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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: College Kids Try Irish Drinking Games | React

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- (FBE) So how familiar are each of you

with drinking games? - Baby, if there's alcohol,

I'm there. - Pros.

- I only play them when watching movies

or TV shows. - I've played them at parties.

- (FBE) Well today, you'll be playing three Irish

drinking games.

- Okay. - Cool.

- Oh my God. Those are heavy stuff.

That's the real deal drinking stuff.

- (FBE) Each round, I'll tell you the rules of the game,

you'll play it, and then you'll rate it one through five,

five being the best drinking game ever

and one being not so fun at all.

- Okay.

- Okay, cool. - Okay.

- So I have to be paying attention.

- Yes, I hope. - Okay.

- (FBE) So, this game is called Shot Potato

and it's similar to hot potato except you're passing

around a shot, so you'll be passing

a shot of Jamison and when the music stops,

the person holding the shot has to take a drink.

- Oh, that's great. - Cool.

- Perfect.

- Itzel, you're the bartender for the night, okay?

That was terrible bartending. I'd fire you.

- (FBE) Here we go. - Okay.

♪ (traditional Irish music) ♪ - Oh, is this Irish music?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Oh, we have music and everything.

God, no, no, no.

- This ain't no slide potato.

- Toma, toma.

- (screaming) - Yes, there it is.

- No, it is not. - It's you!

It was you. It was you!

- Oh my God. - I don't want it.

- Ah! Okay, (speaking Spanish)

- This is an Irish, Spanish game.

That was nice.

- (speaking Spanish)

- (FBE) Before we continue, pub fact, pubs were once

allowed to store dead bodies. The Coroner Act of 1846

decreed a dead body had to be brought to

the nearest public house for storage because the cool

beer cellar slowed decomposition. - Ew

- Cool. - Wow.

- I think that's sick.

- I don't need that. - Disturbing.

- You're like-- while drinking it,

you have a putrid body next to you.

- Why would you put that in my mind?

- Oh, here we go. - Getting lost in the fact.

- Oh, no, no, no. You're playing games.

- (speaking Spanish) - You're gonna drink that.

Wait, no!

- Can we be Irish dancing while playing this?

- I was trying. - Or do we have to sit down?

- Can we yodelay-he-hoo. - (music stops)

- Wow.

- No, don't give it to me. (screams)

- Oh my God. - Yes.

- Good job. - Oh my gosh.

- They're just trying to get you drunk.

- It's working. - Boy.

- One down. That's it, Danny.

- Was this a good decision? I don't know.

Do we make good decisions in our 20s?

I also don't know.

♪ (traditional Irish music) ♪ - ♪ I don't know the song

- (speaking Spanish)

(music stops) - What's wrong, baby?

- (speaking Spanish)

- Boy. I love whiskey,

but I don't like drinking shots of anything.

- (speaking Spanish) - Sheila.

- (screaming)

- (FBE) Pub fact, Ireland's smallest pub

is so small that they had to install cushions

on the ceiling of the ladies' toilet to stop people

from banging their heads when they stood up

after using the facilities. - Oh, wow.

- What? - It was so small

that if you stood up, you would hit your head,

so they put-- - I get it.

I'm saying, why would they do that?

- (FBE) So, what would you rate this game?

- Five. - I would say--

- Five. - Four.

- Four.

- It's a five. - This was a five.

- It's a five. - Because you didn't

drink anything. That's why it's a five.

Don't be ridiculous. - I'll give it a 3.5.

- Oh, she's-- okay.

- Four. - I think it's fun.

It's something easy that you can do.

You get all spilled. - But it can get repetitive

too soon. It's doing the same.

- (FBE) For the next one, you'll be playing

the two Euro spin. Someone will sit out

each round and spin a coin and as the coin spins,

the three drinkers must drink as much as they can

before the coin stops. - Oh.

- I love this. - Okay.

- One, two, three, go. (coin spinning)

- Who wins? - Oh, wow.

- Oh my God, you just did that whole thing?

- Hello.

♪ (traditional Irish music) ♪

(coin spinning)

- (FBE) Also, you didn't have to drink

since you were spinning, but good on you.

- Okay, one, two. That's a spin.

- (speaking Spanish)

You lost.

- (speaking Spanish)

- We gotta do this right. - That's a good one.

- That's what's up.

- (FBE) There's a pub in Ireland that opened in the year 900 A.D.

and it's still operational. It's called Sean's Bar.

- Sean. - What's the name?

Sean? - Sean.

- Wow, 900 A.D.

- You got this. (speaking Spanish)


- (FBE) Another fun fact for you.

A pub in Ireland gives out free drinks to customers

that don't use their phones. - Ow.

- You lost me there, baby! 'Cause I'm on vacation.

I'm posting.

- (FBE) So, what would you rate this game?

- A three. - Three also.

It's fun. I like the challenge.

- I'm gonna go with a one, 'cause personally,

I don't like beer. - I'll give it a two because--

- Whoa. - No because,

honestly, I like the spinning. If there's no spinning,

there's no game.

- I'll give it a 4.5. - I like this.

I would give it a three. - I'd give it a four.

I like the other one better. - I'd give it a two.

It's just not as fun. I don't like spinning coins.

I don't like coins.

- (FBE) The last one is called Fisty Kisses.

Everyone will apply a heavy coat of lipstick

and drink from a communal glass. The last person to get the glass

pretends to be angry and yells,

"Hey, there's lipstick on my glass!

Who did this?" And the first person

to laugh at this, has to take a shot of Jamison.

- What does that even mean? - This is already a five.

I already got the lipstick on. - Can you explain it?

- Do we need to give them our lipstick,

'cause I have about 17 colors in my bag.

- Shoutout to Kylie. - (FBE) I've got lipstick

for you all. - All I remember is--

- Oh my God, this is great!

- Wait, I wanna use my own.

- Give me the reddest [bleep] ever.

I need the reddest [bleep] ever.

It gotta be cherry pop or tomato red.

- No, you have to seriously apply it.

- (speaking Spanish)

- I can put it on you! I can put it on her

and she can--

- (speaking Spanish)

- Okay, smack 'em. You look hot.

You'd be great in drag.

- Okay. - I'm not gonna be able to see.

- No, you can see yourself.

- Bitch, I think I'm [bleep] working on mac.

Give me one second. - You look amazing, too.

- You do the upper lip and I do the bottom.

- Oh, hell no. - At the same time.

Okay, Sheila! Sheila, Sheila.

- I don't like it. I don't like this.

Hell no. Don't touch me.

- Wow, guys really need to start rocking lipstick more.

- Girl, I got this. It's just putting lipstick.

- No, you have to drink. You have to drink.

- She just kissed the glass.

- Just drink it. - Just drink.

- I'm not gonna drink out of that.

- Wait, there's lipstick on my glass.

- No, she laughed.

- (speaking Spanish)

- Whoo! - Yay.

- I don't even like beer. - Ah, oh.

There's lipstick. You have to drink.

- Oh, oh. - Shot of Jamison.

The right way. I like this game.

- This is a good one. - Take her down, baby.

Take her down. You're gonna be all over

this floor like Marlon Brando or some [bleep] drunk.

- (FBE) Pub fact. Since St. Patrick's day

falls in the middle of lent, before 1973, the only place

alcohol was sold was in the member's lounge

at the Royal Dublin Dog Show. - Dog show.

I have three dogs. I'll be there.

- (speaking Spanish) - English, you guys.

- I'm sorry. I want Jacky to drink it.

- Wait a minute. - What's happening?

There's lipstick on the glass. - I know what the line is, Ella.

- There's lipstick on my glass. - You're not funny.

- Okay fine, let's do it. - I think both of you guys.

- Both of you. - Damn, I just killed it.

- Just someone else drink. - Okay, Sheila, a shot.

- (speaking Spanish) - I like that one.

- Just drink it and then she can have

her opportunity to drink. - After she drinks it,

say the glass thing.

- [Bleep] - My God.

- I'm so bad at this game. All I do is laugh.

- Okay, we're all making a pack.

- A pack? - We're not laughing--

yes, we're not gonna laugh. She has to laugh.

- So you have to say the line.

- I am not fun. - I'm never playing poker with you

or actually, I would love to play poker against you.

- Okay, there you go.

- There's lipstick on my glass. - Ew.

- She laughed. She smiled.

That counts as laugh. It counts in Try Not To Laugh.

- I don't really understand the point of the lipstick

for this game, though. - I like it.

Babe, because you go, "There's lipstick on my cup."

- And on your face. - And then you laugh.

- (speaking Spanish)

- Get our germs.

- Can we continue, because I want a chance

to say it. I want a chance to say it.

- Thank God we're not driving. - (FBE) So, what would you

rate this game? Did you like this one?

- Was this funny? - Five.

- Were you laughing? You were laughing.

- I was laughing. - Say a 4.5

- I'll give it a four. - I would rate this a five.

I can tell you I'm not okay to drive.

- Five out of five for sure. - Five.

I really enjoyed the lipstick and getting my makeup done.

Thank you. - Actually, yeah.

That was the best part of it, but the game sucks.

I honestly will give it a [bleep] zero

because if you're not funny-- - Four.

With more people, I feel like the better.

- No. - You know?

- Yeah.

- (FBE) So even though the drinking games are over,

the game itself is not over. Hopefully you were paying attention

to all these pub facts throughout the game

because I'm about to quiz you on them.

- What? Wait, what?

- Okay. - No.

- (FBE) I'm gonna read out a quiz question

and whoever says the right answer gets a point.

The person with the most points at the end

gets a glass of water while the rest of you

have to take more shots. - We still have to drink?

- Let's win so she can-- - I want her to drink.

- Trivia's my game.

- (FBE) Question one. What do you have to do

to get a free drink at a certain pub in Ireland?

Oh, you're so polite. You can just shout it out.

- Not use your phone. - Not use your cell phone.

I'll give you the point, 'cause you raised your hand first.

- Not touch your phone! Yes.

- Mazel tov. - Damn.

- (FBE) What did they install in the ceiling in the smallest

pub in Ireland? - I know.

- Cushions. - Pillows.

No, I did it first. I said it first.

- I raised my hand.

- Cushions! - Jesus Christ, okay.

- (FBE) Besides beer, what could you store

in the beer cellar? - Dead bodies.

- A dead body.

- Bodies. - Dead bodies!

- I said "dead." - (FBE) I'm pretty sure you got it.

- Me? Okay, thank you.

- (FBE) Question four. What's the name

of the bar that-- - Sean's Bar!

- Jesus Christ, Ella. - Oh my God.

- She's just showing off that she's the most sober

at this point.

- (FBE) What's the name of the bar that opened

in the year 900 A.D.? - Something.

- Sean's Bar. - (speaking Spanish)

- (FBE) Where's the only place you could get a drink

on St. Patty's Day before 1973?

- In the little club. - The members...

- Member only house? - Of this club.

- Wait, give us a multiple choice question.

- (buzzer)

- (FBE) Where's the only place you could get a drink

on St. Patty's Day-- - I know.

- The dog show. - In school, you didn't let me win.

- You answered the right answer. - In school, you didn't

let me win and here you don't let win either.

- You didn't even say the right answer.

I get the water and you take a shot.

- Oh, thank you so much. Stay hydrated.

- (FBE) Refreshing glass of water.

- (speaking Spanish) - No.

- Cheers, guys. - Oh, she drinks water,

we take shots? - No, no, no.

- Somebody put lipstick-- - There's lipstick on her glass!

- (speaking Spanish) - Can I get to be part of this?

- (speaking Spanish)

- (speaking Spanish) - I do not need this shot.

- No, no no. - Dude.

(speaking Spanish) German fact.

You should know. - It's a German fact.

- (speaking Spanish) Okay?

(speaking Spanish) - Don't do drugs, kids.

- Your lipstick is all over your face.

- (all) Thanks for watching us try Irish drinking games

on the React Channel.

- Bye. - Hasta la vista.

- Hey guys, Caprice here, your React Channel producer.

Thank you so much for watching this video

and make sure you go check out our Twitter

and let us know how you like this video.

Also, what drinking game should we do next?

Let us know. Bye.

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