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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We LOST $20,000 !!! Challenge gone VERY VERY WRONG

Difficulty: 0

- What is the price?

- [Dad] $20,000 cash in a treasure box in our house!

(children yelling)

This is the lamest thing I've ever seen!

You guys, I literally left it right there.

- I swear--

- Okay, this isn't funny Dad.

(dramatic music)

- Good morning, TOA Squad.

I am very excited, but I'm whispering.

We're doing something

crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy today,

and nobody else in the family knows.

I've got....


This treasure chest. Ready?

That's real money.

Twenty, thousand dollars.

We are going to play the most insane challenge,

and the winner of that challenge

gets to do something with it.

But, I'll let you guys get in on it with the kids.

So we're going to start the video like normal.

The kids don't know that this,

or what's inside of it, is in there.

We're not going to tell them.

TOA Squad! Meet me in the living room!

(child yells)

I've had a weird idea when I was sleeping last night.

- That's weird.

- Ah, I went and got a secret surprise.


- Is it something that I'll like?

- [Dad] You will love it!

- What about me?

- [Dad] You will adore it,

you would freak out,

- Yes!

- [Dad] lose your mind for it.

- What about me?

- [Dad] You two would have no idea

even what to do it's so awesome.

And you would just straight up start crying.

You, would end up rolling around on the ground,

barking like an animal, going,


- It's a doggy!

- No, it's not a doggy.

You are going to be flamingos for 24 hours

and stand on one leg all day long.

If you need anything, that you don't want upstairs or

downstairs, and just be on the main level

or if you don't care and you want to go up and down stairs

you can do that, but you have two minutes

to get whatever you need to get before we start

standing on one leg for 24 hours!

(kids yelling)

- I am going to get snacks because downstairs,

we have popcorn or snacks and I love those chips.

I gotta love 'em.

- I need something to eat, something to drink.

- I am not going to be wearing those for 24 hours.

I need to find some house slippers.

So, I have these really comfy Ugg house slippers

that I really need to, yes!

- I'm definitely getting the phone.

- So, I, is I grab the computer

and the chargers so I can finish my thumbnails

and there's YouTube on there, and Instagram so like,

I've grabbed the best things ever.

- I am going to tie this to my leg,

see, so it is a peg leg.

(dad laughs)

- [Boy] You laughing at me?

- [Dad] Yeah I am!

- Guys, I am very smart. I'm going to get something

so I can balance.

Like, this! I'll go like this. This is easy.

Then, if I get tired with my other leg,

I'll switch for whichever one needs to do that.

- Okay guys, I've only got, I've got three things right now.

I just need one more..

I need to find my book, I love my book,

I haven't even finished it.

- Okay, I got my popcorners and I have my phone

so I can do business.

- Traction so I don't fall over, stand on one foot.

I'm ready to go.

- Oh, oh oh, candy. Oh, I need popcorn,

(child screams)

- [Kid] Hey!

- I need three things of popcorn.

- Okay guys, I love Jolly Ranchers because they're like

my almost favorite candy.

So, I'm gonna eat it right now.

I love Jolly Ranchers.

- Okay guys, so now real fast you guys,

before we get started.

- So what if I'm like, like this, I'm only on one foot.

- [Dad] You are sitting on your bottom!

That is not okay.

Flamingos don't have bottoms.

- They do.

- They have a bottom, but I don't think they sit on it.

So, no sitting! You can lean like, like Klai is.

That foot is very close to the ground though, right Klai?

That is risky.

I need one piece of paper and a pen.

I want every one of you to come over here,

and we're going to write down...

- [Girl] What we have?

- [Dad] Your favorite charitable organization.

Like I'm gonna write, Dad,

Operation Underground Railroad.

This is an organization that helps take people

out of human trafficking.

Mom, who would you like to give to?

- [Mom] I'll do who you are.

- [Dad] You wanna do them too?

- [Mom] Yeah.

- [Dad] Would you like to do the Red Cross,

you could do the South Asian Army.

- Yeah, Red Cross.

- [Dad] Red Cross?

Do you wanna do the Humane Society then?

- Sure!

- [Dad] Yeah? Okay.

Okay you guys we've got this list,

and I am not going to tell you guys

why I wrote down this list, but it has to deal with,

what happens when you win.

So are you guys ready to get started?

- [Kids in unison] Yeah!

- [Dad] Three, two, one--

- [Boy] Go!

- [Dad] Okay legs up, mom is hoppin' and hobblin',

I'm hoppin' and hobblin'.

Shae is gonna lose.

Just kidding.

- Where's my dad, what's my dad?

Eve's it!

(little girl screams)

- [Dad] Oh. No!

(children screaming)

- No!

- [Dad] This is the lamest thing I've ever seen!

(screaming and laughing)

Wake up! No, no tag backs!

(boy screams)

Okay, oh! Wha! What you got me!

- No!

- [Dad] Klai's stuck in a corner, you're it, no tag backs.


This is amazing.

- Ugh.

- [Dad] Here comes Eve...

- What're you talking about?

- Wait did you, dang I keep getting got

because of the camera.


- [Dad] Cora, Cora's out!

Cora just put her foot right down.

- No!

- [Dad] Yes! You have to be honest.

Okay everyone verify I'm switching,

- [Girl] No I didn't!

- [Dad] Oh my gosh, my right leg is so tired already.

Mom's switching!

Oh, Mom did good.

- Ah! Oh no,

- [Dad] He's out so soon. (laughing)

- You suck peg leg.

- [Dad] You better untie that dude,

I called it from the beginning.

- [Kid] Dad I'm gonna fall.

- What if we did, blindfold hide and seek while hopping?

- [Dad] Oh my gosh, we're all gonna fall down.

- Ready? I'll do it.

Five seconds to find a place in the living room.


- I have a camera...

- [Mom] Three. Two. One.


It's the boy.


(incorrect beep)

- I'm a boy now!

Can I put my foot down please?


- [Dad] Whoa! Its an inundation! Mom watch out!



- Don't fall! Don't fall!

- [Dad] No ally! Run away! Hop away! Hop away!


- We don't wanna mess up your game

it looks like this is really awesome,

guys go check out, what is this?

- [Kid] We have to be a flamingo for a day.

- [Mom] Standing on one leg.

- I'm the support.

- So its like, last to put your foot down, I don't know.

- All we really need is just a camera,

because we're playing a game in the car.

- [Dad] Oh yeah yeah!

- And so um..

- [Lady] There's one right here!

- [Dad] We love you Tannerites!

(all yelling over each other)

- Bye guys!

- We'll let you know when we bring the car back.

- [Dad] Okay. Bye!

- Okay well we love random stop by's.

Okay well the Tannerites interrupted our blind fold section,

So I'm gonna give you three seconds to find a spot.

(soft music)

Oh. Shae?

- No!

Does that mean I'm out?

- [Dad] No, you're just it.

Mom you're okay now cause he's it right?

Oh its the last person!

- Wait what?

- [Dad] No, last person you're right.

I'm wrong, I'm sorry. Keep going.

- Well how about since Shae was first on top,

we switch it up.

Shae gets to choose the game now.

Shae I got a good one, so you don't have to think anymore.

Ready? Freeze tag, and you're it.

Three, two, oh look at them go, one.

I'm just standing and waiting.

- Oh, wrong way.


- [Dad] Nope, no poles.


- [Mom] Oh freeze!

Someone has to go unfreeze him.

Rykel go rescue Wyatt!

- [Wyatt] I've already been good.

- [Dad] Oh Eve got him.

Eve hop away! Hop away!



Go! Go! Go, why're you so slow?

- [Kid] I got Klai!

- [Mom] Oh, Klai's frozen!

(indistinct yelling)


- Dad, dad, dad, I'm getting really tired,

I want to know what the prize is.

- Wait wait wait! What is the prize? Dad?

I don't even know.

Am I doing this for like ten dollars?

Because this is really not, not gonna be a good prize.

- Should I tell you guys?

- [Kids] Yeah!

- Okay, everyone get together.

Tag is over, I want all of you right over here,

only on one leg though still.

- All right Dad, I wanna know what is this?

It better not be crazy.

- [Dad] Okay, the prize is..

Is currently..

In this house.

- Is it Klai's phone?


- It's way cooler than Klai's phone.

Okay the prize, is in a treasure box...

- Wait, is it Shae's stinky socks?

We've done this before.

- [Dad] Yeah! Nope. Not Shae's stinky socks.


- They're not stinky to me.

- [Dad] Is, twenty thousand dollars cash in a treasure box

in our house.

- What!

- [Kid] Can I find it?

- No Joke!


Nope, no finding it yet.

- Why do you have twenty thousand dollars

in a box somewhere?

- Because, the winner, gets to choose to give that,

because things have been so awesome for us,

to the charity they chose.

- I get it, I get it...

- Okay, okay.

- I bet that's really cool,

cause I want to donate something to a cool charity.

- [Dad] Yes, so the charity you chose,

whoever wins this challenge...

- Wait so there's..

- [Dad] Gets to give them twenty thousand dollars.

- [Kid] What?!

- But Jase, there's other people in our house..

- I know, I put it in my office, its safe.


- It's in his office!

- [Dad] Oh stop it! Stop stop!

- Lets go get it!

- [Dad] You guys see the treasure chest?

It is right...

Who took it?

Okay, Rykel. Did you, put the treasure chest somewhere?

- No.

- [Boy] I know, where is it?

- I put it somewhere. Just kidding I don't know,

it's in the bottom of the ocean.

- [Dad] No no no you guys, this isn't funny.

- [Mom] No this isn't funny.

- Okay feet down, where's..

- Wait so I don't lose right?

- [Dad] No, I lost.

Okay you guys, I literally left it right there.

- Okay this isn't funny Dad.

- This is not one of those videos,

where its kinda funny to do all that stuff.

This is, hey, this is legitimately,

I put it right there, and then...

- Twenty thousand dollars...

- Wait, what if it's invisible.

- [Dad] No, its not invisible.

I really did, like I even filmed,

I'll show you the footage on the camera.

I brought it inside, and I put it right there.

- [Kid] Guys confess who did it.

- Yeah.

- No, I wanna see the footage. I wanna see the footage.

- K, just a second you guys.

Guys look.

- [Kid] Oh my gosh.

- [All Kids] What?!

- Those are all twentys, look.

- Oh my gosh.

- [Kid] What, is all that?

- You're not literally kidding when you said twenty,

thousand dollars.

- Yeah, I locked it up.

- You still have the key right?

- [Dad] Yes.

- [Kid] Okay good, so nobody can open it

if someone stole it.

- [Dad] Keys right here.

- [Kid] Okay so nobody can open it if they stole it.

- I can pick locks.

- [Dad] See right here, same shirt, same key,

same everything,

this is me, not very long ago.

- Then where is it?

- I have no idea.

- Oh my gosh, this is super concerning.

- [Dad] You guys all promise, look,

right there. You promise me you didn't take it.

- [Kid] No, I never touched anything.

- Okay you guys, so, you promise me to me,

like this is a real deal.

- No we were cleaning the house like over there,

before we started.

- We haven't touched your office.

- [Dad] Well at least contractors have been here,

so I'm gonna call them now.

- [Mom] Oh my gosh, wow we've had..

We have had people in our house like off and on,

for the last like week working on our house.

What if it's one of them?

- No there's something from my office, its missing.

And I'm not accusing them, I'm just,

could you just check their truck, or see if there's,

there's like a wooden box.

It's about, I don't know, wrist to elbow long,

twelve inches wide. Twelve inches deep.

K, ok, thank you, okay bye.

So they said they went from this job,

straight to me with him, because they wanted to

pick up their paychecks, and they were there,

they had nothing in their trucks,

and they said when they left here to get there,

it was only like five minutes,

they didn't really have time to stop anywhere.

- Oh, what if we set and checked the security cameras.

- [Mom] Yeah, lets do that.

- Yeah. Um, somebody unplugged it so it stopped filming

four house ago.

- [Mom] It says its offline?

- Yeah, offline. Four hours ago.

- [Mom] Maybe when we were cleaning the kitchen,

someone might've bumped it out.

- [Kid] And it like... unplugged.

- You guys, you kids promise,

none of you moved it, this isn't like a prank.

- Yeah, well, yeah, when I came it, it was like,

it was not there.

- Contractor guys came back just now, they're here again,

and they said hey man we're so sorry you lost whatever

that was, we didn't see anything,

and the guy said that there was one car that came in,

so he's getting the other employee and he's..

- What?

- Yeah, he's gonna come and tell us,

- What, a car?

- There was a car that came in, he said he saw

somebody walk up and left, but he didn't think much of it.

It was right before they left.

- What?

- So, he's getting the employees so we'll see.

- Like a delivery guy? Or like another construction guy?

- No idea.

- Or...

- So he's coming in, just a second.

- Oh my goodness.

- Okay, so.

He said there was a dark car,

with dark tinted windows.

The workers came back and apologized,

that it wasn't them and that they saw a dark car,

that's starts, mom did you look that up yet?

The traverse,

- Yes.

- [Dad] Is it real? Is it?

- Yeah I guess there's a, there's a Chevy Traverse?

- [Dad] Yep that's what he said, it was a Chevy

that started with a T.

- It's like a, a mini, not a mini SUV,

but like, not a huge bulk, like a big one or something.

- [Dad] So we've got that, he said he might have

remembered a couple of the last digits of the license

plate number, but he wasn't sure.

I think there's a driver license database that you can go in

and it costs money, but you can check stuff like that.

- Well what if we just call the police honey,

like this is a big deal.

- Cause we don't know yet, we'd be totally accusing

some random person, who might've knocked on the door

for a play date with our kids.

Oh my gosh, Chevy Traverse.

- [Kid] Is it the one, is it the one?

- Holy cow, it's from like five miles away from here.

- [Kid] Wait what?

- Oh my gosh it's giving me the

exact location of where its registered to.

That's scary that that's online.

Holy cow, should we go find it?

(kids agreeing)


- [Mom] I, I don't know. I mean...

- It's worth it to me, I'm willing to go.

And we'll just check, we'll be nice,

and if its not, we'll call the police.

- [Mom] Okay, we're on the way,

so keep your eyes open, its a black Traverse...

- [Dad] License plate, last three digits, 0 5 3.

- [Mom] Yeah so keep..

- [Dad] Oh wait, I got the rest of the license plate.

- [Mom] Look look look! Oh wait, that's a black suburban.

- [Kid] Dang it, aw look, aww.

- [Mom] Okay, keep your eyes open you guys.

- [Dad] What's that, what's that, what's that?

Is that... No.

- [Mom] No it's like a dodge, It's like a van yeah, no.

- [Dad] And that's 9 A D.

Okay lets go to the next little spot.

- [Mom] Oh my gosh..

- [Dad] Oh no that's a Jeep, whoa that Jeep looked like

a hummer good job.

Toyota Rev 4,

- [Mom] Okay guys, keep your eyes open,

1 2 3, keep your eyes open, okay guys?

This looks like a condo place, like..

- [Dad] Okay wait no, do we like..

- [Mom] This looks like a, wait wait wait,

what're we supposed to do, knock on a strangers house

and say, did you take our stuff?

- [Dad] I don't know, that's why I'm wondering

if we park the car like down the street or something.

They have, they saw our van.

- [Mom] They know what our house is.

- Okay lets go, oh my gosh, that's number 112.

- [Mom] The garage door is open.

- [Together] That's 0 5 3!

- [Kid] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh is that them!

- [Mom] Its 0 5 3! What do we do?

- That's scary...

- [Dad] What do we freaking do?

- [Mom] Back it up, back it up.

Like park over here, park over here.

I don't wanna go near their house,

like what if they, what if they're out to get us

or something? Like this is crazy why we're here,

we need to like...

- Okay, I'm going out.


- [Kid] Be safe dad.

(dramatic music)

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