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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MY HEART WILL GON ON:ALIP BA TA REACTION VIDEO(FRANCE)

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hi guys welcome back to my channel this

is me and my sister in France if you're

new to my channel welcome everyone so

yeah in today's video everyone is a bit

different it's different from the usual

video that I make because this is

actually a reaction video on a viral

youtuber who actually amazed many famous

guitarists and musicians do you know who

he is I'm not sure if you are familiar

with him but he is really viral on

YouTube these days so he is known as a

youtuber finger style a lip Panta yes

finger style I like buttah everyone so

he is an acoustic specialist guitarist

who often shows his finger style skills

a mutual guy so yeah let's check how he



so let's write to see guys how he really

amazed many musicians I'm wondering why

why or how he has amazed a lot of

musicians so I'm sure you guys are also

wondering right so yeah let's start so

here we go guys are you ready yes here

we go guys Luke Wow look how he plays so

we do instruments at the same time how

is it possible

my god guys that's really amazing guys

oh my god no wonder why a lot of

actually you know a lot of musicians

professional musicians guitarists really

are very amazed by him

no wonder do you agree with me guys

so yes it's really amazing you know he

is really very talented everyone I'm

really impressed with his performance

I'm really impressed with the way he

plays those two instruments at the same

time especially when he plays the food

oh my god amazing amazing amazing no

wonder guys why he has you know 600,000

subscribers I wish I could get that he

you know I read he often plays domestic

and foreign hits yes so really a lot of

citizens have been amazed by his fingers

file skills really and even you guys

just watching this reaction of mine I

guess you're all so amazed right yes I

hope you're amazed at the same time as

me while watching this video yes guys so

yeah I hope you like this reaction video

of mine and yes if you're new to my

channel please not forget to subscribe

and click the bell button below to get

more updates about my channel everyone

thank you so much I hope you had a

wonderful time listening to this

reaction video of mine thanks so much

have a wonderful day everyone bye bye





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