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No appetite at all

Here I am in Beijing

We're going to see the maple leaves


We are adults

6 RMB, it's about 30 TWD (1USD)

Pretty good deal

Here are the maple trees

They are taking pictures

Finally get to see the beautiful place

Is this video?

Yes, I am recording

Hey! We are going to Hai Di Lao later

Hai Di Lao~~~(hot pot)

(So excited!!!)

Hai Di Lao

Haidilao and it's so pretty here

I found her shot is nice

We are going to a gourmet restaurant later

Why you camera takes better photos

Because it's an iPhone

We are at Hai Di Lao


Enjoying Haidilao in Beijing

It's so good!!!!

The aroma

Smells so good

Especially for the spicy smell


Oh~~~ It's my favorite

Dig in : )


Bean Ckae

It's big

What flavor is it?

Oh, it's original

Try the purple yam one next

It tastes like mung bean pastry

This is purple yam


The color looks pretty

Yeah, it looks so nice

Which one you like more?

They taste the same

Your taste buds SUCK!

The one you have has strong bean taste

Smells like bad breath

Then why are you keep smelling


Thumbs up for it

Lamb kebab

It's hot

Not bad

(Second day)


I'm having pan-fried bun today

And steam bun

And soy milk

Chinese breakfast

Oh BTW this is cheap

It's 3.9RMB total

Less than 20 TWD (less than 70¢)!!!!!!!!

It is impossible to have food like this in Singapore

This is a corner of Peking University


A sense of autumn

There is no season changing in Singapore

This is the Unnamed Lake in Peking University

It is un-named

It's so beautiful

It's freezing

Should have worn more

You looks pale

So cold~~ So cold~~~

Get in to the lake

How rude!

Hurry up! Stand up

It's like poop

Here smell it

The old guy said its stinky fruit

It's really stink

I finally realize why everywhere smells like sh**

Super stinks

Ah! I knew it!! I knew it!!

It smells like soaking wet clothes stained with sh**

Is it edible? (Are you nuts?)

Eww you wants to eat stinky fruits? (Are you nuts?)

It does smell terrible (Tell me about it)

I don't want it. I know it's bad

Here's the main entrance of Peking University

It's quite famous

You blocked my face

Then I'll keep blocking it

It's alright you are not making money with your face

You are not suitable for showing face in the video

Anyway, this is Peking University

This is the most beautiful school gate I have ever seen

Stop it

What a beautiful day

Because I am here



Spicy hot pot

Student cafeteria

Out of school for so long

blush with shame


How is it?

it's good


It's burning

So spicy

How hot is it?

A little bit less hot than me

Very delicious

It cost about 20 RMD and it's 100TWD (3.5 USD)

A little bit expensive, but it is good

We are going to Shichahai

Why aren't we visit the Great Wall

Because I am weak

I don't dare to climb it

It's too tiring

Why aren't we go to Forbidden City

Because I ain't got artistic demeanor

How about museums?

I told you I don't have artistic demeanor

How about Beijing Olympic Stadium?

For Beijing Olympic Stadium there is only the stadium

We have no access to go in there

It's quite boring that only take a few picture and leave

Isn't all sightseeing like this

Actually, we don't have to go anywhere

So we should focus on eating

I'm looking forward to the peking roast duck for dinner

I got this called " tang er duo" (sugar ear)

You still remember! I already forgot it

And it looks......

So sweet

Let me try it

Wait! Wait! Wait! How does it smell?

It smells like deep fried dough

Oh! Damn! I bit my tongue

You bit your tongue

Is it too good that you bit your tongue?

It tastes like



Soft hard?????

Your facial expression is so complicated

It's not because it's not good

It tastes like harder and firm texture deep fried dough

The Taiwanese deep-fried dough is soft

This is more like pastry textured fried dough

And it sticks on you teeth

Is it hot?

It's cold...


And I think it's deep fried

Will you recommend it?

Well, no harm to give it a try

Okay, fine...

Okay~ See you guy in next stop

Can't believe we bought yogurt from "Dao Xiang Cun"

What's wrong

Or where do people usually get it?


Do they sell the same thing

It's the same

I personally don't like to buy it there

You mean 7-Eleven?

No, I meant smaller grocery store

So it should be fine to but it here?

Actually, Dao Xiang Cun is famous for its pastry and souvenir

This is honey yogurt

The texture is between yogurt and yogurt drink

So it should be thicker than yogurt drinks

And the straw is so tiny

It will be hard to drink it

Even though it is said that it's something between yogurt and yogurt drink

But I think...

It's just yogurt drink!!!

It's thicker!

Well, it's a little thicker than yogurt drink

Yeah, it's so thick that made it hard to drink

Not so hard for me

Anyway, I like it

Not too sweet

It's really good

Not sure after drinking, it will increase bowel movement or not

You really need it right now

Not really I took care of the business this morning

I will suggest you guys to give it a try when visiting Beijing

Is it only can be found in Beijing?

You can find it locally in China

Try this~~~~

It's good~~~~~

We are now at Nanluogu Xiang

This lane is similar to Lukang Old Street in Taiwan

Do you know what that is next to me?

It's a Starbucks!!!

Oh my goodness! Look over there


OMG! Things here are so beautiful

Have you notice that there is someone next to you


He dresses in red


Is that your friend

I think it's 87 (ba-chi) points alike (ba-chi sounds like "idiot" in Manderin)

You get 87

I got 87

They use entire potatoes to make the chips

You are so annoying

People want to see the potato rows

But keep seeing your giant face over there

Made by a whole potato

So annoying lol

It's time for candied gourd

It's big

There is 8 plums

There are 10, 15 and 20 RMB ones

This is the 10 RMB one closed to 50 TWD (1.6 USD)

Gotta eat it

So sweet~

I'm about to try it. What's the fruit called?

Oh it's plum

Oops! Excuse me la

(Look at that face!)

It's too sour!!

Candied gourd is not my favorite

Which one you said is better

Hawthorn! Hawthorn! Hawthorn! (Shan Zha)

The one made with Hawthorns is better

But that one (Shan Zha) is 20 RMB

Did you know that it's only 10 RMB in Sichuan

But the plane ticket fair is way more than that

This one is not that bad, I like it

She is too picky

Different people, different views

Come try it out

People in Beijing usually pay the bill with Alipay, WeChat

Scanning bar codes in WeChat

I don't know what should a foreigner do to pay here

You can pay by cash

However, a lot of place stopped to receive cash

Just inconvenient

So, it is better to have a friend from Beijing or China

The friend lives in China

She is not

She is temporarily staying in Beijing for 6 months

In some ways, it is very convenient

Especially for collecting money

Collecting money from a group of people/ friends

So everyone can pay together, pretty efficient

Still, I am still wondering how can a foreigner pay without those methods

We are at Shichahai also called Houhai

This is JiuBa Jie

All you can see there are all bars

There are sofas and singers in the bars

And the stages they sing are like concerts

How wonderful

We are like sardines

(The crowds......)

Full of people

So many people~

So crowded

We chose the wrong time to take the metro

I'm glad we only have one stop

I'm going bananas

If I have to take it all the way to the last stop, I will go nuts

I cannot imagine if it was Chinsese New Years

How will the scene looks like

Can you see all those people behind me?

They are all going on the metro!!!!!!

OMG!!They are all going on the metro!!!!!!

Holy moly look over there

Those are all people

It feel like we are attending New Years Eve final count down party

Today must be Dec. 31st

(Ju Qi Roast Duck)

In the package, there are chopsticks, hand sanitizer and chewing gum

Haven't had this brand of chewing gum for a long time

Also tooth picks

Having peking duck in Beijing~ Roast duck~~

The duck fat spread in my mouth when I bite it

It's amazingly delicious

Wrap it by yourself

It is so good

Must have roast duck when visiting Beijing

And also climb the Great Wall, but I am weak

The roast duck skin is very crispy

And eat it with a dip of sugar

The duck fat will MELT in your mouth immediately

And with the slightly sweetness

Mucho Delicioso!!!

Let's hear what our friend says

Very tasty

The wrapping is thin

Whatever, it's very good

Compared to the other restaurant

The duck here is crispier

I like the way they mad it

However, I enjoy the side dishes from another restaurant more

I like pickles, but they don't have it here

Overall, the roast duck here is quite amazing

I am not as experienced as she is

But I enjoy the food a lot

I recommend it

I think YUMMY~~~~~

She think that the wrapping is chewy in a nice way

So she is only having the wrapping

I did wrapped it with meat for the first piece

But I love the wrapping so much

So I decided to have the wrapping only

You can order wrappings to go

Eat it with jam?!

(Extremely recommended it to everyone)

To be continued........

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