Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Power Rangers vs Scrozzle | Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 22 "Scrozzle's Revenge"

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♪ 'Tis a blazing Yule before us

Fa-la-la-la-la, ha-ha-ha-ha

Things are really heating up.

Over there, it's Scrozzle.

I wonder where he's been hiding.

What's with the tree?

I doubt he's getting into the Christmas spirit.

Nate, you and Steel round up Scrozzle.

We'll handle the Robotron.

But first, it's Morphin' Time!

(upbeat music)

Activate Beast Power!

Unleash the beast!

All right team, duty calls.

After you, bro.

Those Rangers destroyed my Cyber Dimension.

Now I'm gonna destroy their Christmas!


Look who we have here, Merry Christmas Scrozzle.

Trust me, it won't be merry for you!

(laser firing)

(Scrozzle sinister laughs)

Yes, yes!

What just happened?

(Scrozzle sinister laughs)

Nate, you're an ornament!

You're next, Robo-boy.

Transport Striker Saber.

What did you do to my bro?

See for yourself!

(laser firing)

This thing must be out of Mophettes.

Lucky I have my own stash.

Tronics, take care of Tin Head over there.

Bring it on!

(swords clank) (upbeat music)

(fire roaring)

Don't you know it's dangerous to play with fire?

But I'm Infernotron, I am fire!

Then we're gonna put you out, go!

(fire roars)

Where'd he go?

Infernotron, you're not gonna have a merry Christmas,

or a happy new year.

(upbeat music)

My turn!

Not today, pal.

Not any day.

Beast Blast!

Tagging in.

Keep your blade to yourself!

This is what you get for messing with Christmas.


Beast X Cannon, ready.

We've got him!

Now, Devon!

Beast X Cannon, blast!

(laser firing)

(Infernotron screams)

Looks like this guy crashed and burned.


It's Steel.

Guys, Scrozzle did something to Nate.

Get over here!

We're coming, let's go.

(upbeat music) (swords clank)

You can't stop me!

Steel, we've got you covered!

Thanks team!

What happened to Nate?

He's been ornamentafied.



Scrozzle turned me into a Christmas Tree ornament.

Huh? Whoa.

We have to change him back right away.

Look out!

Ho, ho, ho!

No, Zoey, Devon!

Oh, we're stuck.

I can't get out.


(laughs) Two in one shot!

Not bad, for an old bot, don't you think?


Nice Ravi, my turn.


You ruined my plan, but it's not over yet.


Don't worry, we'll get you out of there!

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