I don't know

if I'll be able to finish this hopefully I can.

- My broccoli is so delicious I cannot stop eating

I literally am finishing one bunch.

I think I'm ahead 'cause I ate the most.

So that means I am winning

because I like my food and ate the most so far.

- Wait, wait, wait, no that's not how it works

it's last to stop eating, not most to eat.

- Mhm

- Ya' gotta keep eating constantly

If you run out, you loose.

- Well.

- I'm not gonna run out I have plenty.

Your ice creams is almost melting

I can see that your almost disqualified.

- No!

- The first broccoli tree is gone.

The trunk is left.

- Ya' gotta eat the trunk.

- The trunk is for later.

- You have the eat the foam.


- That's a container Ronald.

- Guys come on eat, keep eating.

- Karina you're barely getting any food with that spoon.

- Seriously you're gonna

get voted disqualified by the viewers.

- Why?

- Because you are just like nibbling on the droplets.

- I'm eating at a normal rate.


- Very normal.

- So guys I finally finished my first scoop

and now I'm working through my second scoop.

- Wow, Hmm hmm hmm.

- Ronald how many apples have you had?

- I had one but apples are way bigger

than ice cream scoops and way more filling so like come on.

- I'm eating at a normal rate,

normal ice cream eating rate.

- Okay I, let me just address something,

Karina's eating too slow,

Dad's eating too fast,

and I'm eating at the perfect rate so I'm gonna win.

Guys I hate to say it but this is my second apple

and I'm getting really full.

- Guys I feel like I'm starting

to get sick this is really sweet.

- So does that mean you wanna give up?

- No I'm not giving up.

- Just give up.

- Karina, I'll make you a deal.

(suspicious music)

If you give up,

and I win, I'm gonna split the prize with you.

- Oh no.

- Deal.

- Wait what!


Oh, you look so cute.

- Wait so you gave up?

- Yeah, I can't have anymore.

- No, I'll eat anything.

- Okay well, get out of this room

cause' you're not part of this challenge anymore.

- Okay, you better win!


- Now. - I'm not planning to.

- Now I'm acting now I'm extra determined

to win so Karina gets nothing outta her deal.

And he gets nothing as well.

- So guys, I made a deal with Dad that if I quit

and he wins then he has to split whatever he gets

in the mystery box with me so I'm just gonna leave.

This was really sweet for me anyways.

I only usually have one scoop not 24!

- Karina, you know what just happened?

We showed that Dad is really determined

and he knows that he's gonna win.

But also you just pumped up my confidence to win this thing.

So there's like a lower chance that he's gonna win.

- Well you rarely eat apples.

- You don't see me eat apples.

Lurking in the basement lies Ronald

eating a bunch of apples.


- Okay now that she's gone, do you want to split the prize?

- But you made a deal with her!

You can't-- - I can still split,

what I get.

- You can get half and I'll split a half with her.

- So she gets a quarter?


- You don't want what's in there?

You're gonna get a quarter.

- Okay I'm just kidding, I'll keep eating

and maybe I'm gonna win 'cause I feel confident.

- I just finished my second apple.

Okay are you the third?

No you're not.

- Are you full?

All of a sudden you're so full.

- I'm just shifting food in my stomach don't worry.

I got it guys, I got it.

- Okay are you my second?

Yes, you are my second.

- Are you my next bunch?

Yes, you are.


- Guys right now I'm in my room you know,

just trying to relax from eating that much ice cream,

only one scoop but still, it was a lot for me.

And I'm really crossing my fingers

that my dad is gonna win because he said that if he wins,

he's gonna split the prize.

Whatever the mystery box is, he's gonna split it with me.

So I really, really want him to win.


(cheerful music)

- Why can't you just forfeit right now?

- No.

- Because if you win you'll only get 50 percent.

- Deliciousness is coming right here!

- But you have to stay here for so long

if you want to win and you only get 50 percent.

So you should end your suffering.

- Better 50 than nothing.

Guys, look I'm on my last one.

This is crazy okay.

- Okay guys, I think dad is about to quit.

I'm on my fourth apple right now.

I'm going pretty strong, I'm not even half full.

- I'm on my fourth ow, blah, blah, blah.

I'm on my fourth bunch of broccoli, okay.

I'm going pretty strong.

- No you're not.


- You can quit right now, end your suffering.


- No I'm not suffering.

- Yes you are.

- At least, I don't think I am.

- Guys I think I'm gonna win.

- I heard that, no, no, no.


(upbeat music)

- Are you tired?

- Oh my god.

- You can quit!

- I'm not quitting.

Do I look like I'm quitting?

- Well you stopped eating.

- Ah, I have, I'm chewing.

- Guys, I think dads stopped eating, you're not chewing.

You're not chewing anything!

- I'm still chewing.

Would you like to see a piece?


- Wait I'm gonna put another one.

- Okay at least that's a decent size.

- But that's for at least 20 bites.


- Okay c'mon, just admit that you're full,

you're tired, you want to go to sleep.


And you want to stop being here.


And you want to play Fortnite!

Imagine all of the Fortnite wins

you can be getting right now.

- I have to lie down guys.

- Yes!

- I have to lie down and stretch my stomach.


Close your nose.

- Why?

- I'm getting ready.

- You're gonna fart aren't ya?


- Seal it up 'cause you're gonna regret it.

It's coming.

- No, no!

- Guys I can't take this anymore.

I'm so full.

I, no, no, I cannot take - No

- this anymore. - No.

No, no deals are being made.

- No deal, If I quit now?

C'mon, are you gonna give me a deal?

- No.

- Teenie tiny little deal if I quit, If I.

- No!

- If I quit.

- Guys you don't want to see a deal do you?

You want to see one individual winner.

- No, no, c'mon I ate four okay, okay, okay, fine.

I am so full, I can not take this anymore, guys I quit.

Really, really?

Yes, yes!

(upbeat music)


Yes, yes, yes!

Guys I cannot believe it!

I actually won!

- Wait.


Wait, I, wait, wait, you said you were gonna win.

- I thought I was.

- No no you gotta keep eating.

Dad keep on eating.

- Karina, Karina he already quit he cannot rejoin.

- I already stopped.


- I already stopped.

- You promised though!

- I couldn't take it anymore.


It was too much.

- Yes, Karina you shouldn't have stopped.

You shouldn't have tooken that deal.


- Okay what is even in the mystery box?

I bet it's just a banana.

- Okay guys now it's time to find out what's

in the mystery box and everything in there is mine.

- But Ronald there is a twist!

- What?

- Ronald you have and option.

You can have this big mystery box,

which is fine and all,

or you can have this small mystery box here.

- Wait what, I thought there was only one mystery box,

no one has ever told me there's two!

- Well now there's two.

Which one do you want?

This one or that one?

- I feel like this is just a trick.

I feel like this is just a trick to get me not

to pick this one and I think I'm gonna pick this one.

- All right Ronald, let's see what it is.

- Okay, three, two, one!

(techno music)



- You got nothing!

- No!

- Ronald, do you want to see what you could've gotten?

- Is it something bad?

- I don't know what it is.

- Okay, let's see.

- Let's see what you could have gotten.


- How much money is that?

- Wait how much money is that?

- Guys there was like $100 in here.

I could've got $100 but all I got was some piece of paper.

- Mhm, I guess it was just another trick.

- So guys that was our first last to leave last to challenge

comment on our Instagram,

which will be in our description down below,

if we should do more of these 'cause I really liked it

and I won the first one.

But I didn't really like the mystery box.

- I think this was a great challenge except next time

I don't want to be eating anything 'cause I'm apparently

not very good at that so.

But we hope you liked this video, if you did

[Both] - Smash that like button

and we'll see you all next time!



- [Girl] How are you feeling there?

- I won and you lost ha, ha, ha!

- Oh my stomach.

Oh, what did you get?

- A piece of paper.

- What?


You didn't win anything?

- No.

(dramatic music)

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