Practice English Speaking&Listening with: P.S. Man Ep 2 Part 3 Eng Sub

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you're just trying to start a fight

i'm serious

i only didn't go to kindergarten. don't you know that a lot of kids can't go to school now?

so i must create a kindergarten

so they can study there free

this is just for the first kindergarten. don't even touch it

what are you doing

put aside your huge dreams, get real

30% off, it's now or never

please, hurry

still trying to convince me?

ok, wash your own clothes


i don't feel like eating steaks anymore

want some ketchup?

you can't waste anything! you forgot our rules?

don't talk about rules with me, i dont' want to hear that

let's get back on topic




no, Xia He Jie

no, Xia He Jie

you guys really were neighbors?

you guys really were neighbors?

why do i have to brag about it, i'm not even proud of that

what the crap man, your grandma's home's in Kaohsiung

how's that possible

i moved to TaiPei in elementary

his mom is my dad's boss..

our home was his, we rented it..

he's same with his mom

always bullying my dad

she fired my dad when i was in 3rd grade

so then we moved back to grandma's home

he started bullying me since 2nd grade

until i was a freshman

my parents passed away in a airplane accident

grandma brought me back to ChiaYi

that was when i got rid of that devil

and we weren't just neighbors, we were classmates

so he was already so cool when he was small?

so he was already so cool when he was small?

we're eating, don't make me lose my appetite

did you get rejected when you confessed to him

WHAT THE HECK. he was always my nightmare

i will never forget that day

he was always my nightmare

i will never forget that day

sis, someone took your bag

Xia He Jie, why did you steal my bag

i didn't

then why are you holding it

Xia He Jie

why are you always troubling me? why only me?

explain yourself

why are you so against me?

you're good looking and everyone likes you doesn't mean that you can bully me like that

i don't give a crap about you

stand still, Xia He Jie

give me back my bag

give it back

dude give it back,

thief, give it back

hurry, give itback

give. it back.

dude i'm serious, give it back

my bag

why are you bullying me?

why? because you're ugly.

you were meant to by bullied. go home dressing liek that, ugly duck

my sister's transporting ticket and my clothes are in the bag

that's for the transporting

i can never forget that day

i was wearing my swinsuit, holding Xiao Wei's hand, changed three buses THEN i got home

what's wrong with having braces

i know i was ugly

but it doesn't mean that he can bully me like that

i think

everyone was like that when they were small

when i was small, all the guys called me a meatball..

but i know tht they like me but didn't know how to tell me

so then they teased me to grab my attention. so i think Xia He Jie likes you

that's why he..

like me?

would you put your poo into the person you admire's shoe?

and stuck frogs in their shoes?

and put cockroaches on his/her face?



Mary Wong

do not spread the things i just said.

i swear. if i spread it, i can't eat ice cream for the rest of my life

and cheese cake

and cheese..

okay fine

and cheese cake

happy now?

Ma Xiao Qian, i couldn't sleep last night

how come?

you can start snoring in 10 seconds

i was keep on thinking about you and Xia He Jie

honestly, i kind of pity..

okay, thank you. dont' have to pity me, i'm fine

not you, it's Xia He Jie

why are you pitying him?

he ruined my whole puberty

it's time for me to revenge

but he doesnt even remember you

he doesnt' even know why he should be sorry

just like when we're punishing little kids

we have to let him know what he did wrong

Mary Wong

the point is that he's not a kid anymore

he doesnt' remember me doesn't mean he doesn't remember what he did wrong

that makes me hate him even more

no wonder Xiao Tuo Luo didnt' want to mention his mom, his mom is black

oh don't say that

now what did i do

how did you know if she isn't black

you saw her before?

his mom is Amanda's manager



his mom is amanda's manager?

why didn't you tell me

they don't want to expose it too much

don't spread it

i'm not gonna

but no matter how busy you are, you have to care about the kid

kids need education

if we don't solve Xiao Tuo Luo's problem, it'll get worse

excuse me

there are flowers

nice flowers

who's Ma..

i am

Miss Ma, please sign here

i'm miss Wong

this is for Ma Xiao Qian

miss ma, your flowers

who's it from?

who's it from?

who's it from?

i don't know, no one has ever sent me flowers

there isn't a card


i sent you those flowers, it's from holland

hey i listened to your radio station yesterday

really? did you hear my talking about you?

yess, but the radio was turned off by someone in the middle

you gave me those flowerS?

yea, these flowers mean: fix our friendship

hoping to fix our friendship, forget those awful memories

are you free tonight? wanna eat together?

i'm free

sorry, i'd rather watch tv at home than eating with you

you don't have to be like that..

when i grow up i want to be a musician. i can create a lot of music

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