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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Last Whistle

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- [Announcer] Please rise

for the singing of our national anthem.

Oh say can you see

By the dawn's early light

What so proudly we hailed

At the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars

Through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched

Were so gallantly streaming

And the rocket's red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night

- [Greg] Coach, you ready?

- This'll be our undefeated season.

I can already feel it.

- We're off to a hell of a start.

Does that star

You comin'?

- You think I'll get that offer if we go all the way?

- [Greg] I think any college'd be lucky to have you.

- Damn straight.

O'er the land of the free

And the home of the brave

(crowd cheering)

(jet engine roaring)

(marching band drumming)

- 24-two,


(crowd cheering)

(crowd groaning)

- Ah!

Right Z-mode.

22 tight.


- [Quarterback] Ready?

- [Team] Break.

- Blue 42, blue 42, set hut.

Set hut!

- [Players] Woo!

- Ah!

All right, this is what I got.

I got right Z-mode.

25 count on two.

- [Quarterback] Blue 42.

Blue 42.

Set hut.

Blue 42.

- Hey, hey, hey!

- Set hut!

(crowd cheering)

- Let's go right, Z-tight.

46 cross on two.

God, God!

Time, time!

- [Greg] Field goal team's ready.

- No, no, no.

We're finishing this game right now.

All right, now, right slot, Z return, 46--

- But they keep crashing my side, coach.

- I know, he's gonna crash, okay?

So we just bounce it a little bit outside,

and then cut it back up.

Just bounce it a little bit to the outside,

cut it back up, and he'll bite ya.

Okay? Okay?

- [Benny] It sounds good.

- [Vick] It's all you, buddy, it's all you.

Let's go.

(team clapping)

- We got a big stop right here.

Everybody give all you got.

(team cheering)

(crowd cheering)

- [Quarterback] Blue 42.

(moderate music)

(time clock buzzing)

(crowd cheering)

- That's what I'm talking about!

That's what I'm talking about!

(team celebrating)

- Come on, come on!

- Okay, okay, bring it in, bring it in.

All right.

It was a good game.

It's not a great game.

That's one game.

We've got a lot of games to go, all right?

We'll celebrate big when we win state, you hear me?

Special, special, Benny.

Special night, buddy, special night.

Take 'em home.

- [Team Member] One, two, three!

- [Team] Saints win!

Saints win!

Saints win!

(team cheering)

- Hey, good game tonight.

- [Mark] Let's go.

- What is your deal?

You guys won.

- I didn't play.

- Yes, you did.

You were on kickoffs.

And you almost returned that shanked punt.

- Dad, that's special teams.

You and I both know that's bullshit.

Let's go.


- That kind of language isn't necessary.

You guys played great out there.

You're gonna get some chances for more play time

later in the season.

- You guys goin' to Tommy's?

- Yeah, bro, let's go!

- [Mark] Hell, yeah.

- Mark, your mother's got dinner at home.

- Then I want more playing time.

- What am I supposed to do about it?

- [Mark] I don't know, do somethin', dad, you're rich.

- [Drew] Mark!

- [Mark] You guys full here?

Oh, I'm gettin' in this one.

- Where did I go wrong with that kid?

- It was like Barry Sanders out there tonight, right?

- It's crazy.

It's crazy.

You played a good game, man. - I appreciate that.

- I'm gonna hit Tommy's, you wanna come?

- Can't, man. - Sure?

- Mom wants me home, I'm sure.

- All right.

I'll see you later. - All right, man, see you.


(car horn honking)

(moderate music)

(phone ringing)

- I'm sorry, Benny.

It's just not good enough for a college application.

I don't see what's got you excited

about going into sports science.

- But that's what they want to read about, right?

- Write about what you want to write about.

Don't worry about what they want to read.

What means a lot to you?

(bell ringing)

(door closing)

- Okay.

- [Tom] You never quit, do you?

- [Vick] Oh.


- Tom Price, Auburn.

- Hey, Tom, good to meet you.

I get you a Coke or somethin'?

- [Tom] Oh, no, you're good, coach.

I appreciate it. - Yeah, yeah.

- I just wanted to come by here

and shake your hand before the game on Friday.

- [Vick] Okay.

- I'll be there, I'll be watchin'.

- Good.

- I'll be lookin' for talent.

Keep things goin' the way they're goin',

and you win out on Friday,

you might just be lookin' at a front office.

If that sounds interesting to you.

- That sounds damn interestin'.

Hell, yeah.

- I got all my chips in your corner, coach.

I will see you on Friday.

- [Vick] Okay.

Thank you.

(phone ringing)

- [Drew] Coach Trenton?

- Yeah.

- [Drew] You got a minute?

- Drew?

Yeah, what can I do for you?

What's on your mind?

You're a good dad.

But if Mark wants more playin' time,

he's gonna have to work harder

and get in more reps after practice.

- [Drew] We are big-time donors

to this football program, coach.

- Ah.

You wanna come run a championship football team,

be my guest.


- Yes, sir? - Come on in.

- No, no, no, I'll come back.

I'll come back another time.

- [Vick] I am never too busy for you, son.

Come right on in.

Here, have a seat.

What you got?

- All right, so I've been thinking a lot about college.

But I ain't smart like my mama,

so I don't wanna be no lawyer.

But I do wanna go and study something, you know?

- You talked to Coach Dykes at SMU, right?

- Yes, sir.

He told me if I played football, I'd be a sure shot.

- Great.

Then you're on your way.


What's the problem?

- You know, my mom,

she don't want me playin' after high school, coach.

She barely let me play this season.

- You makin' all As and Bs?

- I got a B.

Two, I think, maybe.

- So you're not gonna get no academic scholarship.



But here's the deal.

Right now your mama's gotta sign permission slips,

and she's gotta help you pay for the gear

and all that kind of stuff,

and you gotta get her approval, right?

- Yeah.

- Well, it's not that way in college.

College is different.

Now, I'm not tellin' you to disobey your mama,

but I am tellin' you that

there comes a time in a man's life

when he's gotta decide for himself.

It's somethin' to think about.

- Yeah.

Hey, you remember this?

- I remember that.

I remember all this.

- [Benny] Ninth grade.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- So

work it out with your mama.

It's gonna be all right.

You come in here anytime you want.

You're kickin' ass this season.

- Thanks, coach. - I'm proud of you, son.

- Yes, sir.

Thanks for everything.

I'll see you at practice. - I'll see you at practice.

(whistle tweeting)

- Hey, mom. - Finally.

- [Benny] Sorry I'm late.

- Those coaches know they are not supposed to keep you

past six o'clock.

- Practice ended at six.

We just had team meetings and stuff after, you know.

- Oh.

Team meetings sounds like

screwing around with your friends to me.

Thank you for grabbin' all those groceries.

- [Benny] You're welcome.

- [Theresa] So how was your meeting

with the college advisor?

- Fine, fine, all right.

- What did he say about your essay?

- He said I need to write about somethin' else.

- [Theresa] So the two of you sat

and brainstormed some more ideas?

- [Benny] Kinda.

- Don't tell me you were doin' football at lunch.

- Ma, so I went to Coach Vick's office,

and he told me he can get me into college

and with a full scholarship.

- Wow.

- [Benny] That's good news.

- Mm-hm.

And when did he say he would do this?

- Well, he didn't really say,

but it's somethin' he's workin' on.

- Oh, but he's sure about it?

- [Benny] Yeah, he's sure.

I trust him.

- Well, if you trust him, then, Benny.

- Why aren't you happy about this?

- Honey, you can't rely on other people

to help you get through life.

- Ma, I'm not relying on Coach Vick to get me through life.

- Everyone that I have ever worked with

is a liar until they put it on paper.

And even then,

sometimes they're still tryin' to get over on you.

I mean, did he say what he wanted in return?



So you just went out there and wrote that man a blank check.

- No, I didn't write him no blank check.

- Boy, you are just another pawn in his winning streak.

Look, honey, I'm sorry.


I just don't want you to get stuck

doing something that you don't even like.

- Ma,

I like playing football.

And I'm doin' this.

I love you.

- I love you too.

(door closing)

- What's funny?

- I'm just taking my time.

- We ain't got much time, Mark.

And coach won't be happy if you're late.

- What's he gonna do, take away playing time I don't get?

- Don't screw us over.

If you're late, we could all take the heat for it.

- But coach is not gonna make us run sprints

three days before the biggest game of the season.

- Mark, you still should just get movin'.

- Benny, do you do everything Coach Vick tells you to do?

- What time you got?

- [Greg] 3:02 exactly.

- [Vick] That's what I got.

3:02 exactly.

They're not all here.

- Think that English teacher Crossley kept them late?

- [Vick] I hope so.

That better be the reason.

- [Greg] I'll go find out who it is.

- [Vick] All right.

- [Greg] Atta boy.

- [Benny] Bein' late's one thing, fellas,

but we should get movin'.

- [Mark] Okay, look, you wanna run all the way to the field,

be my guest.


- Aw, man, I just got a bad feelin' about this.

- Shut up!

- Stop tellin' me to shut up!

What's your problem?

- All right, man!

- [Player] Feel better?

- [Benny] Damn straight, man.

- Asshole.

- [Player] Crap.

- 11 minutes late.

I give you guys a full half-hour

to get from the school to the locker room,

and you still can't do it.

One of's you late, same as all y'all bein' late.

The weakest link can break us.

And I'm not gonna see us get broken

after all that we've been through.

So I'm gonna put a stop to it right now.

11 minutes.

11 gassers.

Right now.

On me.

(whistle tweeting)

- This is gonna wreck 'em for Friday's game.

- [Vick] We'll stop at 11.

We can't be on time, we got nothin'.

- [Greg] I think the season's doin' fine.

- I don't care what you think.

(whistle tweeting)

(whistle tweeting)

- [Greg] Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.

(whistle tweeting)

(whistle tweeting)

- [Vick] Get the lead out, it's fourth quarter.

It's fourth quarter,

you gonna give up in the fourth quarter?

If you do, you're not gonna win the game.

Chaz, move it.

Let's go!

I didn't see anybody puke yet.

Let's go!



(Vick claps)

One more.

(whistle tweeting)

- [Mark] That was 11!

- [Vick] What?

- [Mark] That was 11, I counted!

- [Vick] One more!

- [Mark] We're done!

- You gonna run with the rest of the team,

or you're not gonna be a part of this team.

- [Greg] All right, boys, hit the showers.

- Hey, hey, hey, hold on, coach.

We're gonna keep runnin' till everybody runs their 11.

- I did already.

- Everybody runs 11.

You better get him runnin', boys!

- [Player] Come on, Mark, let's do this.

- I'm done.

- You're not done, man.

- He wants everyone, come on.

Let's go.

- [Player] Let's do this, all right?

Come on. - All right, damn!

- This is a lot right now, Vick.

- [Vick] It's the only way we're gonna get discipline.

It's the only way we're gonna win this football game.

(whistle tweeting)

Get the lead out!

Atta boy.

- Come on, Turner. - Atta boy.

- [Greg] Come on, Turner!

(players panting and grunting)

- Yo, Benny, come on.

Here, I got you, bro.

Here, come on.



Come on.




- [Vick] What the hell?

Get Duffy now, get Duffy now!

- [Greg] I don't think we need Duffy.

I think we need the paramedics.

(crow cawing)

(ambulance engine starting)

(siren blipping)

(Theresa cries)

- Hey, is he gonna be okay?

- I don't think so.

- How do you know?

- [Ford] They didn't turn on the sirens.

- What have you done?

Stay away from me.

He's all I had left.


His blood is on your hands.


(clears throat)

- Benny had somethin' wrong with his heart.

He's gone, boys.

- Practice for the rest of the week's gonna be canceled.

We're gonna reschedule Friday's game.

Go home.

Everybody go home.

(Vick cries)

- [Male Reporter] Heart disease must continue.

- [Female Reporter] Tragedy this week

as local football player Benny Robinson

died suddenly on the practice field.

A caring, a thoughtful, a wonderful human being,

they are going to miss him greatly.

We're also being told that Benny Robinson

had a rare heart condition.

We'll be finding out more about that

as the autopsy happens in a little bit.

We're here live at Saints Stadium.

We will have more on this story tonight at 10.

(country music)

- Coach.

- [Vick] Ted.

- We all just heard about it.

People are comin' in nonstop talkin' about it.

- Yeah.

- But we are literally sick to our stomachs.

I just never thought something like this'd happen.

What can I get you?

- A double.

- You're a good man.

I don't think I could handle anything under a triple.

- Okay.

Do that.

- You got it.

Tonight's on the house.

- Thanks, Ted.

Hello? - Hey, Vick.

This is Coach Brown from the Lions.

- Oh, hey!

- [Brown] I gotta apologize to you.

Our bye week was last week,

and there's just no way we can reschedule.

- Well, we have to.

- [Brown] I cannot imagine what you are goin' through.

You have my deepest condolences.

- Thank you.


- The usual, bartender.


what do you say?

Big-time football coach in my bar.

- Yeah.

- Heard about that kid.

Damn shame.

- It is.

- Heard it was your fault.

- [Vick] Who said that crap?

- Just everybody I been seein' tonight.

The whole town's buzzin'.

- It was his heart.

- It's just what I was hearin'.

It's not like I was hearin' you was gonna win on Friday.

- Game's off, Billy.

- You ain't even gonna try.

- [Greg] Come on, you can't be serious.

- [Vick] We don't have a choice.

- [Greg] It's a game.

It's one game. - It is not your call to make.

- Coach, just wait a second.

I am begging you right now.

Do not do this.

- You have the team here, ready to play, Friday night.

- Why, though?

Why? Is it that scout?

Is that what this is about?

- We're playin'.

- Coach.

Come on.

(door closing)

Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost

But now am found

Was blind but now I see

- Saints! - Win.

- Saints! - Win!

- Saints! - Win!

- Saints! - Win!

- This is for Benny.

Right into your belly.

And just, I'll keep the leg moving.

See, there's always drops.

- [Greg] Lower to the gut.

- There's always drops.

What's the superintendent doin' here?

Greg, what is the superintendent doin' here?

What the hell's goin' on, Wesley?

- Coach, I need you to turn around.

- Oh, why would I do that?

- The game's canceled.

Saints forfeited.

(players protesting)

- Hey, hey, hey.

We're ready to play.

- Victor, please take your team back to the locker room.

- I'm not takin' my team back to the locker room.

We're playin' this game, Wesley.

- It's done.

Greg made the call.

- [Vick] It's not his call to make.

It's my call to make.

- It was the wrong call.

- Boy.

Let's go, let's go.

- Come on, coach-- - Let's go!

Turn around, let's go.

- It was the right thing to do, Greg.

- Get in there, get in there.

Get in there.


- Vick.

What's the deal?

- I had nothin' to do with this.

- It all amounts to the same thing.

- So that's it?

- Look, man, I guess I'll come out for a championship game.

At least I can trust y'all

not to forfeit somethin' like that.

(car starting)

- [Radio Show Host] We got some breaking news.

Coach Vick and the Saints kicked off the field.

What do you think?

- [Sportscaster] Well, we all know Coach Vick.

He's very competitive, he's tryin' to make it to state.

He's in a tight spot right now.

I think he was right in tryin' to play.

He has a commitment to his team, to the town.

I think his player would have wanted him to play.

We'll see what happens the next coming weeks.

- [Radio Show Host] Well, whatever the right decision was,

he's got a storm comin' his way.

Hope he rides it out.

- [Wendy] And there he is.

- That'll be all, Wendy.

Thank you.


Come in.

Do you recognize her?

That's Wendy Maine, the reporter you see all over TV.

She's had me cornered in this office,

asking for a comment about the death on your team this week.

- And?

- [Wesley] You turned this whole thing into a circus.

- It was a freak accident.

What was I supposed to do?

- Maybe not forcing the team to play

before they could bury their friend, for starters?

- Oh, so am I here for you to tell me

how to coach a football team,

or can I just go ahead and leave?

- I think you need to be more concerned

about your future employment, Victor.

- You can't fire me.

- I can find room in the budget for counselors.

I can't say the same thing for attorneys and a settlement.

- You're a spineless son of a bitch.

- You're suspended!

I can't fire you without a school board vote,

but I can tell you what that vote's gonna be.

- [Vick] Pitiful.

(car engine running)

(car door closing)

- Coach Trenton.

- [Vick] Not anymore.

- [Theresa] This is for you.

I had to deliver it by hand.

- You're suin' me?

This is how you mourn Benny's death?

This shit isn't my fault.

- Benny had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,

a condition that doesn't kill anyone

unless they're immense physical stress.

He's gone because you pushed him too hard.

I suggest you get a lawyer.

- I don't need a lawyer.

I know what happened.



When is his funeral?

- You're not welcome there.

(door closing)



(phone beeping)

- [Automated Voice] First unheard message.

- [Brad] Hey, Coach Vick, this is Brad

from 1090 Sports Radio.

Any comment on the recent suspension?

(phone beeping) - Message deleted.

Next message.

- [Jonathan] This is Jonathan from Channel Four.

We spoke after a few of your previous games.

(phone beeping) - Message deleted.

Next message.

- [Nancy] Coach Victor.

Nancy Williams here from the local affiliate.

Just wanted to pop in and say I'm so--

(phone beeping) - Message deleted.

Next message.

- [Sara] Hi dad.

It's Sara.

I know things are tough for you right now.

I'm just

worried you're gonna shut everybody out.

(phone beeping) - Message deleted.

End of messages.

(moderate music)

- Well, I'm gonna close it up, Vick.

Of course, you can always come back in

tomorrow afternoon at opening, if you'd like.


- Maybe I will.

What are folks sayin', Ted?

- Oh, uh,

well, you know folks.

Always sayin' some sort of thing.

- Yeah, what kind of things?

- I meant to ask you,

are you gonna say a few words at that boy's service?

- I don't think so.

His mother doesn't want me there.

- Well.

If that changes, it might help.

- Maybe.

- Goodnight, Vick.

- [Vick] Goodnight.

- [Turner] Guys, just face it.

Like, the season's over.

- [Ford] Come on, man, don't say that.

- No, seriously, like Benny was freakin' amazing, man.

Everything just sucks now, and coach is gone.

I'm pretty sure Mark

and a bunch of the other guys are gonna quit too.

- Coach wants to know where the funeral's gonna be.

- Are you gonna tell him?

- Hell yeah.

Shouldn't he be there?

(phone buzzing)

(car running)

(car door closing)

(door closing)

(organ music)

- [Theresa] What are you doing here?

- I'm just here to pay my respects.

- I made it clear that you are not welcome here.

- I really need closure on this, ma'am.

- That is a luxury that I will never have.

And I don't plan to let you have it anytime soon either.

- Hey, coach. - Oh, hey, coach.

- [Vick] Hey, guys.

- [Ford] You're not staying?

- I can't.

Thanks for tellin' me about it.

- You know, coach, I think it's some crap you got suspended.

- You guys just keep playing your asses off and

pray for Benny,

and everybody,

and I'll be your coach again

as soon as all this crap's over.

Go get 'em. - All right.

Thanks, coach.

- [Vick] Yeah.

(car door closing)

- Hey, Coach Vick!

- Oh, Christ.

- How's it goin'?

- It's not too great, Drew.

- I just wanted to see if Mark's reached out to you.

- I haven't seen him.

- Well, he wasn't here, actually.

He's been at home since Friday night.

He's pretty messed up over all this.

I don't know how to help him.

- Well, you're his dad.

Figure it out.

- I don't know what to do, Vick.

He won't tell me anything.

I mean,

what happened on that field?

- The superintendent told me that he was gonna be

hiring some grief counselors for the school

to help with the players and the teachers and stuff,

and so if you could get Mark to go talk to one of them,

I'm sure that'll help, and he'll be much better off.

All right?

We'll see ya.


- Jesus, Vick.

I was only half kiddin' about you comin' back at opening.

- I think it's time for another triple.

- All right, head on in.

Wouldn't even let you stay?

- It's ridiculous.

- What's next?

- Well, the Auburn scout says I gotta win state

to have a shot.

We can still win with one loss,

but the school board's decidin' whether I get to come back.

- Maybe it'll help if you win the case.

- Maybe.

- I was at the funeral.

I didn't see you there.

You shoulda heard the folks talkin' after the service,

whisperin' about the head coach,

how he done run the boy in the ground.

He done it.

He's guilty as sin.

- It wasn't my fault.

- Vick.


- It wasn't my fault! (glass shattering)

- Hey!

Cool it!

- [Vick] Get off me, Ted.

- You gotta go.

- Bartender, you think he's innocent?

- What do you think?

- You gotta go, Vick.

I don't want any trouble around here, okay?

- You think it was my fault!

- I think that I've never seen you like this, okay?

Just go home and get some rest, okay?

Thanks, asshole.


- Christ Almighty.


- [Sara] You've been ignoring my messages.

- Huh.

- [Sara] I'm worried about you, dad.

- Really.

- [Sara] Yeah.

- I feel on top of it, all right?

- [Sara] How could you possibly be on top of it?

- I'm not here to cry about it.

It's not gonna do any good.

- [Sara] Oh my God, you're trying

to win something that can't be won.

You have to turn this around, dad.

- Oh, thank you, coach.

What do I do after halftime, why don't you tell me that?

- Fine, Vick-- (phone beeping)

(alarm beeping)

(moderate music)

(newspaper rustling)

- Dammit.

In the 1960s, as many as 26 high school players died

in one year during football practice.

Even with our modern technology, updated safety gear,

we still average eight to 16 players a year

dead each year nationwide.

That means there's a one in 100,000 chance that a player

will die during his playing of high school football.

Just think about car wrecks, addiction, alcohol,

think about those numbers.

Way higher.

Of all youth sports, one player dies every three days.

Does that mean that one in 100,000 football coaches

should be tried for murder?

I don't think so.

What happened to Benny was a freak accident.

An accident.

We should simply have more awareness

of why these things happen.

You gonna write any of that down?

- Do you feel that crashing the player's funeral

was inappropriate in any way?

- His mother was under the impression

that this was not an accident,

and that's why she's bringing a lawsuit against me.

- So you blame the mother of the deceased.

- Yes.


- Yes?


Care to clarify?

- She just shoulda known about his heart problem.

- So you don't feel that any of this is your responsibility.

- When I get rid of this ridiculous lawsuit,

then everybody will see the truth.

The administration will see the truth,

the people will see the truth,

and hopefully you see the truth right now.

- Let me get this straight.

A player dies from physical stress

because of your punishment sprints,

only to ruin the mother in a court of law.

- No!

That's not it at all!

- I'm gonna have my photographer

take some shots for the piece, if you don't mind.

Thank you for your time, Victor.

(discordant music)

(bicycle bell ringing)

(dog barking)

- [Vick] Dammit!

(phone ringing)

- [Wesley] What the hell do you think you're doing,

going to the press?

Wendy Maine, of all people?

You stupid--

(phone receiver banging)

- [Announcer] The Saints score a touchdown

right off the bat.

This team is on fire!

The 20, the 10, the five, and he's in the end zone!

The Saints are going to beat the defending champs!

What a night it has been for the Saints

under their new head coach, Mr. Greg Reid.

The rest of this season is looking good.

- Cheers.


- In cases like this,

it is recommended that you both seek legal counsel.

But both of you have decided to represent yourselves pro se.

It is unconventional, but it is legal.

You both waived a jury as well,

so you'll present your case to me.

You'll question your witnesses in front of me.

You will talk to each other as you normally would.

Are there any questions?

- No, your honor. - No.

Your honor.

(gavel banging)

- Calling to order the case of Robinson versus Trenton.

The plaintiff, Miss Robinson,

sues in the amount of $1.

- My son was a hardworking young man

who kept his nose to the grindstone his whole life.

He had friends, he had family, he had a bright future.

He also had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,

a condition that we would have never known about,

had it not been for Coach Trenton's revenge sprints

that unfairly-- - I object!

These are not--

- [Judge] Mr. Trenton, please.


- [Vick] Okay.

- You've been advised there is no jury

and you're free to speak as you normally would.

There's no need to formally object.

- Oh.



that's not fair, right?

- You're right, it was an unfair assumption.

Now, Miss Robinson, you may continue

without the objectionable material this time.

- This man is at fault for the death of my son.

I could sue him for a dollar or a million dollars.

It wouldn't matter to me.

Because when he loses this case,

he'll never hurt anyone again.

Because he'll never coach again.

And he'll finally understand what it feels like

to lose something that he loves.

- [Judge] Does the defendant have an opening statement?

- Benny's loss has been absolutely tragic for me too.

I never thought anything in the world

like this could happen.

Did you ever even come to one of his games?

- Your honor, I would like to call my first witness.

- Please do, Miss Robinson.

- Would you say that you've ever had

a practice entirely of sprints?

- No, ma'am.

- So what was the reason for them this day?

- 'Cause me and three of the other guys were late.

- So this was a form of punishment.

- Yes, ma'am.

- Was Benny one of those other guys?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Your honor, while the sprints were a form of punishment,

I argue that they were increased beyond the normal level

due to the aggression of the defendant

and only at this stage were they deemed harmful.

- [Judge] Duly noted.

- That's the problem these days.

It's discipline,

not aggression.

Life is all about discipline.

You know that, judge.

A kid should respect it.

And when I get a player that comes in there

who hadn't been taught any discipline by his parents,

the only way I'm gonna get respect out of him

is with law and order.

- Yeah, you tell 'em, coach.

- Mr. Trenton, you do realize that you're not their parent?

Nor are you a police officer?

You're a high school football coach.

- If Mr. Trenton felt that he was being challenged

by insubordination from his players,

would that be something that he could just

forget about?

- Um, he would stamp it out.

- At the cost of their well being?

- Give it a rest.

You think I'd let somebody die just to win a football game?

Tell 'em, Greg.

You've worked with me for years.

Tell 'em how I feel about the team.

Go ahead, tell 'em.

- Well, I mean, you'd go for a touchdown

rather than kick a field goal.

But this was a level I hadn't seen before.

- Did you observe the player in question

struggling with these sprints?

- Yeah, but it wasn't out of the ordinary

after that much runnin'.

- [Vick] That's right.

- [Judge] And did you feel the sprints were excessive?

- I felt they were excessive for a game week.

- [Judge] Did you express this concern to Mr. Trenton?

- [Greg] Yes.

- [Theresa] And how did he respond?

- Um,

he ignored me.

- How long thereafter did Benny collapse?

- It was the next gasser.

- Really?

- [Vick] That was the last one.

- [Theresa] You can't prove that.

- Yes, I can.

That was the last one, I told you that.

- I don't remember you sayin' that.

- [Theresa] Your honor,

I would like to call one last witness.

- [Judge] You're excused.

Sir, you're excused.

- [Theresa] Did you end up running 11 gassers?

- [Mark] Yes.

- [Theresa] What happened then?

- I stopped because I counted, and I said that that was 11,

and we kept going, 'cause coach didn't care.

- Why did he keep them going?

- 'Cause he wanted me to give in.

- [Theresa] Did you?

- No.

- So if you were the insubordinate party,

why did the entire team have to run sprints?

- 'Cause he'll do anything to get what he wants.

- Even at the cost of an innocent life?

(discordant music)

- Um,


- [Theresa] No further questions, your honor.

Plaintiff rests.

- You're excused.

- I don't feel any better.

You said that this would help me.

- You did great, honey.

But you have to go now, okay?

- You're excused.

- I'm not ready yet.

I don't think that I,

I could say more.

I didn't say enough.

- We'll talk in a minute.

- Thank you.

Contrary to what I advised,

both of you have expressed the need

for an immediate decision

despite of a lack of reflection on my part.

So we shall reconvene after a short recess.

(gavel banging)

- Hey.

Why don't you believe me when I say I cared about Benny?

- Because you don't know what you're talkin' about.

When Benny's father left, I had to be both parents.

I paid the bills, I ran the house,

I raised him to have a future.

And when you invest that much time into a child,

you know when they're falling behind.

You watch them, protect them.

You don't keep blowing a damn whistle until they drop dead.

- So it's just revenge, huh?

- He kept spending more and more time with the team.

I raised him just so he could come home after dark,

exhausted, and then wake up the next day

and waste his time all over again.

I raised him just so you could take him from me.

- I didn't take him from you.

- I am doing this to protect

other parents in the world from people like you.

(door slamming)

- Mr. Trenton,

I don't know you, but I've known plenty of people like you

in all my years of public service.

There's nothing wrong with the desire to win,

but there is something wrong when you blind yourself

to the needs of others in the process.

That is called negligence, and negligence is punishable.

However, evidence does not show

that the defendant's negligence

was the direct cause of death to the victim.

The plaintiff's evidence was too speculative

and objectionable to support liability.

I find the defendant, Victor Trenton, not liable.

Case closed.

- Thank you, your honor.

Thank you.

(moderate music)

- Oh, whoa, whoa, no, no, no, Vick.

Vick, I didn't just mean for the weekend.

No, no, you gotta go.

- Ted, I won the case.

- And I'm happy for ya.

- [Customer] Ted.


- What's that grin for?

You high?

- No, Billy, I'm innocent.

- I still think you're guilty.

- Well, I don't care what you think.

You can look in the newspaper in the mornin',

and it will say otherwise.

I have been acquitted.

- Oh yeah?

- [Vick] Yeah.

- I don't know.

- I don't care what you know.

It's about time.

- Look, I told you, Vick, you can't be here right now.

- But

it's over, Ted.

- Maybe for you.

You gotta go.


- God almighty.

- [Sara] Jesus, what time is it?

God, dad. - What the hell

are you doin' here?

- Jeez, I didn't think you'd be home so late.

- How'd you get in?

- You gave me a key when I left for Baylor, remember?

- Well, you're goin' back first thin the mornin'.

You're goin' right back to Waco.

- Dad, not until you talk to me.

- What do you want to talk about?

Oh, I know, you came to fix me.

Go ahead and do whatever it is--

- Come on, I'm not here to fix you.

I'm here because you spent 14 hours in court today,

and I want to make sure you're okay.

- [Vick] I am fine.

So why don't you just drive on back to your boyfriend?

- Yeah, you know, at least there's a man in my life

that cares about me more than football.

- You were always the most important thing in my life.

- Why didn't you act like that while I was here, huh?

- There's a lot worse dads out there,

did a lot crappier things than miss a daddy-daughter dance

because I had a damn playoff game.

- Wow.

You missed a lot more than one dance.

Recitals, graduations.

You divorced mom.

- Your mother.

It was your mother who filed for divorce.

Mm-hm. - No.

You never told me that.

- Oh yes, she did.

- [Sara] You're so full of shit.

- Ask her! - You're so full of shit!

- You ask her, you ask her!

That's what happened.

- Yeah, uh-huh. - Yeah.

- [Sara] Bet it did.

- You want me to tuck you in?

(door slamming)




(bicycle bell ringing)

(door closing)

(newspaper rustling)


(phone ringing)


- [Woman] Uh, who is this?

- This is Coach Vick.

You're on the board, right?

- [Woman] Yeah, that's right, Vick.

- Well, I just called to tell you

that I've been acquitted in the lawsuit.

- [Woman] Okay.

I'll make sure the other board members know.

- Great.

When is the vote?

- [Woman] Um, we haven't scheduled that meeting yet,

but we'll let you know.

- Okay.

- You take care now, Vick. - Bye.

(dial tone humming)

(moderate music)

(bell ringing)


- [Producer] We need Wendy.

We need Wendy to set.

Start in five.

- [Vick] Wendy.

- What do you want?

- [Vick] I was hoping we could do another interview.

- [Wendy] Why?

- [Vick] Well, I want everybody out there

to know that I'm innocent.

- But you're not innocent.

- The case is closed.

- Look, you may be innocent in a court of law or whatever,

but it's still kind of your fault.

Take it from me, a little apology never hurt nobody.

- [Producer] Wendy, let's go, we need you.

- [Vick] Hey, wait, Wendy.


- [Wendy] Thank you.

- [Vick] Hello.

- [Drew] I just wanted to call and let you know

that Mark's been chatting with the counselors

from the school district like you recommended.

- Well?

- [Drew] And that was goin' well for a while,

but it didn't help.

- Then I don't know if there's anything

I can do or say that would help.

- [Drew] Coach, it would mean the world

if you could just sit down and talk with him.

- He testified against me in a court, Drew.

I don't think there's anything I can do or say.


Thank you.

You want a beer?

- I'm 17.

- I'm messin' with you.

How are things with the team?

- I don't know.

I quit.

- Oh.

Yeah, that's too bad.

Unless you're better off without football.

- Maybe, yeah.

You know, when I left, the team was doing really good.

Coach Greg's doing really good.

- Yeah, I heard.

You applying for college?

- Yeah, yeah.

I got lots of extra time now to work on my paper,

without practice.

- I'll bet you do.

- How have you been doing, pretty good?

- Fine, fine.

I got a lot of extra time too.

- Yeah? - Mm-hm.

- For what?

- Doin' nothin'.

And I hate it.

- [Mark] Hey, listen,

I want to say I'm sorry about the things I said in court.

- No, no, no, no, that's water under the bridge.

- [Mark] But it's--

- [Vick] Theresa made you say that, right?

- Nobody can make me say anything.

- What are we here for?

What do you want to talk about?

What do you really want to talk about?

- I don't know.

- Ah.

Thank you.

You need a ride home?

- No, it's all good.

My dad's parked around the corner.

- All right.

Well, let me know if you need anything.

- Thanks, coach.

- Later.


Hey, Mark!

- [Mark] Yeah?

- You actually feel any better?

'Cause I don't.

I feel terrible.

I don't even know what to do.

I'm goin' outta my dadgum mind.

I'm tryin' to fix everything, everything in my power.

I'm tryin' to fix things, and I can't do it.

I don't know what to think.

I feel terrible too.

I can't even sleep.

- I killed him, coach.

Benny was the nicest guy, and now he's dead because of me.

Benny didn't deserve any of this.

- No, you didn't.

You did not kill Benny.

You hear me?

- I-- - You didn't kill Benny!

- Yes, sir.

Thanks, coach.

- Be a man.

We're both gonna be a man.


- Sir, goodnight. - Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

(moderate music)


- Vick.

What are you doin' here?

- Oh, sorry, Greg.

I like what you've done to the place,

but where's all the trophies?

- I don't have any of those.

- Well, you will have,

if you keep goin' like you're goin' out there.

You're doin' great, son.

- Thank you, Vick, thank you.

I appreciate that.

- I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I know you were just tryin'

to do the right thing when you forfeited.

- Wow.

- Yeah, I know.

I'm new to it.

- Yeah.

I wasn't expectin' that.

- [Vick] How'm I doin'?

- [Greg] You know, you're doin' all right.

- Well, good.


- Thank you, that means a lot.

- You're welcome.

Look, coach, if I could, I'd just like to talk to the team.

- You know, I think that'd be a good idea.

They need closure with you, right?

But you are suspended.

- [Vick] From coaching.

- Well, I wouldn't mess with the board.

- Yeah, I don't know what's takin'

that dadgum board so long.

Did you do this?

- Yeah.

- I like movin' the backs like that.

It's an interesting stack.

You know what you're doin'.

- Yeah, a little bit.

- You always did.


This is the last place I ever talked to him.

- What about?

- [Vick] College.

His future.

I wish he was still here.

There's so many things I'd like to tell him.

I would love to talk to that kid again.

- You know, we all feel that way.

The whole team.

- There's gotta be somethin'

that we can do to help those kids.

- It's a little bit harder than movin' Xs and Os

around a whiteboard, though, isn't it?

- It is.


(phone ringing)

- [Sara] Dad?

- Sara.

I'm sorry.

- [Sara] What's wrong?

- [Vick] Nothin'.

- [Sara] Hey, don't move.

I'll be right there.

Don't do anything, dad!

- Sara.

(dial tone humming)


(car door slamming)

(knocking on door)

- Jesus.

God, I was so worried!

- [Vick] Why?

- Are you gonna hurt yourself? - No!

- [Sara] Have you been drinking?

- No!

- God, I've never heard you

start a conversation with an apology.

- You wanna come in?

- Yeah. - All right.

- What's goin' on?

- You thirsty?

- I'm fine.

Dad, what?

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for a lot of things,

but I'm very sorry for pushin' you out,

and I'm sorry for criticizin' you,

and I should have known you were tryin' to help me.

- It's okay, dad.

- No, really.

And number two, I'm sorry for

James, the James thing.

- God, dad.

- No, I mean-- - It took a while.

- I really should have been happy for ya, but I was jealous.

He took my little girl away from me,

and I didn't understand.

- He's really good to me.

- I shoulda known that you bein' happy

was what should make me happy.

- Hoo, I really wasn't prepared for this, dad.

- I'm not through.

I'm sorry about the family, about you, me, and mom,

because I know that I put football first.

I didn't know I was doin' it, but I did.

I truly,

I want my baby back, if she'll have me.

- I waited a long time for this, you know that, right?

- [Vick] Yeah.

- Yeah, dad, I would like that.


I think it's time for that drink.


- Yeah?

- Join me?

- Is this the hug part?

- I guess it is.

Comin' in hot.

Feels better than that touchdown, right?

- [Vick] Uh, yeah.

No, it does.

(Vick and Sara laughing)

- Sorry.


Hey, Vick.

Listen, it turns out that I have gotten myself

a brand-new whisky glass with your name on it.

I think you'd better come down and have the first sip.

See you soon.

Good to see ya.

- [Vick] Thanks, Ted.

- [Ted] I just got this brand-new, beautiful glass.

Ain't that somethin'?

- Just like the other one.


- Enjoy.

- [Vick] Thank you.

- New Saints coach is a damn good one.

He's better'n you ever were.

- He may be.

- I heard you won't be on the sidelines during the playoffs.

- Yeah, that's sad,

but true.

- What's the matter with you?

Don't you got a fire in your belly no more?

- I do, Billy.

It's just a different fire.

- What's the matter with him?

He doin' yoga or somethin'?


- Are you on yoga, Vick?

I think he's on yoga.

- Is this yoga? - Yeah.

I think you're on yoga.

- Cheers, Ted.

(phone ringing)


- [Theresa] Who is this?

- Uh.

(dial tone humming)


(whistle tweeting)

- Well, son of a gun, Vick.

- [Vick] Sorry, Greg.

I'll get outta here.

I guess I wasn't as sly as I thought I was.

- No, you don't be crazy, now.

You stay right where you are.

- [Vick] The board votes tomorrow.

I'm just tryin' to calm my nerves.

- Well, heck, I'd vote for ya.

You deserve that state championship.

It's what you always wanted.

- Yeah, we all do.

- [Greg] That's right.

It's good to see you.

- Good to see you, Greg.

Go get 'em, coach.

- [Greg] Thank you.

- Tell seven to keep that right foot back.

- [Greg] I was thinkin' the same thing.


- Glen.



- Three votes in your favor.

Four in mine.

Guess you're not innocent after all.


- Que sera sera.

It's all right.

We'll live.

(moderate music)

- What's up, dude?

- What's up, man? - How are you?

- Good, bro.

- How are you? - Good.

- Good to see you. - Here, come get some food.

- [Mark] Yeah, yeah.

(all chatting)

- [Vick] Theresa.

- This is for you.

I had to deliver it by hand.

- This is not a legal thing?

- No.

- Oh.

Do you want to come in?

- No.

Thank you.

You should read that.

I didn't know.


I'm sorry for all of this.

I didn't know.

I'm sorry.

(thunder rumbling)

- [Benny] Benny Robinson, senior, college essay.

- Oh my God.

- [Benny] There are a lot of ways that people talk about me.

They say that I'm fast,

they say that I'm nice, or I'm strong.

But I don't think anyone's ever told me

that I was cool, you know?

And that's just fine with me,

'cause I don't think that I'm all that cool anyway,

but that's why my coach, Coach Vick, is my hero.

'Cause he makes me feel like the coolest guy ever.

Coach Vick's hard on me,

but I learned pretty quick that he does that

because he cares a whole lot about me.

And he knows that I can do better

and be better if he pushes me.

I wouldn't have stayed in school

if it weren't for Coach Vick.

No matter what happens or where I go to college,

Coach Vick'd be there for me.

He's like the dad I never had.

I hope someday I can inspire people like he can,

just like I feel my best self every day I play football

or work out to get better.

He's always there for me.

He's always rootin'.

I wouldn't change my time with the Saints

for anything in the world.

- I love you, son.

"That's why I want to be a Saint forever.

"Because I don't think I'll ever find

"a better group of guys to be around

"who like me so much and who I know are my brothers.

"I'm gonna miss them after this season.

"I hope they don't miss me too bad

"and that they still play good when I'm gone."


when we lost Benny,

I didn't know what to do.

All I've ever done my whole life is win football games.

That's all I cared about.

I'm here to tell you right now

I love each and every one of you.

I'm very proud of you.

Proud of all of you.

But I can tell you this right now.

This game, it is not near as big

as what you have already overcome.

I want you to win the state championship,

I do, but

it's not as important as what you already have.

And that is a team.

You are part of a team,

and that's gonna stay with you forever, I promise you that.

Now and forever.

Because you've been in the trenches with each other.

You've fought together, you've pained together,

you've passioned together.

You've won and you've lost,

but you're gonna remember this for the rest of your life.

You are part of a team now and forever.


will be

a Saint forever.

Because he's right here with us.

He'll be in this locker room from now till the end of time.

For every kid that comes in this locker room,

they're gonna know who Benny was.

He's in your heart, he's in your head,

he's all around us.


(team applauding)

- [Greg] All right, boys!

Everyone up, let's go!

Take us out on three!

One, two, three!

- [Team] Protect the family!

- [Greg] Let's go, let's go!

Come on!

Thank you, coach.

- Go get 'em.

- Sure will.

Let's go, boys!

(team shouting)

(upbeat music)

Field house was alive

Heavy metal and slammin' weights

It's the price of the prize

And the part of your soul that you have to pay

Two days in the Texas sun

Forget about the girl, it's over and done

I hated to watch her walk away

But it's time to play, it's time to play

In my town the field was sacred ground

Friday night was a show

Light were on, everybody goes

In our town give 'em hell on every down

We played hard, everybody knows

You give it all till the last whistle blows

When you're all in

You take care of one another

Roll the dice, it's a sacrifice

Lay it on the line for your brother

It feels good

We're never gonna grow old

Then life flies by at the speed of sound

Don't you know that's the way it goes

In our town the field was sacred ground

Friday night was a show

Lights are on, everybody goes

In our town give 'em hell on every down

We played hard, everybody knows

Give it all till the last whistle blows

Those Friday night lights are still shinin' ♪

And maybe it's time to let 'em go

They say you can't take it with you but they're lyin' ♪

Those days are mine

Till the last whistle blows

In our town the field was sacred ground

Friday night it was a show

Lights are on, everybody goes

In our town give 'em hell on every down

We played hard, everybody knows

You give it all till the last whistle blows

(guitar music)

The Description of The Last Whistle