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- Were you stress eating?

- (Muffled agreement)

- (Excited squeals)

(lively, daring music)

(foreboding, tense music)

- Ah much better


(Loud gun sound)

(Foreboding music)

Listen up kids, you are in granny's house.

And granny's house means, there are house rules!

No crying

No hiding,

No stealing

Only stay indoors

Only eat cookies

And listen to Granny!

You hear me children?

I can't hear you!

- Yes

- Perfect. Granny's gonna take a nap in the corner now.

Make me cookies!

Listen to granny's rules


(Daring, electric effect)

(foreboding music)

- Guys, granny just fell asleep I think now's our chance.

Lets go home, I don't wanna stay here.

- Yeah!


- Children?




My children have left the room.

I think they're breaking rule number four!

Little do they know, I've got all their tools,

that they need to escape

and I'm gonna hide them, around so they never find them


Here comes granny!

- Oh! It's locked guys, we can't go home.

- Are you stress eating?!

(Muffled agreement)

- Dude! How'd you get get chips?

- I snuck 'em out Grannys' Cupboard!

- Oh oh, Grannys' not gonna be happy that you took her chips

- Yeah wasn't that a rule?

- Well there's there's no cookies.

- Okay, we need to get moving.

- We've gotta find a way to escape grannys' house

so lets try to find some keys to these locks

or maybe something to like, pry off the wood

that's goin' across, we've gotta find our way out of this!

Lets go guys!

(Adventurous music)

- Ok guys, we've gotta be really really sneaky

- Sh! Grannys' comin.

- Here's granny!

- [Granny] Oh Sasquatch! I have your dinner Sasquatch!

Sasquatch! Come eat your dinner!

Grannys' gonna move!

- Freeze!

- [Granny] Sasquatch?




- [Granny] Sasquatch! I found you my precious!

Here's your dinner! Here. Eat it.

- Okay guys, we got some big problems here.

We have, hell neighbor in the house,

and we have granny.

- But if you freeze they can't see you it works

- So we stopped moving.

- Be a statue guys. Be a statue.

- So hell neighbor statues and Granny trying to be quiet

- [Girl With Braids] Don't make a sound?

Do you see this?

- [Man In Red Shirt] Whats' that say?

- Don't make a sound.

- [Granny] I need my-


I know that kitty lady smells like apples!

(Vigorous snorting)

- [Granny] It smells like Oranges.

(vigorous snorting)


Oh much better!

- [Girl With Braid] (Laughs)

- Guys that was so close. The neighbor

and Granny were both in here! K!

Granny said she was gonna hide some keys around the house

We gotta find those keys and get outta here before

the neighbor or granny gets us guys this is gonna be

the hardest game, we've ever played cause

we've never had two villans, at the same time

- Dad! Dad! Come here!

- [Girl With Braids] Look!

Jake found something! Look! Jake! Jake found something.

- I found a key!

- [Dad] Where was it?

- Right there!

- [Dad] Sweet! Lets look at the key! That's the- that's

the key that you're really good at unlocking the lock with

- Yes!

- [Dad] Can you hold on to that key?

(Nose Blowing)

Grannys' needs a haircut!


I want you to give me a haircut! Ah!

My youth! My youth has returned!


- Go, go, go. Grannys' fallin' apart on us!

(Excited squeals)


- Guys neighbor's around, I heard him go down stairs

so be quiet.

- Okay, take him on a walk

(Excited squeals)

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] You guys found the key?

- [Dad] Yes! Jake found 'em!

Keep an eye out for the neighbor and Granny!

Hurry Jake!

- [Girl With Braids] Jake hurry!

- [Girl With striped Top] Guys the neighbors coming!

- [Girl With Braids] Jake! Jake! Jake!

- - [Girl With striped We gotta go, fast!

Just leave it! Lets go!

- Just leave the key in there!

- [Dad] Go! Go! Go!

- [Girl With striped Top] Freeze! Just freeze!

Be a piece of furniture.

[Girl With braids] I'm a lamp.

- Ashley, lamp!

- I'm a rock!


- I'm the camera man.

- [Girl With striped Top] That's the real door?

- [Granny] What's the secret pay formula?!

And you just remind me your move!


- What's goin' on?

- What's the pay formula?!

- [Dad] What is Granny doin?

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] What?

- I don't wanna go out there!

She can't see us we can sneak past

- [Dad] Guys, look for the keys

- [Granny] Help me!

- [Girl with Striped Shirt] We can just go past her

- [Granny] Where's my meatloaf?!

Huh! Precious?

Sasquatch! Oh my God I said- AH! Sasquatch!

Didn't I not give you a bone for dinner?!

Oh! Sasquatch! Ah my Sasquatch! Ah!

Do you have my meatloaf?

Ew your breath smells like meatloaf!


- Granny, is tired!

Granny is so tired!


- [Dad] Find the keys!

- Ah I found 'em!

- [Girl With braids] Hide the keys?

- I unlocked the lock!

- I found the key but I don't know if it's

the right one lets go try it

- Granny needs a snack! Ah!

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] I just got the first key!

This is- You already had the key but you didn't tell me

- [Girl With Braids] This is not working either

This is not working either!

This is not the right key either!

- [Dad] You guys got keys all over-

- She's just hiding random keys?

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] What?!

- [Dad] Okay. We need a crowbar for that, and we need

the wire cutters for that

- [Girl With braids] Key for this

- [Dad] Key for that

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] These keys don't work!

- They don't work.

- Neither of 'em- it doesn't work she tried!

- [Girl With braids] Granny, granny, granny

- [Boy] She found your chips!

- [Granny] Great, found her snack


- (Grunts)

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] Freeze, freeze!



- 'Takin his squishy.

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] Go, go, go

- [Dad] Keys, crowbar

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] Hey stop moving!

- [Girls] Grannys' distracted the piano!

- I gotta hurry

- [Dad] You find it?

- [Girl With Braids] Granny is nutty.

- We're having a hard time staying focused because

there are two villains and

so, were having a hard time finding all the keys.

If you guys see keys on a key chain or if you see a crowbar

Comment down below or if you saw

that wire cutter, let us know if you see it.

[Girl With Striped Shirt] There's some crazy sounds

happening upstairs.

- Sounds like granny might be playing the piano?

- [Dad] Oh is that a clue?


- [Dad] What'd I do?!

Oh no. Oh no I touched the thing and


Okay, lets go!

- Not that way?

- [Dad] No, there's nothing back here. Go go go!

- [Girl With Braids] Check back here! Think we need

to go upstairs.

- [Dad] K, lets go!

- [Boy] Oh no, I don't wanna go back up there!

- [Dad] Look underneath the couch!

(thunderous effect)

(dog barks)

- [Granny] Oh my children! Ah! I know you're there.

I know you're there children! I know you're there!

I know you're there children! I know you're there!

- [Dad] What is she doing?

- [Granny] Children!

- [Boy] Is there a crowbar back there?

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] She just ran into a wall!


- [Girl With Braids] She just ran into the wall!

Is there anything down here?

- [Dad] I don't see the crowbars

- What is- what is all this stuff?

- [Dad] I don't know.

- Grannys' socks?

- K, she was playing the piano, there's an apple!

I don't remember that apple bein' there.

Granny's down on the ground, aw, what happened

to Granny?

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] Don't go near her, it's a trap

- [Dad] It could be a clue

- I think Granny's asleep. I can't find any of the tools.


(thunderous effect)


- Children!



- Are you ready?

One, two, three, Ah!

- We got it, we got it

What do we need now?

- Okay, one more key in the wire clippers, let's go!

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] You need to hurry

- Okay Hurry!

- [Granny] Where'd my persanil go?

Where's my persanil?

- I found some stuff I don't know if this'll work should

we try it?

- [Girl With Braids] Sh! Granny can hear you!

- Jen?

- [Girl With Striped Shirt] Should we try this?


Let's go, Lets go

she can't see us.

- [ Girl With Braids] Now we just need the key and

the wire cutter this won't work

Freeze, freeze, freeze!

- [ Girl With Braids] That was so close

- Right we need a key, we're missin' a key.


- Guys! I got the key!

- [ Girl With Braids] That's loud! Careful she's

gonna hear you

- It worked!

- [ Girl With Braids] K, now we just need the wire cutters

- We need the wire cutters.

- [ Girl With Braids] Everybody look!

- We can't get past. This will electrocute us if we try

to open it with them active

so we gotta get the wire cutters to shut 'em down!

Lets go!

(Sneaky music)

- Where should we go?

Lets go spy on Granny

- [Granny] Nasty!

Can't read!



(dog coughing)


(dog coughing)

- [Granny] Ew! What is that? Smell this!

(dog coughing)

Yeah same here!

- Let's sneak past granny let's go!

- Ah! You're laughing!


Okay children, back to the couch!


- I thought Logans' puking was distracting her!

- Back to the couch children! I know you're here!

Okay I hear you crunching! Come on! To the couch!



Grannys' house rules!

No crying!

No hiding!

No stealing!

Only stay indoors!

(Upbeat drum music)

Only eat cookies!

And listen to granny!

Do you hear me children?

- [Dad] Yes granny!

- [Granny] Do you hear me children?!

- Yes Granny!


- Where's the other children?

- We're all here there's nobody else

- There's no children here!

- This is all

(adventurous drum music)

(piano playing)

- [ Girl With Braids] You guys go go go!

- [Girl In Striped Shirt] Search, search everywhere

- [ Girl With Braids] We have to find it hurry!

- [Dad] Guys! Guys! I found it!

- [ Girl With Braids] K! go upstairs, go upstairs!


- She's sleeping.


- [Girl In Striped Shirt] He's mad!

(upbeat tense drum music)

(piano plays)


(piano plays)

- Lets go!

- [Girl In striped Shirt] Hurry hurry hurry! Come on!

- Neighbors trying to wake Granny we gotta get out fast!

- [Granny] What?!

- [ Girl With Braids] Oh oh! They're trying to work together

Hurry, hurry, dad!

- Come on dad hurry!

- [Girl In striped Shirt] Go go! My gosh!

- Is that my children?!

- [ Girl With Braids] Dad hurry!

( Static sound effect)

- Is that my children in here?!

- (Upbeat bass guitar)

- Children! Come back! I've got cookies!

Are the cookies done?

- Guys I cannot believe we actually made it out of

that house I thought we were gonna get caught for sure!

But we actually made it out just in time!

- I think the kids escaped this time!

I'm gonna have to upgrade my rules!

To make it so they're stuck with me F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

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(Bell sound)


(Loud gun fire)

(Daring drum music)

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