Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SUPER PEOPLE PUNCHER

Difficulty: 0

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Super People Puncher. Now I know what you're thinking...

That's not what you think it is.

Tha-that is a fist, as far as I know. Not 100% sure on that.

Could be literally anything, but I'm fairly certain that it's not what you're thinking it is.

*It keep going*

Anyway, so this game is about punching people,

RRRRReally hard! Like not quite Falcon Punch levels maybe.

I don't know. It's-it's a game about punching people, which I'm assuming is gonna be good?

I don't know. What kind of life le- Hello.

Ohhh.. I didn't, I didn't do nothing. Oh what am I do-

Woah! Ahh!!



I'm sorry?

Am I a disembodied arm?

Or is that what everybody thinks it is? Let me try that again. Hey sir, please calm down.

I'm about to give you the royal treatment. You see, my fist- Hang on. You see my fist is legendary.

In both its power, and charisma.

So, when you think about the fact that you're gonna be punched, by me and my fist

Now that-that also doesn't mean that you're getting fisted, that's not what this is about.

When you get punched by me and my fist, which is attached to my arm, which either looks like.... arm.....

or a penis

But, all that aside

You should consider- I didn't do that welp, all right well. Okay? Ha!


This might be the stupidest game I've ever played, this might just be,

hey there are achievements? Oh, no, it's it's the scoreboard.

Okay, alright, so two thousands the one to beat huh? Oh,

Oh, I'll show you

Well I'm not gonna show you this time around. Oh it's like Spank the Monkey, (noise)

Right in the dick! You like that?


You sit down!

Sit down! I mean you're laying down

But you know you could sit, sit more be more sitty! London is my city, England is my city. Shit

I even got the stupid wrong!

Okay, oh I forget, I always forget this part. Why do I forget? It's quite obviously gonna happen. Ohh boy


I didn't have enough follow-through, I didn't follow through on the wumpage. I gotta really wump 'em.

If you think you can escape my flaming fist here, it's catching fire.

Yeah, you see that? You're scared now bitch, huh? Uhhhhh I always forget this part. Why do I always-

Nooo I can't do- I can't do it.


Why? I just-

How did I get a hundred? How did I get a hundred? How did I get a hundred?

And then suddenly can't get a hundred again, okay. I'm gonna get you!

Oh you, you gonna be got you 'bout to be- I always forget every time, every goddamn time, I forget. why do I?


I don't know if the screaming helped, but it made me feel better.

Alright, I'm gonna- I need to- I need to really wangdoodle this thing, cause this.. is a problem. It's a conundrum.

Oh yeah, ah

That's what I call the good stuff! Alright. Hang on. If I just- 'Kay

Let me just wind it back, no that- am I gonna- Uh, is it- Woah, okay, It's working. Okay. Alright here we go

You about to be

PUNCHED! Ah, shit. You bout to be




Well, that was a big waste of nothin! I'll get you! I forgot again, but (grunts)

ohhhhhhh it's so hard!

Ok I'ma eally, you bout to- y-you heard of the the the wangdu (???) yeah, that was me coming for your crotch

Yeah, two for flinching huh?


Why I just- I wanna I don't have enough desk space for this! I gotta move my keyboard (laughs)

Hang on, I got a really-

Everybody hold on I got a really-.. hang on, I'ma oh, I'm gonna get you!

Oh you think- You think you're eh, good- Too good to be GOT?


I always for- every goddamn time! How do I keep forgetting?

Okay, alright covers the most desk space you've ever seen.


Why? in the goddamn god- What? How? This- How are you ne- LISTEN TO ME!

Hey! Please (Kiss) please

Just please (Kiss) I'm begging you. Can you just fuckin' do it?? (Sigh) Where did you go mouse? Okay. Alright.




Okay, alright.



That doesn't make any sense! I just want to punch him in the dick,

Why do I gotta go up, to punch him in the ding dong??

(Drops Mouse(?))

(Yelling) No!

(Whispering) Don't do that, don't do that to me.

Don't you- Please, please- (Sighs)

Okay, there is one way I can think to beat this.

Is if I get some sort of like auto clicker oh, that may be horrible and cheating.

Ah! I just wanna- Why are you not??

I'm really trying! I don't get- I keep wangdoodling me on the (Noise)

God damn it. Okay. I'm gonna go.. Alright hang on. I gotta go cheat!

No stop (grunting)

It's a penis penis penis it's a penis! Look at that penis! Wow what a great penis!!

That is pumping in and out of the menu, that penis! It's really cool, that penis!

I really like that penis. That's a good penis. A penis right there

That is good, a one, and two, and look at it go!

What a penis that is! That's a great penis. Oh! Nice penis. Alright I'm out of here.

Click, okay. I just need a clicker

That's gonna click left and right, maybe this is gonna work...

Last time I downloaded an auto clicker was for when I played Cookie Clicker back in 2013

Alright, welcome back to the not-

Thing.. that- that thing on the- okay, welcome back. I've got my cheat code, and I am ready

I don't know if it is actually gonna work.


Uhp, shiit!

Ctrl- Wuh oh..


(Computer Noise)



Okay, it works. Okay, that works. Alright, here we go! I'm ready! Are you ready? Cause I'm ready. Alright here we go!

Maybe I should just- Why is it.. (mumbling) Let me just do F8. Alright here we go.



Clack, go! Go! Go! Go! Come on! I could- I can click that fa- Ah stupid sack of... You don't do nothin'!



Alright, okay, alright. Hang on

I'ma fix this bitch, I'm gonna fix you, I'ma fix you! okay. I'm a- This is just a test- Woah!

Just a test, this is just a test. Alright. Click... Clack clack. That's no better, that's no b- (Groan)

It's not better! Ha!

Thereeeeeeeeeeee we gooooooo!

(Mark Noises)

Okay alright. Okay. So, that's getting there.. So I just gotta

really wangdoodle this..

Maybe if I had two auto clicker programs one for left, and one for right, both fighting at the same time

For as fast as they can go..

(Chuckles) I don't know

Okay, alright, okay, alright, okay. Okay! Alright!

I got one of them, so if I just- and then I open up this other one- Okay, alright, okay, okay

I got this. Alright so that

That's one auto clicker program. Right here. It's gonna.. Clicks per second. Let's put you at... a hundred

Fifty.. Just- you know. And this one... will... be...


Now this one's gonna compete and do the left click, and then when I hit this one, it'll do the right click

I just need to hit F8 and F6. Yep! This is gonna work great!

Okay, here we go alright, you guys ready for this? alright here we go! No testing needed


(Confused Noises)


Whaaat happened?


(Mark Noise)

So am I just- am I just terrible? Is that- Is that what it really is? Is that what this amounts to?

Okay, alright yeah, there's a limit it- ohhh...


Wowie, okay. Alright. That is..

Not happy with me. Alright, you know what? Let's just bail on those. I think there's a limit.


(Confused noise) What did I do? So I just do- What I got to do it with brute force? I'm not good with that!


Where's my cheatiess?? Ughhhhh I don't wanna..


I can't- I don't understand you!

I don't

I don't understand

How does it- okay, alright, hang on. Let's get some- I'ma do a baseline test, a zero okay? Alright.

I just want to- I want to really


I'm gonna go for one-inch punch style okay? Ah!

I don't get you very muuuuch

Oh, please, I just wanna punch you real hard!


Okay, you know, I don't get it!

I don't get- I can't figure you out!

But maybe you can! I'll leave this one up to you guys because Super People Puncher just it- it-

It don't want to- Don't want to- Work for- How do I get the goddamn main menu? Let me get to that sweet fisting me-

Why? Wha- What??

Why did- I wasn't even trying!

I was not trying to do

ANYTHING! Well you know, there you have it. That is Super People Puncher.

So let me know what you think of that, down in the comments below

I'll put a link in the description as well

This game is free, and apparently it's anti-cheat, so you just got to do what you got to do...


Bob's your uncle- You'll have success, I guess. So thank you everybody so much for watching, and as always, I will see you

In the next video!

Bye bye!!

(Outro Music)