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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Call People from Manchester, Liverpool, London and other U.K. cities

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hello and welcome back to another video

from English teachers real teachers

today we've got a good one we are going

to tell you how to call people from

loads of different cities in the UK if

you've ever wondered what people are

called in places like London or Bristol

or Manchester or Newcastle we've got it

covered for you we've got plenty more as

well so without further ado let's get

into it Harry okay so this first place

very important city in the UK lots of

bands are from here the Beatles are from

here so it's an important one if you're

learning English you need to know how to

call people from this city have you ever

been to Liverpool Charlie I have yeah

when I was a little boy I went to

Liverpool and I even went round the the

football stadium the demonym of

Liverpool is a Liverpudlian or or a

scouser I'd say Scouse is probably more

common isn't it let's put a comment on

and this is apparently a typical thing

that a Liverpudlian or scouser might say

Herod you wanna give it a go first I'll

just pop it down I'm filled to wash the

Reds play I'll just pop it down I feel

so wash the rest play that's pretty good

I don't think I could do better

I'm just popping down now I'm filled to

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that benefits you but let's get back to

the video ok so this is a really cool

city in the north of England

Manchester again an important place of

British culture it's one of the biggest

cities in the country I think it's the

third biggest city big University and

there's lots of very famous bands from

there like Oasis so it's an important

one to save right how do we call people

from there we call them Mancunian Thank

You Harry okay so man Coonans they don't

say chewing gum they've got their own

word for this and they call it chuddy I

guess this sounds a bit like chew

charlie you wanna give this one a go I

don't think I can do this a good job but

I'll give it a go

you wanna chili sauce alright it

definitely sounds northern yeah I love

his chubby mate yeah yeah you got some

alright so the next one is London and

it's a Londoner it's pretty

straightforward easy to remember so

you're okay on this one I suppose if you

wanted to go east it would be a cockney

but yeah Londoner and there's a song

isn't there Harry do you think of it

maybe it's because I'm a Londoner but I

love London so alright and we kind of

London is only almost yeah this is very

broadly used I'm not technically and

Harry is not he's a bed for thien he's

from Bedford and I'm a I don't know why

I'm a good Gilfoyle did sometimes people

from a certain place they don't really

identify with that play

and therefore they're not going to refer

to themselves as that but if you're a

Londoner and you're from London you tend

to be very proud of being from there so

you would say you know we are Londoners

like my parents would say they are

Londoners but that other and Matt I

think people from Manchester would also

say of Mancunian they're proud to be

from there so at the next one really

cool city which I've actually never been

to so I don't know if it's cool but I've

heard very good reviews about this place

and it's Edinburgh Edinburgh and this is

one that I always hear my students say

wrong especially Spanish people they

they tend to say Edinburgh but the

person is called as we would say

Edinburgh is an Edinburgh er an

Edinburgh er but a Scottish would

probably say a bit different how would

they say Harry I didn't Baraka America

I'm an Edinburgh acha and the reason

that we've got the next one is because

locals might use this one and it refers

to the original name of Edinburgh which

is Dunedin so they would be denied Ian's

the midians

so the next one is from Glasgow and we

call them a Glaswegian or a ouija and a

typical thing you might say in Glasgow

is you might want a whiskey and a small

measure of whiskey in Scotland is called

a dram and a wee means little so I'd

like a weed that I am pleased

I'd like a weed that was excellent

even though I can't verify yeah okay the

next one Bristol this is a very

important city this where Banksy is from

these street artists and if you're from

Bristol like Banksy you are a Bristow

lien a Bristow lien

bustodian yeah and the accent is quite

farmer ish isn't it alright alright me

lover okay

next one's a bit of a surprise okay so

you probably know of Oxford of course

the University and there is a place so

people would also be be known as people

from Oxford and most people get it wrong

they say Oxfordian

but it's actually Oxonian Oxonian and

then there's also another term which

combines Cambridge which is Oxbridge or

the other way is came food came furred

yeah came so it's a blend of both

universities because most people

separate them as the pinnacle the best

universities in England so you could say

I'm an Oxbridge graduate or I'm a came

third branch of it okay or I'm a came

for brat or I'm a came third graduate

graduate okay and so if you are a baby

for graduate it came to Cambridge and

Oxford Oxbridge Graduate that just means

you went to one of the two but you're

not especially one of them to know which

is strange because there's probably a

huge rivalry between the two so you'd

probably want to say I'm definitely not

from the other one okay nice interesting

facts now talking of Cambridge we'll go

on to the next one which is Cambridge a

lovely City I go there a lot I only live

about an hour away from there and and

this one really surprised me actually

you I would think it's maybe Cambridge

Ian's or something like that but it's

very different it's it's actually

cantabrigian so if you're from Cambridge

you are a cantabrigian I've never heard

this one so it makes me think it's not

it's not very commonly used no

no me neither so yeah it's something to

to point out to you guys some of these

places some of these demonym z' aren't

used so Londoner really common mank

Brummie Liverpudlian Glaswegian Ouija

yeah Bristow lien all of them pretty

much but Oxonian and cantabrigian

probably not very common no but maybe if

you are an oxonium or a counter bridging

you're watching this and you disagree

please tell us in the comments or if you

know a cantabrigian or an oxonium then

please ask them for us and that's know

alright so the next one is going over to

a place that we love we do immersion or

residential courses there and yeah we've

we've fallen in love with the place and

especially a village nearby the place is

brightened down on the south coast

good old Brighton and what do we call

them a person from Brighton is called a

bright own e'en a bright own e'en so the

stress is a bit different and it to the

the city itself so Brighton stress the

first syllable and then bright tone e'en

so we just change the stress and I think

this is one that people would use bright

own e'en so so so so yeah some sometimes

not I'd say I'm on the fence with this

one okay so people from York here are

called Yorkers so he is a Yorker

they are Yorkers we could also call them

old Yorkers or your keys he is a Yorkie

bar people from bar R Bar phone Ian's

bar foley ins someone from portsmouth is

called a Pompey a Pompey this one sounds

very familiar I think people use this

quite a lot

he's a Pompey I was just getting

confused with pommy yeah

Pompey Pompey okay so moving on from

Portsmouth and staying south we've got

great geography in Cornwall people can

be cool

Cornish can be known as Cornish people a

lot of people think of the food because

they've got a tasty delight a Cornish

pasty but yeah people are also called

Cornish so if you are from Canterbury

then you are called a can chew Aryan a

can chew Aryan which is a funny sounding

one it's a bit Charlie very fun again we

wouldn't use this we didn't know it

before we searched it so you probably

don't need to go around calling somebody

from Canterbury a canter Aryan but yeah

good to know when not to use it okay so

because you've got here we feel like we

should reward you so we're going to very

quickly summarize the ones that we think

are real English so that is Liverpudlian

dos causa bank or Mancunian Londoner or

East London cockney Edinburgh ER or

Edinburgh er rummy alright bub Brahmi

Glaswegian we G maybe Bristow lien

Brighton Ian a Yorkie pompey yes and

probably Cornish but mainly Cornish

pasty so I hope you've enjoyed that guys

and don't forget to follow us on

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them enjoy them educate with them and

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lot of fun I hope you've enjoyed it see

you again soon


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