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(Dirk)- Hey, today is... (unintelligible) (Bas)- ...I am vlogging!

- Hey yes, indeed

(Bas)- We hadn't begun yet.

- Right, no.

We've already done much today but we haven't started filming yet..., hey folks! Great that you're watching again, and welcome to another WorkshopVlog!

Today is a bit of a busy day,

...we will be fixing some stuff to the ceiling of the the bar today.

Tim from Weekend Builders is here, and he made us some very nice lights.

So we'll be doing that in a minute too.

But, of course, the tank!

Yesterday, we put the torsionbars in place.

So today we are looking to attach the suspension arms,

And, well, looking at the wheels we've already done a lot.

We already unpacked the wheels and took the lids off.

Those are all ready for assembly, and what we want is to have all the wheels back on the tank by the end of today.

We'd like to reach that.

That's be amazing because that means that we can also start putting the tracks back on!

It is ofcourse more practical that when we want to test the engine and drivetrain, not have the tracks on.

On the other hand,

...if we try fitting them now we know for sure if they fit or not,

....and not that when the engine bay is all okay, there still are problems with the tracklinks.

We should try fixing as many 'open' things as soon as possible.

We might have to disassemble the tracks again when the engine is already in the tank.

What do you think, Dirk?

-I think that the tracks can't NOT fit. That would be stupid.

-Well we do need to assemble them.

-Well we can put them on, but then they need to stay on.

-Well moving it might be difficult then. We might try the strap method, it may work.

-That's a bit clumsy though.

-Well it won't roll that well then.

It's more useful to mount the tracks after the engine runs,

...because you can use the tank as a track winch so to say.

Put a rope on the sprocket and let it winch the track by itself.

-Look, it is more fun to mount the tracks because it looks cooler.

-Yes we can then start finishing all this (points at sideskirts).

-Well we could always do that.

-Yes anytime really. But then again, those would have to come off again later, mount the tracks.

Well, really, it's all eh...

-We should't put the skirts on. That would be even more clumsy to work with.

-Well, if we do not need to be there anymore that means it'll be fixed.

-We can now climb on the tank more easily (than with the skirts).

-No need for that, we have a ladder there.

We have a ladder for that.

Hey, enough talk. Let's put the wheels on there.

-No we need the suspension arms on there first.

-That, without any doubt.

-We need to know the right position for them

-Well we can see that here.

That is very important of course!

Those torsionbars have a spline...

...that's geared, so the arm can be mounted in lots of ways.

We could lower the tank, but we want it to be in the original position.

Here we still have an arm hanging in the empty air.

Here, there's no wheel on it so the spring/torsion bar is not loaded.

I suppose that the angle of this arm here must be the same as the one back there.

The teeth are very fine, so one too high or too low won't mean a lot.

It's moving, see? -Yeah.

You'll see the best if I drop it.

So that's allright! This one can move.

The position of this arm should be the right one for all of them

-But how are we going to, uhm. -Measure it?

Like this? -That's the most uh...

(Dirk) This is a fixed point, and down here is a fixed point too. So yes, this is it.

-Correct. That plate is flat, that's good.

That's how we will do it.

That's great!

Dirk here is greasing everything we don't need very neatly, including his own jacket.

-No seriously this has to be greased.

-Yes that, but the insode of that hole too? (wink)

-Okay ehm, let's shove it on first -Yes, just a bit at first.

-angry lifting noises-

-That's looking good.

We need to start rotating it now. It has to go further in too.

Will you rotate it or shall I? -I don't care.

-Someone has to rotate, someone has to measure.

-I will turn it.

-Well, it has to be, ...

We need to lift the torsionbars from the inside first, I'm affraid.

-I don't think so. You can see alongside here.

It's been centered very nicely.

-That's what I thought.

Then it has to work.

-I hope we measured well, measuring this from here is pretty hard.


-Well I do think so. Look, 34 (cm)

Let's see on the other side if it comes through or not.

-Well it moved in a bit, so I think it's good.

I'm affraid it does.

-Stop, this isn't going the way it should.

I told you we needed the other side first!

This torsionbar here can't come out, the hole has been welded shut.

But on the other side there is no weld, that torsionbar ends here.

There's just a hole for it to slide out.

There is a housing here that stops that bar from sliding back out.

It works but it won't go in kindly.

-It's going in there.

Don't get your figers in between please.

I think it can go further!

Oh wait, no the other ones are fixed like this here too!

It can't go further, it's there. You're right.

The other ones are this far in too.

-It's at the end of it.


Get the jack away from under there.

-There's even a chance of it being in too far.

That's on top of there, it needs to go on last.

Let's get copper grease, where is it?


Yes I need that!

I will grease the bolts so we can screw them in there immediately.

-Come on boy!

-It's stuck on the returner here.

This bolt looks like it has mechanical damage.

-Yes indeed but that's...

Ooh, there's a securing wire in there.

-There's some dirt in there.

We really need all that suff out of there.

-There's more dirt there.


That's a strange returner.

It also has dirt on it.

-That has to go in there past here.

It indeed has to.

This here is the bearing supporting the torsionbar.

The torsionbar also fonctions as the axis on which the suspension arm rotates.

Those rods, the bearings, are greased ofcrouse.

This side here has a lid so there is no way for the grease to come out, or for dirt to come in.

On the other side of it is a returner which prevents grease coming out or dirt going in the bearing.

The problem is that if we want to mount this housing,

...the torsion bar keeps pushing the returner out.

That is because it (the torsionbar) hasn't been centered properly, for now.

That is why we already put the bearing rods in there so we can center the torsionbar and hopefully,

...we can push the returner in too.

We will now put the lid on to secure the rods here, we can push the spring in from the other side, and hopefully get it in place.

And then we hope that the returner slides in correctly.

It has been centered so it should work now.

Other one there, we will clean that up in a minute.

See her,e this one is much steeper.

-We can measure it again. Yes.

I am using the tube method. I put a tube on top.

And it fits under the tank.

But if i look on the other side, it can't.

It's in a different position.

It's all the way up at the moment.

- How much does it has to go down?

Dit you measure from the ground to the bottom of the tank?

- I measured from this bolt.

This isn't right.

- But it is right.

It's one centimetre.

Then it's something else.

That's weird.

Shall i measure?

From here to the bottom.

That's 44.

And from here to the centre...

- 35. Yeah it's about 35.

35 so there is...

Between those two parts is a 9cm difference.

And from centre to centre here is 9cm.

And this one is 32cm so there is a 3cm difference.

- But is the tank on the same height?

No, i measure to the ground.

And then from the control arm to the ground.

It's the same height over here...

...Let's take a look...

... It's 44.

43 and a half.

- Then the bolt pattern is different. That's where it went wrong.

43,5 and this one is on 32.

- I had two and half centimetre difference between the two sides.

It has to move a lot.

- Then we have to remove it.

It's pretty tight but i can put it here.

I can easily get between...

With ease.

It's good we properly cleaned the splines.

- It's moving but that's okay. Yeah it's okay.

It should have done so.

- Don't pull it out all the way.

It's coming.

I think it's almost there.

- No not yet, else it would have tilted down.

It's coming.

There it goes.

Let's guesstimate how it should be.

I think something like this.

- I think that...

You need to lift it. Oh no it won't work like this.

You have to lift it, inside of the tank.

We can put it like this, it would be really strong.

- Yeah but we can also not do that.

It's in place but i think this is too low.

- Don't pull it out too far, It will fall out inside the tank.

That's the tricky part.

Now i have to take a look...

I will remove it gently.

I think this could be it.

Let's measure.

- First it was at 35 and now it moved one notch.

31. - Now it has moved three or four centimetre.

And if i measure here...

- I think it's better if you measure to the edge.

That's a good idea.

It's 66 and a half.

- What was the other one again? 66 and a half and...

minus 30 and a half.

- That's 36.

36, Okay.

And if i measure here it should be the same.

Yeah it's 32.

Just a tiny difference.

- He's good!

I think it would be up a bit more if it's attached to the bearing.

But this is good.

It went really well.

What did i hear? - Problems...

It's not good. Look over here.

We were pulling the control arm on.

With a special made tool.

Then we could easily...

pull the torsion bar in the control arm.

When we were working on it the seal popped out.

And the ring also got pushed out.

The axle has to go out much more.

Something caused it to pop out.

We removed the seal...

And then we saw that the spline is sticking out.

You see the little teeth.

Then the axle gets thicker and after that is the spline.

And the spline presses the seals out.

That's weird because it had to go on further.

So we got the other axle.

The one which we removed.

And we noticed that the smooth part...

It's a whole lot longer.

Then we looked on the other side. There's no control arm attached yet.

Look over here.

If i hold them next to eachother you can see the difference.

It's really different.

If i measure this... ... This is 8cm till the spline.

And this one is 6cm.

They are different.

I'll also look at this.

This is about 14,5 cm.

And this one is 15cm.

They are kind of different.

It lookslike...

This one didn't had a second seal.

It has the right length.

The length it's sticking out is also good.

This part is in the right place.

Only the spline is longer.

So it lookslike a T54 or T55...

... Has no seal on the control arm.

It doesn't have this seal.

This one.

We should take a look at that.

It should be over there. You tell me.

If it's there...

There is no number there.

Oh here.

This one is more clear.

Let's take a look.

- It's over here.

It's an open area. - There's no seal.

Then what is 4?

It's very hard to say.

- But there is no seal.

I don't think so. What is this? It looks weird.

There's something but what is it?

It looks really weird.

The seal doesn't fit to we will leave it out.

We can't do anything else.

What does the seal do?

It prevents dirt from entering the spline.

But the last bit of the spline has no use.

Maybe we can use sealant.

- We can also leave it as it is. They didn't do it on the T55 either.

I'm not sure.

I don't know if there is anything.

Else we have a different problem.

- Then the spring is a different size.

But it's not...

It mounted well in the spline.

When we were hammering on the control arm it popped out at the rear.

Let's try mounting it without the seal.

(Tim:) I took out a piece of the stove, tested that and that's how I proceeded.

... so if that goes well that's how I will carry on.

I'm sure it will look great.

It looks great already...

You make the call. Do you want to put them in right now?

(Tim:) If we could do that that would be great, then I can carry on.

- Bas, watch it! Careful !

That's how you do that! (Tim:) Excellent.

You can grab it from there and carry it along... - We could move it a bit...

- I don't have much room here...

Whoo! -Eyyyy...

Now it's going to be all right. -Yes, oh... that is how it should be done.


Just fine! Looking good!

I think you could place it even higher at the wall, no problem if it touches the ceiling.

It seems as if there's supposed to be a different kind of torsion bar in here...

... apparently the design was changed and they put a seal in here...

... but these ones are the old models.

This is a type 69 and I think the Chinese copied various things from the T62 which is slightly different.

It's also a Russian tank and they just copied some features and implemented them on this model.

In fact this is just a T54 or T55 with a few alterations for example a bigger fan for the engine..

... which is something only the T62 originally had. This way several features were implemented.

So the supporting arms are likely to be the same as those from the 62.

It obviously attracted dirt so they had to put a seal on it.

But hey... Long story short... We've got the wrong torsion springs....

... and perhaps they simply don't exist. We would need specific type 69-ones...

... which won't be easy...

So we're closing the gap with some sealant.

... these are non-moving parts so we can just close it up to avoid junk getting in.

With that it will function normally so we can carry on assembling.

Let's give this a go. "Make sure you kneel and use some good old seal-ant".... (pun, it wasn't funny anyway...)

- Opening it would help... - It's locked all right....

- Make sure you use enough because it's a big groove...

Yeah I know. That is why I wanted to use a cheap brand...

Well the spline is too small, so we're glueing the supporting arm to the torsion bar with sealant.

I wonder if someone actually tried to do that.

We fixed this professionally. We smacked some sealant in that gap, pushed the seal against it..

The sealant is supposed to prevent dirt and moist coming onto the spline.

That won't happen, it's sealed off now.

- On the other hand dirt could enter through the other end...

No, it can't. I thought so too at first, but the tube of the supporting arm is seated there and it has a seal too.

That looks all right...

- Well the fact that it's nice and clean helps..

Look at this! - It's touching something I think.

Make sure we don't... - Oh, hang on. There's a problem.

- I think we'll have to lose the other ring too.

- I think that groove, that protruding edge should go all the way into the supporting arm.

- Or should it? No, it's just fine like that.

-That's really lovely! Got some of those rollers for me?

They won't go in easy. - I'll hold it the other way around.

- That little hammer is not very impressive...

No it's more like a kids toy compared to this stuff....

- You'd better lower it a bit, because maybe...

- Can't you just hammer it in? Ah, there it goes.

-.... Apply it like this... - More, more grease...

- But first put the sealing ring on before the grease... - Or else we can't see what we're doing.

Let me fetch that clip, I think I left it in the sink.

- That would be a clip-hanger then... - A cliphanger!

- Ah no, we weren't supposed to call this a clip...

It's more like a locker. Is this water here? On the floor?

- You don't want to know. - No, serious... Was it the dog?

A circlip, a locking washer...

- This won't work. We need some pliers. - Yes...

- Maybe I can manage to... - Just keep fiddling while I get some pliers.

- We need those pliers or I'll hurt my fingers.

It really is a mean son of a b**** .

Right me lad. Who's yer daddy now? - Please put it in the vice properly...

That clip won't go onto that in one go. - You'll stretch it....

We'll break it. It should go one side at a time....

.. so we kind of turn it in. - We could open it up a bit...

Maybe I can do this... Like so. - But it still won't go all the way over it...

Let's use some extra light...

- Maybe you should push it in over there.

- Like this. Please hold it like this for me. - Hang on.

It's just a very nasty part. Perhaps we could just shove it in over there.

If it's in at one side like this.... - Just hold that, I'll take another one..

Yeah, this is the way. Look at it go! - Now we need to tap it from there...

- Oh, without a hammer works fine....

Click-clack there she goes! Well have I ever! - Easy-peasy...

That was relatively simple. Using those pliers was not a good idea. Just throw them on, that's the way.

Right. Now we're putting some new gunk over there...

Of this unit. Oh, we're missing a bit. It's over there! Can I have it?

- We don't need that yet, do we? -That block can go on while we're working there anyway.

Looking good. And good thing we managed to put that ring in between.

What is that?

It's a filthy rag...

People were commenting on us grinding near a jar of grease... We shouldn't do that...

- That is indeed not a good idea. - The grinding dust and metal bits will..

contaminate the grease and it ends up in a bearing...

I think it's quite unnerving... Both of these damn things won't fit.

That's also because the housing is a bit... - It seemed as if those bolts could go in further...

Let's check it before we ruin the threads.

That fine threading is very likely to skew.

See? This one is going very smooth.

This one doesn't anymore now.

That's skewed all right.

-Repair it? - Yes, we'll have to rethread it. It's broken already.

That's a bit of a downer, the way they engineered this.

Put the nut on perfectly straight the first time or it will go wrong.

The component has to be moved a bit first.

- This one has a very nice round edge.

Let me see. Ah, yes, that will work.

Have you got a wrench?

We kind of need that. Ah, there it is.

That one is not mounted correctly, you see?

- The whole thing is skewed... - It won't straighten up, maybe we should fasten those...

- I was thinking the same thing.

With its little ears sticking out....

The length of the spring matches...

Knock all that into place... - We could lift it up a bit to see if it hinges...


We managed to put the first torsion bar back in.

It wasn't an easy job.

Things got a bit exciting when we were afraid it wouldn't fit, but it all worked out.

This is just right.

Are you happy, Dirk? -Yes I am but it took longer than expected..

It did, but it was...

It took a lot of time to figure out how to put those bars back in....

... then there was the sealing....

... and also pressing that part in with our custom tool...

That worked out fine.

We can do the other side much faster now. Don't you think so, Dirk?

Tomorrow we'll put the wheels back on I guess.. Can we manage that?

- We should also do the shock absorber...

That's right. We can drill out the bolts from the shock absorber, bolt it back together and fill it with oil.

- Drill out bolts?

Yes, the heads of those bolts. - Ah, I see.

(Bas:) We found out how much oil actually goes in. - Just fill her up to the rim, that's what it said right?

(Bas:) I think so, yes. -I thought so too...

Just fill it up... - I thought so too...

- It's almost time... - Yes, it's almost time to end this day...

I think we could just install that other torsion spring I think...

There's half an hour left until it's five o' clock..

But we won't leave you without having read some comments of course.

- Let's do that.

I will look them up, just a moment. (Bas:) The time to react is now...

- It's time to go to sleep for....

- ... I forgot his name.

Sleep !? - Yeah, who was that again in the Mailvlog?

(Bas:) Who fell asleep 15 minutes before... - But I can't remember his name...

That's right! But nobody knows that because that vlog hasn't been published yet.

- Well, at least I know. - You're right about that.

These are the top comments of our last vlog which was number 150.

- Was that 150 already? Man, time flies.

Arjan B. says: Dirk, how did you die? I got killed by someone elses tank....

And I replied: That is quite common.

Those things have only one purpose and that is to kill...

Not many lives actually are improved by a tank I think.

- I was talking about.... - You were talking about repairing someone elses tank.

- Dying while doing that would be quite sad I think.

I think there are many people who have been in this tank who are too dead to talk about it.

- Yep...

If you scan the internet for pictures with "Iraq" and Type 69-2 you'll generally find wrecks with a blown off turret.

- Those soldiers have not survived.. - They all died in someone elses tank...

DavePlus says: Hi Emile. You can save the comment website as an app.

You can do this by going to the website and click the share button below the center of the screen.

Somewhere it will say "Put on 1st page", with that you can name it and use it.

If you open the app it will open the website automatically. Please like this so it will be read...

And congratulations with your 150th vlog. - We will install the app in a minute.

- That's clever! - First I will... Ah, this is a good one!

Sandor Soetevent says: The letter on the torsion bar is not a P but a Cyrillic R. The letter looks like our P.

He's right. I told you about that Russian writing.

It's kind of funny. We've driven all the way through Russia..

.. and if you have to navigate just on roadsigns you'll find it's quite hard.

I had a piece of paper with all those letters...

You can just translate them into your own alphabet.

And... I should have known beforehand. -Ow...

Yeah, mind you. I'll show you.

First I want to put the link to the what's his name. - You need to go to the webpage.

Top comments.... Hup.

- There it is! Go back a bit... - Ah yes! There it is!

That was a great tip! A very good one!

And now the Cyrillic R. Watch this.

Come along please...

(Bas:) I don't know... I'm excited. Is it here?

- No, that will be Sascha's wizardry of Maths...

No, no, no.

Look at this! Beautiful!

- I love the dots on the ceiling that lamp creates.

Yes, you're right! That's rad!

That looks really awesome.

Here it is.

Here, I found this. Let me step into the light. - Does it still work?

If you put a battery in in it will.

Nice, isn't it? Isn't the the one you wanted Dirk?

To restore, a real T34...

- Well I didn't really want it, but it's part of the assortment.

But look what it says here.

What does this say? Can you read it?

- All I can see it that R in the middle.

I remember you were talking about that but I forgot.

If we would read this we would read "SIBOPOP".

That is what we would read.

But you should read this as "Suvorov"

That C is an S, that Y is an U...

... that B is a V and this is an R.

... so it says "Suvurov". - And what does that mean?

It's a name.

- Got a question. This tank is actually working? With running tracks and all?

Yes, sure! Look at this.

It really needs a lot of batteries. It's just as thirsty as a real one...

I forgot where I put the remote control. Mm, that's not bad by the way...

If you look at it this way you might even say it's related to the T69.

- Yes, 'Made in China' it says.

It says on and off in Chinese. I think I see a fault... Or is it not that similar?

You mean because it's not symmetric? - Yes...

Yeah, it IS symmetric but that indeed is a flaw....

But it's got a spanner and all that...

... to put some tension on the tracks...

Those springs work.

- It's neat! Was that one of your toys?

No, I just bought it to put on a cupboard and look pretty.

But it works.

... but we'll need the remote control. - These tracks are slightly different.

That's right, the T34 has a different kind of tracks.

It has a ridge and then a flat piece. - I see.

This one has a sheet of metal underneath the mudguard to push the pins back , you see?

It's fitted with that part too.

Hey dude! It's also fitted with that long trunk! Didn't we still need to get one?

- And another one for the other side. -Dang, you're right.

If we find a T34 we can use its trunks. - Aren't you supposed to point the barrel down?

Yeah right, you don't want to get shot....

But enough of this chit chat! We're straying today!

So folks, thanks a bunch for watching and see you in the next one !

English subtitling by Lord Peanut, Den & Millbrook 1974 MM82/Discord Subtitling Division

The Description of Onze torsieveren zijn verkeerd! (Tank draagarm monteren) #151