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- Hey it's David here from Freedom Founders.

Many many years ago when I was just growing up

going through school and getting ready

to graduate from dental school,

and this is back in the early 1980s.

Thinking ahead to the millennium

and certainly where we are now in 2019

approaching 2020, wow.

Looking ahead to 2020 back when I was a young kid

in his 20s seemed like it was way out in the future.

Way out in advance.

I couldn't even contemplate really those many years ahead.

Yet here we are and what I know about life today

and the economy is that

there's a lot of uncertainty out there.

There's a lot of pending

or pensive turbulence underneath the

what seems to be a relatively strong economy.

Where employment is all times highs

unemployment is all time lows.

Seems like consumer confidence spending keeps going on

yet that's all above the surface.

It's like the iceberg right?

You only see what you can see until you dig down under

and look underneath the surface to see what's really there.

I am not an economist by profession or formal study.

But I do pay a lot of attention to what's going on

in the economics, the market cycles globally, nationally.

Certainly in the real estate markets and in consumption.

Consumers buying things and you have to look

at the other side too.

Is what is our economy built on today?

To a great extent we have historic,

unpresedented amounts of debt.

Again globally, nationally in our nation

and then we have young people coming out of school today

graduate schools, professional schools

with massive amounts of debt.

They're chained down, there's not much movement.

We also have a tendency now in this country

driven more and more in the last four, four to eight years

moving towards socialism.

I'm not gonna be political here

but I'll just say this that socialism has been a construct

that hasn't worked in any other country.

You can call it what you want to

but it doesn't work and that's where we're headed.

Now Trump, again being apolitical,

he has kicked the can down the road.

There's both good and bad points to what he's done.

But he's has given a big boost to the markets.

To consumer and business confidence, expansion,

in stock markets, real estate markets.

All major assets are fully priced today.

But again the problem is it's all built on debt.

That's the big negative and that debt is not sustainable.

When it blows up, it's hard to say.

But it's there, the underminings

of something historically bad are there.

I'm not predicting when but I'll just tell ya it will hurt.

It will occur.

So where are you right now in your planning ahead?

How are you looking at 2020?

I see a big shift ahead.

Meaning we need to shift because there's gonna be a shift

of tectonic proportions.

So how are you preparing?

Just like you might prepare for an oncoming hurricane.

Because you've got news of it coming in advance.

Or maybe fortunately you've got news

of an earthquake happening on the East Coast or West Coast

or somewhere in the world.

Or a tsunami.

Most of the time there's not a lot of warning

for these things, they just happen.

But if you had warning signs what would you do

to baton down the hatches and protect yourself

and put yourself in a better position to

not only weather the storm but come out on the other side

in good shape?

The problem is most people aren't even reading

the tea leaves today, the media doesn't do it for them.

It really is gonna be a bad situation when it does happen.

So our theme, Freedom Founders, my theme

going into the last quarter of the 2019 year

and moving into 2020 is the big shift.

The 2020 vision, what's your vision?

How are you positioning yourself?

How are you protecting yourself defensively

and being opportunistic in your zones of opportunity?

They're gonna be different for everybody.

But if you're in business you got some things you gotta do

to shore up the business.

I've talked a lot about that in the past.

On the investment side, again positioning.

Access your network.

How do you know how to take care of the opportunities?

There's gonna be a huge wealth transfer again.

Every time we have a major market cycle

there is a wealth transfer.

You can choose which side of that transfer

you're gonna be on.

You can be on the giving side, giving up

a lot of your wealth through things that you can't control

'cause you didn't position yourself well.

Or you can be on the receiving side

because you did position yourself well.

And not only did you make it through this storm

but you are ready and prepared to take advantage

of what comes through the wealth transfer.

It's all up to you.

Follow me - we do workshops for younger people

in how to set yourself up for this.

And certainly in our Elite Freedom Founders Mastermind Group

we are all about positioning and that wealth transfer

in our group with access to a lot

of alternative investment opportunities

that will be there just like they were after 2008.

It's up to you.

Remember stay focused on your freedom

and I'll see you next time.

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