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hello and welcome back to another

episode of real English with real

teachers today we've got a collaboration

with the lovely Lisa from speak you

English do hello Lisa how are you so

Lisa where are you from I'm from Moscow

Russia and what do you do well yeah I

teach English I've been teaching English

for ages and I love it

nice nice yeah so lisa has has been

mastering the English accent the British

English accent better than me perhaps

and we met when Harry and I went to

Moscow and we did a group class and it

was a lot of fun and we had a good meet

up after that and then Lisa told me

about a website that she thinks would be

really good to tell other learners about

so that you can connect with more people

and install passion into your language

learning so we're going to dive into

that and hear about someone who's

actually used this website and any tips

that Lisa has so firstly what is this

website what is it Lisa

oh it's couchsurfing couchsurfing took

place for people to have a great time

not only to find a place to stay out to

spend a night or a couple of nights when

they go traveling but also to the world

to learn about new cultures firsthand

and just to live their lives to the

fullest okay yeah I noticed that you

went on a trip to the UK recently when I

was spying on your Instagram I saw the

you enter the UK but was it expensive

did it cost a bomb when you went well it

did cost quite some money I'd say but

the whole trip was the bomb I loved it

yes I think with a host family well to

host families but ah yeah well

it was not cheap but well couchsurfing

is if we talk about this website now for

me it's not an opportunity to find a

place to stay all the night cuz I find

it quite tricky you know just do not

feel comfortable staying and ah

strangers this is this is why I thought

about it when when I heard you say about

couchsurfing I've known about it and

maybe you guys have heard about

couchsurfing before the concept of

staying on somebody's couch sofa for

free but I feel like I want a bit of

privacy and I want my own room if I'm if

I'm able to find it and you you felt

like this yourself but you still use it

so how do you use it yeah I'm so glad

you mentioned that we're more than

welcome to just make new friends find

people to hang out with just go grab a

beer and talk about life in the language

you are learning for example that really

does sound impressive yeah I should use

this because as I've just landed in

Australia I need to meet new people I've

spent about five months 24/7

with my girlfriend and it's it's a

really good test whether whether you

like the person or not to do that amount

of intensity but yeah on top of that I

think I should use it to try and meet

people to interview have you used it

yourself for interviewing people for

your content

yes sure that's why a lot culture I

think that so much although I started

using it when I didn't have my account

and I really really liked it but now

that I have my project for English

learners I'm using cup surfing kind of

regularly so if people want to give

couchsurfing ago not just for free

accommodation it's for finding people of

similar interests or like-minded people

that you want to connect with and and

have you kept in contact with any of

these people oh yes

absolutely in fact I have a very good

friend now we've been friends for over

two years and she's from the US and we

met from couchsurfing when I created an

event of saying hey I want to record a

video let's meet up this is yeah you can

never expect to make like long lasting

friendships or just just be open I think

and everything is possible I think that

with age we tend to be a bit more not

even reserved but not so open to making

new acquaintances and capture everything

is a great opportunity to just fine to

get like-minded people I absolutely love

my Texan Katusha as I call her now she's

thrush and really really well sometimes

Russian with her but is that bad she's

been following your your Instagram yeah

yeah my account is helping her to

practice her Russian because I do a lot

of translations from English into

Russian and yeah so good guest so we're

going to continue the conversation on

Lisa's Instagram and we're going to be

talking about a website that I've used a

lot to save money and to meet more

people and speak with people in the area

I've used it a lot when moving to

Australia so if you want to find out

about that one head over to speak you

English do on Instagram and yeah you'll

be able to hear more about this one

website but thank you very much you're

welcome thank you very much for having

me I've been subscribed to youtube

channel for over two years I guess and

okay we'll leave it there we'll see you

guys soon hope you enjoyed it and

couchsurfing will be in the description

box below as will yeah Lisa's Instagram

see you on her account bye for now

and don't forget to follow us on

Instagram to get more day-to-day posts

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learn English in more dynamic and

interactive ways


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