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TheGod, who impressed ourheart completely.

Our Lord Srinivasa is a honest and graceful god.

Mom! Is everything for brother? Won't you do anything for me?

Heis studying in degree 2nd year. You're in only 9th standard.

Is not thereany difference?

It's getting late for my school too, mom. What about my uniform?

I will iron your uniform.

Can you wash his bike? - No need.

I will do mywork.

Didn't you have anyidea to arrangemybooks too?

Oh! You'vereminded me. Where are his books?

Great books. Hehas got only one notebook.

Hewill fold that too and keep in his back pocket.

It has becomelate. Why didn't he come yet?

I will not go to school. - Sathya! Wait, dear.

I will not go to school. - Sathya! Wait, dear. Listen to me.

You'd go to school daily like agood boy with this bag. O. K?

Bye, son.

Congrats, brother.

Sathya! Get up! Study, dear.

You boy! Lfthere is balancepaper, giveme.

We'd buy abikeurgently. -Many girls will come from many schools.

Weshould wear neat dresses.

Whatever we do, lecturers will not punish us. Is ittrue?

Why don't you tell anything?

Wearecollege students from tomorrow onwards.


I have given up thecollege.

What is special today? - Not only today.


I am hurrying hereas it is late foryour college.

Are you goingto quit from your college?

Quitting your college? - I will leaveto Hyderabad.

I will do any job.

Have you taken this decision after thinking deeply?

I thought about it, dad. I felt itis correct.

O.k. It is yourwish.

What is thenecessity foryou to work quitting yourstudies now?

Why do you supporthim withoutadvising him?


Why don't you liveherehappily? - Asking meto livehere?

Or... are you asking meto behappy? Tell meany one.

Live happily.

Live happily.

Whatever you do. Think well & do without doubt. This second is yours.

Whatever you may plan to do. You shouldtake your own decision.

You havethedecision taking right. Because you are an youngster.

There is no any meaning forthe'becareful' word.

But you should keep your steps carefully seeing others life for experience.

If you miss your opportunities, you can not get back them.

You should accept thetruths about you.

Nobody will think me as a bad boy.

Lifeis not agreat thing. It is very simpleif you are brave.

Therearesolutions foreach and every problem, brother.

If you likeanything, accept it. You will feel that as good.

You will feel thatmatter as purelikethemoon.

If your decisions & steps areright, you will feel theheaven hereitself.

Wherever you are. Your happiness will not go anywhere else.

Nobody will think me as a bad boy.

Whatever you do. Think well & do without doubt. This second is yours.

Lifeis not a simple thing. It is very beautiful, brother.

Lifeis shining dayby day. It has not been seen peculiar, man.

You will get a winning chancedefinitely, man.

Lfyou don't like, be relaxed. If you agree, acceptthepain, man.

Peoplearestarvingto get my signaturein this time.

Children will studymy chapter in historybooks in future.

Nobody will think me as a bad boy.

Whatever you do. Think well & do without doubt. This second is yours.

Whatever you may plan to do. You shouldtake your own decision.

You havethedecision taking right. Because you are an youngster.

You havethedecision taking right. Because you are an youngster.

Uncle! -Oh son-in-law! Have you come?

How is sister & uncle? I'll show you the Hyderabad.

Notthat. Do you know what I was doing? I'vebecome abroker recently.

Excuse me. Broker? - Not that broker, man. Mind your business.

Which idiot has stuck thead paper in reservation compartment?

Sathya? - Yes. -Mybrother told me about you.

What did he tell you? - Younger brother is coming from Vizak.

He told that you takeme to thepub & cinema often.

When did I tell like that, sister?

You told me, just think. Mom! Younger brother has come from Vizak.

Wheredo you takethat?

Is everybodyfinein your family. - All arefine.

Oh no! I don't know what did this boy eat in traveling.

I will makesomethingto eat.

Aunt! Don't takerisk. Pleaseget dropped.

Uncle! Why do you stop her as sheis giving us poison?

Poison is also better. We can dieonce for all.

Butit is very powerful than that. - Shut up, it happens sometimes.

Didthat happen only once? Uncle! Start from the beginning.

Dad! Tell about your bride seeing function. - That?

They gave hot sweets & snacks as I marry theirlast daughter.

Everybody ate & got vomiting sensation only in 5 minutes.

Everybody vomited and madethehousedirty.

Wewent immediately and got admitted in thenearer hospital.

Myunclecame & toldtheshe mixed gum powder instead of Maida.

You married her knowing everything.

You are very great, uncle.

Auntis good in the other matters. This is our Tajmahal, man.

Without Palrai. - It is looking rich.

Even ifl don't haveany job, I planned my life onlyrichly, man.

Lfyou get settled here, you won'tgetany problem.

This is mine. Who keptthis here?

O.k. I too cameto know when my sister phoned me.

Why did you quit your college, man?

I want to see the outerworld. - You'vecometo Hyderabad.

All thestars arehere. You can get everything here.

I'vekept the A/C machine in a corner not to miss this natural air.

It's very chill. So sleep. Lfyou want anything, wakeup me.

Night boyhas come. - Uncle! -Have you come?

We should give4 or 5 shake hands to him minimum.

Rich boy. -Who is he? - My sister's son.

He is from Vizak. He is Prakash. Hestays in the groundfloor.

He is doing his degree. - M.G. M collegestudent.

Why did you come so late, man? Are you coming from pub?

Why pub? Wemet agirl today. Shewas amazing. Do you know that?

City collegestudent triedthat girl today.

All the city girls will get admired by city collegestudents.

You peopleshould havetalent, boy.

Why is your boy not talking with us?

I too don't like to talk whileseeing you.

What, boss? What do you say? Is heareserved type boy?

Will all be likethis in Vizak?

Wherever itmay be. Smoking peoplewill talk more.

Drug addicts will talk more than smoking people.

Drugs? Were you smoking intoxicating hemp?

I don't havethat practice. Vicky only compelled meto haveit.

O. K, boss. Itis getting late. I am leaving.

Sorry for disturbing you both.

I too don'tknow about his intoxicating hemp matter until now.

Hegotafraid by the shock you gave him.

Hedidn't get afraid. - Whynot, boy?

He got tensed, when you found his secret.

Can you tell them this matter? - Hegets afraid. I won't tell.

That's whyhe acted likehegot afraid.

He is not in a fearing stage.

Heis in a stageto pretend like fearing.

Don't you want food? - I'veeaten, mom.

What's this? Sorry. - Getting agood job in city is tough.

You want any job. So I will try.

You boy! Get us 2 tea. - Another 2.

He is Arasagadu. Our areaman.

Hethought Telangana will send him to Andhra.

Heis compelling me to learn Telangana.

You don't feel for it.

What Arasadu? - Harshad. - What's thereason for changing your name?

I didn't even think about the risk in keeping a canteen in college.

They aremaking it dirty thinkingthis as apub.

Cut the tea from tomorrow. It will be solved.

They are Leaving... Getmoney! Wait, brother.

He is pity. Students are likethis.

Lfwe seethecollege, wewill feel that we'd study in such a collegeonly.

Mom! Aunt has got up.

- 7.15?

Sister-in-law! What's the Tiffin today. Idly forwhom?

Did you cook for your husband? - When will you speak with your brother?

Can I call it as afivestar hotel Tiffin, then?

- Tea. - I am coming, dear.

Heis ordering herealso like his office. - Keep quiet.

It is very nice.

Its five years since you got married. But you areenjoying now too.

What can I do? It is very difficult to handlethose students.

What happened?

Those rowdy students fought again & broke 2 tables.

Lfthey are likethis cafe itself, how will they be in college?

This topic in themorning itself? - Be careful with them. Its good.

I am already careful, dad.

Some peopleare there. Whatever wesay, they won't understand.

Yes. I won't understand. Mybooks.

Bye, sister-in-law. -O. K, dear. Takecare.

I leave, dad. - Bye, aunt. -Bye.

Wheredo you go, dear? To college?

No. To convent.

Thank God. Nobody has watched me.

Teacher! Ma'am called you.

How manytimes I told you not to call me as teacher?

Did you call me? - Tell me the anotherword for anger.

Fury. Rage. Wrath...

Shedoesn't know Telugu. But she wants to writea Novel in Telugu.

Sheis asking methe meaning ofwords. Good morning.

Why do you stand here? Come. This is table. This is seat. Okay.

Why are you there? Sit. Silence. I'm justasking you.

Do you know my age? Just 17.

I am in a college going age.

I'vebecome a teacher in this age.

My family members tell that collegestudents are bad.

They ask meto take up distanceeducation.

Is that an education? College study is the life, isn'tit?

Go out & see. How many boys & girls aregoing to college happily!

Why did I only get this fate?

Stop. Did you understand mywords? - Yes, teacher.

You? - No, teacher. - Say yes teacher.

Go & play. - Thank you, teacher.

My chocolate. - Wait. I know thatsuch thingwill happen.

That's why, I came with chocolates.

My chocolate. Takeit. I will get you 2 five stars tomorrow.

Please, dear. Don't cry. I took your dairymilk only, didn't I?

I can't seeany good studenthere.

M.G. M college 2 tickets. - Get down in previous stop. -Won't it go there?

Thebus won'tstop it seems, boy. Shall we stop it?

Is there any junior student here?

Driver uncle!

Whatever you say, bus won't bestopped near your college.

Your daughter is Kalyani! Yes. Sheis a first class student.

I love your daughter deeply, uncle.

You'd givethis loveletter to your daughter & help me, uncle.

Get down, boys.

Why are you so late, boy.

Theyrang the bell. Why so soon? I don'tknow.

Collegestudents are roaming behind girls always.

We can drink the soda in thecanteen.

Wecan havebeeda after our meals.

We can learn sitting in the bench together.

Our parents are boring in thehouse.

Wecan leave theirtrouble by coming to college.

This is the good placein the world forenjoyment.

You studywell and enjoy, child!

Look there, boy.

Why don't you have this interest in attending theclass?

You've written so beautifully. How can I write? Tell me.

Write for metoo. - Did you force me to join in this college forthis only.

Yes. To have romance in such alonely place...

What are you both doing here? I've missed my class.

Therewon'tbeany disturbance to write notes here.

Do you studyher here missing yourclass there?


If you do so, we will getthebad name!

What are you telling?

You wait. Brother! Weboth are friends from our childhood.

Why do you liehaving a superb figurein such alonely place?

We'd stop their study. Let's take them to principal. That's correct.

Come. Brother! I fall in your feet. I takepity on you.

Can you come for compromise?

Ask herto sit. Wait a second, brother. Kaviya! Sit only once.

You girl! Step up & sit.

This is o.k. For me. You boy! Your job is confirmed. Come.

Come. He's thedegreedisc. It means degreediscontinued.

Heasked meto get him a job. I onlyrecommended your name.

I told thata man troubled me in my job. It's him only.


When do you ask meto join, sir?

Yourwish. You can join atanytime. - He'll join tomorrow morning, then.

Wewon't saythanks. Don't mind anything.

Come. Your interview is over. Such a greatinterview.

Boy! Todayis aunt's cooking. If she sees us, wewill diedefinitely.

Come forwork if you want to escape.

Aunt! I've taken my Tiffin. That's whyl prepared coffee, boy.

I want to tell you a matter. - What's that?

I kept your sweet to ourhouse cat last time.

That cat left my house at that time. That didn't come back yet.

I think this information gotleaked out. So dogtoo doesn't comehere.

Leave it. You are here. So I will get you thecoffeenow itself.

Let's go immediately. Wait. I am coming.

Brother! Can you drop mein school? Go. Younger brotherwill drop me.

I can't drop you today. I'd go for interview with my son-in-law.

You arealso asking daily. Did you brother drop you atany day?

No. - Why do you call your brother daily, then? Build up?

Tell me. I am also watching you. Did you get any job ever?

Why do you go dressing up yourselfneatly, then? Build up?

You want to get a job at any day.

Like that... I want my brother to drop meat any day.

I will go bybus, uncle. You drop her.

You don't know about her. She will ask something & corrupt mymind.

I won't ask anything today. Step up, then.

You will take metoday. I will ask you on theway.

Get down. -Coffee, dear. - Dropping you is betterthan her coffee.

I should belike a student outside.

You should comenear me. Come staying apart from me. O. K?

Go back further. I told you children to comein a distance, didn't I?

If you comenear me until wereach the convent...

You should keep 4 feet distance from me.

You should not come near me until I say. O. K?

I'm ateacher only. What's there forthat?

Nobody can feel for me. I'm veryhappy. Do you know that?

What did I do? I followed you, when you asked me to follow you.

Shall I go?

Don't you have any work from me?

Will he bring the tea? - How long arewe waiting fortea?

He's Guna. M.G. M college student.

Heis veryworstthan any other rowdies in thecity.

He'll have agroup around him always. - I'll do watchman job in girls college.

Getus tea. -Did you see? They are waiting fortea.

They don't comehere forthat.

I didn't see Raja from the past 4 days. I don'tknow, boy.

He said hewould come tomorrow. Is it so?

Why didn't you come for strike? - For class. -Don't we haveclass?

Are you goingto class, when we roam for strike?

Whats the link for me and thestrike, brother?

I heard that you talk aboutthis outside.

Have you gota rangeto discuss about this brother's matter?

Brother! Don't...

You boy! Pleasestop it.

Cup? I will drink it.

2 tea.

Nobody can fight against them. Impossible.

Ma'am! Is this O. K? - O.k.

Why do you hold my shirt? This is exhibition.

Theywill be likethis. Sorry. I've said sorry, havenotl?

Say sorryto the teacher.

Whathappened? Why do you tell him that I am a teacher?

Lfl tell so... He maytell this to many people.

Hedoesn'tseem likethat.

You arealso not seeming likethat.

Didn't you tell him?

Logic. You man! Don't tell anyone that she is ateacher.

Everybodyhas cometo know it. - Sorry. Excuseme, teacher.

You girl! Girl! Hello!

Who is that girl? She gotangry on you.

Do you know her? Introduction is not neededto make her angry.

Nothing is needed. You told you don't know her.

But you called her as teacher.

I knew that matter, when I went to convent.

Why you wentto convent?

Shetold meto follow her. - Shetold you to follow her.

You went to herconvent. Shetold herselfas a teacherto you.

But you don't know her.

It's agreat confusion. - Brother! This is that girl's thing I think.

Antique pieces. Very important. - It's important for her.

It's becauseof you. - What did I do?

Why did you come? Aren't you satisfied bytheexhibition matter?

I've cometo give your box. - You've comekeepingthis as a reason.

Why do you look me? I know very well aboutboys.

Mybrother is always telling about thebad boys like you.

Why are you leaving, when I am talking herewith you?

I am not a such typeofboy.

Lfnot, arguewith me, then. -Should I argue?

Yes. With you? Yes. Did you findthis box?

Or... did you steal it to meet me again?

I don'tthink that you are agood material which I want to meet again & again.

Why did you get it me, when thereis no any valuablething in it?

You kept chocolates and some more things in it. - Stop it.

Why did you announce me as ateacher in theexhibition?

I too didn't know that I would announcethis matter.

That matter happened unknowingly. Why unknowingly?

What do you know about me?

Who are you to announce my personal matters?

U.K. G class is over. Now itis drill period for L.K. G children.

They areplayingwell. He came to givemybox. Friend.

Tell your name. -Sathya.

Tell meanotherword for friend. Companion.

Partner. Comrade.

Very good. You got agirl's friendship, when you cameto me.

What? Did you both have discussion while returning thebox?

Yes. Did shetake you to H. M room, then? Yes.

What did shetell about you there? Friend.

I mean that friendship only. How will it bea friendship, uncle?

Shetold like that in an emotion.

What's theemotion in between? - Fiirst understand the meaning.

The situation was likethat. - I understood, man.

Your happy situation is there & bad situation is here.

What, sister? Is your situation too bad?

Very bad, brother. -Did you call meas brother?

Yes, brother. -I don't understand anything.

You call me as brother & hesays that hedoesn't haveher friendship.

Why didthis black become red? - Whathappened?

Thereis a Nagarjun Sagar tour program in our school.

When I asked my dadto send me, he gave me this.

Ifl was talented like your dad, I'd have sold this Hyderabad bythis time.

I have 2 brothers. Can anybody convincemy dad?

I'll confuse him. -What's therein tour?

Theywill takethem there & tell about that place history. Isn't it?

She can read manymorebooks about that placehereitself.

Photos too are therein that. - Well said, uncle.

Time will besaved and moneywill also besaved.

Let it be in our houseitself. She can readthatat neededtime.

Uncle! Going with friends in the bus together... That feeling is...

You'vereminded me well. Journey with friends is very dangerous.

Sending my daughter likethis is not safe.

Sorry, uncle. I didn't think from that safeside.

How are this time friends? Monkeys arein thenameof friends.

Takethesnacks. Readthatbook. There are bold information in it.

Takethat. I don't want, uncle. I did it specially.

Onion Pakoda. It will be verytasty. I know that while seeing it.

You're a funnyboy. How can you feel thetaste by simply seeing?

You will feel the taste onlyif you eat.

How can weknow about Nagarjun Sagar by simplyreadingthebook?

She can know only ifshe goes there, can'tshe?

O.k. How much should you pay? Just 1500! Give your name forthetour.

Thanks, dad. Plate has become empty. I've comecorrectly.

You spoke intellectually. But you didn'tfind a matter.

I've founded, uncle. Which matter? Pakodi matter.

You didn't prepare it. Aunty...

She requested me not to tell thetruth.

I checked everything and sign it ifthese are correct.

It is enough.

You wait. What? Have you fallen, when I told you as my friend?

I know that you fell down. Tell me. Wantmy friendship?

You'd listen to me. Can you obeyme?

You'd savethesecret. Can you? Why do you wantmy friendship?

I got bored by sharing my feelings with our conventkids.

You arelooking fresh. That is why!

Do you want a friend to share your feelings only?

I need a friendto obeyme. Don't fear. I won't giveproblems.

Let's get introduced. Lfitis o. K, the next step is friendship.

I will tell aboutmyselftotallyin 1 minute beforereaching there.

If you get doubts, ask mefinally & don't disturb mein between.

My mom passed away, when I was a kid. My father got retired.

My sister-in-law is likemy friend & brother is likemy enemy.

He onlyruns the family. I have to deal with kids in convent.

Ifl feel for mylife, sister-in-law scolds me.

God is punishing me with this fate.

Ifl punish children, they are creating problems.

Do you know how I feel, when they say namaste teacher?

You should never call meas teacher.

I want to get fresh in homeafter school hours.

My father will start boring me.

Hewill start troubling me.

Therel have kids problem & here dad's problem.

Do you know how I feel?

I would like to take drinks andtalk against mybrother.

I got a poem teaching job & friendship with aniceguy.

I shouldthink well. That's all.

How is mybio-data?

Lts good. But there is violence in that kids matter only.

O.k. You start.

You'dfinish itwithin 1 minute. Is that distanceO. K for you from here?

There's nothing great to tell aboutme.

Oh! I gotintroduced myself.

Won't you tell about yourself? How can wehave friendship, then?

O.k. Myname is Sathya. My... What? Will you tell likethis?

How elseshould I say, then? - How did I tell you?

I can't do so. - Not like that.

Do you know whyl hopped while saying?

Lfwe hop, wewill have our full concentration in hopping.

Wecan't lie. I kept that style to getthetruth.

Not that. I tell... No. Ready. 3,2,1... start!

My name is Sathya. My dad gave me decision taking right.

I'veto do everything timeby time.

Mymom will always be fearing about my future.

My sister doesn'tknow to changein their vision.

This is my family simply.

Lfwecometo my job matter, my job is just for atimepass.

I forgot to tell about another important character.


I got introducedwith a girl recently only.

I don't know whether that is my luck or bad luck.

This is my simple bio-data.

O.k. There wereno anybad quality.

Let's think tonight. Lfwe feel it good, we are friends from tomorrow.

O. K? See you! - Oh god! My son-in-law!

Come, uncle. - Tell me, boy.

Did you see? I can keep friendship with her.

Can you keep? Yes. -What are all these things, then?

Wegot introduced ourselves. - Enough!

I fear about the news thatl get in home, when I come from office.

Didn't you go to tour? No. Did you miss thetourthinking about risk?

Mybrothertook off my tour money.

Mytour has got cancelled.

This is anormal matter.

Lfhe doesn't take your money, it is abnormal.

You should watch your children's activities.

How do I know about this?

What do you do in home? Can I work hereorwatch them?

He was studying well until 10th class.

Whathappened to him after joining in college?

Why do you ask me? Ask him. I don'tknow.

You'reresponsible. Can I work orthink about him?

I only... See. What did hedo?

I can understand his activity, uncle.

I can'tunderstand your quarrel only.

I don't know why you both lose your control leaving yourson!

What can wedo, dear? We'd scold him orwe'd beat him.

Is thatall? Our son has gonebeyond our control.

Oncehewent out. Webrought him & asked his need.

Whateverwedo. We do it for our children's love.

That's why wearequarreling here withoutknowing the solution.

Heis not a school going boy yettoo, isn't he?

He is a collegestudent. What can I do agrown up boy? Tell me.

You only gavehim freedom. - You shut up.

You only didthemistake. You know abouthim.

Can you keep the money anywhere?

Can't you becareful? - I ask him to drop medaily. But hewon't!

I asked him to takemeto cinema. Hedidn't takeme.

He has got more feeling forthefirst time.

Is it over? You don't feel for anything.

I'll take you to your favorite Hrithik Roshan cinema forthefirst show.

I don't like. -What? - You'recalling your son-in-law without respect.

Should I say as Hrithik son-in-law?

Phone from your house.

Are you fine, dear?

I'm fine, mom. - Are you eating at correct time?

I'm eating correctly. - Is your uncle taking careof you? Yes.

Should I send anymoney? - No need, mom.

Talk to your dad.

How are you? - I'm fine, dad. - I met your principal.

Are you Sathya?

Want to have our teacher's friendship?

She asked us to bring you.

Ma'am! This one... I will seeit. O.k.

Did you see? I gotmoreproblems.

Problems? You aregood. Todayis thefirst day for our friendship.

Can't you understand my problem? Did you understand?

Yes. You? No. - Say as yes teacher.

Kids arebetterthan you. - All arewaiting foryou. I'm coming.

Come. Wait. Comehere.

What did you understand? Tell me yourteacher's problem.

Thatteacher only is H. M now. - H. M?

Our H. M has gonein leave. So shemademyteacher as H.M.

Ifl stay near you for some moredays...

I don't know what will happen for my age!

Seeing you is enough for me. You're very naughty!

Your naughtiness has admired myheart.

Walking with you is enough. Doors ofmyheart will beopened.

I will follow your sweetpath.

You'vechanged me a child, when I moving with you.

Our friendship has blossomed in a short period.

Ifl stay near you for some moredays...

I don't know whatwill happen for my age!

Lfl see your beauty completely, you arelooking like apainting.

Ifl am therenear you, days arepassing fast.

Is this world aplay doll in yourhands?

Timewill move fastby your naughty plays.

I will get relaxation seeing yourhappiness.

I will behappyifl live with you for years.

I will get relaxation seeing yourhappiness.

I will behappyifl live with you for years.

Ifl stay near you for some moredays...

I don't know what will happen for my age!

Lfl see your innocent acts, I forget myself & I will get stunned.

Whatever you do. You feel proudthatas a greatmatter.

All theplaces will bebright if you are present there.

If you commitanymistake, you feel for it likea kid.

You'll respect others feelings. You're likea mobile school for us.

You'll respect others feelings. You're likea mobile school for us.

Ifl stay near you for some moredays...

I don't know what will happen for my age!

Lfl stay near you for some moredays...

I don't know whatwill happen for my age!

I don't know whatwill happen for my age!

610 plans. - Brother! Lfthis comes, will Andhrapeoplego off from here?

Then what? - Can wego if you peoplesend us?

You boy! Whatare you people doing here?

It's time for college. Come.

There's no any job. He calls as brother always.

Who is thebrother?

Whybrother? He is my classmate.

He was a child, when I was playing basketball.

Manybatch ofboys are goingto invite him.

It's agreat shame. Manybatches are going.

Why is hecoming? Why do you ask thereason, boy?

Gunabatch was playing last night. They had afight. Fiight?

This is anormal thing only, isn'tit?

Theyused the hostel for this matter only. -Then?

Acting against theprincipal is risky. Do you know that?

Is brother comingto solvethatproblem only?

Our brother has cometurning his enemies into pieces.

Our brother has cometo solveour problem with grace.

Brother's appearanceis pure liketherosewater.

Brother's words only will be therein our heart.

Our brother's heart is purelikegold.

If our brotherwalks, itis equal to our Government.

Our brothertook birth for us. Weareluckyto havehim here.

Ourbrother has come turning his enemies into pieces.

Our brother has cometo solveour problem with grace.

Brother! That... - I'll comeback. - Are you his new P. A?

Not P.A. P.L. -P. L?

Political learner. -Have you written his meeting scripts?

No needto write for him. He will give his own speech.

Why do you havea book in hand, then? To write his speech.

I'm apolitical learner. - It's O.k.

His previous P. A had a miscommunication with us.

You don't do such mistakes. Becareful.

Our collegestudents areusingthe sports items too likeweapons.

Principal sir! Tell methematter.

I submitted you about the quarrel that happened in hostel yesterday.

You people are not hostel students. Why did you go there, then?

Wewentthere for our combined studies, brother.

We'd not believegirls. They say as theywill do anything for us.

What happened, boy?

You boys! We haveto discuss manythings. Go out & study.

Drink it.

I am telling you guys only. Go out & study.

What were you doing? - Wewere taking notes.

What are you boys doing? - Wearestudying, brother.

Get inside. Inside... Whatever it is, get insidefirst.

Why did you comein again? Radha sir's group camethere. Walk out.

Why did you come out again? Getinside.

They asked you to study outside. - That's it, sir.

Thoseguys sent you insideto study.

They told us. But...

It means... We'dtalk about thecorrect place to study first.

Sir! This matter is there in mymind already.

Principal feels thesethings as weapons. It looks likea cycle chain.

But you this usingthis as abelt in this generation.

You aretelling thatthey use this for violence.

I am tellingthatthey play hockeyhavingthis.

Arethesewatch and nail cutters too weapons?

If you blamethem that they fight with thesethings, is thereanymeaning?

You boy! What do you call that?

Tanjith, brother. -lt's not good forthem to havethesethings.

Look. I have friendship with Malaysian don. It's true.

Ifl don'tlike anybody, he will kill them. It's nottrue.

I can kill or make him to kill others only ifl don'tlikethem.

Principal sirwants to suspend these students.

I want him not to suspendthem.

I am a committee member here.

Thedecision alone is yours, sir.

Weaccept yourwords. Thesolution is not aproblem for us.

It means theproblem is solved, isn't it?

Boys! Whatare you seeing? You take your utensils.

You gave agood lesson today. - Is it? What did you learn?

Tell me anything. - I wrote as arowdynear your name.

What does itmean? Am I supporting therowdism?

I wrotethatrowdism is also necessary for victory.

Good. Are you boys happy. - Thanks, brother.

Where is Radha? Radha and Guna areright oppositein character.

What typeof groups do you peoplemaintain?

Student life. So enjoy it.

Guna! - Brother!

That... No need. I'll manageit. - What, brother? Tell us.

No, boy. Students will get problem becauseofit.

O.k. Let memanageit.

What is hetrying to say? - I can't understand even ifhetells frankly.

Lfhe doesn't tell me... - Nothing, Guna!

M.K. R sir insulted our party president.

We planned protest againstthem. - Forthis only?

How many students do you want? Is our college enough?

Shall I call other colleges also? Our collegeis more than enough.

When, brother? Tomorrow.

M.K. R! Down Down! - Brother! Live long.

Carry on. - Okay brother.

This is his area! Be careful! Wewill takecare ofit. M.K. R! Down down.

You man! Is itready?

Step up in the bikesoon. Let's leave.

Therearemorestudents. Somebody mighthave stimulated them.

Big shots might haveinvolved in this rowdism. Gettheir details.

Comehere. - Why are you peoplequiet?

Students! You come to a side. Rest of thepeople! Come to a side.

Are you a student? - No. - Rowdy?

No. - Neither studentand norrowdy... Who are you, then?

Eye Witness.

Is that you, sir? I will takecare ofit, sir.

Students! You peoplecan leave.

Why? They arestudents. So what? I don't know thereason.

But I'veseen their rowdism in contact.

I can't allow them to go. - Who are you to stop them?

I told as eyewitness. Didn't you see themediapeopleoutside?

What's happeningthere? Some eyewitness... I will come there.

Why did you come for this sillymatter, brother?

This is nota sillymatter. Janardhanan! Are you fine?

Fine, sir.

Why aremyboys there here itself yet too?

That is... Who is this boy. Heis... - Who are you?

Are you asking about brother? - Who are you actually?

Wait, boys. That boy doesn't know about me it seems.

Let me get introduced.

Hello. I'm J. Durga Rao.

I'vecomehere to help them.

Lfyou alonehave come to releaseall these boys...

It means theyhave done everything for you only.

Is this your problem ortheir problem?

What's your problem in this? - What's thelink between you & students?

What's the link of students with this protest?

Look. The matter is clear. They only did it.

My opponent... Theymust punished. Fortheir future... Which future?

Study futureorrowdy future? Burningtheshops & violence.

Is this their future?

Lfyou don't help them, is there any guarantee fortheir life?

They've donemore. They are youngsters. So they did more.

Put your signatureonly forthebail order.

Thecaseis going to come to court. -What boy?


Todayis our party meeting at 6.30 p. M, isn'tit?

Call Guna too. Inside you... Our children havedoneit.

Tell S. I to sendthis case verylateto court.

I learnt manymorethings, sir. - What did you learn?

If anybody opposes us, tackling them with smile is the trick.

You eye witness! You'veacted against M.G. M collegestudents.

So becareful. -I will not come for yourhelp only surely.

Whatever it is, you didn't do right. You don't know them.

If you oppose them only once, they won't think about anything.

That's whyl too didn't think about them.

Whata logic is this? - Let us see.

Why are you so rough? Listen to me. Hear me.

What? I think you arelatetoday.

Weheld theparents meeting program today.

Can you come to myhouse? - No, dear.

Shall wedo athing? What's that? Weboth arestrangers.

Was parents meeting gonewell?

What to say? It's torturing. Kids arebetter.

Then, I managed them saying that I'll takecareoftheir children.

College girl is very smart. - Did you heartheirwords?

What didtheytell? Theytold meas a collegestudent.

You wait! Myhousehas come.

This is thehouse, man. Go & see.

Heis not there, man.

Guna! You come to hostel.

Wewill definitely get him.

Our Prakash, 2nd year studentis staying in theground floor, isn't he?

Yes. Prakash! Tell me.

Uncle! Whereare you? - We are in cafe. - O.k. I'll call you back.

Why so? He never had disconnected the call immediately.

Henever had asked me about my place, man.

Uncle! You taketea. I'll comenow.

You boys! He went there.

Why did you worry about our future in the police station, man?

Are you giving us your message?

I don'tlikemessages generally.

Whatever you want. Get it. I don't mind anything.

What are you doing, boys?

Uncle! Tea is getting cool.

Very good. He didn't suffer only forme.

Whoever may get such scolding in our party. You'll do this.

Did you these for me? Or for your popularity?

Sir! You and party... I am next than you both only.

I'll stop mytrials, when you ask me to stop them.

Why do you say so? Don't I know about you?

Beready to go to Delhi. We'd meet central minister about it. It's good.

Rest ofthe people are strong. - I'll takecare ofthem, sir.

Alright. -Ramana! We'releaving to Delhi becauseof our job.

No problem should arise in this time. Ithas comealready.

What happened? Thatboy, who gave complaint, has beaten our boys.

Where is Guna?

What's your hatred with him? - Nothing, brother.

Wedon't know about him also actually.

I know forwhat he is doing all these. - Why?

Hegot money on that day.

Heis doing all thesethings for that only. - You shut, man.

Heis anew face. Yes, brother. He is new forthis city.

That aloneis true. -Leavehim. I will takecareofhim.

Don't stop us, brother. We won't leavehim.

Did I ask you to leavehim? I ask you to leave him to me.

Boys! Thereis a caseon your guys in the station.

What can we do? Mallesh!

Is that so serious? Hespoiled my mood in the morning itself.

That's whyl gave an anger look.



O.k. Come.

Where? You wantedto takeleave. Whether it is college or convent.

What are you telling?

I justtold for a fun. Lfmy brother comes to know it, that's all.

I won't come. - Will you come or not?

Our H. M is very strict. She won't givemepermission.

Nobody will ask permission to bunk the class.

Am I calling you now? I'll come in theevening.

Am I calling you now? I'll come in theevening.

Do you want to roam with me? Do you want to talk with me?

I want to roam with you freely liketheair.

You only found this enjoyment.

Should not I tell anybody about it?

Let's enjoy forgetting ourworries. Listen to me.

I got this excitement forthe firsttimein mylifeby you.

My soul needs your friendship throughout my lifetime.

Can you tell this excitement as madness?

Can you come with mehappily.

Can you give me your support?

Can you tell this excitement as madness?

Can you come with mehappily.

Can you give me your support?

Do you want to roam with me? Do you want to talk with me?

I want to roam with you freely liketheair.

Can you playwith me for long hours?

Shall we laugh often putting atime table for it?

Wherever you go leaving me. I will never miss you.

I will find you by your lies.

I like your mannerism and style very much.

I can'trefuse you. You are so young and active.

Everybodyincluding kids like you very much.

Show methe whole Telugu city.

Can you tell this excitement as madness?

Can you come with mehappily.

Can you give me your support?

I want to come out with you in all theclimates.

Your heart is very pure like the pure moon.

Whoever may give me trouble. You will protect me.

You arerefusing to go out from myheart, man.

You onlymademeto hear this sweetparrot's astrology.

I gave freedom to this parrot by your help.

You only admire and bear mynaughtiness.

You only aresupporting me in problems.

Can you tell this excitement as madness?

Can you come with mehappily.

Can you give me your support?

Do you want to roam with me? Do you want to talk with me?

I want to roam with you freely liketheair.

Do you want to roam with me? Do you want to talk with me?

I want to roam with you freely liketheair.

Who arethey? - I gavea complaint on them in station.

Did you complaint on thoserowdies?

Be careful. Let's meet later. Bye. O.k.

Brother! Somebody came here & warned mybrother.

I asked you notto oppose them. Did you hear me?

See what happened now.

Theywarned me to send you to your native with your complaint.

It's not good for you to stay here. Go. Leave off.

Yes, boy. They arelooking like very cruel.

Why do you opposethem unnecessarily? Go to Vizak, boy.

Yes, brother. Wegot afraid.

You leaveoff, brother.

You didn't commit any mistake ofwhathappened.

Have you come? I knew already that you would come.

To getback yourcomplaint?

Go offfirst. Wedidn't do any otherwork becauseofthis.

O. K, sir. Sir! Hegot back his complaint.

Brother! It's o.k. Even ifitis 4 days late.

Giveus a call. Our full college will come to Delhi too supporting you.

If you tell anything, I will break yourteeth.

Theman, who gavecomplaint, has cometo college. Come.

What? The man, who gave complaint, has cometo college.

Why did you guys come? For me?

I know that you all tryingto beatme.

Somepeoplewill beat whoeverthey get.

Some people will giveapplause without involving in thefight.

Sorry, boss. I don't havea clarity about thefight now.

Bymistake... Ifl beat anybody, please don't mind anything.

I gotsome clarity now. - You havea greatguts.

Wewarned you to go to your native. Have you cometo our college?

What is your decision? Why did you cometo our college?

Wait, boy. Why can we cometo college? - Why? For studies.

Isn't it? Tell him. Are you talking in front ofus?

What's your problem? You only arrangedthose rowdies, didn't you?

Take your hand, man.

Is that boy beating him or is hebeatingthat boy.

Wait, boys.

You'vejoinedtoday only.

Started on thefirst dayitself? - He asked whyl came to his college.

I told for studies. Hedidn't likethereply & fought with me.

Can you beat him forthat?

Why do you saybeats simply. I'd havecrushed him. But you'vecome.

You boy! Did I beat you?

He tells that I didn't beat him. Why do you ask, sir?

Is thefight new for him? Sir! Let me go to my class, sir.

O.k. Go. All of you go to class.

He has given a great nose cut. Oh God!

Everybody has got defeated. Oh Rama!

Our support is for thenew comer!

Aren't theserowdies enough? Another rowdyhas come.

What? - Nothing.

I don'tknow what your young boy has thought.

You aretellingthatthe problem has got solved.

We are fearing. What's there for him? I only have therisk.

Eatingthis is also arisk. You only cooked it, didn't you?

I only cooked it. You've seen that. So eat ithappily.

Verynice. - Cometo have your Tiffin, man.

Who keptthesystem outside? Internet system should bein thehall.

I didn't understandthis until this boytold me.

Net is useful for everybody.

My studymaterials are there in theinternet only.

I was waiting for it. Thereare colorful sareedisplays also.

You can easily select saree designs, aunt. Thanks.

Why do you give complaint on rowdies? Don't you have sense?

Lfl want to pinch him strongly, heis my friend.

Oh! Have you come? Are you fine?

I didn't see you. So I was fearing about your state.

I've joined in college again. - Have you joined in a college?

Which college? M.G.M. You've told me agood news!

I thought you missed yourlife likeme. You've donerightjob.

Lfyou opposethoserowdies, your students will support you.

Have you joinedthere forthat only. You gota good idea.

You arelooking like a youth now only.

What aboutmytreat, then? - What do you want?

Not now. I will think well and ask you.

You firsthave everybody's friendship in your college.

Did you get any friend? - I got a friend. -ls it?

Did you roam the whole college with him?

That only happened. I've found it. Did you see?

It's myknowledge. You have others friendship also.

I am also in that attempt only.

I am also in that attempt only.

Why cricket players go to pub? Tension, man.

They aregoing to pub to reducetheirtension.

You didn'ttell about that matter. - Don't you know?

A new youngster has come. He went near Guna.

From thatincident hegoes near us.

Raja Ganapathy also did likethat.

Raja sirtold with respect as he is a senior & hecould anything.

Hehad beaten him immediately getting angry.

He kepthis hand on shoulder to beat. To beat?

I thoughthekept his hand friendly.

Thereis a great difference forandthis.

Can I go out? - Why?

If you teach the board, why should we come to class, sir?

To write everything from theboard?

Everything is therein the text book, isn't it?

Sorry for asking the permission, sir.

What are you doing?

This is abasket ball and not a football.

You should not kick it.

Whatare you saying, man?

Don't I know the difference to basket ball & foot ball?

I was a basketball champion for 3 years.

Go & seein thestaffroom. There are many cups & medals.

Heis telling me aboutthe basketball.

Why do you say about pastmatters? What now?

Ex-champion Suresh Kumar, who has pushed the basket ball.

I asked you on the first dayitself. But I left as you'reanew comer.

It's 3 months. What now? I'll takeit. What did you ask her?

I asked her less. But I want to take her fully today.

Why do you ask her that? You proceed, man.

Why are you talking? Radha! Will you agree?

Can you give me? Tell me something.

What are you doing here? - Nothing. -Go.

What's your problem, man?

Hewas doing badthing. Did I tell him anything?

He only started the fight.

Whatwere you doing now? Ragging? It's not even interesting.

I gotirritated seeing it. You. Stop it!

What? Is he your friend?

Why didn't you atleast advice your friend?

As ifa calm type person gets angry, it will be so dangerous...

Whatare you doing? I think his logic is correct.

What can we do now? Wewill gethim again.

Lfpeople like you arethere in college, our parents can bebrave.

I didn't beathim as he misbehavedwith her.

I had beaten him as he fought with me.

Many people are thereto fight forgirls. Mind it.

Wethought likethatseeing you. But we feel thatas correct now.

Wearethegood batch in thecollege.

Whether it is good or bad. I don't likebatches.

I got advancethinking as tolet. I knew it as toiletlater on.

Your advancehas got equalized. Get lost.

3 tea. -Forwhom did you say 3 tea?

Teacher has come. - Has theteacher come?

Has theteacher come?

Sheasked metreat to drink tea in her brother's cafe.

Are you giving treat to her in her brother's cafe?

How bold you are! - I should havethat, uncle.

When you called me, I got happy about youraffection.

Lfheknows this matter, I should go for atreatment.

Forwhom is the third tea? - For your sister. For my sister, brother.

My younger sister. Whereis your sister?

My sisterwill hesitate. I get hertea to her.

Uncle! You toldthat hewould give her.

Why do you tell that you will giveher now?

Did I tell like that too?

What? Your sisteris likemy sister. Where is she? Tell me.

She's there.

What's your idea? Tell me. He is going.

Uncle! You told that yourcousin is a complete Telangana girl.

Yes. Dear. Is thetea enough or do you want snack too?

Teais enough. -Sheis a Telangana girl.

I should becareful now.

Dear! Tea.

You toldthatl don't know about basket ball. Come, man.

We'vemissed him, boys!

Go, man.

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

Qualities we have aremore. Qualities wedon't haveareless.

Why do you lose your qualities that you have?

You man! Why do you lose?

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

You spoiled your studies yourself & threw your books somewhere.

You havecigarettein your fingers & going for movies.

You takeleave forcollege and you do ragging also.

You always watch the road side, Ramesh! Radha! Ramesh!

Yourfuturehas got punctured, Ramesha!

Your fans following is increasing, Ramesha!

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

You always waste yourtime roaming behind that brother.

Lfthat brother tells you anyword, you obey him immediately.

You do bunks and you fire manybusses.

You disturb thepublic and close the shops, Ganesha!

Whatever you do, you will get experience, Ganesha!

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

You've becomelike amaster in teaching bad habits.

You'vegot doctorate in consuming heroines.

You aretaking drugs to increase your influence.

You will giveup liquors only after spoiling your livers. Suresha!

Your health has become very worst, Suresha!

You will go to theheaven very soon, Suresha!

College is great, man. Don'tmakeit dirty.

Is the collegestudent young? Is yourtalentgreat?

You will havecell phone in hands and l-pod in your ears.

Your legs will beon thebike & your eyes will beon the sky.

You will go for parties and you will always betherein pub.

You aredoingwrong things to save your prestige, Prakasha!

There are tears in your parents eyes, Prakasha!

You mix theirtears in your perfume bottle, Prakasha!

Why did he sing, man? He is involving in everything.

Lfanybody beats him, we can be happy.

Think what to do him for thehappened matter.

Is our brothercomingtonight? He might havereachedtheairport.

Let's meet brother tomorrow. Tell about that matter.

Students are waiting outside. I'll meet them & call you later.

What? Are you seeingthat students didn't cometo receive you?

I'vecome. Oh! You don't know thematter, do you?

I'm also a student of thesame collegenow.

You thought that I would go back to mynative.

Or you thought that I would go off from your sight, didn't you?

Those 2 arenot correct for me.

Peoplelike you will get safetybecauseof students.

What do you say. - Therearemany gangs & gang wars in M.G. M college.

If you get any problem, tell me. O. K?

You are smiling keeping another dimension inside.

Did you get that talent by your experience?

According to myknowledgestudents too believe your outer smile.

If you tell me all the best, I will ask you amatter.

I would like to see your original character. -lmpossible.

Brother... - My original character has comeout bymy emotional feeling.

Don't get tensed. I will solveeverything. O. K?

Morning, brother! Guna! Come! Take your seat.

Getthem something to drink. It's O.k. Is your Delhi matter over?

What's special in our college, then?

He didn'tgo, brother. He joined in our college.

Who is that? Theman, who complaint on us.

Is that he? Ramana! Did you hear it?

Theman, who gave complaint on us has joined in their college.

He foughtwith our Raja immediately after joining there.

So you peoplearein the program to set him it means.

I thought in police station that he is innocent.

I didn't think anything in airport. Butl am cautious about him now.

On that dayin tea shop... Tea!

That's nota matter, brother. Wewill handle it.

We areleaving, brother. O. K! Guna! Brother!

Is theregang in your college? Yes, brother! Shall I call everybody?

No need. I'll ask when I need. Brother! On the air port...

I don'tmind. Sorry, brother. I am telling that I don't mind anything.

Bye, brother. O.k.

They've gone, sir. Why are you seeing them yet too?

Ramana! I'd know thecollege matter from now onwards.

Sir! I am coming.

Can I talk to you?

I got stunned seeing you.

If anybody talks against them, theywill turn him into pieces.

But you are controlling them after opposingthem too. How is it?

Have you studied students psychology.

There's a difference to student's psychology & group psychology.

Likehow thereis a leader in each group, thereis a fool in each group.

Other students will nothave a great opinion about him.

Lfthey faceanyfight, that fool onlywill come in front.

Lfwe beat him, he and rest of thestudents too will get stopped.

Saving leadership is important for a leaderthan savingthat fool.

So hewill think abouthis safety. - We've found him.

Which thing do you say as safety. Pills? Or condoms?

What are you both doing herein collegehours?

Ask her. Bhavana! Do you understand my concept?

I don'thave anynecessityto answer such an idiotic people.

In that case cometo Principal.

They will call yourparents. You will answer us at thattime.

Myhousenumber. Giveit to principal & do whatever you want.

They aregoing there. -I don't know how I gotsuch aguts!

It's because ofyou I think. - Wemissed him by you only.

What do you say, man? I told the happened matter.

Is there any great fool than you, man? What did you say.

Started? You've analyzed psychologically aboutthem, haven't you?

Tell me now. Which batch will win in those 2 batches?

According to my guess, those 2 batches will get joined.

Listen to me. He is the only enemy for all ofus.

Why should wefightin us because ofhim?

What do you say now? Let's plan together.

Let's don'tgiveany chanceto him.

Are you joiningwith him? - Don't mock.

Why don't you tell anything? How is your college?

It is like how you told me!

Your brother! - Why do you tell aboutbrother suddenly.

Weboth arestrangers now. O. K?

You'reSathya, aren't you? Why are you here?

Nothing. This is our house.

She's my sister. I'll bring him for thebride seeing function myself.

Go having atea. It's getting late for me.

Why are you hurrying? She's donewhat shesaid.

Why did you quit your job? For college.

Come. - Why didn't you tell mealready?

You boy! He's my father. Greets, sir.

Come & sit.

Dad! His nameis Sathya.

Is it so? Whatare you studying, boy.

Uncle! Wear it. Degree 2nd year, sir.

She's my... He's theson of my Vizak friend.

Hewill come to my caferegularly.

Sathya! Sheis my... Wait. What are you doing?

Mywife. -Greets, ma'am. - Greets.

Why didn't you bring your father & motheralso, brother?

Brother? They are in Vizak, ma'am.

I'm staying with my uncle. Call them also.

Why? You get us tea. Go.

She's atimid character. Lfshesees a new face, shewill talk more.

Haveit. Why all these? Givehim.

Have it. No thanks. Haveit. Dad! Sugar!

Get us the tea first. - I'll send it now itself.

Will you send it? Are you likethis yet too?

Didn't you get ready. Why? O.k. You give them tea.

Why should I give? - I'm telling you, am I not?

You haveto take this. You go.

Why did you keep that? It's dangerous.

Weshould be careful in game & lifealso.

Weshould have guts first & then plan for our safety.

Lfthere is no anymove, there won't beanything.

We'd becareful in life. But we'd not spoil our life forthat.

Tell him. He didn'tsend her to collegetoo for her safety.

Dad! I did everything for her safety only.

Which placeis more safe than college, sir?

Wewill besafe in between friends. Can we get it anywhereelse?

I don't know those. I saw thecollegein my cafe.

I ask her to follow my words. I don'tbother about others opinion.

Happiness or pain. Sathya has won everybody.

Lfthere is any batch in common, that is our batch.

Whereis mytea, man?

I ordered 4 tea. Whereis the4th tea, then?

What, man? Brother! Pleasedon't keep hand.

O.k. What's thematter? - Is there anymatterwith us?

We will cometo the collegein themorning. Wewill taketea.

Wewill sight girls. Lfthey accept, we are lucky. Lfnot, they are lucky.

That's all about us, brother.

If you comehere, half ofthestudents in the collegewill giverespect.

Do you know thebatches plan there? - Should I givethem work?

O.k. Lfthey cometo know my plan, it will beinteresting.

Ifl too see somebody, I will get excited.

You are having friendship. Or you are beating us.

If you get excited means, you areourtype.

You'vetold correctly. O.k. I'll meet you later.

Is there any beautiful girl in our college? Who is that?

Why do you think? See there. Heis admiringthatfigure.

Why did you comehere? Don't you haveconvent?

Why are you tensed?

Shall wesit there?

What happened?

Why are you asking so easily?

Mybrother has come to know about us.

My sister-in-law asked about bride seeing function to brother.

Brother asked me morequestions about ourrelationship.

I lied you as my friend without knowing what to say.

Did you lieas I am yourfriend?

Why do you ask cool? I never lied to my school children too.

I lied to mybrother. I got trembled becauseofit.

Did you lieas I am yourfriend?

You are asking the same question again.

What's this?

Why did I get tensed forthat answer?

Is notthata lie? - What happened now?

You lied him as weare friends.

Is thatall? - My heartis beating fast now too.

You will tell thetruth oneday definitely.

Nobody will findthe appearance oflove.

Nobody's ear will hear the tuneoflove.

Lfwe seetheappearance, itis a wonder.

Lfwehearthetune, itis a wonder.

Lovewill enter in anybody's heart withouttheir knowledge.

Lovers will not find the climatedifference.

But we have fallen in love.

Nobody will findthe appearance oflove.

Nobody's ear will hear the tuneoflove.

Is your soft and cute legs walking?

Arewe feeling this climate as spring?

Am I standing in front ofyou? Check itrubbing me.

Let us hoist our loveflag.

The loveexcitement has got spread in our age.

The lovebell is ringing in our heart.

Don't you know whatto do?

Myhunger gets satisfied by seeing you. It's a peculiar feeling.

Did you everthink ofit? Did you findthis difference this minute?

My sweet heart!

Nobodywill find the appearanceoflove.

Nobody's ear will hearthe tuneoflove.

Lfyou comenear me, my eyes go down.

If you get readyto go, my eyes search you.

There are many changes in me in this shortperiod.

I am telling interesting lies.

I don'tknow any other go.

My mind gets indifferent feeling.

Can you satisfy mylustful thirsty?

Thereis an indifferent feeling in my heart.

It is apoem withoutlyrics.

It's alovablebeat which dwells in our soul.

I am always hearing your song in myheart.

Do you know that?

Nobody will findthe appearance oflove.

Nobody's ear will hear the tuneoflove.

Vizak A.V.M. Collegeprincipal kepta research committee for education system.

He comes to ask me to beamember in that.

Theytoo know that the problem is students and systems.

Sathyatoo has joinedwith these rowdies. He's come forfight.

I don't think likethat.

What, sir? Hespokeinsulting meon that day.

You aretaking lessons interestingly only after that.

I don't know forwhat he is doingthese.

I'veseen a good science in the collegeafter his arrival.

Stop it. Stop it.

You man! I thought him as a hero.

He was a S. S student. They sent out him from the college.

Whoeverwefind. Let's support. P. D post!

Stop it.

You'd do thestrike only after when we refuse your request.

Stop it. You gotpracticed to do strike for each & everymatter.

Stop it. I can't takemy own decision in this matter.

I'll try to getthecommittee decision favorable to you.

How is it, man? - Success, man.


You told groupism as a firing biriyani.

Sathyahad cut the fire, when you'rehungry.

Hai brother! I was proud of our M.G. M college.

I had a feeling that Radha & Guna should get joined.

Ifl see you both likethis, it is nice. I am getting kick, man.

You'veseen this time, brother. We will get postings nexttime.

You peoplearehere. Why is he roaming lonely there?

I will talk to him and come.

Brother! You both stayherewith sports dress. I will comenow.

Come... - Whyis our brother goingto him?

To getwarning. That's it, man. Brother has goneto warn him.

Did you understand likethat? Nobody an save you.

Sathya! I was like you only, when I was a student.

Sameanger& power. I feel like a student now too.

So everybodyis calling meas brother.

I don't know why you alone are not correct for me from thebeginning.

What happened is happened.

If you get any problem in the collegeor outside, tell me.

I havecometo tell you this.

See. He has kept his hand on brother, man.

You told that you'd help me. You're fearing, when I kept my hand.

Did you understand? Weboth aredifferent.

What do you want actually, man?

Nothing great. I want to cut yourconnection with students.

What do you know aboutthem, man?

I know verywell abouttheir mindset.

Old student. If you know that much...

I'm the latest student. What will be my knowledge, then?

Not only about them. I know very well about you too.

There's no any difference between prostitutes and you.

They arebetterthan you in someaspects.

They attract only their customers.

But you attract everybody.

I am not the one, who can get attracted by you.

If you convincemeoutsideagain, I will break your face.

Going to play cricket? No. Whybat? Not to play. It's for use.

He's not got changed. We'vejoined to opposehim from tomorrow.

What are you goingto do from tomorrow?

Radha & weplanned already, brother. Butwedidn't get the chance.

To take a step beforehim means...

I thought hewould fear for me. I didn't expect his opposition.

Not that, brother. Heis doing everything in college campus.

That's whyl joined with Radha to fight with him into thecampus.

Itmeans... Can't you do anything withoutthem?

You man! Are you goingto classes? Yes. Exams are nearing.

Here... Bhavana! Shall we go to class? Did Guna call you?

He asked mecommercenotes. Why did Guna ask?

Sathya! Come! What happened, Sathya?

Let's takehim to hospital. Come.

I am watching from when you came from Vizak.

You arealways fighting with students.

I stopped you. But you joined in thatrowdy college.

Forthis only? Why are you angry on students actually.

I am not angry on students, uncle.

I too was the first class studentin my school life.

Wearecollege students from tomorrow.

I went to college. Thereis a magic in that atmosphere.

I too didn'tknow that I'd fall in thatmagic soon.

I knew that later on.

I got more libertywhen I joined college. I becameaddicted for violence.

Is this his car? Yes. Lfwe suffer, our parents getus bike.

Lfweroam in that for 6 months, weadmiregirls.

Wegot a year pain forthis matter.

Why are you going hitting us by your car?

This is my friend, man.

Sheis our college girl, man.

Do you think that weare waste?

In which carwill you roam now?

Why is he coming with fear? Lecturer?

Why is herunning here? This is his car.

Dark black color only. But the number is...

You idiot! If you burn my car, can you get that girl?

What else do you want yet, man?

Why do you bringthis much of books to collegelike a school boy.

School orcollege... Weshould havebooks to study.

What, man? Will you bring only curd rice daily?

Mango pickletoo is there.

O.k. Lfhead comes, movie. Lftail comes, beach.

Classroom? Let's think of it ifsomething else comes.

Sathya! Principal is calling you.

I didn't eat even a spoon. How did yourdad come to know it?

Not dad. He is the principal for metoo here.

Sit down.

Don't you likeour college? What did that lecturer do, man?

Whyhis car... Did he giveany complaint on me?

Why? Lfl say yes, will you beat him again?

Think about your future. - O. K, sir. Shall I go?

Sit down. I'm talking with you.

Keep quiet, sir. You'll bore us in theclass again.

I won'tlike it. I'm leaving, sir.

Talk afterwards. You areatalented guy.

You havecapacity ofunderstanding & getting good rank.

Be cool. Becalm. It's enough.

I heard it, sir. I don't likeit.

I heard it, sir. I don't likeit.

Lfanybody obeys elders words, heis nota student.

Right or left? Thereis no proper direction for young age.

Do whatever you think as right.

Right or left? Thereis no proper direction for young age.

Do whatever you think as right.

Don'tthink aboutthesympathy and sins in this age.

Measure thewhole world by your feet, man.

Don'tthink aboutthesympathy and sins in this age.

Measure thewhole world by your feet, man.

Ouryouthfulness is the greatplayer.

If anybody sees us, our handsome look will admire them.

Ouryouthfulness is the greatplayer.

If anybody sees us, our handsome look will admire them.

I'm very energetic like abomb. I'll show mytalent to you.

We will see onlythe black board in the classroom.

Wewill attract everybody by ourfunny activities.

Wewon't be bonded in thecollege.

Wewill throw our books to enjoy thelife.

Wewon't tell the reason for our activities to anyone.

We will get theexperience likelessons from our life.

That's whywedon't obey elders words.

Youngsters will not obey others advices.

Wewill feel elders words as bore.

Who can stop elders advices? We haveto becautious.

Our sir is very great in this aspect.

Ouryouthfulness is the greatplayer.

If anybody sees us, our handsome look will admire them.

Weonly will havemorespeed and excitement in thewholeworld.

Welike to win in themightywars.

I wantto print my nameonly in the youthful adventures.

Wewill createproblems daily.

Wewill not botherabout anything in this young age.

Why shouldwe haverelationships knowing everything?

People will givehim respect, who has this powerful talent.

Don't lose your courage and bravery foranybody.

Ouryouthfulness is the greatplayer.

If anybody sees us, our handsome look will admire them.

Ouryouthfulness is the greatplayer.

If anybody sees us, our handsome look will admire them.

Sathya! Whatever I say in college, you feel that as a class.

That's not yourmistake.

I'm aprincipal & you area student there.

This relationship itselfis a critical thing, isn't it?

Let's forget everything for a second.

Let's talk like friends.

Treat meas a friend. Do you have cigarette?

Don't you have? O.k.

Buddy! I want to go to Matinee show.

Do you want to come?

I'll go to Disco tonight. Will you giveme company.

What, sir? Are you getting angry?

I feel funny. You are smokingthis cigarette.

You will get pleasure from it for only 3 minutes.

If you go for Matineeshow, 3 hours.

If you for Disco, for some hours.

If you study well in this age, you will get happiness for lifelong.

You were studying very well in your school time.

Did I do wrongly? I didn't know theseenjoyments atthat time.

What do you think as enjoyment is not areal enjoyment.

No? Forwhat are you taking meclass, then?

It's not a class. Ateacher wishes his studentto begood.

Is my wish about you amistake?

Why are you spoiling mylife for yourwishes?

Did I spoil your life?

What else, then?

I am keep on studying from L.K. G, sir.

I cameto inter. I got littlebit of freedom.

I passed 2 years in thedilemma thinkingthat can I enjoy or not!

There are only 3 years in degree.

I'vedecided to enjoy in these3 years, sir.

I spent my first yearwith half ofenjoyment & half ofyour class.

There are only 2 years yet.

Pleaseleaveme these 2 years atleast.

Lfeverybodythinks likethis, this countrywill get spoiled.

Why should I bother about thecountry, sir?

This is mylife. I can do anything.

Youradviceis enough, sir. Taking class...

We keep exams only after teaching you classes.

But lifeis notlike that.

It will keep theexam first and then teach you lesson.

You should not get that state, man.

Wherever we come. You're the principal and I am yourstudent.

You arekeep on telling your concept.

It's my fate. It's getting late for my matineemovie.

Sir! You studied very well, didn't you?

But our countryhas not become good.

Didn't ourson come home yet? - No, dear.

How did you enjoy in pub? It's very good, Sathya.

Go and tell this to your dad first.

From where do you come?

Wewent to beach, dad. You're roaming with them morenow a days.

Are they forcing you?

Lfitis so, tell me. - No, dad.

Ifl refuseto go, they will disturb mealot.

Ifl go rarely, I can study with any disturbance, can'tl?

I will study now too. Although... What, dear?

You areangry on somebody. But you'reshowing that on him.

Go & take your food.

It's many days sincel had it, man.

Principal has arranged disco in college. -Disco in college?

Notthat disco, man. Discipline committee.

Come, boys.

Somestudents are coming to this college fortheir enjoyments.

It's about us only.

Thereis a chance forthecorruption of therest ofthe students bythis.

This disciplinary action committeeis there to take action on such boys.

What's a college? It's atraining place that decides thecountry's fate.

Countryis getting created by students character here.

According to a survey... In 2020...

In India...

lfthese students get corrected, how will be our country.

Think in which style it will be!

But ifl seethis generation students, I don't think so.

I getafraid. I am thinking how to correct them!

Can I tell something?


What is thetopic now? Disco meeting?

Our principal has spoken very well.

About thecollege & us.

Butwearenot comingto college foronly studies.

Lfit's only for studies, why don't westudyin correspondence course?

Why shouldwecome to college forthat?

Wegetsome friends. Weshare our privacy feelings with them.

We develop our general knowledge.

Weareenjoying in class. But only onematter is true, sir.

Honeststudents won't havea general knowledgeequal to enjoying guys.

There's a boy for example. He will bestudying always.

Bujji! Get up.

Lfwedrop you in Jagadamba centre, by which bus you will go home?

Did you understand about their parents guidance?

You starve for your students to getranks.

Parents starve fortheir children to getranks.

16% of students per day commit suicide without satisfying their parents needs.

In thelast 3 years 16000 students committed suicide.

Incidents about youth's suicide matter are there in this.

An engineering student committed suicidein Kadapa.

Guntur student committed suicide without getting a medical college seat.

P. G student committed suicide in Nagarjuna University.

In Vizak residential school, a student committed suicide.

Lfthey don't get ranks, you think they areuseless.

You torture youths if you don't get percentage.

Seethis letter in which a youth wrote about his feelings.

I closemy eyes as I can't fulfill your dreams.

That student committed suicide writing likethis.

Lfit gets continued, not only 50% for 2020... 20 students too won't be there.

All thesuccessful people arenotrankers in the world.

Grahambel, who found the telephone.

Edison, who found thebulb.

Charles, who found outthecomputer.

Einstein, who found outthecurrent.

Tagore, mother Teresa & Subash Chandra Bosearenotrankers, sir.

But theybecame successful in life.

Whyis... They didn't get forced to do anything.

You'd not teach how to get marks in exams for students.

Teach them the subject, sir.

Teach them how to getknowledge, sir.

We'restudying old Syllabus. World is chaining daily.

How can wego out with this education system?

If collegeis thepreparatory center, students areonly slaves here.

You have to change your teaching education systems.

Why do you blamethestudents leavingthesethings, sir?

Change your procedures first, sir. Students will get changed.

Many books arethere to bring interest for kids on education.

Did anyonewrite anybook analyzing a college students interest?

Work sincerelywithoutteaching class foran eye-wash.

Students will get changed.

You peopleget changed first. Students will get changed automatically.

If you peopledon't respect our requests...

Who will think to get changed?


I am telling you, am I not?

I know your talent, man.

If you focus that in a correct mode, you will seewonders, man.

I readthat paper hearing about your meeting matter.

Listen to me! - I won't hear you.

If you get thesethoughts to make yoursidestrong... are spoiling yourself.

You are different. Givea positive turn. Its enough.

They aretorturing & making me tensed always, men.

Weshould do anything for urgency.

Sathya! What, man? Participatein bikerace.

Cometo prove ourselves, men...

You arespoiling yourself.

You are different. Givea positive turn. Its enough.

I know yourtalent, man.

If you focus that in a correct mode, you will seewonders, man.

But lifeis notlike that. It keeps exam & then teaches you.

You arespoiling yourself.

You are different. Givea positive turn. Its enough.

Wait, man.

Bring out slowly. Bujji! It has happened, dear.

Givethis money to theAmbulance.

Be careful. Thereonly. Sir! I'm Chemistrylecturer Subba Rao.

Subba Rao! Are you fine?

It has happened, dear.

It's o.k. Did you givemoney to ambulance? I'vegiven it.

Why didn't you shower water here?

See how heis lying!

You dear! Keep those books near him.

Keep near his head. Hewill study now.

He will get up and study. Keep thosethere itself.

Here your books. I asked if you have any problem, tell me, son.

He said nothing. He said hewouldtell meif so.

Hetoldthathewould come back soon. My son has gone.


Sit down, boy.

I didn't think that it would happen. It happened accidentally.

What happened is happened. Its not your mistake.

Its not mymistake. But Bujji... - It's not your mistake.

It's notmymistake. - It's not your mistake.

It's notmymistake. - It's not your mistake.

It's notmymistake. - It's not your mistake.

It's not mymistake, sir.

Nobody punished, when such a great mistakehappened by me.

Everybodyincluding my dadtoo forgave me.

Whyis... As I am a collegestudent and for my future only...

I was the cause ofa great death.

Thatbecame agreat lesson for me.

I hated myself.

I came from that college bymy guilty feeling.

Why collegeonly? I didn'twant to stayin that city also.

Ifl comehere, there are 100's and 1000's ofboys like me.

Families ofrowdy boys like mearegetting suffered.

A girl is not goingto college becauseofrowdyboys likeme.

I got angrywhile seeing them.

But that was my anger on myself.

I wantedto punish them. Butl don't havethat eligibility.

I tried to avoidthat. But I could not do so.

Is the affection ofparents on children amistake?

I can't do anything. Society too can't do anything.

Is my patienceamistake? I tried to control thetotal system.

They got twisted more. Student ego.

I got afraid about the country forthefirst time.

I remembered my principal's words as helikes me very much.

I should do something. I don't know whatto do!

I thought aboutthe starting placeoftheproblem.

The problem is not there in thecollege. It's therein theage.

Ageonly confuses all ofus.

Is gatheringthis age group students together a college's mistake?

People likeJ. D will takebirth until students are likethis.

Thechange should not comein parents and people likeJ.D.

In students only. But lfl tell them, theywon't hearme.

They should think & know about themselves automatically.

Student ego is theonly causethat I found atthattime.

Lfwestimulatetheir ego, students will do anything.

That's whyl joined in that college.

I wanted to removethat ego. I thought whyl am doing these.

Lfnot everybody... If someboys like me think about this, it is enough.

I am not angry on students, uncle.

Happiness. Nobody elseshould get thelesson that I got in mylife.

You both should go as state's youth leader.

Thereareno anyremark on you both in theparty.

Delhi peoplearegoing to inspect our state.

You both should arrangea rally with your supporters on that day.

Theywill decidethewinner according to your group strength.

Students didthesethings. - Did doctortell you to eat all?

You bring your cooking. Hewill go offpermanently.

He asked him to eat only hotel food & not home food.

What, dear? How did you get hits?

What happened, boy? - Nothing, mom.

What, dear? - Nothing, sister. Hemet an accident.

Accident? How did it happen?

A lorry driver had hit us, when weweregoing bybike.

Lfit is accident, you are alright, aren't you?

Sister! Hewas ridingthebike. I was sitting in back seat.

You should not sit in front seat henceforth, dear.

Ask your uncleto sit in front seat and you sit in back seat.

How accident?

Who is this girl?

Collegestudent. Both are studying in thesamecollege.

Heis the patient.

Brother! O. K, brother!

Why did you get stopped without stopping students?

Hehas cometo stop them.

P.D. Comehere. You told that you go from college.

We'veselected P.D. -I think the posting is not yet confirmed.

Why should itget confirmed yet? College committee has agreed it.

Therearemoredifferencein between pastand futurematters.

You toldthat you would playthegamewith me.

Is he P. D, who should teach all ofthem?

Thatwon't takeplace. But...

I think you peopleare going for an urgent matter.

You peoplego! You wait, man.

Can you win now? Man! Wearein full form now.

Wewill win in the game surely. Weareready forthegame. Bet?

Yourwish. Ifl fail, you can do meanything. I don't mind.

What? Can we do you anything?

Bet is very good. Lfyou people fail, your P. D post will go.

Therewon'tbefightin the college. O. K? - All ofyou come.

Why do you keep bet now? It's getting late for rally there.

Game timeis 40 minutes. Call up brother & tell as we'd come 1 hour late.

We won't get such a chance again & again. Bet is great.

Come. Listen to me. Brother will bewaitingthere, man.

Thereis a wonder in M.G. M college.

S. S team cometo ground. Let us see who is going to win!

Gamehas got started. Let's see who is going to get theball.

He is going. Going. Sathya has come back! Sathya!

Sathyahas left the ball. S. S team is handlingtheball.

S. S is movingtowards the basket. S. S is there in form.

S. S is there in thepeak.

S. S has won thegame.

Let's got the chance. Come. Match is over. Wheredo you go yet?

We'vewon thegame. We'vewon already, man.

Whywas hein hospital? Weonly had beaten him.

I too had beaten him, man.

Lfithappened secretly, it won'tbeinteresting.

That should happen herefirst. Yes.

Come, boys. Brother is waitingthere.

It's getting late for rally. Come, boys.

Were weworking for brother's party?

Weworked as we had enjoyment there.

Lfwehave moreenjoymentthan that, why should go out, Guna?

Come, boys.

I'll insult you today in front of everybody. Your story is over.

Why did you stop, man?

How can I beat him ifhesmiles?

You hurt him as I moveclosely with Sathya, don't you?

How were you herebefore? How are you now?

If you hurt with cigaretteor acid, you'renota lover. Sadist.

How elsecan boys admiregirls heart, then?

Why are you giving lecture? Just shut up. Go, girl.

I will talk to you later.

Whereare you going? Guna! Lts not good for him to go now.

Where did hego now? Hewentto brother's place.

I am telling that only as risk and wrong.

Heis talking funny. Is going to brother's place arisk?

Brother! M.G. M collegedidn't comeby Sathyalike magic man.

If M.G. M collegedoesn't come, rest ofthecollege won't come.

Am I right? He is doing many things in the nameofgame, brother.

Heis magic man. Wedidn't understand his activities, brother.

Who is your brother, man? - Listen to me, please.

Why. Do you feel pain? - O.k. Leavemetoday.

Tomorrow is yourwish. -Why. Will you go with T. C tomorrow?

My efforts ofthis year should not be missed in lastminute.

Man! There is no any remark on Harish it seems.

His body should be founded therein Harish's compound.

I will bring thestudents.

Don't feel thatheis smiling. He will worrynow.

Lfyou go out, wewill kill you. - Don't you understand me?

Wait, man.

You should think about these things beforebettingwith us.

You'd not run off. He doesn't run.

You peoplethink that we'vewon in this match.

But thehappened matter is different.

Heonly made us to win wontedly.

Not only that. Hetold that brother is dangerous.

Thatalso is true.

I knew very well about brother, boys.

Hetaughtmedrugs as I became a champion in basketball.

I lost everything bythat. I lostmy studies & didn't know what to do.

Do you know why I don'tgo out ofthis campus?

Lfmy friends asks aboutmy profession, I fear what to reply them.

I realized mymistakes onlybecauseofhim.

Listen to him. Don't spoil your lifelikeme.

Listen to him. Follow him.

What should we do now? You tell us.

Are you playingwith him leaving rallythere?

Where is Guna? Guna!

He came to you only. Hehas gonesomewhere.

Brother! You toldthat you would manythings in rally.

Come to rally first.

Boys! Cometo rally first.

What happened? Guna!

Whathappened? Tell us.

Who has done it? - Brother only ordered his men to kill me.

Stop it!

Whatever happens here. Nobody should come in front.

TakeGunato hospital.

I will seehis matter. Go.

I thought no any student should get hurt. But it has happened.

I'm in politics. I thoughtit would be o. K ifl kill him.

It wentwrongly. You wantedto seemy original character.

Seethatnow, man.

Take your seat. I like your idea verymuch.

There's afight outside. Sathya. Hecame from your collegeonly.

Heis now too... I too worried seeing behaviorfirst.

I understood his good aim later on. -What did hedo?

Hehas changed thecollege atmosphere.

Lfwewantto tell abouthim... Sir!

It has got missed. It will not be missed.

You don't know abouthim.

Why did you come here, sir?

I'vecome for sir. How are you?

What's there for me? Full happy. I'vebeaten a man just now.

You didn'tget changed. - Why should I change, sir?

You know about me, don't you? Full enjoy, sir.

You didn'tget changed. - I didn'tget changed, sir.

You didn'tget changed. - I didn'tget changed, sir.

You didn'tget changed. - I didn'tget changed, sir.

I thought changing you aloneis enough.

But you havechanged this much ofboys coming here!

I am happythinking that I gotback my son.


How much, brother? Bye, brother!

Greets, Harshad Bai!

Bye, brother!

Girl! Going to convent? - No. To college.

I am yourjunior. I've joined today only.

Your name? - Vidya!

It's a students college. Students aretherehere.

This honesty will not be seen in any othercolleges.

Wehavekeep everybody's friendship. That is our specialty.

We have to study happily, friend.

Wecan enjoyif we get any gap.

Lfthereis any problem in their college, we can changeSathya.

Are you feeling that Sathya has changed ourcollege?

We didn't change. Hehas changed us.

This is agood place in the world.

Child! You enjoy well here.

It's a students college. - New cinemahas got released.

Let's go. Why shouldwe go to cinemain class time?

Do you havesense? It's a week since I attendedtheclass regularly.

Is thereany rule to go to film once for a week? - O.k. Come.

Wecan enjoyif we get any gap.

This is abest place for enjoyment & degrees.

Child! You enjoy well here.

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