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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: American English Pronunciation Practice: Minimal Pairs

Difficulty: 0

so minimal pairs just means that

everything is the same about these words

accepted avowal so if you mess up the

vowel you're gonna mess up the whole

word okay yeah I said yay so what we

want to do is we're getting we're

getting into kind of the vows here so I

I owe a and E okay those are the sounds

that those make so we're gonna go across

I'm gonna have you do each of these

words and it has the same same vowel

across here and then what we'll do is

we'll go go down and kind of change the

so what happens is the only thing

different between these is the vowel so

if you do the bow long you're gonna do a

different word here okay so let's do

this let's go down first that will be

fun okay all right so this one's not it

has a G in there but it's silent okay

NAT nit good net not not okay so these

two are sounding close to each other I

can still hear a difference but they're

pretty close so those are the two that

we want to kind of pay attention to

let's get not we want to drop or not not

not yeah there you go do that again not

not let's do these hot hot mm-hmm

pot pot good sawed sat this star just

means it's not a real word thought but

yeah there it is good job

okay then let's keep going night note

Nate neat mm-hmm yeah perfect neat okay

but yeah perfect all right so then I'm

gonna have you do let's let's just jump

into the paragraph where we have a whole

mix of these okay all right always in

and let's let's see if like as you're

reading if we can kind of switch from

the different vowels all right go ahead

I hate how cold it gets in the far north

of Alaska

I wear a head Oh what happened yeah that

was my fault okay it's small here I wear

a hat all times to keep my body heat to

keep my body heat in but it doesn't but

it does not always work also my little

Hut is very small and because of my

height I sometimes hit my head on the

low ceiling sometimes I wonder why fate

brought me here however on a good note I

do enjoy the company of my research

companion Nate and our fat little pet

and our fat little pet squirrel named

Pete who will do almost anything for a

nut last night Nate made a pot of hot

stew and we set around the fire warming

our feet and hands then we looked up and

saw a beautiful sight the northern the

Northern Lights

I guess Alaska is pretty neat after all


thousand getting all the transitions

between them very very nice okay so

you're at a point where some of the

bowels there

eight but there's maybe a tiny little

difference that I want you kind of to

shift okay okay

sometimes I wonder why fate brought me

here so brought has that off sound like

hot rod God brought me here sometimes I

wonder why fate brought me here very

nice that was excellent

okay last is one of those very American

sounds ah you know it's kind of not a

beautiful sound but um last night last

back last night yeah it just kind of

gets a little bit further it back in the

throat yeah laughs laughs last last

night okay and then here is the little

thing I know we've kind of talked about

it a little bit but we have to make

those ending ease a little bit longer so

we we pretty okay and we sat and we set


perfect we looked we looked a little bit

longer we we looked we looked we looked

good and you caught yourself on that one

good and pretty neat pretty neat yeah

there it is okay and you might do so an

exercise that would that would help is

right here issues you could do we sat we

we ate we talked we looked we you know

and just kind of come up with a few

different you know we see we drink you

know and and just kind of have a list of

words like that that you can go through

and practice and get that repetition on

and so that you can get that longer in

there in the week okay okay fun that's a

little kind of specific exercise for you

um yeah and it's just a matter of

getting that ending in there but I like

what you're doing with the vowel

so the AH and AH we kind of identified

the short ah and the short on the short

uh are too

and sometimes can sounds similar to each

other if you don't get that drop jaw in

AH you know and then and then the eyes

it's a little is the jaw comes up a

little bit more so on you want to make

sure those are definitely different and

then you know that ah you know getting

it further back and then the ending

ending a sound we pretty happy you know

some of those why at the end okay

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