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Well, that's our time behind bars done ... at least for this trip.

Hi I'm Muriel and together with Johan

we're setting up Quazy Rides because we wantto share the joy of roadtripping with all you

bikers out there. We just finished testing the lasttour outside of the Benelux that we are doing this

summer. So we're packing up the bikes and goinghome tomorrow. But then the other nice and hard

work starts! Because we have to edit the clips and make sure that the planning tool - so you can

plan your own Quazy Rides roadtrip - willbe ready in autumn this year. And we will

have tours in Normandy, Operation Overlord, the Delicious Dordogne, the Spanish Pyrenees, Kingdom of Navarre

and Lovely Loire. And of course we will add sometours in The Netherlands and Belgium.

For next year we are planning to do new tours in France as well, to the Champagne area, the Alps and the Vosges.

So, if you have any tips that you think thatwe shouldn't miss in our tours, let us know!

Send us a direct message or react under this post and we hope to see you soon on a Quazy Ride.


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