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pure beauty that's right I've actually been sitting here last night all day

just staring at the car but today we're actually gonna do something different

we're gonna actually drive the car but first let's talk about this bad boy this

is the Lamborghini Evo which is basically the daily driver of

Lamborghini so what we have here is a slightly different first of all we start

here with the Y shape as you can see right here I'm going to talk to you what

what that actually does later here we also have the front splitters as well as

the skirt things that are inspired by the Lamborghini Countach now as we move

to the side without forget it before I forget these rims are actually brand new

they're called the easier rims and they actually look really gorgeous and then

we move on to these side skirts right here these opening vents they're

actually inspired by the Lamborghini murciélago one of my favorite

Lamborghinis of all time and last but not least we come to this suspended real

ring and all of these things that have actually talked about right here we're

all aiding aerodynamics they're making the car much more slippy slippery sorry

through the track and before I forget this engine right here even though it's

an everyday car this engine and these lightweight exhausts right here are from

the Lamborghini Papa Monta so without further ado let's hop on inside and take

a look at this car just the keys right here

all right let's do this just fire this car up now until they say the screen

fires up now as I said this is an everyday car which means that it's all

about comfort it's all about the driver you not just the performance so this is

why they have actually fitted an eight point four inch touchscreen that

you to do many things as well as having the new carbon fiber the carbon skin

which is exclusively available for Lamborghini and of course we have I

never thought I'd actually say this we have ambient lighting so which can

actually be adjusted from right here on the touchscreen you can actually change

the lighting on the car I mean in a Lamborghini I mean go back to the days

of the Milano you never had any of these features let alone the a/c which in the

words of Jeremy Clarkson was like being cuffed at by a mouse seriously anyway I

mean you have phone connectivity you have radio you have you have everything

you need you have satellite navigation this is um

the Lamborghini Evo let's take out this bad boy for a quick ride let's go sell

vivo the daily driver for Lamborghini the grand tourer if you would and so how

is this car changed in terms of comfort well first of all the seats they're

actually much more comfortable with the normal hurricane second of all this huge

8.4 inch infotainment system that allows you to control as I said a lot of

things going on and not just that but there's also something new system that

is actually available called the LD VI system which stands for Lamborghini

dynamic ax via cool integrand which basically does the following it controls

the gearbox the torque vectoring all-wheel steering all-wheel drive and

tries to predict the BA what the driver is trying to do and adjust the behavior

of the car accordingly now I have been driving this car for some time and yes

you might say well for a gradual you might need four seats but as a matter of

fact you don't even need the passenger seat because this car is absolutely

ludicrous all you need is a bull at the front a couple of pedals and steering

wheel and you're set that's that's how great this car is absolutely loving I

mean I mean Strada right now but it's it feels comfortable feels civilised it's

like a normal car I mean it has auto start and stop it has phone connectivity

I can put on some music now but I won't because

why would you need that in this car honestly I mean what you do is just put

it into course that drop a few gears hit 4000 rpms and floor it and when that's

not enough when that's not enough you pull on that right lever and the phone

starts all over again mega

so so we've come to a stop here and this turns out to be that there's a long

stretch of road of course it's safe and all so what we want to do is engage

thrust mauler will have to do that is bubbling to Corsa turn off ESP no ESP

left leg on the brakes right on the throttle thrust mode engaged and we're


my god oh my god I broke too early kiss I was

afraid to be honest oh my god I mean I have had my fair share of hyper cars and

super cars thanks to Michelle hammoudi but this car is beyond that it is crazy

what this car does oh my god I'm talking about mr. moody I mean well

there are a lot of stories about how he came up I mean some people say that he's

half Italian half German and half Emirati wait that's three halves no

wonder I failed math I can't feel my back cuz I feel my spine

fell out at the start line and my teeth I feel like I swallowed

them oh I got this scar it just it makes you happy that's right it does it makes

you happy I mean actually as a matter of fact I think it actually can cure

depression hear me out so for example let's say

most people feel down or feel bad or whatever all you have to do is go to

Lamborghinis dealer and ask them I'm feeling a bit down they're like ah

you've come to the right place they hand you over the lamborghini keys you start

driving you pop it into Corsa drop a few gears and you floor it yes yes you're

gonna leak yourself but it's gonna draw a smile on your face and it's gonna keep

it there forever I mean look at me I'm happy all the time after time in this

car I can't believe I'm gonna go back to driving normal cause he can't he just

can't oh my god I'm beginning you chew

I got ya I love this car I just can't believe in in a little

while we're not gonna have these naturally aspirated engines the the

music they the theme that you hear in the back will no longer be available but

you know everything great has to come to an ending and I'm just happy or just

it's an honor to me that I've actually had the chance to drive a car like this

I mean all you can do with this guy all you want to really do is drop a gear and

just floor it

cause crazy honestly

Oh God I don't see how people can actually get enough of this

I can I mean I can I mean I literally can't amazing machine Oh baby

but anyways this video also needs to come to an end thank you guys for

watching and course Jimmy


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