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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 25 - improve your English - SLEEP/DREAM - 25th October - FRIDAY

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Oh No I'm late I'm late

cha-cha-cha here we go again oh my goodness can you believe we have reached

the end of the week once more and of course we are coming towards the end of

our 31 days of English welcome to day 25

oh hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy well are you happy I hope you are I hope so

Here I am in my studio once again and I'm still having my lunch so this is

actually my lunch you can now see how I nourish myself before my live stream

begins so today I have a lovely sandwich with salmon and also butter and pepper

inside so there is some lovely salmon in the middle so you can have a little

sneak peek into my private world by having a look at what I eat so are you

interested in that does it interest you so there is my lunch half eaten so when

we say that something is half eaten it means I haven't finished it

I have eaten half of it so this is half eaten here we go

yes we are coming towards the end of October but don't worry there are still

a few more days left before I say goodbye to October so I hope you are

happy today in fact you should be happy do you know why because it's Friday

I'm overly just broadcasting 280 people tear me I got up at 8 o'clock this

morning to do this I'd been working since 8 o'clock this morning and now I'm

talking to 7 to 8 people that's not many is it please tell a friend tell anyone

tell your neighbour tell the person who lives down the road who you don't really like

tell them all I am with you every single day during October live English

every day Monday to Friday no one else has ever done this

no one ever on YouTube has ever done a month of live lessons every day I think

I might be the first person to do it but who cares YouTube's algorithms don't

care clearly did you see a couple of days ago on the news apparently Google

have developed the first quantum computer so now they will be able to use

their algorithms much quicker than before to make sure people don't see

your videos that's good news for all of us so thank you very much Google once

again for making sure that no one gets to find out about my live streams all my

lessons it's really kind of you thank you very much outside it's raining today

unfortunately it is raining outside the rain is falling it is a very dull and

miserable day but I can promise you now I can promise you that I don't feel dull

or miserable I'm okay don't worry in fact I know what will

cheer you up let's have a look at the birds shall we so here are the birds in

my garden earlier today oh very nice so there earlier today the birds were all

busy reading now at this time of year there

is very little for the birds to eat because many of the insects have

disappeared so the birds have all come back to my

garden they have returned and there you can see a selection of birds there is a

green Finch in the middle also gold finches I think also maybe a couple of

blue tits as well so there that was filmed this morning however right now

let's have a look what's happening now in the garden so this is now and as you

can see there isn't much going on it's very quiet out there I must point out

that mr. Steve is here today in the house he won't be on the livestream

however he is in the house and today I was a little bit late because I was busy

preparing mr. Steve's food so I had to make mr. Steve something to eat because

he's at home today he's busy here in his office so I had to make a sandwich not

only for me but also for mr. Steve as well and that's the reason why I'm a

little bit late today I apologize so much before I go on can I say happy

birthday to my sister it's my sister's birthday today so happy birthday Ally I

hope you will have a nice day my sister allison is having her birthday today so

happy birthday to my sister it's your birthday

yes today it's your birthday hip-hip-hooray talking about

celebrations let's have a look who is first on the livestream shall we on the

live chat we have oh hello - nasiha well done guess what you are first on today's

live chat

I give you a bow and a curtsy there's no answer to that really is there baby Anna

is here or Fabiana nasiha hello once again hello - ciao Rahul is here as well

Eric Amit Danny lo hello Danny lo hello also - Luis Mendez nice to see you here

today on my livestream hello also - wieder and also Palmyra

Meeker is here as well chin hello chunk Yong Chun where are you

watching at the moment I have a feeling you might be in the Far East I think so

andrew is here Ana Rams Andorra also f @ e @ EF hello @ EF nice to see you here

today also Sofia and Karen hello Karen when

does it start do you mean my livestream it has started already now normally at

the start of my livestream I have to play some music so I can make sure that

my equipment is working properly so normally at the start of my livestream

you will see an image and also you will hear some music that music now normally

I have about two minutes at the start of the livestream to make sure that my

equipment is working properly because doing a livestream is very technical it

really is Christina how are you it's a sunny day

where you are but here it is not it is not a sunny day here Farouk is here also

Marina sorry Marie oh yes marina marina that is also a

place where they keep boats so you will often find boats in a marina

a place where boats are kept is a marina Theo

hello mr. Duncan because of you we learn English as a living organism where every

single part counts many thanks Thank You Theo for that very interesting

very deep and profound for a Friday I think so Rosso is here hi mr. Duncan hi

everybody your sandwich looks delicious

yes it looks delicious but if I leave it any longer in this hot studio I think it

will go very stale so if something is stale it means it has gone bad or with

bread it means it has gone hard so you can't really eat it so bread will go

stale if you leave it out in the open air so my sandwich is slowly going stale

ana says I am interested in daily life subjects well I think so well this is

something I try to do on my live streams every day I always try to take you into

my life the things I do every day and quite often I will teach you some

English at the same time isn't that good do we have a deal

do we have a deal ok that sounds good to

me a couple of words I want to show you now

and these are words that many English learners confuse with each other the

words are bored and boring so bored is the feeling of having nothing to do you

feel as if you want to do something but you don't know what to do you have a lot

of spare time on your hands so you feel bored

of course being bored can also be the effect of watching something that is not

interesting or something that is not interesting to watch or follow it makes

you feel bored then we have boring if something is boring then the thing is

making you feel bored so the feeling is bored the thing is boring

I feel bored because of this boring lesson this lesson is boring I feel

bored so a lot of people confuse these two words quite often they will use this

word when they want to say this word so I feel bored mr. Duncan your lessons are

never boring I hope so another couple of words we can use are tedious something

that is boring is tedious you are watching something that is boring

something is tedious also laborious if you are doing something that takes a

long time to carry out maybe a very slow and tedious job that the job is tedious

the job or the thing you have to do is laborious it takes a long time to do and

you might describe it as a boring job or a boring task something that makes you

feel bored is boring it is tedious it is laborious

so I hope that helps you there back to the live chat

hello mr. Duncan thanks very much for teaching us I am always watching your

channel because we can watch the live stream on time I hope so I hope you

don't mind joining me every day during October I hope it hasn't been too boring

for you no one else is doing this not another person no one else on YouTube is

with you every single day in October Fernando is here hello Fernando

Belarusian Belarusian is giving us more information about her mother oh I'm

sorry to hear that your mother is still not well we will have to wait so that is

the latest from Belarus eeeh concerning her mother and once again can

I send you my best wishes to you in your family grace chin is here

I live in Kuala Lumpur I know kuala lumper very well I've been

there a few times I I know Malaysia very well I've being

there many times especially during the 1990s I went to Malaysia a lot Rossa

says TGIF is used on Friday yes we often say thank God or thank goodness it's

Friday so most people feel quite relieved and happy when Friday arrives

because it means that weekend is about to begin

don't forget I am with you tomorrow so you can see on Saturday I am with you at

a slightly different time 12 p.m. midday on Saturday and then Sunday we return to

the normal time of 2 p.m. UK time however this is something I mentioned

yesterday I'm not going to mention it again because it's very complicated and

my brain might explode so on Sunday very early on Sunday

morning we will put our clocks back one hour as British summer time ends and we

go back to the old Greenwich Mean Time GMT whoa I'm bored already with this

subject so what will happen is for some people my livestream will appear one

hour later so if you normally watch me at 11 o'clock at night you will find

that I will actually appear at midnight however some people will also be turning

their clocks back so for you there will be no difference but it will feel as if

my livestream is at a different time however on Sunday it will still be 2

p.m. UK time so whatever happens with our clocks whatever happens I will

always be here at 2 p.m. UK time if it's British summer time or Greenwich Mean

Time Wow well I can't believe I've had to say all that do you know who I feel

sorry for I feel sorry for people who work in clock shops because they have to

change all of the clocks that they have or maybe a person who has to look after

all of the clocks in a clock museum they have to go around and change all the

clocks they have to turn them back one hour

apparently in Buckingham Palace they have over a hundred clocks in Buckingham

Palace where the Queen lives so imagine how long it takes to turn all of those

clocks back all of the Queen's servants I don't think the Queen does it I can't

imagine the Queen getting up on a chair to change her clocks I just could just

don't see that happening to be honest I really don't know sir is here also

Meeker in Sicily it is awful in fact I'm at

home because the schools are closed for Red Alert is that the weather is the

weather that bad Wow so in the south of Italy and round

Sicily it sounds as if the weather is quite bad oh dear

stay safe if the weather is bad where you are stay indoors and watch me is

that a good idea I'm not sure hello Rosa also sweetness happy birthday to your

sister yes my sister it's her birthday today she is another year older I won't

say how old because I can't because she will come round and slap my face until

it's cherry red she really will hello Theo happy many returns for Duncan's

sister thank you very much we are all making history with mr. Duncan and his

livestream every day during October can you believe it well it looks as if the

birds have arrived oh let's have a look quickly yes there are some birds on the

bird feeder can you see them so this is now a live view in the garden and yes

you can see some birds not many I think most of them have already done their

feeding they've already been fed so there they

are would you like to see something really really crazy and unusual ok then

here we go then well first of all today we are talking about one particular

subject after half past 2 we are talking about sleep and dreams and you know what

I like to do when I go to sleep at night I like to imagine something nice

something that makes me feel really comfortable and cozy in my bed

I like to count sheep yes so today's big subject is sleep and

there you can see a little sheep having a sleep in my garden and that was

something I filmed this morning do you want to see something really crazy

once again this is all about sheep and this is something I saw this morning

from my bathroom window something very strange was going on at

the back of my house so yes there were some sheep in the garden at the back of

the house also there were lots of birds flying around as well you can see there

are some crows so those birds are crows but can you see what they're doing they

are actually picking picking the flies off the Sheep

and if you think that strange take a look at this watch this

so the magpie is actually going onto the sheep it's climbing onto the sheep and

it's actually picking the small insects off the sheep but the strange thing is

the Sheep doesn't seem to mind it seems to actually enjoy what is happening so

there you can see something that happened at the back of my house I was

so curious to find out what it was that I decided to set my camera up and film

it so there you can see a magpie doing something very unusual it is picking the

insects off the Sheep oh I think the Sheep doesn't like it anymore I think

the Sheep has had enough it looks as if the Sheep is trying to sleep but the

magpie keeps disturbing it so isn't that unusual what a strange thing to see in

your garden or at the back of your house so there is a magpie I think he's about

to fly away ok mr. magpie off you go so I hope you enjoyed that something very

unusual there hello - @ef hello also - Cristina the Sheep is calm it looks very

strange I agree with you it does look rather unusual I think so

Emmet is here how are you mr. Duncan I'm ok not too bad thank you

Louie Louie says I think thank God it's Friday

also comes from the series Peter Gunn it's a song also from The Art of Noise

yes oh the art of noise I know the art of noise very well they were a

combination of producers and musicians who were around in the early 1980s so I

know them very well I remember a lot of their very strange songs speak John says

I am an English teacher hello hello to another English teacher

speak John I am an English teacher in Brazil my city is Fortaleza and I love

your classes big hug thank you very much thanks a lot and good luck with your

lessons mr. Mario is here watching in Sao Paulo also quite a loop yes we are

talking all about sleep and dreams lots of words and expressions that are

connected to this particular subject that is what we are doing in a little

while right now we are going to take a short break because we are going to have

a look at something a little different something different we're going to have

a look at an excerpt from one of my full English lessons a lot of people ask

about my full English lessons there is a playlist there are lots of video lessons

on my YouTube channel and now you are going to take a look at an excerpt from

one of them right now

it would appear that more and more people are unable to concentrate are

unable to concentrate for long periods of time due to due to them having short

attentions short attention spans

do you know someone who is snooty have you ever met a snooty person the

word snooty means to behave with an air of superiority to be snobbish and

arrogant is to be snooty a snooty person believes they are better than others

their view is that they have a better lifestyle than most other people a

person with money might behave in a snooty way they look down on those who

have less wealth or appear to live in a lower class than them a snooty person

tends to be arrogant and stuck-up we can describe a snooty person as a snob this

person behaves in a snobbish way they have a high-and-mighty attitude they are

toffee-nosed supercilious pompous haughty conceited and quite often


it's time to take a look at another buzzword a buzzword is a sentence or

word that is in common use during a certain time or as seen as being popular

today's buzz word is attention span this phrase relates to the amount of time a

person can concentrate on one thing this can relate to a task or an activity a

person's attention span is measured by how long they can concentrate on doing

one thing we often talk about the short attention span of young people the

various attractions and distractions that exist nowadays has led to a belief

that people are beginning to develop short attention spans the advent of

instant digital media and online streaming allows people to view many

things within a short space of time it would appear that these days people grow

bored easily as more choices means that they can swap and change what they are

watching in a more convenient way the term short attention span highlights the

inability to concentrate on just one thing it would appear that more and more

people are unable to concentrate for long periods of time due to having short

attention spans

it is inevitable that at some point in your working life you will have to

answer to someone who is above you in status or rank most work environments

have some sort of administrative hierarchy the word hierarchy means chain

of command or pecking order from the lowly to the high up the positions in

the workplace tend to follow a typical pattern from the unpaid intern right up

to the senior management somewhere in that chain you will be placed more often

than not most senior management chains consist of supervisors and managers then

right at the top there is the CEO which stands for chief executive officer there

are many ways of describing this person both formally and informally

this person is the boss the top man or top woman the chief the leader in formal

terms include the big man the head honcho the big cheese the top brass the

boss or company owner might be described as a fat cat this particular name is

seen as being negative and derogatory as it suggests that the boss is wealthy and

very powerful the bank is owned and run by a bunch of fat cats

and there it was one of my full English lessons a few excerpts from one of them

I hope you enjoyed that and all of my lessons are available on my youtube


hmm as you can see whilst that video was playing I was eating a little bit more

of my sandwich so there was only a little piece left now will I get to eat

this before the end of today's lesson I don't know really because I'm not

psychic I can't see the future who do you think I am

uri geller hello Anna I like I like so many types of pesto and spaghetti and

macaroni oh I believe it's a special day today isn't it a special day for people

who like macaroni please tell me more about it business says fat cat yes a fat

cat it is normally a negative word for the owner of a company or a large

organization and quite often they are seen as being greedy and selfish and

only interested in their own things hello also - Irene hello mr. Duncan and

everyone I am late don't worry as long as you are here although it is a little

bit wet outside shall we have a look it's wet it's miserable and I suppose we

could have mr. Steve would you like to see mr. Steve doing the petal dance

would you now we can arrange that right now so let's get mr. Steve prepared

outside in the garden and he will show us his world-famous poncho dance

but of course I'm not going to let Steve have all the fun because now I am going

to show you my poodle dance

I hope you enjoyed that so mr. Steve was demonstrating his poncho and I was

showing you my bit little dents because it is a wet day here in the UK but don't

worry I am here to chase those gray skies away it's live English and I'm

with you every day during October 2019 we are talking about a lovely subject

today sleep and dream words associated with this particular subject and there

are many many words that we can describe sleep as many phrases many words that we

can use to describe going to sleep

there is a little sheep having dreams I wonder when a sheep goes to sleep does

it count human beings because we we often count sheep to help us get to

sleep so that's what I was thinking of earlier that's that's the road I was

going down with that joke so when we talk about sleep we can say that we fall

asleep now sleep is something we all need they recommend that you should have

at least eight hours between 7 & 8 hours sleep every night and sleep is good for

the body in many ways especially this thing up here sleep is very good for

your brain if you stay awake for too long it is very hard for your brain to

cope lots of things start happening in your brain the wiring and all of the

circuits start breaking down the signals go in the wrong direction you become

disorientated and confused so you fall asleep you need to sleep however they're

all that's lots of ways there are many ways of describing sleep for example you

nod off oh I like that one nod off if you nod off it means you fall asleep so

you are physically falling asleep you

nod off so when you nod off it means you fall asleep you might say that it is the

action of actually falling asleep you nod off doze off so the word doze can

also mean sleep you become tired you become sleepy

you doze off you drift off so you might drift off to sleep you slowly fall

unconscious to be unconscious is to be asleep like that you drift off you I

like this phrase you go bye-byes you go bye-byes you fall asleep you

drift off you nod off you doze off so there are some ways of describing sleep

and also the action of falling asleep as well some more words that can be used to

describe sleep we can have a nap so quite often when we say nap it means

a short sleep so maybe you sleep for a short period of time

so you might go to bed for half an hour or maybe one hour or maybe just ten

minutes you have a nap nap so when we say nap it means a short sleep you go to

sleep for a short period of time and then the word doze so you can doze you

fall asleep maybe you are sitting in your chair maybe you are still working

but perhaps you work at night and you might have a nap you you might have a

doze doze you have 40 winks oh I like that word I like that phrase very much

so if you have 40 winks it means you have a short sleep you have

a rest for a short period of time quite often you will fall asleep so when you

have 40 winks you have a short sleep hit the hay if you hit the hay

it's the same thing you go to sleep you go to bed you might feel tired and you

may say to someone oh it's getting late I think it's time for me to hit the hay

it's time for me to hit the hay it's time to go to bed Valentin asks a

very interesting question do you remember

Napster yes I do and I remember Napster when it was illegal sometimes I would

download tunes from Napster so in the early days of the internet there was a

website called Napster and it was very useful for getting pop music movies all

sorts of things from of course it was all illegal maybe I shouldn't have said

that I might get arrested the police might

come to my house to take me away for illegal downloading but yes I do

remember Napster in the early days I think it's a bit like BitTorrent so

nowadays we have BitTorrent don't we so a lot of people will torrent something

ooh you see I do know things that young people know back to our main subject you

have 40 winks you hit the hay you have a nap you doze some more words that can be

used you Zonk out oh I like that one Zonk out so if you donk it means you

fall asleep oh you Zonk out you fall asleep it's a great expression that

you will often hear the word Zonk or zonked in American English and British

English as well so a lot of people think that the word Zonk or to be zonked is

American English but in fact it is used in both British English and American

English Zonk out you go to the Land of Nod oh I

like that one so if you go to the Land of Nod you go off to sleep that means

you go off in your mind you are unconscious you go off to the Land of

Nod we will often say that about a child so maybe when a child is falling asleep

we will often say that they have gone to the Land of Nod and of course as we

mentioned earlier you fall asleep you fall asleep so to fall asleep you fall

into sleep you fall asleep a person who is asleep is unconscious all creatures

need to sleep most animals need to sleep it's some period of time some animals

will sleep during the day some animals will sleep during the night an animal

that sleeps during the day and stays awake during the night is called

nocturnal so a nocturnal animal is an animal that is awake at night for

example an owl or bat are nocturnal creatures some people can you believe it

some people are nocturnal so people can also be nocturnal maybe you have to work

at night maybe you work in a factory where you have to work during the night

or maybe you are a security guard in a factory so you have to work during the

night to keep an eye to the factory so even people can be

nocturnal they stay awake during the night some more words to describe

sleeping you can snooze oh I like that word

so again snooze means a short sleep short brief just for a short moment of

time you have asleep so you will snooze quite often maybe in your bedroom next

to your bed you will have an alarm clock maybe when the alarm rings you will hit

the snooze button so quite often an alarm clock will have a snooze button

which allows you to continue sleeping for a short period of time normally five

minutes or ten minutes so to have a snooze is to have a short sleep for a

short period of time or like this one catnap so if you have a catnap again it

is very similar to snooze if you have a catnap it means you sleep for a short

period of time so you have a catnap you sleep for a

short period in the afternoon now this is something that I I didn't used to do

but nowadays I do in the afternoon I always like to have a little cat nap in

the afternoon so quite often I will go to bed not in bed but on the bed and I

will have a little sleep I will have a cat nap I like that I like that

expression also you can slumber slumber if you

slumber it means you sleep you are actually in the process of sleeping you

are unconscious we talked about a person slumber there moment of rest they're

sleeping period their slumber drowsiness

word a little closer so growls can mean to be sleepy or to slowly fall asleep

but also we can also drowse a person we can make them feel drowsy so maybe you

are doing something that makes a person feel bored or sleepy so a person might

drowse they will go into a light sleep so they won't fall asleep completely

they were just drowse off or a person might feel drowsy so when you are drowsy

you are feeling sleepy you are feeling drowsy another

expression to mean sleep you can get your head down so when you get your head

down it means you lie on the bed so your head

will be on the pillow or whatever it is you rest your head on you get your head

down so this is another way of expressing sleep I need to get my head

down for half an hour it means I need to have a sleep you get your head down

you hit the sack if you hit the sack it means you again get on the bed you

rest your head and you hit the sack so you might say oh I'm feeling so tired oh

I really need to hit the sack if you hit the sack it means you go to bed or you

go to sleep I think all of this talk of sleep is sending a lot of people to

sleep because it's very late so we're so in some parts of the world at the moment

it is very late so maybe you are starting to fall asleep another way to

describe sleeping is to get some Z's Oh mr. Duncan we've never heard this one

before if you get some Z's or of course if you are American you

will say get some Z's because the letter said is Z in British English but here in

British English we say Zed you see not Z so you get some sense you get some Z's

and there you can see lots of them so when we write the sound of sleeping so

when we write it down we will write it like this so this is what it looks like

when a person is sleeping when we have to write it down so a person is sleeping

they are fast asleep they need to get some jets or Z's I know

I know people always complain about that they say mr. Duncan why do you keep

saying Zed it isn't Zed it's Z but in British

English we say is Zed Pedro says I am asleep right now

oh I'm sorry about that Pedro I'm sorry too

make you feel so bored there here we go with the way a person sleeps so maybe a

person is a light sleeper if you are a light sleeper it means you don't sleep

deeply so when we say deep sleep it means you are very much unconscious you

are really asleep you are fast asleep you are so sleepy you are so unconscious

however if a person is a light sleeper it means that they don't sleep deeply it

means they are easily disturbed so the slightest sound or noise around them

will wake them up they are a light sleeper so a person who is a light

sleeper they sleep lightly they don't go to

sleep deeply their sleep is not deep because they are a light sleeper so some

people really do suffer from being a light sleeper so if you are a light

sleeper you will often find that you can't get to sleep properly or maybe you

will have sleep but it won't feel as if you've had sleep there we go

light sleeper a person who is a light sleeper is a person who doesn't sleep

deeply they are not completely unconscious the opposite of that is

heavy sleeper so if a person is a heavy sleeper if a person can be described as

a heavy sleeper it means that they sleep very well they have a deep sleep they

are completely unconscious they are a heavy sleeper they sleep do

plea they stay asleep it is very hard to disturb or wake up a heavy sleeper

so some people are heavy sleepers whilst other people are light sleepers a light

sleeper easily wakes up a heavy sleeper is very hard to wake up

sleep is important however there are certain people who cannot get to sleep

unfortunately they stay sleepless or they are easily disturbed so if you are

sleepless it means you can't get to sleep unfortunately you can't get to

sleep you are sleepless you are restless you

can't relax so we say that you have a sleepless night you are easily disturbed

you are sleepless you have a sleepless night you are easily disturbed maybe

your neighbor maybe your neighbor has a dog that keeps barking at night hmm dear

oh I was having a lovely sleep then until my neighbor's dog started barking

so a person can be sleepless or they can be easily disturbed by certain things a

person who has difficulty sleeping or maybe they have a condition something

wrong with their brain or something they can't control so a person might not be

able to get to sleep physically this is something that can happen to many people

we can say that you are and insomniac so when we say insomniac

it is a person who cannot sleep so the insomniac is the person who can't sleep

they suffer from insomnia so insomnia is the disorder that means you cannot sleep

you feel awake you feel Restless maybe your mind won't stop working maybe you

keep thinking about all sorts of things you suffer from insomnia you are an

insomniac so there are many people who suffer from this and quite often if you

have stress or anxiety quite often you will also have insomnia

as well it is quite often a side effect of certain illnesses that affect the

brain insomnia you are an insomniac you can't get to sleep

there is another very interesting disorder something that many people

suffer from and some people don't even realize that they have it it is this

sleep apnea and this is something you may have heard of or may not have heard

of sleep apnea now this is a very interesting medical term that means a

person who stops breathing so they are breathing normally and then suddenly

they stop breathing they don't hold their breath they have actually stopped

breathing their automatic reflex for a few moments stops so when you're asleep

quite often you will breathe normally in your sleep it is one of the things that

is controlled by your brain stem so that will always keep your heart beating and

also your lungs drawing in so sleep apnea is when your lungs stop

doing that they stop working for a few moments and then you might suddenly wake

up like that so quite often Sneap sleep apnea is something that affects many

people so a person will stop breathing whilst they're asleep

and then they will certainly wake up and the reason why they wake up is because

your body is starting to drown in carbon dioxide so all of the carbon dioxide is

building up in your blood so your body reacts to that it's almost as if you're

drowning in fact so sleep apnea is the reflex after your breathing has stopped

at night a lot of people suffer from this many people do and they don't even

realize it in fact I think that I have a little bit of sleep apnea as well neo

zero says you have spelt it wrong no I haven't I have not spelt this word wrong

that is how you spell the word mmm naughty naughty so you can spell it in

other ways as well so you can leave out the Oh

however in British English this is the spelling in American English they will

leave out the O so actually this is the correct spelling mmm you thought you got

me there didn't you Christina says I was on holiday with a friend of mine and

realized that he suffered from sleep apnea my vacation was a nightmare there

are many things that can happen whilst you're asleep yes many things

I made myself laugh then you can talk in your sleep oh not now darling oh no no I

don't want to know don't tell the wife oh no don't tell the wife she'll be so

angry she finds out oh no don't tell the wife that we're seeing each other if the

wife finds out she'll kill me sometimes talking in your sleep can get you in a

lot of hot water a lot of trouble mr. Mario is going bye-bye mr. Mario

I think mr. Mario wants to have a sleep see you later

so there are many things you can do whilst you're asleep you might sleepwalk

some people move around whilst they're still unconscious

so it can happen some people have night terrors maybe they have a horrible dream

or nightmare and they wake up suddenly screaming and

shouting we call those night terrors so when we say night terror we mean a

nightmare that you wake up from in a panic Theo says you pronounced apnea

correctly because it is a Greek word that means without air yes that's it

Thank You Theo so apnea means lack of air if you stop

breathing suddenly your body has no air going into it and as we all know your

body needs oxygen to survive or else you will turn purple and then blue and then

white Thank You Berlin thank you very much I hope you've enjoyed this I hope

you've enjoyed today's lesson it's almost time for me to go can you believe

it already and out of the window this morning I saw some lovely sights just

before we go let's remind ourselves that it is still autumn there it is so that

is a tree in my front garden and you can see a lot

of the leaves now have come become red and golden and they look lovely at the

moment so there you can see one of the sights let's have a look at another one

and there is another sight outside my house this morning so even though it's

raining it still looks nice and or terminal I hope you've enjoyed today's

lesson I really do if you don't like it well I'm sorry about that I don't know

what I can do really you can get in touch with me before I go

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you thank you very much Pat ciao it's very nice to see you here today

it's very lovely to see all of you here today in fact I love the red leaves yes

the leaves are looking rather nice we will have one last look outside there

are just one or two birds on the bird feeder there they are looking very

desperate at the moment the birds appear to be very desperate right now because

there isn't much food around as winter approaches thank you very much for your

lovely messages I'm going now I'm back tomorrow

forget tomorrow I am back on Saturday so tomorrow is Saturday and don't forget

the time is different 12 p.m. just after midday so there it is

you can see the time right there there it is BB BB Saturday 12 p.m. UK time and

there it is I will let you go because it's time for me to go

this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching today I hope you've enjoyed it

thanks Rolfie for your lovely message there thank you so much mr. Duncan for

another amazing livestream he was very useful I hope so I hope that this is

never boring I hope you never feel bored by my English lessons

so whatever YouTube thinks whatever the YouTube algorithms think it is out of my

control so I do thank you very much for your loyalty and your viewership

see you tomorrow and of course you know what's coming next

before I have a little dance and I am going to finish my sandwich as well

you know what's coming next of course...

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 25 - improve your English - SLEEP/DREAM - 25th October - FRIDAY