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Good morning!

Good morning Ezra, how are you? oh no, what are you doing?

breakfast is ready


Thank you, Mummy.

Wipe down the floors in here so all I've got to do is put some mats down.

I've washed the screen, I've washed everything down here and I'm about to go

and vacuum the bedroom. Matt made the bed because he was last out,

if you're last out the bed you make the bed so he made the bed.

I need to dust there dust everywhere the side table is everywhere but I'm going to vacuum

first in case any other dust gets brought up so that's what the bedroom's looking like

this morning.

Good morning everybody.

I've been up for a while it's 11:15am and I'm only just about having my breakfast

I'm having warm can you see that warm Weetabix and a cup of tea I've got a headache I didn't

sleep very well last night I have to say I was meant to go to the gym this morning but

the sleep was rough I don't know why but it was rough um so I just wasn't rested enough

and I've gone to the gym the last three days in a row so I almost felt like I needed a break anyway

um but I didn't make it uh so I'm having breakfast you've seen me I've been doing my task today I had

a to-do list um right here.

So, I wanted to um dust the whole house vacuum the whole house, mop the floors downstairs because

it's wooden floors and concrete well TILES down here um but I haven't done that yet clean the

bathroom towel rack, you saw me do the bathroom and change and wash the bath mat stuff done

and I've placed them outside and they smell smells so good that Lenor orchid scent is so nice um and

then clean and shine the utility room sink which I did with that stainless steel cleaner that you saw

me um use earlier it just shined it really well so that's that um just waiting for the cup of tea.

Well you see this right here this is my um this is my recycling basket because I have

to take the recycling outside I put it in here gather in here and then just take it outside.

I need to go to Next to buy a voucher for my friend that we're seeing on Sunday

and then I'm gonna go to Mum's because Ezra has been asking to go to moms like this whole week.

So I'm gonna take her take her take him and myself to go see mum um yeah that's what's going on.

It's HOT I thought it was like 60 something degrees it's 72 and it's hot

which is good I changed from my hoodie which I'm wearing around my waist

to this string vest top. Ezra's in the back um I've just put the ac on I need to blast it because

So, now we're gonna go to Next I'm gonna go to the Post Office because I need to return

some bits from ASOS and um Amazon and then go to mums

I've decided to bring Ezra to

yeah to McDonald's to get a happy meal because

he hasn't had one in a while and he does like it that's one thing he actually always finishes

so here he is you want a burger? yeah oh, yummy are you gonna have your french fries as well?

do you want fruit do you want an apple? yeah, so that's what we're gonna do

Hi there can I have a hamburger happy meal?

um fruit shoot and can I also pay for the fruit on the side

can I pay for the fruit bag, yeah so I want fries and a fruit bag yeah thank you?

Hi, and a fruit bag, thank you.

thank you, thank you,

secured the bag!

now time

to drive oh yummy Ezra

and just take off this for now otherwise you'll be concentrated on that


I also have a protein shake which I added some milk too

I don't normally add milk to my protein shakes but I thought why not let's give this a try.

oh it makes it kind of kind of less watery more creamy

right we've made it to Next just about to go inside take Ezra out

wearing masks when you got makeup is just

that's one thing about this whole mask-wearing that I just... you see the highlighter that

just is getting on my nerves but overall it's fine I will get over it so let's go buy this voucher.

oh, I love this shop, look at all the lovely things.


I love this shop and every Ezra is wearing pretty much everything from here apart from his shoes

and every time I come here yes I always find something to buy especially these plain ones

these plain shirts are such a good deal they're only 3 per shirt and they're really good quality

and they wash really well. right pick that up then

so nice I like this one I might have to get this one because

brown I mean beautiful he doesn't have that one


I just, I just, I just couldn't help myself I had to buy no this plain white top no

no no like it's the is it it's the colour right no yeah no yes it's the colour that made me do it

because he doesn't have anything that colour and I love like those earthy tones there's another

one I wanted which was kind of like stone if you know what I'm talking about like that stone

colour um it's like a beige but like not an ugly beige like a stone colour um but they

didn't have his size on that one so I picked up this white jasmine diffuser I love diffusers and

this is meant to last after nine weeks they never last up as long as they say they're gonna last

but I'm all about making the house smell nice I love things like that.

Then I picked up two cards one for my friend who's having a baby shower next week and then one

for my friend that I'm going to see plus the gift card that I went in there for

so I did get what went in there for some little extras I have to let you

know if that diffuser is actually nice if you're in the U.K and can get Next because

I hope it lasts a long time because it smells really nice now to the post office.

are you okay?

Thank you

thank you, sir.

what happened? He wants to wash it because he just found it you found it on the floor?

Oh, I'm going to wash it for you. let's wash it here.

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