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-Hi. -Hi.

Welcome MineCon Livestream. I am Lydia Winters-

-and I'm here with Vu and Jeb.

And we are going to answer some of your questions today. Jens?

Yes, I'm going to answer two of the really common questions.

One, will there be a Minecraft gameplay feature presentation?

And, yes, as always. That's my main reason for MineCon.

I'm gonna talk about the upcoming features for all the platforms.

The second question a lot of people asked about was,

"Will there be capes?"

If we can't do capes in a cool way, there will not be capes.

So in a sense, I don't have an answer right now.

So let's leave it at that. Yeah.

-I think that's a good idea. -Yeah.

When we were going through all the questions...

...we realised there's one person who should answer all of them...

...besides the two that Jeb just answered.

Which is Vu, who's running MineCon.

So we decided to pull in Moira, who's new at Mojang-

-so we could test her out. She will act as the community.

She will be asking the questions that you asked on Twitter-

-and told us the things that you want to know.

And please send more questions into the chat-

-and we'll answer some of those at the end.

Now we're gonna introduce Moira. She will be the moderator for Vu-

-to give all the answers that you could possibly want.

-Thanks. -Moira.

Bye. Moira.

-Hello there. -We can sit more comfy now.

Oh, hello. Do we blow up now?

That's Lydia.

So hello.

Hello. I'm the voice of the community.

I'm happy to be here to ask you all of these important questions.

They are all important. I am excited to answer.

Okay. So...

...when we're thinking about MineCon Earth...

...why MineCon Earth?

So I have a question here from @BadCheese_ from Twitter.

And @BadCheese_ asks, "This is probably gonna be asked a lot.

Why did you decide to move away from the original MineCon concept?"

Yeah. So every year, we think about MineCon...

From the moment that the previous MineCon ends-

-we start thinking about what we need to do for next year.

And this year, we had a great time in Anaheim.

Every year, MineCon just gets better and better.

But afterwards, we were left feeling a bit like...

...we weren't really reaching those from our much bigger community.

MineCon is an event for-- It's really meant for--

Sorry, we are not being loud enough. Let me move this microphone over.

-Can you hear us now? -Is it better?

We want to make sure that we're addressing-

-as much of the community as possible.

MineCon is an amazing event-

-but it's also a very small event in comparison to our players.

We have millions of players worldwide.

MineCon was an event where we had 10,000 to 15,000 people

come to one place around the world one time a year.

It wasn't what we were hoping it would be.

So what we thought was, "What if we invented MineCon today?

What if we didn't have these previous MineCons-

-and we were just starting from the ground up?

And this new MineCon Earth concept came out of that thought process.

So, Lydia, myself, Jens, and a few other people thought-

"What would be the best way to really speak-

-to our community at a once-a-year event-

-in a way that brings more people together?"

And one way to do that is to make MineCon an even bigger event.

But that wouldn't be enough. MineCon is an event that, every year-

-everyone would gather for the opening ceremony.

And actually, it's hard to do that. You can't fit everyone in a room.

So how can we bring more people together?

We realised bringing them together in more locations but smaller events-

-would address that problem.

What people haven't understood yet about MineCon Earth... it's not about just a livestream that would be around two hours long...

...and us just wanting everyone to watch it at one time.

But it's also about bringing people together-

-in locations around the world to experience that together.

And also to make this livestream something that's totally interactive.

Awesome, cool.

-A long answer for the first question. -Cool.

Then we have a question from @BlackStealth89 on Twitter.

So, "My question is, why go this route?

Were the previous conventions not a success?"

I wouldn't say the previous conventions weren't a success.

Every MineCon since the first one in Vegas was a success.

Many people were happy and had a great time.

But it depends on how you measure success.

And when we work on Minecraft-

-one of our core things is that players come first.

And MineCon is a tiny portion of our players.

The ones that were happy were the ones who could go...

...because they got to buy tickets before they sold out...

...who heard about it, and planned for it.

But we heard so much from those-

-who couldn't participate and felt left out.

And so we wanted to think of ways to address that.

It was our goal to create something that's available to more people... a way that addresses what our community really is...

...which is a diverse, like, millions of people around the world.

Yeah. Awesome.

Our next question is from @MadstonMagic.

"Why do an interactive event-

-instead of a physical one where you can meet your idols in person?"

Yeah, that's a great question.

A big part of what MineCon is, is coming to this one event-

...where you can meet a bunch of Minecraft content creators...

...and there are meet-and-greets and autographs.

We definitely want to continue that.

So we decided to change our approach to MineCon and we thought,

"What are the different components of what makes MineCon?"

And of course, meeting YouTube and Twitch streamers-

-and creators, map makers, modders, server operators.

A big part of MineCon is that.

But it doesn't have to happen on the same day-

-or in the same location at this one annual event we had.

And we thought, "How we could do a better job-

of having more of those opportunities in more locations around the world?"

And that's when we came up with the finalization of plans-

-that we've had for years of doing official community events.

Giving people a place that will be more local...

...that they can still meet their favourite content creators...

...but they won't have to travel and wait so long.

Because with the community events, we will have many every year-

-in many different locations.

Even some of those unofficial events were already very large.

-Minefaire had 12,000 people. -Wow, that's big.

That's almost the size of MineCon.

So there will still be big events with lots of people coming to them.

There's just gonna be more of them.

Yeah. That sounds good. Sounds good to me.

Okay. So why--? This question comes from...

...I hope I say this right, @FotisiNews.

"Why still call it MineCon when it's no longer a convention?"

Yeah. MineCon is more than just some of its parts, right?

MineCon, to some people, means Minecraft Convention.

To some people, it means Minecraft Conference.

To me, the Con part of it is about bringing people together.

And MineCon is still that. It is a brand in its own right.

And MineCon, to us, means...

...the time of year when we gather and try to speak to everyone...

...and give the past year's worth of great things that we've seen... well as some sneak peeks of what we're gonna do.

And we do that once a year.

So that MineCon name still felt true-

-even if it was no longer the same physical convention.

But the Con part of it that I believe will still exist... we talk more and more, and a lot more info will come out...

...about our various viewing parties...

...and other ways you'll be able to experience MineCon...

...people will see that we're trying to create a global convention...

...where it is distributed but still clustered in physical groups...

...where people will experience MineCon together...

...but not altogether in one place.

And the MineCon viewing parties that we'll go in depth on next month-

-will really help people come together in a closer place but during MineCon.

It sounds very complicated because it used to be a single event-

-on one weekend that happened once a year.

And now it'll be different events at different times of the year.

But we have only changed things to make it bigger.

If you haven't seen all the components, you will feel left out.

But we will make sure that the important parts of MineCon-

-will live on but in a different form.

Yeah, cool. I wanna go to one of those parties.

-I think you will. -I hope so.

Okay, in regards to MineCon Earth, the actual event...

...can you explain what is MineCon Earth?

And this is a question from @IbrahimMoofi on Twitter.

Okay. So MineCon Earth, I guess we've explained a bit about what it is.

What I want people to get out of this is that it's not--

We're not saying MineCon Earth is just a livestream.

MineCon Earth is a point in time during the year-

-when we want everyone to gather and celebrate Minecraft.

And part of that is this interactive livestream.

And part of it will be a series of events around the world-

-that you'll be able to attend.

Some will be free or ticketed. Some will be small or large.

So it's a distributed convention in many places

mainly because of time zones in the Americas and Europe.

Awesome, cool.

And when is MineCon 2017? And this is from @BunnygabiG.

So it's going to be November 18th, 2017.

We wanted to choose a time zone that would work for everyone.

So the West Coast of U.S., it will be at 9:00 a.m.

Awesome. Sounds good.

Okay, this question is from @Jimmybx7.

"Will it be possible to watch MineCon Earth on your mobile?"

Yes, the way we're going to distribute the stream is similar to Minecraft.

We want to be on as many platforms as possible.

So on your mobile phone, you can see it via multiple services.

Cool. And we'll be giving more details about those services.

Yes. There is a home page for MineCon on

-and all of our announcements will be on that page.

And that will include how you'll be able to see it and interact.

Of course watching these livestreams, you'll learn more in the near future.

That page will always have all the information.

Cool. Now we have a question from @Blue_BearGaming.

"Will MineCon Earth be live captioned or subtitled?"

We're taking that very seriously. We've never done that before.

And we really, this year, want to be able to provide

live captioning and live translation. Do subtitles during the stream.

We haven't figured everything out yet, but it is high on our priorities list-

-so we can ensure as many people get to experience it as possible.

Will that just be in one language or multiple languages?

Our goal is to support the languages that most of our players speak.

So we have goals-

-but I'm not making promises yet because we're not just there yet.

Okay. So...

this is a question from @dapper-- Sorry, bear with me.


[email protected]dappermanatee. [email protected]dappermanatee.

How interactive, how long, and what events will be shown?

Okay, that's a multiple-part question. How interactive?

There are some really exciting things coming.

Things I wish I could say it now, but we need to save it until--

We never announce anything until we finalise it.

We want to make sure that it's gonna happen first.

We have some exciting things that we're working on-

-that hopefully we can announce next month.

You can interact with the livestream in many ways.

If you look at past MineCons, we've had interaction over Twitter-

through chats, on Stream in different parts of MineCon.

We want to make sure that when you're viewing MineCon...

...whether it's from a viewing party...

...a party with your friends, or if you're watching on your own...

...that you can still feel that you can influence what is happening.

We want it to not be just about watching but also taking part in it.

Yeah, cool. This is from an anonymous person.

"Will there be any creators involved?"

Yes, definitely. Creators-- And when we say creators-

for us, it really means all Minecraft content creators.

And content can be anything from videos, to streaming,

to maps, to mods, server operators.

Anyone who's creating content within Minecraft.

We will have the involvement-

-of multiple creators in MineCon just like we usually do.

It will be different from previous years because of the format and the time.

But we have some exciting ways to involve creators-

-because they're an important part of our community.

Awesome. Okay, this is from @fromgate.

"My most favourite thing on every MineCon is a panel with developers."

Will MineCon Earth contain something like that?

I think I said earlier that we've taken-- MineCon has different components

Even though MineCon Earth is only some of those-

-we will still do the other things in different ways.

You know, we thought about panels and how people experience them.

One of the difficulties was choosing what panels to go to.

There were usually four to six tracks of panels happening at the same time.

To solve that, we recorded them and we'd put them online.

The problem with putting out 40 to 60 panels a week after MineCon-

-is that it's hard to consume that content.

No one can make time to watch all the panels.

And then, as time passes, you forget about it.

So what we weren't doing was giving these great discussions

-as much attention as they could've gotten.

So we're coming up with better ways to do panels

-that will be distributed throughout the year.

And we will still share them via video.

But we'll address the same type of topics-

-and the same type of conversations during panels at MineCon.

But we'll do them in a different way.

So it won't happen at MineCon, but we'll discuss it during MineCon.

Okay. Awesome.

So this is a question from @Retro28_.

"What will you sell during the livestream?

Will there be any exclusive merch?"

Yes, there will. I can't tell you yet what they are.

It's frustrating that these questions-

-I can give you a hint, but I can't tell you everything.

We have cool exclusive merch. I hope it excites everyone...

...because this year's MineCon, since itll be much more distributed...

...the merch will also be much more distributed.

So you will many ways to get MineCon exclusive merchandise-

-for the duration of that MineCon.

And you'll be able to buy it online and also through physical locations.

We want to make sure that if part of you want to do-

-is spend that time with us, you can have a memento of that.

Yeah. Cool.

So now we have a question from @philipdenys-

-I think, is the way you'd say this.

What are the requirements for my local Cineplex to host the livestream?

And how can I best approach them as a Minecraft ambassador?”

I love this question because it shows-

-“Here is a person who understands what MineCon Earth could be.”

It really is about like, “What screens can we get it on,”

-and how you can get your friends and have a party around it?

The answer to the question is tricky because I'm not sure-

-where the local Cineplex is or the logistics.

But we have more information coming to make that conversation easier.

When you know the requirements you need to know-

-and once you know the requirements to put said stream on a screen.

You could ask the local Cineplex if this is something theyd want.

We are looking around the U.S.-

-and places in Europe at cinemas that will be a part of this.

We have nothing to announce yet, but we really want to do that-

-so that people can enjoy MineCon in those places.

But if you want to do it yourself, we will have the information soon.

We will soon discuss how best to experience MineCon in groups.

Cool. Looking forward to that.

Okay, so...

-There's a lot of questions. -Yeah, but we're getting to the end.

And we should repeat the questions that Jens addressed in the beginning.

-Some people are looking for Jens. -They missed his questions.

You missed Jens in the beginning. But we'll come back to that.

So this is a question from @trevorcraft71.

Will this be a permanent replacement for MineCon-

-or will it be alternating each year with a MineCon convention?”

I'm not gonna make promises because we're always willing-

-to change things, just like we did this year.

If you asked me this two years ago-

-"Will MineCon always be this way?" I would have said the same thing.

We want to always make the best experience for all of our players.

So we always re-evaluate what we do.

So this year, we have a great plan. We're super-excited about it.

It's bigger and more comprehensive than anything we ever did before.

And with that comes many challenges and opportunities.

Were gonna go through this process with all of you and see how it goes.

Then well re-evaluate for next year. But our plan-

-is that this is how we do MineCon for now.

That's how we have always thought about it.

Well see how that goes, and well always try to improve it.

But it's unlikely that we would go back and forth-

-between a physical event next year and then MineCon Earth the next.

So old-style MineCon, and MineCon-Earth style.

We're not likely to do it that way. This guy is just leaning on me.

So let's go back to the questions that Jens addressed in the beginning.

Yes, yes, yes. The biggest question that we get-

-every year about MineCon. “Will there be capes?”

I see it everywhere I look. “Will there be capes?”

And I get it. Capes are awesome, right?

But Jensanswer wasnt the best news yet.

But we won't do it until we can do it-

-in a way where we think its cool or great.

And right now, we don't have a great solution for how to do capes.

So until then, we're saying, for now, we will not have capes.

But if we can solve the technical issues

-that are in the way right now, we'd be able to do it.

We won't do it unless it will be cool. But it's our goal.

And then the other thing Jens said was that he would be talking-

-about the future updates at MineCon

-about Minecraft, just like very MineCon.

He said we only bring him to MineCon to talk about those things.

I don't think that's true, but that's what he said.

Okay, cool. That's great.

Now let's move over to official Minecraft community events.

So we have a few questions from people surrounding this.

There's a question from someone anonymous.

What is an official Minecraft community event in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, yeah, because thats like asking, “What is MineCon?”

So official Minecraft community events.

There were community events for years.

And years ago, me, Lydia and Patrick talked about making a program

where some of those events could become official, right?

"Official" is just a word, but what is behind that-

-is an ability to do more, right?

An ability to do more and also be more trusted.

We had many great community events in the past-

-and that's how we came up with our partners.

Minefaire, MineVention.

And BlockFest, which is new, but it's a Multiplay event.

And Multiplay has been a part of MineCon for years.

Putting on MineCon, doing tournaments at MineCon.

So theyre a long-time event partner.

So what we've wanted to do was... facilitate better and more Minecraft events around the world... that people didn't have to wait for that one official event.

So, what is a Minecraft official community event?

It's a local event with a size ranging from a couple thousand people..., well, with the biggest one had 12,000 people...

...where you'll get to see the same content that you see at MineCon.

So there are panels, there's education section... zones, tournaments.

A lot of different content creators come to these events.

All different kinds of ways for you-

-enjoy Minecraft with other people who love it.

So it's Minecraft events put on by other companies.

And were going to help them make it excellent.

-Okay, so we endorse them. -Yes.

That's cool. So this is also from anonymous.

How do I know if an event is an official event?”

How do I know? So there are a few different ways.

So there are only three partners right now.

So they would have to be one of those events.

And on, we will be launching... official community events page...

...which will have the information for all the events.

So that will show who our partners are-

-and how you will be able to purchase tickets to their events.

Youll know its official because theyll be able to use-

-the official Minecraft community events logo.

And we will verify that information on our own website.

Okay, awesome.

So this question is from @Firedingo. Can you tell where this person lives?

-Is it you? -No, I'm not from Australia.

Oh, are dingos only Australia? Oh, no. I'm being so bad, so bad.

Lets pretend that didnt happen.

-I'm from New Zealand. -She's from New Zealand. Yes.

Is there an event planned for Australia?”

Is there an event for Australia? An official-- Okay.

We were just in Australia, and we did an official event there.

Jens and I came down to Sydney a month-ish ago-

-and had an awesome event there.

Of course, we hear from Australia a lot-

-because it's so far and we haven't done many things there yet.

But the event at Sydney Opera House marks, I think, the beginning-

-of a series of events for the future.

And we already have partners who want to do-

-official Minecraft community events in Australia.

We have nothing to announce yet, but, yes, it will happen.

-And maybe New Zealand too. -Maybe New Zealand too. Yes.

Okay, cool.

This question is from anonymous as well.

What do the official partners, BlockFest, Minefaire, MineVention-

-gain from this relationship?

That's a complex question. There's so many things.

Really, when the idea hatched years ago-

-we didn't know what people could gain from it.

But we asked these partners before they were partners-

-"What do you want to gain?"

What they wanted is make sure that people feel safe and secure

-coming to their events.

They want people to feel that Mojang vouched for them...

...and that we are guaranteeing that they know what they're doing...

...that they will not just disappear, that these are real legit events...

...and we know they will happen...

...and the things that make you nervous about attending to an event...

...being put on by someone who you don't know.

You don't have to worry about that if they're an official event.

Because we have vetted our partners.

They proved to us that they know-

-how to do what they say they are going to do.

And weve made sure that they are the best partners for these events.

And they're diverse. They each offer different experiences.

But they will all, at minimum, do what they say.

And that's what you can get out of being part of a program like this.

Of course, there's also access to various things that you need...

...from the Minecraft studio in order to be able to put on great events...

...whether it's technical support...

...or branding an asset so you can make an official-looking website.

One of the downsides to not being an official partner-

-is that you don't have the rights to use certain Minecraft assets.

So then your website doesn't look official either.

Being an official partner will make it easier for them to put on their events-

-easier for them to talk to creators who would also be able to trust them.

Cool. So it will be like an ongoing relationship-

-and it will help Mojang and its partners become better.

Yes, always learning, always improving is our goal.

Cool. And our last question is also from Anonymous.

"What is required to become an official partner?"

Yeah. That's is a tough question because what we are looking for--

I would say that what we're looking for are people or companies-

-who can demonstrate that they can put on an awesome event.

And an awesome event can be different things, right?

It's not like, "Oh, this is what your event will look like exactly."

Different community events have different things.

So we're looking for partners who are passionate about events.

They can't just be someone who's just doing it to look cool.

Events are very hard. I've done events for many years.

Not just MineCon, but MineCon alone-

-has taught me a lot about events and how difficult they are.

A partner must prove they can put on an event successfully...

...that they care about customer service...

...that they care about the creators.

They need prove themselves, and that's a complex thing.

But we are actively looking

to expand our partnerships in the future.

We might put out that call later this year.

Awesome. Cool. And the last thing that we could discuss or summarize... if you can give a little summary...

...of what MineCon Earth-- The specialness that we will see.

You sometimes described it as like a variety show.

So could you give a little teaser?

That's the most vague description of a show.

There will be a variety of things.

But I have to say I'm gonna have to still stay pretty vague.

What we want is an exciting, entertaining...

...probably informative show that is--

The time that we've chosen between 90 and 120 minutes-

-is something you can manage. -It's like watching a movie.

That length makes it easy to schedule your time around-

-and hang out with some people.

So during that time, we want to entertain people-

-and give them things to talk about.

And hopefully, some big surprises as well.

Awesome. Cool. That's all from me.

Yes, you are the representative of the community.

I hope you all got the answers that you wanted to hear.

And please keep the discussion going on Twitter.

And we will try to answer any additional questions.

It's very difficult because we get hundreds of questions...

...but we'd we want to hear your opinions and thoughts... feel free to show them.

-Thanks, Moira. Thank you all. Bye. -Thanks, bye.

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