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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of The Eternal Palace - The Final Prison of the Old Gods [Lore]

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Hello everyone!

The Horde and Alliance, while trying to kill one another, ended up in Nazjatar.

Queen Azshara has us in her clutches with death waiting all around us.

Eventually the factions realise that its beter to turn their weapons away from one

another and focus on the threat of Azshara herself.

Together we managed to break the barrier and gain entry into the Eternal Palace while the

queen doesnt seem too worried about it.

You cant stop us, Azshara.

We are coming to end your reign.”

Stop you, my dear child why would I want to stop you?

Consider this a formal invitation.

My palace has been made ready.

Your presence is eagerly anticipated.

So many wonders lie in store.


When the waters claimed her and the highborne, they entered the deal with Nzoth.

Theyve spend millennia of brutal conquest to built themselves a new empire.

The palace both the exterior and the inside looks gorgeous.

Here it is where she holds dominion over the depths that once threatened to claim her.

Side by side, Lorthemar, Thallysra, Jaina and Shandris, lead our forces to the Dais

of Eternity where our first obstacle awaits...Abyssal Commander Sivara.

For queen azshara!”

A master of both martial and magical arts, Abyssal Commander sivara has ruthlesssly led

Azsharas vanguard to countless victories.

She popped up during our questing in Nazjatar where we found out that before her transformation,

she was Thalyssras most gifted student.

The arcanist recommended her to enrol into the Royal Academy which pushed her right into

the hands of Azshara.

The fight is all about what debuff she puts on you, stand with those that get the same


Mixing it up will caus your raid to take more damage, but at the same time it also stacks

and deas more damage to you so sometimes youll want to mix it up just to drop the stack.

A nice easy fight to start with.

It is good you survived.

I would hate for our gathering to end prematurely.”

Enough of these games Azshara.

Face us!”

Patience little one.

We will be together soon enough.”

Ashvane means to hold us at bay.

But I can sense fonds of magic nearby that are feeing into this room.

If we disrupt the flow of those channels, Ashvanes barrier will fall.”

So to get to Ashvane and open a way further into the palace, well need to get the barrier


In order to do that, well need to kill the other bosses.

We were planning to do that anyways so our team decided to head on over to the Font of

Radiance where the queen herself is in the middle of a ritual.

The ritual has begun!

We all have our parts to play.

Isnt that so, my child?”

Yes, my queen.

I sacrifice all that I am to serve you!”

Gaze upon true devotion, landwalkers!

BEhold, the rage of a queen.”

Strike that monstrosity down champions.

We must stop the flow of energy from this chamber.”

Another Wrath of Azshara creature has been summoned, by sacrificing her loyal handmaiden


The people might have been loyal to Azshara in life, but these naga take it a step further.

This one is a bit bigger and a bit more powerful.

Probably why they call this the Radiance of Azshara.

No escape!”

Tornados sweep around the battlefield ready to throw any unaware adventurer into the painfull


Arcane bombs and squal traps are tossed around the field.

A mighty storm is summoned by the big Stormwraith.With the wraith dead the storm disappears and you

can focus on the radiance once more. Azshara...”

Well done.

Now to find the last font and destroy it.

The sooner we do so, the better our chances of foiling Azsharas mad scheme.”

Its time for a swim because what would an underwater raid be without getting our

feet wet.

Drowning wont be a problem as an Oxygen-rich membrane is provided.

Healing however might be a bit tricky as not even our healing light can reach us in these

darkest of depths.

Thats where the Shimmerskin Pufferfish come in.

When they die they splooge out a bioluminescent cloud which makes you light up, lets you be

healed again, but also makes you a target for the creatures of the deep.

Staying above an open chasm for too long will turn any brave adventurer into a tasty snack

real quick so make sure not to linger over these chasms.

Thats just the environment, not even the blackwater behemoth itself.

Summoned from depths unknown, the Blackwater Behemoth lurks in an abyss so dark that not

even the naga dare to venture into it.

Only Azshara is capable of taming the beast, and she has trained it to faithfully guard

her treasures.

In the dark we must stay luminescent to be able to get healed while the Behemoth sometimes

switches caves and tries to cast an instant deathspell.

Up to us to ride the slipstreams, not get eaten by whats down below, avoid the jellyfish

and bring the beasty down.

Well done!

Now to find the last font and destroy it.

The sooner we do so, the better our chances of foiling Azsharas mad scheme.”

The barrier has fallen!

Let us see how brave Ashvane is without a magical shield to protect her.”

We had a deal Azshara!

Give me the power you promised.”

Oh, I intend to.

I merely wanted our guests to bear witness to your glorious ascension.”


Not like this!

What are you doing to me?!”

You asked to be powerful, Prisicilla.

Consider our bargain complete.”

Priscilla Ashvanes relentlesss pursuit of power has ultimately led her to the Eternal

Palace and into a dark pact with Queen Azshara.

Thats the extra information that we learn from the dungeon journal and as you can see,

this is not exactly what Ashvane had in mind.

Still no explenation as to how she went from talking to Sylvanas into this bargain with


There were some changes when it comes to her story.

I believe in beta times there was supposed to be a connection between her and Azshara

from the start.

The kraken you fight during the siege of boralus dungeon, why would a kraken fight for ashvane,


Similar as too how on the Horde side theres a hinted connection between Azshara and Prophet

Zul which never really played fully played out which is what I fear happened here.

They had a storyline planned with Ashvane which would lead her into an allegiance with


They made some changes and now we end up with this unexplained plot.

But who knows, I mean battle for azeroth isnt over yet.

Maybe this is all part of some grand scheme involving sylvanas...who knows!


Ill tear you apart!’ (you should have killed me)

The beauty that is Ashvane lumbers around with a massive shell covering her back which

absorbs quite a lot of damage but will eventually drop off for a bit allowing you to really

bring the pain.

It exposes the beautiful spiky azerite hair she got going on now.

THe carapace will regrow, stronger then before, lets make sure to kill her before we run out

of steam.

Dont be like me and just stand in the middle of the room falling down to a quick demise

as with Ashvanes defeat, the floor opens up, inviting us further into the palace.

Ah, good.

You arrived just in time to welcome these little ones into my service.”

We cannot allow these creatures to hatch.

They will overrun the surface!”

Welcome to Azsharas personal hatchery where Orgozoa keeps an eye on things, preparing

for the day her incubating horrors are unleashed upon Azeroth.

Its tentacles come with quite a sting.

Poison that tries to reach your tanks heart, killing them instantly.

By sharing the pain theyll survive while the rest of the team needs to avoid death

from above and death from Orgozoa.

He likes to splooge us with incubation fluids, something that you dont want to share with

the others.

We push him down, quite litteraly as Orgozoa retreats to the lower chamber.

Dont try to be clever and jump off the stairway, you will only find a quicker death.

Downstairs Orgozoa is busy casting his massive incubator spell which gives us a bit of time

to hurt it until the spell is interupted.

Take care of the adds, take care of Orgozoa, onwards to the queens court.

I should be cross over your brutal attacks upon my underlingts, but...I must admit, you

provide splendid entertainment.

Perhaps he was right after all.

You do show great potential.”

Enough games, Azshara!

This shall be the final day of your twisted reign.”

This is the queens court and our queen will not tolerate any impudence.

She is not our queen, spit on her.”

Behavior quickly shot down, a taste of the queens true power, showing us that shes

still just toying with us.

Guiding us ever further into her trap.

For as long as we prove ourselves worthy.

As long as we entertain her, shell allow us to live.

A good lesson to keep in mind as we take on the queens court, Pashmar the Fanatical

and Silivaz the Zealous.

For ten thousand years, the Queens Court has never failed to enforce the word of Azshara.

Now, the queens most powerful servants stand ready to fullfill her final decree.

As if dealing with the 2 bosses that want us to run away or either get real close isnt

hard enough, Azshara is also keeping an eye on the fight and sometimes just gets bored.

To spice things up shell give us orders, orders from the queen herself that none can


Shell tell us where to stand, when to stack or when to split.

Dance to her command and do what she says.

You show such heart!

Preparations are nearly complete.

I await your arrival below.”

The further down we go, the darker our enemies become.

More and more void creatures stand in our way until we reach the Precipice of Dreams.

There is...a presence here.

Tendrils stangeling my mind.”

The locks weaken.

The world screams.

NZoth rises once more.”

Out there...titan pillars.

And chains descending into darkness....”

Azshara wants us to see this.


Surely she knows we would never let that monster free!”

There is no time to warn the others!

We must end this!”

The last 2 fights of the raid have to be my favorite, starting off with Zaqul, Harbinger

of Nyalotha.

Nyalotha is a realm shrouded by mystery, mentioned by void related items like the puzzlebox

of yogg-saron but also beings like Illgynoth and Yshaarj.

We dont know exactly what Nyalotha is.

Perhaps its displayed during this fight, perhaps its the realm where Nzoth is hanging


Perhaps its an area in the void realm or something else entirely...Were not exactly


The end approaches!”

The harbinger for the end of days, Zaqul shreds the last vestiges of sanity from a

world in chaos, laying the foundation for Azeroths new master.

This fight takes place in different realms.

Our realm, the Fearl Realm and Delirium my personal favorite realm as that one provides

a beautiful haste buff and dieing in it just sends you back to the previous realm.

That means we need to take care of the boss, and the abilities that he throws at us, in

different realms at the same time.

Thankfully we do not stand alone.

Thalyssra and shandris are with us in this battle.

Champions, I will hold open a portal to reality for as long as I can.”

One interesting to note and this is something that well discover next week.

In the dungeon journal it reads that on mythic, Thalyssra pulls everyone back to reality to

prevent them from scuccumbing to zaquls madness, then falls victim to the wispers

of the old gods.

It does seem like this is a temporary kind of loss as thalyssra still shows up for the

azshara fight.

Still...cant wait to see how that phase plays out.

Nzoth will...rise.”

Nicely done.

It is so rare for mortals to exceed my expectations.

If only your friends had had been as capable.

That human novice, and the pale elf with the sword.

Ah well... acceptable losses.”


Now is that any way to repaay me for my generosity?

For the privilege I have seen fit to grant you?

Come heroes.

Prove yourselves worthy.

Find me in the circle of stars.”

At last!

The final preparations are in place and we have a captive audiance.”

Nzoth grumbles” “Stay vigilant champions.

Azshara conceals schemes within schemes.

She wants something.”

You must indulge the theatrical nature of tonights entertainment.

We have waited so very long for this moment, and we simply cannot resist savoring it.”

Without further ado...The stage is set, the hour is at hand.

Legions arise!

Serve your queens command!”

Remember how earlier you could spit on the queen and instantly die?

Well now you can also pledge your loyalty to her and become hostile to everyone else

around you.

Disgust her and shell make you vomit.

Some lovely interactions to be found within the last prison, the final stage of Azsharas

grand schemes.

I call the cursed lovers to enter thee stage!”

Their eyes long for one another, yet their gaze incurs calamity.”

To keep it all theatrical, has us fight the cursed lovers that either need to see eachother

or cant stand one another.

The real cool part of the fight, that would be the stage that were fighting on.

Its of titan design and it has wards of power.

If one of them is completely drained the raid takes ticking damage.

If all of them run out, Azshara wins.

The ancient wards will be disabled and override the titan device keeping nzoth imprisoned.

While she floats around the field, Azshara keeps things interesting with handing out

commands until weve dealt with the cursed lovers and shes ready to unleash her own


The ward in the middle now also activates.

This one does not power the facility, it actually empowers the queen if you let it.

Say that energy is put into it, you can drain it by standing on the ward similar to how

you can keep the other wards energized.

It gains energy from the queen being close to it or her loyal followers reaching the

middle, ready to lay down their lives for the glory of azshara.

From darkness, sirens come forth.

COax the power of these arcanes wards!

Rattle the chains that bind him!”

Stars save us...Azzshara is drawing upon the Heart of Azeroth.

Feeding its enrgies into her ritual!”

Youve only just come to this realization?

First Arcanistindeed!

You see the truth now, dont you heroes?

Every move youve made has been according to my will.”

Champions, stop her!”

That lumbering dwarf believed you could save azeroth by empowering your shiny little


The gift of a sleeping titan.

yes, a titans heart was eactly what was needed.

Not to heal the world...but to shatter the prison of a god.

Such delicious irony...the diamond king has been made a pawn.”

The ritual nears completion.

The black empire rises and the world awaits its true queen.”

There will be no corination this day.

Thalyssra aid me.

Together we can hold her here.”

Now you will know what it means to be trapped Azshara!”

I am Azshara!

I was destined to rule.

No force can bind me.”


Claim victory!’

Another whisper of Illgynoth repeated here.

You might have already caught the one about drowning ourselves in the circle of stars..

the king of diamonds has been made a pawn.

The necklace that weve been filling up is now turned against us in an attempt to

shatter Nzoths prison.

That is why the queen has been toying with us.

Moving the pieces just right to accomplish their plan.

You caught me off guard.

Fair enough.

But you are as trapped here as I.

This need not be the end...for any of us.

I know your dreams...your lust for power.

The hunger with which you pursue your desires.

Kneel before me and I will bestow talents beyond your wildest imagination.

refuse...and be crushed beneath the tides.

Choose your fate.

The wards are running empty and Nzoths piercing gaze crosses the battlefield.

The consule surges with power, power that really hurts but can also be used to our advantage.

Her aluring aura still beckons heroes towards her, even inspiring jealousy amongst them,

pushing them to be first to answer their queens call.

An ability she already commanded even way back when.

Not even the demons summoned through the well of eternity were immune to her charms.

The queen whos power was said by mannoroth to be close to kiljaeden and archimonde.

The queen who refused to become a slave as she allied with Nzoth.

She has thrown everything at us, but the Horde and the Alliance working together are able

to end her life...

You are all...beneath me...”

She wanted us divided.

Fighting each other kept us distracted from the true threat.”

Azshara wasnt the only one manipulating us.

I should have seen it sooner.”

Do not relax your guard.

Something here is...stirring.”

Azshara cinematic: On the floor gasping for air.

The queen isnt doing too well and the heroes are still standing.

Things seem to be over for her but the plan is still in motion.

The mechanism clicks into place and BAWOESJ the chains have been broken.

Ow man we are in trouble now.

The prison that eye and some shadow...nah nah nah the priso nthat contained

Nzoth is no longer functional.

An actual old god on the lose and the queen AWAKENS.

Dragged down to Nzoth.

All eyes shall be opened.

We talked about this in more detail during my reaction video, but as we can see...

Nzoth isnt quite done with the queen and drags her down below.

Some find the sound effect very similar to a dagger stabbing her, which im not saying

is impossible.

They might want to let us hear Nzoth using the blade of the black empire...but at the

same time we havent heard a thing about Nathanos and the blade during Nazjatar so

it would be a bit out of the blue...but who knows!

Another line from Illgynoth mentions thatAt the hour of her third death, she ushers

in our coming.”

Its still unclear whos death theyre talking about.

Some speculate sylvanas, some alleria, some think perhaps its azeroth and now, since

azshara died once and entered the bargain, second time right here, perhaps her death

in the future will usher in their coming.

Be it Nzoth and his armies.

The old gods taking over the world, the voidlords in general, something else entirely...who


Sadly not the massive event people were hoping for to close off the palace, but we do get

some teasing for the future as well Azshara is still out there...

And lets not forget that Nzoths prison has been shattered.

For the first time since the days of the black empire, an old god is on the lose.

Next time we face him wont be like the other old gods we faced.

They were still trapped showing just a tiny bit of their power reaching the surface.

Yogg-Saron for example is said to be as big as Northrend, when the day comes...when well

have to face Nzoth... its going to be one hell of a battle.

Will that battle be the next patch?

Hard to say.

There is the rumor going on that the ending of 8.2 should make it clear who the end boss

for battle for Azeroth is going to be.

From this youd say Nzoth, but as some of you pointed out during my reaction video...theres

also this conversation.

Our victory rings hollow.

Azsharas master will rise.

Nothing can stop that now.”

For all her lies, Priscilla Ashvane spoke one truth.

The war between the Alliance and Horde has kept us distracted.

Divided, we have no hope against Nzoth.”

We may have found common cause here in Nazjatar, but the battle still rages beyond

these waters.

So long as Sylvanas holds Orgrimmar, there can be no lasting peace.”

The war needs to end, Lorthemar.

You know this to be true.”

I had hoped that reason would prevail.

But the time has come to finish this.

I will tell my people what transpired here.

Of how Azshara fell because we stood together.

Of the threat rising from the dpeths, and all that is at stake if we should fail.

Then I will take my plac ebeside Saurfang and Thrall, and pray that the sindorei

stand with me.”

This would mean that the focus of the story, the end boss for battle for azeroth would

be related to the rebellion being build up against Sylvanas.

We have a storyline with the spirit of voljin thats trying to figure out who wanted him

to make sylvanas the warchief to begin with and who has been messing with his own spirit.

A storyline closely connected to the afterlife.

The banshee queen has 3 valkyr left that are part of the original bargain to bring

her back from hell.

She has ever loyal nathanos doing something with the blade of the black empire.

The real mission he was supposed to fullfill here in nazjatar...

Who knows where thats going to take us.

Who knows how the rebellion is going to play out and what the point of it all is going

to be, but I personally cant wait to find out.

For now thank you every so much for watching everyone!

Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next

time....see ya!

The Description of The Story of The Eternal Palace - The Final Prison of the Old Gods [Lore]