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The pitter-patter of rain, the caress of fragrant breezes

Come home, my beloved

Dark clouds have gathered

Your going away now has been difficult for me

How will we spend this monsoon? l am here and you're there

My beloved king, come home

The pitter-patter of rain, the caress of fragrant breezes

My beloved, come home

The clouds cry, seeing me in this state

My sweetheart sleeps away peacefully

l can't sleep. The memory of you disturbs me

Show me your face. Come

The pitter-patter of rain, the caress of fragrant breezes

My beloved, come home

What should l do? lt's been ages since l've slept

l am lost in the fun-filled eyes

My eyes miss you as does my entire being

For my sake, come back

The pitter-patter of rain, the caress of fragrant breezes

My beloved, come home

Where are you going, Govind?

l was going. But these dancing clouds reminded me of you.

As if you really miss me.

l've looked all day for you on the river bank.

Gauri, do you think that l purposely didn't come?

l think that you are a liar. A liar.

Father had sent me to town. What could l do?

Mother has called me, too.

But l will go home.

l will go.

l'll do household chores all day.

Listen to mother's stories in the evening and...

- And at night? - Will go to sleep.

Even l'll go to sleep.

- And tomorrow morning... - l'll get up late.

And l'll sleep till noon.

l challenge you to do that! Did you hear me?


- Mother. - What is it?

Mother. lf Govind comes calling me today...

tell him that Gauri has lot of work in the house for 6-7 days. Go.

You've fought?


lt is better to fight with Govind.


He's a lower caste grocer, while we are Rajputs.

He's always been a grocer and we Rajputs.

lt was different then.

- What's different now? Now you've grown up.

Even Govind has grown up.

He's even grown a moustache.

That's why l tell you that you should not mingle with him.

- Why not? - People gossip.

Small things get blown into big problems, my child.

Just now Lacchu's mother was saying...

'Why should young girls play with young boys?'

All right. l'll tell Govind...

to go and play with Lachhu's mother.

You've pampered your daughter a bit too much.

She's the only gift from my departed husband.

Even she will go away after some days.

Where have you sent Govind?


Has he gone?

He left early this morning.

- Come here. - What is it?

Come here.

Who is that?

l asked, who is that?

ls he all right?

What has happened to him?

Your pampering has destroyed the lad.

Listen, Govind's mother.

lt's dangerous to make a man angry.

lf l get angry, l'll smash your son's head.

Listen Govind's father.

l don't like Gauri and Govind seeing each other.

When they were children it was different. Now this will ruin our reputation.

What do you mean?

Forbid him from seeing her again.

With love or with anger?

You've loved him till today.

Now learn to show anger too.

Step aside!


Come here, you son of a dog.


Where did l send you?

Tell me. Where did l send you?


Why didn't you go?

lt was cloudy.

What were the clouds doing to you?

l thought it would rain.

Gauri and l would enjoy playing on the swing.

Excellent, son.

Let me hug you.

My son never lies.

This is how you are scolding him?

Govind's mother, l congratulate you today.

That in the form of Govind, you've given birth to King Harishchandra.

Take this son. Go buy some sweets.

Did you make him understand?

Are you a mother or what?

l'm a mother, and that's why l can't see my son turning into a useless chap.

He's grown up now.

Has he ever sat in the shop?

Remember Govind's father...

when time has run out and...

You're again making me angry.

You are a cold-blooded man.

lf my blood is cold...

then won't find another hot-blooded man in the whole village.

Now don't stop me.

l tell you.


You are a stain that l want to erase forever.

You are not my son...

but an ulcer on my body that's getting worse by the day.

Before you destroy my entire body...

- l'll throw you out. - What have l done?

What else will you do?

You have blackened your parent's faces.

Does she belong to our caste with whom you spend most of your time.

Henceforth if l come to know...

that you are playing with Gauri...

then l'll break your bones.

- You keep quiet. - Why should l?

l listen to the whole village talking.

lt is your fault.

We've been married twenty-five years and you've borne just one son.

lf he had a brother...

Govind has your qualities.

The other son would have taken mine.

He would have gained respect for the family.

Take care of your house. l am going to my brother's place.

Govind's mother.

l'll not stay here.

Then even l...

When my body is pulled from the river and brought to the village...

then don't cry.

Whatever is there in the safe, everything is for you.

Get married in style.

But after marriage, don't forget your widowed mother.

Your father loved her a lot.

Not you. Let your enemies drown in the river.

And may only that woman leave her home who is not cherished by her husband.

You are my little world.

Go get a drink.

You look thirsty.




Who has called you?

l'm calling my cow...

that has run away.



1 Rupee 75 paise.

And previous balance of 10 rupees.

11 rupees, 75 paise.

l've gone 20 times but haven't collected a paisa.

No more loans on this account!


l've troubled you a lot, father.

From now on, you will have no complaints

Live long, my son.

Govind's mother. Hey, Govind's mother.


l'll get the cart ready. Whatever you'd like from the city...

please write them down.

What do you want to tell me?

Our son has changed.

But you...

have to be corrected every day...

for you to see sense.

or else you pounce at every little thing.

l'm in the middle of my prayers. Don't harass me at this time.

Forget your prayers!

lsn't it written in your holy books...

that feeding your husband is more important than praying?

l've been doing accounts all day on an empty stomach.

At least make me a simple meal.

- Where are you going? - The city.

For business?

ln a small village, it is difficult to do well.

Father said, "Govind...

open a new shop in the city."

That's wonderful.

Your absence will save me from mother's scoldings.

What does your mother say?

Mother's right.

lt was different when we were children. Now what do we have in common?

After the glances we shared, and your stealing my heart, don't go away

l'll not let you pass through here. l'll block your path

l'll fall at your feet and plead, with tears...

after the glances we shared,and your stealing my heart, don't go away

Don't take revenge on me

My eyes may or may not cry. But my heart cries, and says...

after the glances we shared and your stealing my heart, don't go away

Don't talk about leaving. My king, my heart sinks

Have a look at my sad heart's state

After the glances we share, and your stealing my heart, don't go away

- You're upset? - Yes.

- What's this? - Parathe (lndian bread).

- Why won't you eat? l'm not hungry.

Shall l eat them? l'm very hungry.

Yes, do.

Why are you sulking?

- No. - What 'no'? You're puffed up with anger.

Here we were born, played, grew up...

then leave the village one day

won't my heart be heavy?


Had l been in your place...

l would've been happy to go to a city, watch films and eat sweets.

Apart from revdis (lndian sweet), what does your father sell here?


Get me some water.

You've hidden the sweets from me?

Very smart.

l didn't remember.

l forgive you.

lt's not good to get attached to foreigners.

lt's noon.

- Yes. -Please leave now.

l have to travel another 7 miles.

l can't walk after eating so much.

Take me home.

What about your reputation?

Should l worry about my reputation or my comfort?

Come, turn the cart.

- Will you miss me? - Yes.

For a couple of days, yes.

Then, God knows, l don't lie like you.

Here. Leave.

Will you meet me at night?

l'll be in the city.

Swear that you'll come.

You've come back again.

Father, while driving, a cat crossed my path.

That black cat.

-Makhan Washerman's cat? - Yes.

She is very unlucky.

l was going ahead. She followed.

l left the village...

the cat was in front of me.

l said, good cat, l'm going abroad

l'm an only son. Please avoid.

But she didn't listen.

Did the cat tell you...

..when she'll see you again?


Does a cat speak?

Listen to her.

She is a talking cat.

l know what's going on. You are stupid.

Don't dare call me stupid.

l repeat, you are stupid.

The boy is lying to you.

l'll break your head.

Take care of your house. l'm going to my brother's.

Govind's mother.

l'll not stay here.

Then l'm going to Ganga river.

My son, Govind.

When my body is pulled out from the river and brought here...

you shouldn't cry.

Whatever's in the safe, all...

Gauri will rule. Truly.

What does the boy do?

He owns a rasala.

ln which community?

Not that rasala.

He prints his own rasala (magazine/newspaper).

His monthly income is 1200-1400 Rs.

He's not that old too.

At the most 40.

They aren't paupers like us.

Very wealthy.

Does he have any kids?

One 10-month's old girl. That's all.

l am scared, Lachu's mother.

The world will accuse us of thinking only of money.

He's my real aunt's son.

You are both family to me.

l swear by Lachhu.

Such a proposal won't come by again.

You know better.

Gauri is like your daughter too.

May you be blessed.

Beloved stranger, the clouds have gathered

l am not happy without you. Can't live

l hope my youth is not wasted like this

Come, l'll tell you my heart's stories

My heart calls for you day and night. Can't live

Beloved stranger, the clouds have gathered

lt is a mistake to talk sweetly to someone

l keep missing you. Can't live

Beloved stranger, the clouds have gathered

The clouds are thundering and lightening smiles

lt is bad to be upset in such times

My heart becomes restless in loneliness. Can't live

Beloved stranger, the clouds have gathered



Since when have l become a stranger to you?

My future is here.

Yours in a foreign city.

You get disheartened easily.

Not really.

Or you can say...

without you l get disheartened.

ls there a solution to this?

Come immediately on hearing my heartbeat.

How'll l come to know that your heart is beating?

By placing your hand on your heart.

Have you ever done that?


But you never knew that...

l lie awake all night thinking of you.

You silly man.

You think l speak the truth.

Our childhood is over, Govind.

Now both of us have grown up.

We have to think about family and society.

Gauri, when l'm alone and think of you...

my heart always tells me we won't succeed.

Your heart is so intelligent.

And you so stupid.

l too will understand it one day.

lt had better be soon.

Or else it'll be very painful.

- Would you like a mango? - No.

Your wish.

Mother had given two mangoes.

l was about to eat them.

My heart said, Gauri...

will you eat them alone?

You're playing your love games again.

What's love got to do with this?

l brought them because ...

your father is so stingy...

he never brings home any mangoes.

Listen Gauri, don't criticize my father to my face.

Then turn your back. l'll call a spade a spade.

Wait. One more thing, before you leave.

What is it?

lf l don't care for the society...

then will you care for me?

Gauri l beg of you. l can't see what you mean.

There's no hurry.

Think about it.

Reply tomorrow at the water well.

The mango is very sweet.

Really. Taste it.

- Rupa, have you heard? - What?

- Gauri's engaged. - To whom?

To some editor in the city.

Oh no. Poor Govind and poor Gauri.

Where are you going, Govind bhaiyya (brother)?

Just roaming around.

Girls are helpless in this matter. Gauri is not to blame.

ln what? What happened?

What happened?






- Will you do something for me? - What?

Give this to Gauri.

All right.


Govind sent this.

Once you leave for a foreign city after hurting me...

dear beloved, who is left in this world for me?

Once you leave for a foreign city after hurting me...

dear beloved, who is left in this world for me?

When the clouds gather again...

they will remind me of the days gone by

Then tell me where will l go aimlessly.

Who is left in this world for me?

Once you leave for a foreign city after hurting me...

dear beloved, who is left in this world for me?

Tears flow from my eyes

My heart says in anguish...

Dear beloved, when you went away...

who is left in this world for me?

Once you leave for a foreign city after hurting me...

This is your sister-in-law, Manju.

She studies in college. She's very mischievous.

And she is your elder sister-in-law. Queen of this house.

She is very stingy.



Did you see your sister-in-law?

Yes. l did.

- What's she like? She's okay.

What do you mean?

A sty in her eye and scars on her face.

The rest is fine.

Sister-in-law Durga.

Coming brother.

This is your daughter.

Brother's married you.

l'm giving you his daughter.

Say thank you.

Did l beg you to get me married again?

- Did l feel lonely? - What do you mean?

l mean, why have you brought home a cartoon instead of a daughter-in-law?

One who has a sty in her eye and a scarred face.

Whose eye is damaged, and face scarred?

This forced responsibility that you've tied around my neck.

There's no son; what about an heir?

Are you talking about bahurani (daughter-in-law)?

Yes. l am talking about your sister-in-law.

She is very pretty.

With her you don't need light in a dark room.

Manju says something, you say something else.

See her with your own eyes.

Why? ls your mind at peace?


You may leave.

Manju was joking. lt's not my fault?

You have made fun of me.

lt was a distance of five miles.

lt wouldn't have hurt to have gone there and seen her for yourself.

Don't you like your wife?

l am ashamed to call her my wife.

What's the problem?

The only problem is that she's a widow's daughter.

Seems she had no well wishers in this world.

Otherwise they wouldn't have accepted this match.

l don't know what you're saying.

Have you seen her face?

She is prettier than the morning blossoms.

Yes, but when she sees my face...

she'll dry up like a touch-me-not leaf.

All her hopes will get squashed.

- Why? - Why?

ln the next five years, my teeth will start falling...

she'll become even more youthful.

lsn't this wrong?

Girls do not have a voice.

But their groans are quite effective, sister-in-law.


Dear brother. This book is my story.

l'd like every lndian girl, who's voice is not heard, to read this story.

Do me a favor by helping my weak voice reach every household through your newspaper.

Hundreds of girls will benefit from this.

Yours, faithfully.

Gangu sister has come, brother.

l don't want to see her face.

lt's Gangu behen (sister), bhaiya.

She gave you such a pretty wife.

Tell her to go away from here.

She has come to congratulate you.

- And... - l don't need her congratulations.

Take her out. Go.

Can l ask my brother, the reason for this anger?

Your hands are stained with the blood of an innocent.

You are a murderer. A cheater.

Whom have l cheated? Whom have l murdered?

You've cheated me.

And you murdered her, whom l've got married to.

Sister Gangu, is she a suitable match for me?

With childlike innocence, she smiles in her sleep.

Fun-loving, like a flower swinging on the branch.

Carefree, like the tides of the river Ganga.

You and sister-in-law together have destroyed her youth.

You're highly educated, that's why you speak so much.

lf l hadn't felt for your situation, l wouldn't have made this effort.

You could have picked someone from an orphanage.

Why did you lie?

You said she was 28, and her mother was a widow and...

they had no one to look for a match for her...

that's why she has reached this age.

Didn't you say that?

l just did the duty of a sister.

l don't care if that's how you feel.

Come Lachu. l swear from now on l'll not interfere.


Oh ho.

This is the passion of youth, my son.

Everyone falls in love.

Everyone gets young.

There was my time, too.

l remember.

When he passed by...

women used to fall unconscious.

Chaudhari's daughter, Rami...

she loved me a lot.

But your mother was in my destiny. So we were married.

Had you not married me, you would've remained a bachelor.

l had a stepmother.

Otherwise no one throws away their daughter like this.

What do you mean?

Who are you to bring up Rani?

l was helping him understand why he shouldn't be so upset.

Now tell me, did l cry after getting married to you?

Then cry now with your heads on each other's shoulder.

Take care of your house. l'm going to my brother's.

Govind's mother.

l'll not stay here.

Then even l'll go to the Ganges river .

Son Govind.

When my body is pulled out from the river and brought to the village, you shouldn't cry.

Whatever's in the safe, everything's for you.

Get married lavishly.

But son, after marriage don't forget your widowed mother.

Your stretching is an excuse

Tell me clearly that you want to leave

Your youth calls. Your beauty challenges someone

Your heart beat is saying...

"My dear, come here secretly"

Your stretching is an excuse

Tell me clearly that you want to leave

Don't curse me in your mind

Here l go

For how long does one come to such places...

those who have another in their heart?

Your stretching is an excuse

Tell me clearly that you want to leave

Your pretense at sleepiness...

is an excuse to dream of your beloved

The person who is so much a part of you...

show this person this attitude too.

Your stretching is an excuse

Tell me clearly that you want to leave

Sixteen year old wife and fifty-five year old husband.

lt was the first night after the wedding.

l could hear someone's footsteps at the door.

l shyly lowered my eyes.

Flowers decorated the bed.

As he came closer, the flowers shriveled.

At that time, l didn't realize.

But today l understand that...

and that mute flowers couldn't witness an assault on a mute person.

But those who can speak...

see the wrong around them everyday...

- and remain unaffected. -What?

What are you doing? lt's already twelve o'clock.


How long will that poor girl stay awake? Forget your anger.

This is the first night.

Don't make her wait for long.

Thanks to you.

She'll feel sleepy as soon as she sees me.

Not the same thing again.

look at the neighbor. At age fifty-five and...

he took a fourteen year old bride.

Two years of marriage and they have a child playing on their laps

l have no need for your advice.


l'll go when...

l see the lights turned off in your room.

The milk is here.. Don't forget to have it.

l'll take the baby.

She's sleeping in the daughter-in-law's room.

Let her sleep there.

l mean...

she'll disturb you both.

Now l'll leave.

Has the baby fallen asleep?

Are you going to sit all night? Go to sleep, its midnight.

Won't you feel hot in those clothes?

You could've have worn a lighter sari.

You are feeling shy.

l am also feeling shy.


You've created a pain in my heart.

ls it hurting?

Should l call it pain or anxiety?

You can't understand these things.

How would l know?

Call the doctor if it's unbearable.

You go to sleep now.

You are in pain. How'll l sleep?

We'll talk tomorrow.

Go to sleep.

l too will sleep now.

When did he get up and go?

He's very ill-mannered.

Who has spent 5 hours bhabi?


This girl has very sharp ears.

Sister-in-law is a laughingstock in this house.

What did you tell her?

l haven't said anything.

Why was she crying?

l was feeling sad and started crying.

Why were you feeling sad?

l remembered someone. My heart became heavy.

Monsoon clouds, go and tell him

This was written in our destiny. My dear, don't cry

Dark heavy clouds, don't come sailing in here

Memories will haunt me, don't come here

l am apart from you, and my eyes are moist

From the day we parted my eyes have been moist

l'll die crying for a glimpse of you

Oh clouds, don't disturb me. Let your rain fall somewhere else

The days and nights are not the same as they were

Monsoon clouds, go and tell him

The brother-sister relationship is that of blood.

Even if they don't get along...

they still share their joys and sorrows.

But the husband-wife relationship is that of love.

And love exists only if...

it is invited and welcomed by...

two young hearts.

Come, sister-in-law.

Hello! Sit.

Will Govind go to the city today?

lt depends on Govind's mood.

lt's Gauri's first Diwali at her in-laws place.

l thought maybe Govind would go to the city to buy things.

l'll give him two rupees.

He can buy sweets and give them to Gauri.

Yes. Govind?

Will you go to the city today?

Mother wants silver coins for her prayers.

lf l don't get them at the station, l'll have to go to the city.

You'll hardly get silver at the station.

Go, get the cart ready.

Get some sweets for home.

And do her work as well.

Govind, l hope you are fine, son.

From the day Gauri's gone to her in-laws...

l haven't even seen you.

He's very sad these days.

They played together, didn't they?

That's not the problem, Gauri's mother.

Love is the worst thing in this world.

Now take Chaudhari's daughter, Rani...

as l got ready to get married...

she started crying. Ask me why?


Poor thing. l was the world to her.

But what could l do?

l was in an unfamiliar place and helpless.

Er... yes, yes, it was a happy outcome.

Very good. Right, Gauri's mother?

One always reaps what one sows.

l always say, brother...

Bahu is suffering for our misdeeds.

This is unjust.

Marriage itself is unjust.

But what is our bahu's fault in all this?

Punish me. l had arranged this marriage.

So many days have passed. l'm still waiting...

to see you both together.

Don't you pity her?

You achieved you desire no?

Have you ever felt for her?

You have your nose stuck in your books all the time.

Come on. For my sake. Freshen up.

l'll send her to you decked out in her Banarsi saree.

Whenever l wore a Benarsi saree...

my husband used to call me a silk doll.

Whenever we went for a walk...

he used to say...


turn into a silky doll."


Take this handkerchief.


Wipe your tears and go out.

Today is Diwali.

A day to enjoy, eat and dance.

What is this?


Turn into a silky doll.

Why are you here? Go away.

l've come to take bhabi (sister-in-law).

Your brother's calling her..

lt's been months since bhabi came to this house.

Only today brother has thought of calling her?

Go. Tell him. My bhabi won't come.

Today l've called my friends...

to entertain bhabi.

Manju, ask bhabi to sing a Diwali song.

She has to sing for our sakes.

Bhabi, please sing.

- What should l sing? - A song.

Diwali festival has come

The moth is dancing with the lamp's flame. With whom shall l dance?

Diwali festival has come

Childhood danced with youth and went away

Now youth is dancing with old age

Long lost friend, please come...

and tell me with whom shall l dance

Diwali festival has come

Who knew the days would just pass away?

And once gone, they wouldn't return

Long lost friend, please come. And tell me with whom shall l dance

Diwali festival has come

The moth is dancing with the lamp's flame. With whom shall l dance?

Diwali festival has come

Oh, Gauri...

Bahu rani (Daughter in law)...

someone from your village has come with sweets.


How are you doing in your in-laws home?

l'm going.

Hey, where are you going?

You're very ill mannered.

ls this the way to behave with villagers?

Brother, listen.

What is your name?

You're leaving so soon. You've not eaten anything, either.

l ate before coming.

No, l won't let you go yet.

Tonight's a new moon. lt's pitch dark.

lf you have an accident... the village will blame us.

No. Come with me.

Surely there's a spare bed in this big house.

Come this way.

Sit here. Yes.

Manju has called gardeners from the neighbor's house.

They dance very well.

Please sit here.

Your behavior is very strange.

What will that boy tell the villagers on his return?

That they are big snobs.

They don't even talk.

Made arrogant by their riches.

ls this a good thing?

Go and talk with him.

Ask about the welfare of the neighbors.

Ask about your friends.

Who all got married?

Who all had children?

Congratulate some and greet some.

There are thousands of things to talk about.

Go on.

A person gets uncomfortable with just strangers to talk to.

Come, son.


Gauri bhabi.

The gardener has come.

Come. Come.

You too.

Why are you feeling shy? Come on.

Oh beloved, please come back

Go on. l'm not your beloved. Unfaithful one

Without you l don't enjoy anything anywhere

My world turned dark when l left you. Where should l go now?

My heart pines for you. Please come back

Oh beloved, please come back

Go on. l'm not your beloved. Oh unfaithful one

l still remember your excuses of fetching water and then professing false feelings of love

l remember you romancing others and me at the same time

Why should l tell a lie, oh unfaithful one?

Oh beloved, please come back

Oh unfaithful one, l'm not your beloved

Why are you crying?

Because of the sad song.

What do you do in the village?

Nothing in particular. Anything to make the day go by.

Don't you do any work?

Work in the village?

lf someone comes, we chat.

lf someone leaves, we keep thinking of them.

Gauri's mother must miss her a lot.

She is a mother after all.

But Gauri's heart is like a stone.

Whenever she gets invited...

she always makes the excuse of not leaving Manju.

She's very close to her.

She should also return the love the villagers give her.

They don't want anything except her happiness.

Does Gauri have any complaints here?

What complaint can she possibly have?

What about the villagers?

Yes, they have one against you.

- What? - Since the day Gauri got married...

the distance from the village...

has been increased from 7 to 700 miles by you.


Gauri is so far from the village...

that not even the villagers' sighs reach her.

Her mother said that.

Tell her mother, l'll send her to the village.

Paan. (Betel leaf).

Have it.

lt's midnight and the boy hasn't returned yet.

Govind's mother, it's very difficult to part after a meeting.

She's married now.

Will he bang his head on the walls there?

You don't understand these things.

After my marriage...

Rani used to walk past my lane Ask me why?

- No, l won't ask. - Then just be quiet.


Then continue talking.

Nobody listens to me in this house.

You've spoilt the only son we have.

l was destined to have four sons, according to the lines on my palm.

But you stopped after just one.

No idea where the rest will come from.

Chaudhari's daughter Rani will parcel them to you.


don't dare badmouth any girl.

So, l'm a 'hey' now?

l was treated royally at my father's.

Here l did all the household chores...

and my value is reduced to 'hey'?

Take care of your house. l'm going to my brother's.

Hey, Govind's mother.

l won't stay here.

lt's new moon tonight.

There is a forest on your way.

The forest has thieves, dacoits, snakes, ghosts.


why don't you speak?

Listen to me.

- l'm going. - Why did you come here?

My feelings were suppressed.

But you have come and inflamed them.

l didn't see you for 6 months.

Look to your heart's content. l'm standing in front of you.

Which married girl...

doesn't visit her parents' home after marriage?

Mother has invited me so many times.

But l thought...

as long as you're unmarried...

l won't go to my parent's house.

lf you've found peace after this marriage...

then l'll marry too.


l've become a burden to a married woman.

This is a sin.

Every single tear you shed for me...

is a sin.

You sworn against coming to the village.

l swear not to come to the city.

Gauri, l'm going.


We met and are torn apart again

l'd struggled to forget those days

My beloved came and stirred up those memories

My heart beat in my breast again

We meet and are torn apart again

The eyes weep and the heart is restless

Can someone bring him back?

How can l pass my days and nights?

We meet and are torn apart again

Autumn came and the trees shed their leaves.

There are no flowers or fruit anywhere.

lt seemed...

even nature is in mourning.

Then came the monsoon clouds...

that cried on seeing my fate and went away.

Blooming flowers mocked the society.

But society wasn't ashamed.

Winter came...

some clouds gathered again...

to sketch my destiny in this darkness.

They thundered and put my desires to sleep.

Suddenly there was thunder and lightning.

l've disturbed your sleep.


please forgive me.

l was very busy all these days.

l'm your servant.


You're my beloved.

You're my world.


may l tell you something?


Your eyes are intoxicating pools.

in which my longings have lain dormant a long time.

l don't understand.

You are so innocent.

Oh, oh, oh baby. Come.


You relax. l'll make her sleep.

Take her.

Go to sleep.

Please sleep.


Give, l'll make her sleep.


Be quiet. Quiet!

Enough. Don't cry.

Baby will soon sleep off. Please don't fall asleep.


Look at that mirror.

Look at that mirror.

The mirror is asking, why is the baby crying?

Take this comb.

Don't you want this?

Take it.


Want to drink water? Look here it is.

This water is for my child.

My child is very nice.

Drink it.

l don't know why she won't sleep.


Baby, l understand now.

While l was awake...

you slept.

Today the dark clouds...

lulled me into a stupor...

but woke you up.

ln your crying...

l hear a message...

about my going astray tonight.

Be careful.

My child, l'll be careful. Now please go to sleep.

Go to sleep.


- Govind. - Gauri, when did you come?

l've arrived from the station.

How did you know that l'm here?

My heart told me.

What were you doing all alone?

l wasn't alone.

Who was with you?

- You. - l?

l may have parted from you...

But you haven't, from me.

Just now, we were quarrelling.

- About what? - l won't tell you.

Why not?

Why should l tell you about my Gauri?

Who is your Gauri?

She abides in my heart as love.

She's scared neither of mother nor society.

When l'm alone she appears before me.

All the sweet dreams are lies

The silly heart believes in these sweet dreams

Pleasures which are not in our destiny...

one gets them in sleep

When awake, the heart looks for a reason to cry

All the sweet dreams are lies

The one who retreats after professing love...

comes to meet you in sleep

Then, even if the dream is long...

it may not allow you to meet again

All the sweet dreams are lies

The silly heart weaves sweet dreams

All the sweet dreams are lies

Bhabhi, why are you crying?

Swear you'll tell me.


What were you singing?

The happiness not destined for us, we get in our dreams.

You've started crying again.

Did you just have a dream?

One dreams daily after marriage.

When he went to Hardwar...

400 miles away....

you know what he said to me in my dreams?

"Billo, why are you sitting so far away?

Come closer."

l said, "l miss you."

And then l woke up.

And l started crying.

- Billo. - Yes.

- Take this handkerchief. - Silly!

My dear sister...

Gauri. Greetings.




you've forgotten the villagers.

l'd decided not to write letters to you.

But what to do?

l can't see Govind's sorrow.

ln the last one and a half months...

nobody has even seen him.

His mother thinks...

that her son has died.

All day she looks for his corpse in the canals and rivers.

His father with lantern in hand, and late into the night...

looks around the well.

Some say, they hear a plaintive voice...

singing in the forest.

Then the villagers go there to look for him.

Whose letter, sister-in-law?

ls everything fine?

What does it say?

- Why won't you speak? - Manju.

Suddenly you've turned so sad?

What's your mother written?

lt's not from mother.

Who's it from?

From my friend.

She must be your close friend.

That's why you're so sympathetic in her sorrow.

No, Manju.

This is my own sad story.

What's your sorrow, sister-in-law?


lt's important for me to go to the village.

What is the matter?

l'll tell you later.

l need an excuse to go to the village.

Just for one night.

lt's not difficult.

Just for one night.

l'll return tomorrow morning.

Brother will say yes right away.

You get ready.

l had heard the voice from here.

Everyone says so.

But nobody's seen him.

He becomes silent on hearing footsteps.

He becomes silent?

But where does he disappear?

l make rounds of this place stealthily at night.

l go wherever people hint at.

l've searched for miles around.

But there's no sign of him.

His mother is right, brother Ramu.

Govind is dead.

You're wrong.

l've heard him sing.

What was he singing?

"After the glances we shared, don't go away."

That one has already left, brother Ramu.

Only her memories are left behind.

lf l could, l'd scratch away the unfaithful's memories from his heart.

What kind of love is this?

One is crazy and oblivious...

while the other isn't even aware of it.

l wander in the forest everyday.

l'll go to the city to Gauri tomorrow.

l'll beg her...

"Oh wedded one, please return my son to me."

Let's go and check the river bank.

His mother used to tell me...

to advise Govind.

He's getting crazy about Gauri.

l used to think it a joke.

But today l repent not doing something about it.

What a cruel romance!

lt has cast one as Majnu...

but did not cast the other as Laila.


What a state you're in.

What state?

You don't go home.

You wander in the forest day and night.

This is my destiny.

Your father wanders around, with lantern in hand, in search of you.

That is his destiny.

Aren't people speaking ill of me?

Everyone says that it's because of Gauri.

Doesn't it speak ill of love?

Everyone says forget Gauri.

Gauri deserves...

to be forgotten by you.

l've betrayed you.

l was unfaithful.

l fooled you.

l don't accept it.

That night on Diwali...

your tears told me...

they were tears of love.

By calling them tears of love...

don't defame a married woman.

They were tears of helplessness.

Very good.

l accept...

that you don't love me.

But may l ask...

the purpose of a wedded woman in coming here so late at night.

l came to tell Govind...

instead of wandering in the forest...

spread Gauri's message to every person in every lane and town.

What is Gauri's message?

Don't fall in love.

No one should become a Govind or a Gauri.

When l was at your place l was welcomed grandly.

But today you've come here with tears in your eyes.

But l can't even wipe away my guest's tears.

Because you belong to someone else.

lt's a sin to touch you.

Your love is so noble.

But l couldn't value this love.

You've valued my love.

Otherwise you wouldn't have come to this forest.

What can l do for you?

Will you eat betel leaf?

This is my betel leaf.

- ls it special? - Yes.

This is the betel leaf...

given to me that Diwali night at your place.

Why didn't you eat it?

l kept it as a souvenir.

Today l'll eat it.


do you remember that song?

Which one?

The one you sang the other day...

when l was going to the city in a huff.

"After exchanging glances with me and stealing my heart, don't go away."

- l remember. - Please sing.

After exchanging glances with me and stealing my heart, don't go away

l'll not let you pass through here. l'll block your path

l'll fall at your feet and plead, in tears

After exchanging glances with me and stealing my heart, don't go away

l won't let you go. l'll block your path.

That day you really stopped me.

Today, even if you beg me to...

l won't stay.


What are you saying?

The truth.

Today no one can stop me.

Your voice is changing.

You look strange.

You heard about my condition, made an excuse...

and came here.

Tomorrow you'll make another excuse.

Love will be defamed...

which l don't accept.

What did you eat with the betel leaf?

l feel...

as if l'm standing between you and your principles.

Since the day l left home...

l've had this betel leaf with me.

l tried to eat it, everyday.

But my heart would say...

before l die...

l should meet Gauri.

l should meet Gauri.

Just once...



Govind. Govind.

Govind has become silent forever now, brother Ramu.

My heart says so.

Who is that?

Seems to be a lady.


Who are you, lady?

Who is sleeping here?

lt's Govind.

He has become silent after seeing us.


When did you come?

Why don't you answer?

Get up, child.

We won't scold you.

Brother Ramu. Don't say anything to anyone in the village.

Both will get disgraced.

Get up, child.

Why doesn't he listen?


Child, you make him get up.

Just once he should hug me.

Then we'll leave.

You want to hug a corpse?

Govind is dead.

Govind is dead?

Gauri gave him poison fearing disgrace.

She ruined us to save her reputation.


Aren't you ashamed?

You loved him for this moment?

Brother, don't let the witch escape. l'll call the police.

Daughter-in-law of a reputed family?

What right did you have to murder a poor man's son?

You rejected his love.

You should have rejected him too.

Answer me.

The police will come. There will be trial.

You'll be hanged.

But still l won't get peace.

l'll get peace myself.


Sister-in-law, you said you'd come back and tell me.

Now tell me why you're sad.

Bhabi. You aren't saying anything.

Whose letter was it? Who called you to the village?


You aren't replying.

Swear on me.




You've murdered not one, but two.

Two lovers were madly in love.

You became selfish...

and separated them.

What are you saying?

lt's been a while since the wedding took place.

What keeps happening to you?

Read the letter, sister-in-law.

That boy who brought sweets on Diwali night, Govind...

he's missing, and the villagers are desperate.

But they can't find him.

- Did l hide him? - No, you didn't...

you killed him.

You killed all his desires and hopes.

You took away his love.

He loves Gauri.

But you got Gauri shackled in false bonds of duty.

Both are helpless.

Love is cursing me.

l'm ashamed of myself.

l don't know what to do.

What can you do?

Romance Gauri with melodies of love...

so she forgets Govind.

How can a middle-aged man romance someone so young?

No. Today, l will do what no one has ever done before.

Leave this home without a word.

l don't care if the community gets angry.

l did take marriage vows with Gauri.

l went to marry her as a groom.

believing she would be a suitable match.

But since the day you showed me her face in the mirror...

l've felt l've committed a crime.

The shame you've bestowed upon me...

today l will wipe it clean.

Gauri has come.


She is tired and deep in sleep.

She's in a terrible shock.

She doesn't answer me.

Manju, wake her up. Tell her...

that brother is giving her a nice gift today.


Brother is giving you a nice gift.

Sister-in-law! She isn't getting up.

She will. You'll see.

Gauri. Get up.

l'm giving you your Govind.

l'll decorate the wedding dais.

l'll go and get Govind myself.

ln place of your father, l will give you away in marriage.


She's pale.

Gauri, you didn't give me a chance...

to repent for my sins.

Come, murderer!

Come and look at your martyr.

Leaders of our society, this is not your first victim.


The Description of Rattan