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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: iPhone Battery Tips from Best To Worst

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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and iPhone has quite a few battery tips that

you can use to better prolong the battery health and also your battery

life throughout the day and I wanted to go through all of the different tips and

write them from best to worst so or basically rate them from most important

to least important so the first one has to do with temperature you want to avoid

extreme temperatures this will harm your battery health the most if it's in in

particular a very hot temperature so as you can see here it's pretty cold this

is in Fahrenheit so 28 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow it will be about 56

if you can keep your battery somewhere between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit or

70 degrees Fahrenheit your battery health will last the longest or your

battery will keep its maximum charge the longest that's also true of actually

using your phone as well if you're in a very hot climate the actual battery will

degrade more quickly than if you are in a cool climate so that's something to

keep in mind and if you're in a warm climate you can't avoid it try to avoid

putting a really containing case on it something like a lifeproof case or

something like that may keep that heat in to where it would degrade the battery

and that's true of our second tip which is remove those cases when charging

those cases that completely surround the phone are very nice especially if you

need something that's extra waterproof and things like that but those will harm

the actual battery over time if it just gets too hot all of the time

the third tip has to do with screen brightness now I adjust the screen

brightness here in the control center and that's what I recommend and Apple

recommends is to keep it on auto brightness so you want to use in

combination with auto brightness adjusting it yourself so maybe you go

into your settings we'll go back here we can go to general and then if we go to

accessibility then we go to display accommodations auto brightness is here

and they've kind of buried it so that you keep it on and the reason to keep it

on is it will adjust using the ambient light sensor and try to save battery

through the day however if you're in a very

bright environment where it's going to need to brighten the screen all the time

simply turn it down yourself and it will stay there for a while and then adjust

as you forget about it throughout the day that's usually the best way to keep

your battery going throughout the day now the next thing is your location

services location services that use GPS antennas use a lot of power it takes the

signals coming from GPS antennas that are in space from satellites and then

triangulate its position based off that that technology takes a lot of power and

by limiting what is actually using that or we're turning it off altogether

really can save some battery life so that can be found under privacy so we'll

scroll down to privacy then location services now you need location services

for things like maps or Google Maps or really anything that's going to know

where you're going you can turn it off all together here or limit it based on

how I've done it while using so for example if I go down to Google Maps

you'll see it's turned on too while using I'll allow it to use it

when I close the app it will shut that off so that's how I arrange it of course

if you want to limit that even further you can go into system services and

anything that's purple it has used recently

now of course keep in mind if you disable these you're going to disable

features of the phone as well but you will limit your battery usage by doing

that and it will save you some battery for sure now the next important thing is

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi uses very little power when compared to LTE especially if you have a

low signal in an LTE area so Wi-Fi is something you want to use if you have it

at your home keep Wi-Fi on it will use less power than using the cellular

signal however if you don't have Wi-Fi in the area and you want to keep it

consistently using the cellular signal you can turn it off here and it will

only disconnect until tomorrow or you can go to settings and turn it off

altogether here and just hit the button and it will shut off something else that

can use a lot of power is background a packed

and keep in mind this is ranked from most important to least important

background app activity is up there on the list still but that can use a lot of

power from your applications doing things in the background so Apple

recommends that you turn that off if you need to and that can be found under

general and then background app refresh and you can turn this off for each thing

individual or all together and you can see background app refresh I have it

turned on while I'm on Wi-Fi but you can turn them on or off based on what you

want to be able to use your your phone in the background certain things you may

want such as Google Maps others you may not it just depends on what your

preference is what you're using and what you need to update in the background now

the next thing has to do with notifications if we go to battery here

you'll see we'll wait for this to load and you'll see my battery health is

still at 100% and if you see here it says home in lockscreen if that's using

a lot of power that may be because your phone is getting a lot of notifications

and you haven't customized those or turned any of them off and so every time

you get a notification it actually lights up the screen even if it's locked

it'll light the screen up and then give you the notification and turn off so if

you go to notifications and go into each one of these unfortunately you can't

turn them all off at once but you can go into them individually so maybe Twitter

here you can just turn it off for now or turn it on and customize what you'd like

as far as where you'd like it on your lock screen or not so keep that in mind

that can save you some battery that won't be turning your screen on if

that's off or if you're in do not disturb it will do the same thing just

hit do not disturb and it will stop doing that and won't show you those

notifications now the next important one is your email when it has to actually go

and retrieve that email when you're using email it takes a lot of power to

do that if it's checking it all so often however you can change this so that it

only fetches mail when you go into the email app or it can do it automatically

based on power time of day and Wi-Fi and things like

that that can be found down here under passwords and accounts down at the

bottom you'll see it says fetch new data tap on that and down here you can change

it to individually here or automatically manually hourly every 30 minutes or 15

minutes if you switch it to manually it will only check when you go into the

email app itself otherwise it won't check email and it will save you some

power however if you're waiting for that important email you want to keep that on

or at least checking every 15 minutes now if you need to extend battery life

and you're down to about 20 percent or so I'm at 27 percent you may want to

turn on low-power mode however I don't recommend this all the time because you

actually limit the power of the phone and you shut off an awful lot of

features that you may actually want to use so low-power mode is great but I

don't normally recommend it until you're really low on power and you need to

extend it throughout the day I know some people that use this regularly all day

long and you're really just not using them the features of the phone now if

you're not using your phone and you want to extend it that's fine but it does

limit the processing power and everything so it can really slow down

the experience now Apple recommends that you update to the latest software now

with recent updates and things there's been problems with updating to the

latest software but I recommend it not only for battery but for security as

well so you just check that under general and software updates as long as

you're up-to-date you're good to go and that's the next tip now there's another

one that has to do with Siri especially if you're using the keyword to wake it

up now I do use that often and it's under Syrian search and you'll see it

says listen for and I don't want to say it to activate your phone but you can

turn this off and I have it off right now if you want to turn it back on you

have to set it back up but you get the idea when you want to use it it can be

there but otherwise it is using a little bit of power listening for your voice

trying to pick that up so if you disable it you'll save a little bit of power and

now we're getting down into the ones that don't do as much as the ones I've

mentioned previously do we're going down as far as power usage is concerned now

the next one to do with automatic apt updates if you

go into your settings and then you scroll down to iTunes and App Store in

iTunes and App Store it can automatically download updates in the

background or purchases you've made on an iPad to your iPhone things like that

and this will use power in the background if you want to update

something so maybe you have a new update for one of your applications it will

update by itself and you may not want to do that right now because you want to

conserve power so I turn these off they save a little bit of power and then

you'll be good to go from there on out now the next ones are getting into

things that don't use a whole lot of power at all but they're just something

to mention so the next one has to do with reducing motion now this isn't

going to save very much battery because there's a motion coprocessor built into

the iPhone that is very low power aside from the regular processor and it's

meant to understand the motion of the phone and so you can reduce that motion

under general and then accessibility then reduce transparency you can turn

this on and that will reduce the transparency and the load on the GPU or

the graphics processing unit so that it doesn't have to work as hard in order to

show you things on the phone and then like I said motion reduce motion same

thing it's going to use the graphics processing unit or GPU to do that and

that will save you a very little amount of battery but it will save you a little

bit also using a black wallpaper on OLED display so now this could save you a lot

depending on how often you're on your home screen but if you have an iPhone X

XS or XS Max you could save quite a bit of power if you have a blackened

background because on an OLED display the pixels are self illuminating or

they're projecting their own light and so they can turn off the pixels that are

black because you don't need them on all you're seeing is black so shut those

pixels off and you're saving power anything lit around here isn't black

you're only seeing this lit up so you're not using power to light those pixels

like you would on an LCD now something that is actually fairly power-hungry if

you're not turning it on is your actual lock time so if you go into your display

you'll see auto lock right now I have it set to never because of this video but

you want to really set this the 30 seconds so if you're done using your

phone you forget about it it shuts the display off which uses a lot of power

turn that on leave it where it should be at 30 seconds and you'll save a good

amount of power there now something that will save you very little amount of

power and disable some features for you especially if you have an Apple watch is

Bluetooth if you turn off Bluetooth altogether in your settings here go to

Bluetooth and turn it off you'll disconnect your Apple watch or any

headphones and things that you're using but you will save a little bit of power

bluetooth is generally very low power so you really don't have to worry about it

too much but if you're not using it you might as well shut it off

also one thing that is sort of mistaken by a lot of people is closing apps

unless they are navigation apps that might be using the background tasks you

don't need to close these apps in fact closing them and reopening them may use

more power than just leaving them suspended here according to Apple so

you'll see all of these apps are open I never closed my apps and I probably have

50 in here or a hundred I don't close them I left the phone manage them and I

have no problems whatsoever Apple has actually stated multiple times

that it's better for you not to actually close those because it suspends them and

doesn't have to reload everything every time now something that uses very very

minimal power is lowering your volume so maybe you're really low on power you

need to conserve that extra bit and you're using headphones with your with

your phone either plugged in through the bottom here or through bluetooth is

lower the volume as the higher the volume goes the more power you need to

bring that volume up so if you just bring that down a little bit it should

help you out there also you can consider turning off the vibration motor so again

this isn't going to save you a ton but it will conserve some power and you can

do that under settings and then if we go to sounds and haptics and then we can

turn off vibrate on ring vibrate on silence and just turn off all of those

different vibrations and you save a little bit of power and finally

something that I've heard that isn't really something you can avoid is

scrolling and any motion in the OS whatsoever so if you were to scroll here

you really couldn't use your phone but if you had to concern a lot of power

moving anything on the screen is not only going to sense your finger touching

it but it's also going to require the GPU to ramp up so that it can move the

pixels on the display now this isn't going to save you hardly anything and

isn't going to do you a whole lot of good unless you just really need to eat

that little extra out maybe you only have 5% battery left and you need to get

through the day until you can charge and you only want to use your phone or

something it's going to be better for you not to really touch anything because

you need to save that little extra power and I don't know how realistic that tip

is but it will save you a little bit there so let me know your thoughts in

the comments below those are all the different tips I could find that

actually do save a little bit of power the ones at the end are kind of goofy in

many ways but may have a little bit of benefit from time to time but let me

know your thoughts in the comments below if you'd like to see more battery tips

and tricks videos let me know in the comments as well I'll leave a link to

the wallpaper in the description if you haven't subscribed already please

subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video as always thanks for watching

this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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