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Lucid Motors Stock 2025 Predictions | Will it Happen?

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Today we are going to talk about Lucid Motors Stock. Lucid Motors is one of the newest names

in manufacturing luxury EV cars. It is competing with well-established brands, including Tesla,

in the EV vehicle industry.

Lucid Motors went public on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LCID on July 26, after merging

with Churchill Capital IV (CCIV). According to the announcement made by the company, it

will be delivering its first EV vehicle in late 2021.

After the merger, various news regarding LCID Stock is going on, leading to questions like

Is Lucid Motors Stock a good long-term investment? or Will Lucid Motors give

a profitable return after five years? and so on. In this video, we will talk about our

predictions for Lucid Motors Stock and analyze its performance.

Lucid Motors Performance After Merging with SPAC

It is worth noting that Lucids stocks have gained much attention since the beginning

of the year. However, the price of this stock is pretty volatile. Before the merger with

CCIV, Lucids stock hit $60 but lately, it is just near $20.

As soon as the rumours of the merger went public, the stock dived from $10 to $64, which

is a 540% hike. Nevertheless, it fell back to the $20 range a few months later, giving

it a bearish trend.

Later, after new shares were released from the lockup, on August 31, LCID dropped from

$19 to $16 in just one day. As a result of this fall, investors could only take home

a few bucks of profit per share.

Although the current price of LCID is around $20, it is anticipated that it can reach new

heights if the company manages to achieve a few milestones. Also, if this happens, investing

in Lucid Stocks for the long term will be a clever move.

Lucid Motors Sales Target

Lucids EV car, the Lucid Air, is expected to roll out in late 2021. This car will beat

the Tesla Model S and R1T in terms of battery efficiency. Lucid is also planning to launch

its luxury SUV by 2023.

Lucid reveals that it has received 11,000 reservations for Lucid Air till July end.

It aims to deliver 42,000 Lucid Airs by 2025. Besides, it targets to deliver 135,000 SUV

cars in total by 2025. However, the progress is questionable since Lucid Air is still in

the production phase, and the SUV production has not yet begun.

Comparatively, the sales target of Lucid Motors is less than its competitor, Tesla, which

has delivered 206,421 EV motors within the second quarter of this year.

As per the companys forecast, Lucid strives to earn 97 million dollars in revenue in 2021,

assuming that it will sell nearly a thousand motors. The growth is anticipated to lift

in the next four to five years. If it happens as expected, Lucid will make a constant gross

profit of 22 per cent on average.

Lucid Motors Stock Prediction 2025

Unlike the majority of the EV companies that claim to be Tesla Killers without having a

single product in hand, Lucid has a product, which is its Lucid Air EV car. Lucid has also

gained a lot of attention from the public and investors due to its products.

However, the company has not yet delivered a single EV car to its customers. It planned

to roll out the first Lucid Air in 2021, but the production was delayed. Thats why despite

being in September, we havent seen Lucid Air on the road.

Lucid Motors has declared a Production Preview Week, starting September 27. During this time,

selected visitors will get to test drive the first luxury car by Lucid Motors, Lucid Air,

and take a tour of the factory. This declaration proves that Lucid is way more transparent

than other companies, and we will get to know more about the vehicle.

Lucid Motors anticipates getting cars on the road by 2022 and a revenue of more than $2

billion till then. In the coming five years, the company aims to sell 36,000 Lucid Air

and 12,000 SUVs. Lucid has predicted that the SUV will make up over 60% of the total

deliveries by 2026.

The plan is to build its market by providing economical vehicles and eventually expand

the top line in the coming years. It aims to be on the profitable end by 2023. Lucid

intends to gain revenues of $14 billion in 2025. The expected EBITDA in 2025 is also

expected to soar up to $1.7 billion in 2025.

Presently, Lucids market cap is nearly $32.7 billion. So, if Lucid achieves its targets,

it would be 2.3 times the price to sales and 19.2 times the price to EBITDA, which is a

much higher number than that of Tesla.

Will Lucid Challenge Tesla?

It is no secret that Lucid will be challenging Tesla and other brands entering the EV industry.

However, there is still no surety of how this will happen within the coming five years.

As quoted earlier, Lucid plans to roll out its first car in 2022 and get about 20,000

vehicles on the road by the end of the year. This will help the company generate around

$2.2 billion in revenue. We all know Tesla is dominating the EV vehicle industry. When

Tesla traded publicly for the first time in 2010, it delivered 1500 vehicles in the first


What makes a difference between these two companys figures is that Tesla made its

debut 11 years ago. Considering the growth rate in the EV industry, we can expect that

Lucids entry will disbalance Teslas market share.

As the company claims, Lucid is endeavouring to take 0.6% of the Global EV market share

next year. If Lucid successfully achieves its target in the Global EV market share,

the Lucid Air will beat Tesla S.

Are Lucids Prospects Valid?

Considering the predictions of the management, it seems that Lucids journey in the coming

five years will be interesting. However, that doesnt mean that investors should purchase

more Lucid stocks.

Although the claims of the company are promising, we cannot ignore the fact that there will

be more competition in the market over the next few years. Many companies are shifting

to the EV vehicle industry. As a result of this, Lucid might have to cross several hurdles

to reach its targets.

Besides, Lucid has made 30% of its projections on the models that are yet to be announced.

So, it is hard to believe whether the company will meet its prospects in five years.

Lucid Stock Latest News

Lucid merged with the blank-check company CCIV in July, and the shareholders of Lucid

Motors approved the merger. This led to a hike in Lucid stock prices.

On September 9, the Citigroup analyst gave a buy recommendation for Lucid Motors Stock,

stating that it would go up to $28. Soon after Citigroups rating went public, CFRA also

indicated a buy for Lucid with a target price of $25.

On September 1, the lockup period for private investment in public equity investors terminated.

This termination permitted investors to sell shares, which resulted in a fall of about


Why Invest in Lucid Motors Stock

Throughout the video, we have been talking about Lucids stock and its predictions.

However, it is interesting to know that the team at Lucid is equally dedicated to producing

top-notch EV vehicles.

Lucids CEO, Mr Rawlinson, was the vice president of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla.

Additionally, the vice president of design, Mr Jenkins, and vice president of manufacturing,

Peter Hochholdinger, at Lucid are also well-versed in building cars. That indicates that the

team at Lucid knows how to manufacture and sell EV cars. So, it is going to be a good

competitor for Tesla.

Further, Lucid Air will be rolling out in four different versions, of which the Dream

version will be the high-end model. The car will be a close rival to Teslas high-end

electric cars since it is much more efficient in terms of battery power.

The car will be launched in late 2021. Still, its worth marking that Lucid has not yet

sold a single car, despite having 11,000 reservations. Also, its SUV is yet to go to the production

line. So, it is questionable how long it will take for Lucid to be profitable.

Currently, Lucid stock is one-third more than its current price, which is a good deal. If

you are willing to take a little risk, it is worth it to invest in Lucid.

Contrarily, if you are looking for a short-term investment, you will have to be extremely

careful. You will have to drop out as soon as you seek a sign of witness to stay on the

profitable side.

Thats it, guys. Weve reached the end of the video. Hopefully, youve got your

answer on how far Lucid Motors Stock will go. Please note that this video is not financial

advice. We are only sharing our predictions. Make sure to do your research before investing

in any stock.

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