Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bachelor’s Open Day 25 November 2017

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Compared to other knowledge engineering faculties, I think DKE has the plus point of offering

project-centered learning.

We are considering studying law Maastricht because its a very nice city.

Its cozy; it's well-developed.

For me, the faculty just feels like home.

So, I went to a lot of universities and Maastricht is in my top 5, I think.

For me it's really interesting how international it is

There is something for everyone to consider.

The programmes are very good and specific

Maastricht University gives me opportunities like becoming a doctor in another country

and practicing there.

Everyone is biking across the city and you know everyone because its a student city,

but not very big like Amsterdam, so you have a lot of contact with each other.

Its one of the newest universities in the Netherlands and in those few years its

already been breaking records and topping rankings.

Its close to big cities not only Brussels Cologne is close-by, Amsterdam is about

2 hours away.I think for a lot of people its very enticing just to be in such a well-connected


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