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Please be seated.

Hello, Your Honor.

This is the case of Wiggins v. Davis.

Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone.

AUDIENCE: Good day.

JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wiggins, you are here in court

to prove that you are not the father

of Ms. Davis' child, Aubree Wiggins

and say today's results

will change your life, is that correct?

Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Davis, you claim that Mr. Wiggins knows

he's the father of your child and is trying to deny her

because he already has three children

and doesn't want to step up

and be a father, is that correct?

Yes, Your Honor.

why do you say today's results

will change your life?

As a result of being alleged

the father of Aubree, I lost my wife

and I wanna regain my family.

You lost your family?

You were married at the time? Explain.

Yes, Your Honor, I was married,

um, and me and my wife went through a separation

due to a rough patch.

Due to my separation, you know,

I became a little "antsy,"

I guess, for lack of better terms.

Ms. Davis was working for a family member of mine

and I'd seen her.

Um, and she was looking good

and she was walking up some stairs

and she had on some really tight pants.


And, uh, so I approached her.

It was never supposed to be any type...

Anything else more than just sex.

JUDGE LAKE: But you didn't use protection?

We was together for almost two-years-and-a-half.

We was never together.

Almost two-and-a-half years?

SHANTRELL: Yes, ma'am.

I was married, Your Honor. I mean...

Yeah, married but...

It just, you know, it kind of went longer

than it should have.

But your hope is that if you can prove

that Aubree is not your biological child

that you can convince your ex-wife

which is, you know, the woman...

I guess she left because of the situation?

Yes, ma'am.

That you wanna try to put the family back together.

Yes, Your Honor.

So the stakes are high, very high here.

EUGENE: They are.

JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Davis, you ended up

starting a relationship with a married man.

He was separated at the time.


in a relationship?

I knew I was in a relationship.

JUDGE LAKE: You did?

For two-and-a-half years we was together.

I was telling her what I felt I needed

to tell her to ultimately get what I wanted.


SHANTRELL: Obviously, you have.

And you might've gotten more than you bargained for, right?

Right, he did, a child.

And so, why did you think you were in a relationship, Ms. Davis?

He stated that multiple times.

Was he telling you there was gonna be a future?


He wanted to marry me.

He wanted to get a divorce from his wife.

No, Your Honor.

No, Your Honor.

Were you still trying to work it out

with your wife while

you were sleeping with Ms. Davis?

I was. Why... (STUTTERS) That's also the reason

why I have a child that's two months

younger with my wife.

They were pregnant at the same time,

your wife and your mistress.



Our children...

Ms. Davis was pregnant?

Um, so she kind of told people.

And then I asked her to let me tell my wife.

And of course, 'cause she wanted my wife

out of the picture, because she did want more.

You're right, I wanted more because you...

That's what you presented.

And I was good to her.

I mean, because ultimately I was trying to get

something out of her. So I did what I had to do,

I felt I needed to do.

SHANTRELL: Like, two-and-a-half years,

how we're not together?

Things happen or said in the bedroom

that may not always be.


But it was never... I mean, and it wasn't...

Well, are you speaking a word this afternoon?

EUGENE: I'm not saying...

Uh, so basically, you're admitting

that you were just lying?

EUGENE: I wasn't lying...

Your Honor...

now, don't try to clean it up now.

You said, you did what you had to do

to get what you wanted.

EUGENE: No, I... Well, I did say that, Your Honor.

You were a married man.

You're sleeping with this girl,

you approached her, pursued her.

Got into a two-and-a-half-year...

EUGENE: It was not two-and-a-half years.

I mean, she... We did sleep around for months,

but it wasn't two-and-a-half years.

Two-and-a-half years, and you said...

How did your wife find out?

Ms. Davis told her that she was pregnant

and that she wasn't going anywhere.

She inboxed her on Facebook

which caused a lot of havoc in my life

as opposed to let... Allowing me...

You wasn't... You wasn't gonna be a man.

Uh, did it cause the havoc

or did you cause the havoc?

SHANTRELL: He did because... Right.


EUGENE: Ms. Davis immediately was like,

"What... It doesn't matter what nobody else think."

"Oh, I ain't going nowhere,"

'Cause you lie down with me.

You know, there was this disposition that,

"I've, I've got you now. I've got you now."

And that's the demeanor I felt she had.

It's like, "Oh," You know, "Ching, ching,

"I've cashed in."

When you say he as with you, what do you mean?

We started dating and going out.

Um, Valentine's day, that's when I believe

I conceived Aubree.

We went to a room and we had fun.

He, on the other hand, decides that...


and he found a little statement

about me and a guy talking.

than that, Your Honor. Let's, back it up a little.

Yes, we did intend to plan

Valentine's Day together.

However, prior to us going to the hotel,

we got into a bit of an altercation.

I don't remember the exact details.

And my family member's seen her

being picked up by another guy.

That was my cousin...

However, it's a coincidence

that while we were at the hotel,

she happen to be taking a shower

and I think I was using her tablet for something.

SHANTRELL: My phone.

And this guy inboxes about

meeting her again and she's telling him,

"Oh, I need some more loving."

So to me, saying more means

that's it's already happened.

Um, and so, we did not end up

having a Valentine's Day celebration

because of course, I was upset.

How are you upset if you weren't

in a relationship with her?

EUGENE: Well, because...



JUDGE LAKE: Just asking.

EUGENE: That's true. I mean, I think more so,

it was because of just lying...

I mean, you know Shantrell was telling me, Ms. Davis,

that she was not with anybody else.

So that's what led me to believe.

I never slept with anybody.

We are at this hotel, I had went all out for her

in hopes that I would have a great ending that night.

And so, it pisses me off to see her...

This guy saying he wanted to have...

And so now, I waste all this money.

And then you're telling me, "Okay,"

That, you know, "I have a baby by you,"

When you're sleeping with another guy.

That's what make me mad.

So, and that is part of what your doubt

is as well because after you saw those messages,

then you said, "Well, maybe she isn't just sleeping with me."

Did you have doubt when she initially

told you she was pregnant?


EUGENE: I have a few doubts.

Um, I think more so the birth certificate you know.

I wasn't at... I was at the hospital.

You were?

not when the birth certificate was signed.

Your Honor, I have... I can show you.

Is this the exhibit you brought today?

EUGENE: It is.

to the exhibit.

Your Honor, I'm no Einstein or anything,

but I'm educated enough to know my own birthdate.

This is the birth certificate.

Apparently, she knew my name.

This is the birth... The birth date that's listed

on Aubree's birth certificate.

My birthday is November, the 9th, 1990.

The one you wrote.

But this says 11/11/1990.

And you wrote it.

And also, in the state of Florida

um, because I was married, I wasn't just supposed

to go on her birth certificate.

There was supposed to be a paternity established.

I did not. I believe that there was,

um, you know, she knew the young lady

because when I got the phone call

that they needed my information.

There was a lot of laughing

and calling each other by first name

as if there was some type of relationship.

Like they may have knew each other.


And so, that's what...


He signed the birth certificate on his own.

He was there.

So it is your belief that someone put your name on there

and then got your birthdate wrong,

put it on there as well. That they wrote it in.

Absolutely. That is my belief.

Well, you don't forget your birthday.

You never signed an affidavit

or acknowledgement of any kind?

I wasn't there, Your Honor.

It was a phone call asking for my information.

What information were they asking you for?

Your name and your birthday?

my social, where I was born, the like information.


All right. You may step back over to the podium.

This is, uh, interesting.

So, Ms. Davis, did you know the young woman

in the hospital? Were you all friends?

SHANTRELL: No, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: You say, what, this birthday issue

is just a typo?

SHANTRELL: It's that he wrote.

he wrote his wrong birthday on purpose?

SHANTRELL: Right, and... Because...

What? No, Your Honor.

When I seen it, when we got the birth certificate,

I let him know that he... Whatever he signed,

he signed it wrong.

He was supposed to go get it fixed.

Before we even conceived, you, you...

That's all you asked for was a baby,

was another baby... Was another baby.

I have two children, Your Honor,

I didn't need any more children.

He wanted me because of my body

and he wanted a baby

for me who kicked me.

Yes. Yes, you did.

Oh, my goodness.

So you're saying now, he's,

he's a married man and he's asking you

to have his child?

From day one since he met me.

If he was and you did,

then why isn't he with you?

Why does he want to get his wife back?

(STUTTERING) I have no idea.

I mean, from my under...

that kind of went a little too long.

Two-and-a-half years, I don't understand a thing.

What I'm saying is how did this all go wrong?

EUGENE: I went back to my wife.

That's how it all went wrong.

Along with Ms. Davis

not being able to be with one person.

He went back to his wife when he found out

about the Facebook.

JUDGE LAKE: Ah, got it. Got it.

That's the only reason why...

to his wife, told her you were pregnant...

You're pregnant or did you already have the baby then?

No, I was pregnant then.

JUDGE LAKE: You were pregnant?

Then he decided to go back to his wife

and that's when everything fell apart?


has he been there for Aubree?

At the beginning he was,

but now for instance,

he wants to find out about Aubree, no.

EUGENE: I have been there, Your Honor.

One of the reasons I wanted to put to an end to this,

when we were getting arguments, "It's my child,

"don't worry about her. You ain't got to worry about her."

Because I have been doing it all along.

She hasn't.

by myself, so why not?

And when we get into it, he steps away.

No, when, when we get into it,

I'm not going to argue with her and bicker

and fight because over the little semantics,

the things that doesn't make any sense,

if I'm trying to be there regardless and it relates to Aubree...

So you're spending time with Aubree?

SHANTRELL: No. He doesn't.

EUGENE: I was in the beginning.

In the beginning?

But now she's almost two years old.


And I do see... I mean, I see her occasionally.

It was more so because of the things

that she was saying, "This ain't your child.

"You ain't got to worry about her."

I never told you that.

EUGENE: She did, in the heat of an argument but she said it.

All right, now. So what about the child

you have that's very close in age...

...with your wife... Your ex-wife?

Are you very active in that child life?

EUGENE: I have custody now.

SHANTRELL: They look identical.

They don't.

JUDGE LAKE: You're saying Aubree and that baby, the one's...

That they looked identical?

They mistaken Aubree for her at times.

They look identical to each other.

Good. And so, with Aubree,

why is it you fell off then?

You said in the beginning you were very active

and then...

I mean, it was new and because, again,

I'm not trying to run away from our responsibility.

Me "falling off" was Ms. Davis saying,

you know, "You ain't got to worry about her,"

You know, when we get heated, "This ain't your child,"

Not let me get her because...

She said it's not your child?

EUGENE: Because I didn't want to be with her,

not let me get her.

I probably, be like, you know,

don't worry about her but I never said

that she's not his.

So the truth is, you want your family back?

Yes, ma'am.

JUDGE LAKE: And it sounds like consciously or unconsciously,

you've distanced yourself from this child

because you want your family back.

So honestly, Mr. Wiggins, yeah,

there's a lot at stake for you.

EUGENE: It is.

I'm ready for the results.


Here you go, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Before I get to these results,

are you all still involved?



No, we're not, Your Honor!

Since when?

At the same time...



JUDGE LAKE: When was the last time

you two were intimate?

EUGENE: It's been a while.

Last night.


Your Honor, we was at separate hotels,

separate... No, Your Honor,

that's not true.

to my hotel.

We did go to dinner, Your Honor.

And afterwards?

I went to my respective place

and she went to hers.

Mr. Wiggins, you look like you're lying.

EUGENE: No, because...

EUGENE: No, Your Honor.

JUDGE LAKE: Your whole body language changed.

Non-verbal cues just start cueing.


SHANTRELL: That's what he's good for.

JUDGE LAKE: You are under oath.

When was the last time

you were intimate with Ms. Davis?

I don't recall, Your Honor.


Please tell me you used protection

so we won't have another case.


JUDGE LAKE: You did not use protection?

The last time we had intercourse,

we did not use protection.

Have you learned anything,

both of you?

I have not to be with someone like that.

JUDGE LAKE: No, you're still with him.

Right, sleeping with him but I'm not...

Without protection?

I'm trying to learn. It's, it's...

No, no, no.


JUDGE LAKE: You're not trying to learn.

I think she had her way, she'll have another baby.


give it to her...

With your lying yourself.


Mr. Wiggins, a lie...

Ooh, it's all over you.

And my concern is here you are,

I'm sure on the phone with your wife

trying to patch things back together and...

But at the same time, you're still

in the same relationship

that destroyed your family.


JUDGE LAKE: All right.

What kind of condom-less community

are we living in now?

I mean, can you just use a condom?

He doesn't like them.

Who, who...

He doesn't.

It ain't about liking them.

It's me. It's my responsibility...

It's about producing little people, STDs.

WOMAN: That's right.


in Paternity Court.

Because somebody said they don't like something.


These results were prepared

by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows.

In the case of Wiggins v. Davis,

when it comes to 23-month-old Aubree Wiggins,

it has been determined by this court...

JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Wiggins,


Are the father.


Ms. Davis, what are you feeling?

I've been going through this for a long time,

like, between him and his wife, like...

It's his child.

You are the father.

EUGENE: Yes, ma'am.

You have the clarity you need.

I'm gonna take care of my child.


But you also have to deal with this thing

you all have.

JUDGE LAKE: If it's true last night,

you could be back in here in within a year.

You yourself say you chased this little girl down,

you said what you needed to say,

and I can only imagine

the things you told her

because you pretty much admitted it in court today

that you said what you needed to say

to get what you want.

The problem was she believed you.

For two-and-a-half years.

And she's still laying down based upon those promises.

Because that's the promises he keep making.

I can see what's going on here.

It's clear as a day.

You're playing both sides of the fence.

WOMAN: That's right.

Then you get mad

when she go confront your wife

like you are, uh, offended.


I mean, how do you be offended

when you are just offensive?

WOMAN: That's right. Yes.

And continuously committing further offenses.

If you're gonna try to put your family back together,

then do that, leave her alone.

If he won't leave you alone,

Ms. Davis, leave him alone.

You're better than that.

You deserve to be somebody's wife.

You understand?

Yes, ma'am.

JUDGE LAKE: You're wife material.

And you don't play secondhand for nobody.

SHANTRELL: Yes, ma'am.

Yes, ma'am.

JUDGE LAKE: You forced her in in this game called life.

All right. We have counseling and resources for you all.

Take advantage of it.

And stay out of the bed.

Court is adjourned.

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