Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hypnotherapy Session with Aarushi Malkani

Difficulty: 0

I want you

To close your eyes

and focus

As you breathe in

and breath out

During the session

my voice will be the most important voice

for you

If you get distracted

Simply ignore all the disruptions

and focus your attention

back to my voice

As you breathe in

and breathe out

Releasing all the tensions

and all the stress

Imagine a warm yellow light

Entering your body

Through your head

Travelling down

Towards your eyes

Calming you

As it travels down your body

To your throat

To your shoulders

You feel light

Relieving all the responsibilities

Travelling towards your lungs

Filled with air

Towards our stomach

Your thighs

Towards the calves

And finally

Towards the feet

Going back to the earth

We will take


deep breaths

and take all the energy in


(Breathe in)

(Breathe Out)


(Breathe In)

(Breath Out)


(Breathe In)

(Breathe Out)

You feel very relaxed

With each breath

You become more

and more


Becoming more

and more


Getting ready

to take in

all the suggestions

To be happy

Now I want you to focus on my voice

As I give suggestions to your subconscious mind

I create the life I desire

with my good feelings

everything is always working out well for me

I accept that happiness is my true nature

When I feel happy

I manifest more reasons to be happy

I have the power to shape my real identity

I experience joy in everything I do

Following my joy reveals my path to my best life

I am meant to live a happy life

Now you are getting ready to open your eyes

We will count from 1-5

And with each count

Taking deep breaths

You become more and more ready to open your eyes






Now slowly open your eyes

And see the world around you

Thank you for watching this video

I will see you soon

The Description of Hypnotherapy Session with Aarushi Malkani