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Two and a half hours after leaving the Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar, we have finally reached ITO.

After we somehow crossed a couple of barricades.

Seems like the violence has ended here.

These days, if something like this happens in Indian democracy, the movement loses its legitimacy.

In the public view.

These are the accepted norms these days.

If there is a public loss of property or due to any unruly elements, there is violence,

then the entire movement loses its legitimacy.

Thats the conflict I can sense in this case as well.

During the 26th January parade, the farmers had to march peacefully

But first they broke the barricades

They said that we want to go to the ring road.

But obviously, ITO doesnt come on the ring road.

People who are familiar with the geography of Delhi, know that ITO doesnt come on the ring road.

I think we should enter from there only.

No, we can enter from here as well.

The glasses are broken here.

This is where the violence took place. Oh my goodness.

Lets go from here.

Hey Samdish. Hello.

What do you do? Im in the media, running an independent YouTube channel.


Come along.

When there is a loss to public property and the taxpayers money,

people ask who is accountable.

It is the movements leaders.

There, the legitimacy of the movement gets lost.

I cannot justify this from any angle but has there been violence done by the state in this movement?

Has the states legitimacy been lost because of that?

These are questions we could ask ourselves to strengthen our democracy further.

Dont go ahead. Sir, Im going only till there.

Come to this side or else theyll attack you.


Lets go.

I can see camera persons and vloggers there who are making videos.

Should we go inside?

I can hear people say Godi Media.

Hi. Great fan!

Thank you so much.

Hello. Have you subscribed?

Thank you.

Go back.

Lets go slowly.

Lets see where we can go. Come.

Dont put the camera on me right now.

Let's go there no, Kartik? Let's go there.

They are discussing something I guess.

Theyve sat down in the middle of ITO.

Lets walk around, Surabhi.

A dead body is lying there.

A dead body is lying there?

He has been shot. Show us. (This claim can't be verified)


Please move aside.

Is this where he was shot?

It happened near Red Fort. (This claim can't be verified)

He was shot on the head. (This claim can't be verified)

There are tractors on this side and what is over there?

All tractors are coming from the ring road.

They are gathering here.

We were going to go to the Red Fort but the violence happened here.

People are at the Red Fort right now?

Yes, theyve captured the Red Fort.

Now we wont leave Delhi.

The protest will happen here now? Yes.

For the past two months, we faced so many problems.

Can Modi Ji spend one night out in the cold?

Theyve kept us out there for two months in the fog.

Samdish, you have been covering this for a while, tell me, even if the media had shown the truth

just for 10 minutes, couldnt things have changed?

The mainstream media is responsible for 50% of whats wrong in the country.

It is only because of people like you that we can see the truth.

Otherwise, no one will be able to see the truth.

That too only some educated people make the effort to know the truth.

People who arent educated and are paid will say why are these people sitting at the borders for no reason.

There are still people like that.

True. We at least knew you and saw you.

Otherwise, the people here would have had issues.

Because we see your videos we know that you show the truth.

But tell me something and I can only ask you

And if you feel offended, feel free to not answer. Yes.

People are saying that violence has taken place here now. There has been no violence.

We were coming from our route.

Delhi police made a map and they thought that we are fools.

They expected us to only go around the outskirts of Delhi and return.

We had to come till here, no violence happened.

The police fired at us, you have seen the dead body yourself. (This claim can't be verified)

They also fired tear gas shells at us.

We only requested them to give us security.

We said that we wanted to go to the Red Fort and protest peacefully.

That also did not happen.

Now you know who Delhi Police comes under and who is giving them orders.

You know everything.

There was no violence nothing.

Instead, one of our men has died.

The body is lying in front of you and the other one who is wounded is also there.

Someone is injured?

Yes, he is lying there.

His leg has been hit.

All the forces left because they realized that they had done something wrong.

They went and sat there quietly.

They did not have to use a single band-aid even and someone has died here.

You think about it yourself.

70 people have died and there is no value for a single life.

Theyve just taken away 70 lives with no remorse.

If 70 have died, they wont care if 140 die tomorrow.

Weve had 11 rounds of talks with them.

All of them have been unsuccessful.

Something should have come out of it, at least.

And so many of your companions have died in the process.

The government hasnt said a word.

They haven't said anything!

I was at the Ghazipur border.

Mr Ajit Anjum was reporting there.

It was during the morning and we were just walking towards the langar.

There was a washroom on the side and 2-3 people went running there.

We were wondering as to what was happening.

Just a few minutes ago, Id seen an uncle go there.

And 10 minutes later I found out that he had hanged himself in the washroom.

In a note, he had written that he couldnt bear all this.

Hed also requested for his last rites to be performed there itself.

If we had to do violence, 2 months is too long.

We could have entered Delhi within 2 days.

It is our decency that we waited for 2 months.

And Delhi is not a foreign land, its our state only!

Are the people here from Singhu or Ghazipur?

They are from everywhere.

People are coming in from Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri.

All of them are coming here.

It wont be easy to remove us from here.

You want the centre of the protest to be here?

Either this or the Red Fort.

We dont want to protest.

We only want the government to repeal the three laws.

We are not happy about leaving our families behind and coming here.


Why are you forcefully bringing in laws for us when we ourselves dont want them?

What is the reason?

We dont want them!

And they are saying that some people are manipulating us.

How can so many people be manipulated?

Youve already seen the state of Congress.

They are blaming Congress.

When Congress isnt being given any votes, how can people come on their saying?

Think about it.

How can the crores of people be manipulated by one power?

Do we look like people who would be sold at Rs 500?

"Take Rs 500 and go waste your time," from last two months?

Apparently, we are receiving Rs. 500 and have no clue about where it is coming from.

Are the tractors on this side?

Yes over here.

If you go there and take a right, there are only tractors.

So the outer ring road has all the tractors.

And this side?

This side, people are walking ahead.

The main is on this side.

Around how many tractors would be there?

It will be in lakhs.

They said only 5000 tractors are there.

You will find 5000 tractors in one km.

There are only tractors for 50 km.

People were saying that the Delhiites will be frustrated.

They are welcoming us with flowers and feeding us food.

What this means is that the protest has reached homes.

The job of a farmer is to grow crops.

When they enter the market, we buy them and eat.

The crops take around 6 months to grow.

If farmers keep sitting here, wont there be hunger in the country?

Who will grow the crops? Can you please cover this?

Please show, say whatever you want to.

This is a tear gas shell which expired in 2014.

2011 is its manufacturing date and its being used after 7 years.

I directly want to ask the Home Minister, what is this mismanagement?

Do you wish to kill the farmers?

Do you want to make this issue similar to the Jallianwala Bagh?

What are your intentions?

Thank you, sir.

There is a sense of fear for sure.

Itll be wrong if I said Im not scared right now.

Hi Samdish, I follow you on ScoopWhoop.

Thanks, man.

Your coverage is really nice.

Whatever you showed from the Singhu Border.

But here, do you feel anything negative?

You tell me, what do you feel?

I feel that somewhere because of a communication gap

They should have come here but not like this.

It got violent. Yes.

That is being justified as retaliation. But violence is violence.

There is an atmosphere of fear. Yes.

But the thing is that they have been protesting for days and whenever they came for talks,

the government didn't treat them well.

There was no breakthrough in their talks.

I think this is their anger.

Where were you protesting?

I live in central Delhi.

Oh, you live in central Delhi.

I came here because I heard on the news that the farmers had reached here.

So when I was coming here, the youth were really angry.

The government has only been putting off the issue for 4 months.

This is a violent step for sure but they want to be heard.

Theyve been dying there for 4 months.

And so many farmers have died during the protest.

Theyve possibly done this to make their voice heard.

Im agreeing that this was violent but I think that it was necessary.

I dont know what the repercussions of this will be from the government.

That only time will tell.

What the mainstream media was showing, it is so different here on the ground.

News channels are showing a completely different picture.

They only show the farmers to be Khalistani.

Yes, they have been doing that for 2 months now.

But they should also show the real issue that they have been fighting for 4 months.

We also found out that a farmer has died here.

He was shot on the forehead. (This claim can't be verified)

One has been shot on the leg and one was shot on the head. (This claim can't be verified)

People have said that they have been fired with expired tear gas shells.

Someone showed me the expired tear gas.

Yes, he showed us also.

The tear gas was nearly 7 years old.

Because of that, it has caused people issues.

Now people will say that the movement has lost a level of legitimacy because violence has taken place.

What will you say to them?

Yes, they have gotten violent but the government is also not listening to them, right?

Even when we fought for independence, many people revolted.

Weve seen Bhagat Singhs movie.

It clearly showed that you need to make noise to be heard.

If you take it symbolically so maybe this is that.

But people are deeming it violent.

They came on their route and they didn't hurt anyone.

They had already decided on coming to the ring road and eventually, Delhi.

Today they got a chance, so they have entered Delhi.

Lets hope that the government listens to them.

These are our own men, they are not Pakistanis.

You shot them, that too on the head? (This claim can't be verified)

It says in the Constitution.

Will someone come to give a testament?

Where is the government?

Who should be answerable here?

The government.

The government should fall, people will decide.

When you breach the constitution, what answer will you give?

If the Constitution of India has been breached, the public has to decide who should be answerable.

When you look at such a democracy

There is no democracy.

Look at what has been happening, how Delhi Police and NIA have targetted us.

Who are these people?

Is this the dream our ancestors showed us?

Is this going to become the centre of the protests?

Where will we go?

Should we go to Pakistan or China?

This is our country, we will stay here.

The Red Fort has been made by labourers.

Who are they to stop us?

We will sit there, they can try to stop us.

They can hit us more.

Thank you for your time.

Theres no point.

We are at ITO, it is the 26th of January, it is around 3:30 PM.

The Red Fort is on that side.

We are at ITO.

What we are seeing in the national media right now is a completely different story.

They are showing as if the people have taken over the national capital, whereas it is not that black and white.

Hes injured, the guy who has been shot in the foot. (This claim can't be verified)

Be careful while shooting it.

Has he been shot in the foot?

Somebody was saying that the tractor was overturned and thats how he died.

But he was shot straight on the head. (This claim can't be verified)

An ambulance is coming.

Did you shoot that?

People are saying that this is the Delhi police headquarters.

Those who are not familiar with Delhi should know that this is the Delhi Police headquarters.

The building on which the picture of Mahatma Gandhi is visible, that whole building is the headquarters.

That is the famous DDA building.

The guy standing there is the eye witness of the whole incident.

Well also talk to him. The one in the brown turban?


This is the Delhi Police headquarters.

People are right when they call it the heart of the national capital.

Everything is connected from here.

If you go 400 meters to this side, youll find the Supreme Court.

If you go 1 km here, youll see the Red Fort.

If you go 1km on this side, youll reach the New Delhi Railway Station.

And this is the Delhi Police headquarters.

This is really the heart of Delhi.

If you go one kilometre there, youll find the Delhi Government Secretariat.

There is anger. Especially towards the media.

That anger is legitimate and justified.

Because according to the media, it becomes Khalistani sometimes or unruly.

Sometimes, they dont feel the need to show the protest.

And when there is an element of violence, it suddenly becomes the headline.

Because of this, it is very difficult to find a section that is not angry with the media.

So there is anger against the media.

Whenever we come with the camera and a mic, there is an obvious mistrust.

There is a lack of trust because there is a legitimate fear of being misrepresented.

It is very important to win that trust.

Because of that mistrust, there is a lot of fear.

When there is so much anger, that mistrust can manifest itself in any way.

If you look at it from a strategic point of view, the protest is going to choke Delhi.

We have shown you the truth of ITO here.

In the morning we showed you what was going on at the Sanjay Gandhi Transportation Nagar,

which lies around 20 kms from the Singhu border.

Now we are showing you what happened at ITO.

There is an atmosphere of anger which is resulting in fear for people like me who are from the media.

There are many reasons for that mistrust between the media and farmers.

And maybe they are legitimate.

Stemming from that is a sense of fear.

Weve tried to show it to you as honestly as we saw it.

We are also making an effort to not let our emotions come in the way.

What we are seeing is what we are showing you.

This is our endeavour.

Are you staying here or returning to the border?

Whatever the leader says.

If we have to stay here, well set up camp here in the government building.

We have to die anyway.

They can kill 2-3 more of us.

We are not scared of dying.

We go through more issues that one can go through in jail.

When every one sleeps, the farmer has to water his crops.

During the day and also at night.

Even a labourer works from 8 am-4 pm but a farmer has no fixed time for work.

He would have to go at midnight and also during the day.

There is no fixed timing.

People have left their families and come to the streets.

It is very difficult.

This is the ITO foot-over bridge.

That is the main ITO street.

Left is Pragati Maidan, Supreme Court, National Stadium, Deputy Chief Ministers Office.

Straight is New Delhi Railway Station, Connaught Place.

On the right side is all the major newspapers offices.


Ram Leela Maidan, Red Fort.

That is the main ITO street. The Delhi Police headquarters are on the right.

One farmer's dead body, who has died after being shot.

I cannot verify this claim but the people Ive spoken to have told me.

And I didn't feel right to go and check, given the circumstances.

So I cannot verify this claim.

But what I heard from them was that the person had a bullet hit on the forehead has died.

His dead body is kept there, surrounded by people who are doing prayers.

There is also a very young farmer who has been shot on his leg.

His legs have been tied using a bandage.

Now, who shot him or from where is something I cannot verify.

I can only say that he is lying there and everyone around him is saying that he was shot.

I cannot verify it at this point.

This street was filled with tractors.

Because the internet isnt working, we spoke to our editor who told us after watching the news

that the farmers are now returning to their borders.

That is what we can also see on the ground.

But some tractors are still here.

There is no clarity on this.

But the street below is getting empty.

My goodness.

The news channels were showing that there was firing taking place and that there was a collision.

We arrived nearly one and a half hours later and still, there was a lot of fear and anger in the air.

Im not sure how the atmosphere would have been earlier.

Journalists have also been attacked and no one can deny that.

But when we came, there was an atmosphere of mistrust and fear.

It was a coincidence that people who saw our videos were there.

So they understood that we aren't biased in our coverage.

Hence, they trusted us and spoke with us.

That is why we could show you the on-ground reality.

Otherwise, it was an atmosphere full of fear and it could be felt in the air.

The Description of The Farmers' Tractor Rally | The Afternoon at ITO ft. Samdish