Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2020 SafeWork NSW Awards - Outstanding Large Business (Regional) - SEE Civil Pty Ltd

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So it was a challenge initially to to get our workers

from Queensland to New South Wales

and back to Queensland.

With COVID-19 the biggest risk for us is obviously

business continuity with most businesses and people welfare.

So we've really focused on trying to keep our

business running but also trying to keep people safe.

We don't have the luxury with other businesses

where we can work from home.

Obviously we've got a core office crew that have

the flexibility where we can have them working

from home but we can't build our construction

sites from home.

So we've had to make sure that we do everything

we can on our construction sites to make sure that our

employees can stay at work.

In most instances we'll try and avoid close contact

or you know swapping people on machines

so we keep one person on one machine when when we've got

guys working in close proximity and it just

can't be avoided, so pipe laying, steel fixing,

things like that.

We ensure that they're wearing a mask.

And keeping our subcontractors safe,

that's been another big challenge.

Is we may have,

different subcontractors turning up to our

sites every day.

We get majority of our information

from the government bodies.

Also our industry bodies and SafeWork New South Wales

and they've been really reliable sources to keep

us up to date on COVID-19.

We have a COVID Working Group now

who meet on a regular basis.

So the purpose of that group is really to get

together and ensure that,

we are setting the standards for our business and we're

making sure that the whole business is aware

of what's required.

We communicate this to our project staff

who then communicate this via pre-starts

and toolboxes to the workforce.

We've really learnt that consultation

with the workers is key and that you have to ask

everyone what they're feeling

what they're thinking at the time.

They've come up with some great ideas and it really just

keeps them motivated and keeps them engaged in the process.

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