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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Matty Matheson's Fiery Fajita Spread

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It's a beautiful day.

We got the Big Green Egg.

Look at this!

We've done all of the work inside for the fajitas,

and now all we gotta do is cook our steak.

It's taken the time to temper,

and so now we just have to season with a lot of salt.

And with a steak, like, this big,

you can add a lot of salt.

And then we're gonna add a lot of pepper.

We're gonna add a little olive oil,

just enough to like kinda lube it up.

We got this grill real hot!

It's 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

We're gonna slap that.



That's your big boy.

We want it to be hot, because we wanna sear it.

We're gonna leave the grill open the entire time we're grilling.

If you were to close that lid, all of a sudden

the top of the steak that isn't on the searing side

would turn gray and start cooking instead of searing.

Keep your lid open!

What are these guys?

These are beautiful corn on the cobs.

We've soaked these overnight in water,

and we're just gonna put these on the edge of the grill.

Why did I soak 'em overnight?

So then when you put 'em in the grill,

the husks don't burn up right away and you have crappy corn.


What don't you-- I like canned corn, creamed corn,

street corn, grilled corn, cream corn...

Corn is like the craziest thing in the world.

Corn's like horrible for you, isn't it?

Like you can't even digest it, it just comes out in the poop.

Oh yeah, corn's real bad for you, for sure.

Once those heat up, it steams and it cooks and you get that

smoky flavor of really nice corn on the cob.


You can see how fast this is cooking,

but it's cooking still really evenly

because it's not a cold steak.


So the steak is done, look at that.

In about 7 minutes a side, you're gonna get a perfect--

(Motor starting)


You're gonna get a perfect medium-rare steak!


I love the big trucks, they're great,

but you know what, we're in their world.

We could've stayed inside,

but it's so nice out we wanted to come outside.

I like that.

We're standing out in the sun, and they got a...

you know, they got...


They gotta raise the thing that has the box in it.

We work together, don't we?

MAN: Not really.

- No?

- No.


So, this steak has gotta rest now,

I'd say for about 10 minutes.

Corn still has to cook for quite some time.

You wanna be cooking the corn

about 10, 15 minutes in the husk,

peel it, grill it some more for about 10 minutes.

So what I'm gonna do is just close the barbecue.

It'll cook that corn really nice and safely

within our corn husks.


Oh my god.

Are you cra-- Ow, fuck, this is so hot!

Okay, so grab a rag.


And then just pull these down.


Ah, that's beautiful.

So you can just take your corn, give it a little twist

like that, and now you got a nice little handle.

We're just gonna put it back on the grill,

and I'm just gonna get a few grill marks on these guys.

Just a little bit more flavor.

It's like the hottest day of the year right now.

We're outside grilling for some stupid reason,

just to bring you guys fajitas.

Yeah, it's so fucking hot.

(Slowed screaming)

We're still out in the back alley 'cause we're not done!

Fajitas are not fajitas without a sizzling platter.

Luckily the Big Green Egg can get up to like

1,000 fucking degrees Fahrenheit,

and I got a big old cast iron pan in there.

Let's go!

We're about to sizzle.

You add your peppers.

We're gonna take our beautiful steak,

put that right on top.

Throw your big bone in there.

Look at that already sizzling.

We're gonna add a little oil.

And now, the final thing that you gotta do:

just take a little bit of water.


Now we're sizzling.




Let me tell you something!

Do you hear that?

This is the greatest steak fa-- Look at the pico de gallo!

Little accouterments here!

Ohhh, the beans!

But check this out.

See these corns?

All you gotta do: take your crema, lace that up.

Look at this.

Crema is... it's sour cream, mayonnaise and parmesan cheese.

It's incredible.

Little seasoning in here.

Oh my god.

Little cilantro stem.

Little green onion.


It's the best Mexican street corn I've ever had!

Oh my god.

Are you crazy?!

Let me tell you something, I got my fajita here,

I take a little bit-- look at that bean.

A little bit of peppers, just a little bit.

You just need a few.

We're gonna take one little piece of steaky.

Oh my god.

A little pico de gallo, and a little bit of that guacamole.

And this-- look at that.

Do you see that?

And people are gonna be like, "What's up with your tortillas?"

These are white flour tortillas.

I don't like corn tortillas, not for fajitas.

I'm sorry, everyone out there that's gonna fucking send me

a goddamn note or letter or fucking DM or comment or

whatever the fuck's out there to just grief your grievances.

Just keep griefing.

You sit down, you grab your family by the nuts,

and you bring 'em to a table, and you put down these fajitas?

It's gonna be the best god-- "How was your day?"

"Oh, I don't know, I went to school, I got suspended.

I drew a dick on a locker.

You know, my day was shit, my teacher's an asshole."

You come home, all of a sudden your day's brightened up

'cause you got steak fucking fajitas that are perfect.

I'm gonna enjoy mine.


Rang and Michelle, come here!


What are you guys doing?

MICHELLE: Pool party.

Did you guys-- Did you see what I made you?

- That's right.

- Whaaat?

I made you guys this.

Come sit down.


Wait, hold on, stand up here for a quick sec.


They're too short for you.

Come closer to me,

and then reach down and grab one of those.



Ah, you motherfucker, you!

Okay, let's have a fajita.


- Here you go, buddy.

- I like corn, corn is good.

There you go, baby.

There you go.

This is love.

- Is it nice?

- Yeah.

No swimming.

You gotta wait 30 minutes.

Guys, you underestimate eating fajitas in a baby pool.

This is awesome!

I'm Matty Matheson, it's 130 degrees out here.

Make sure you're in a pool next time you eat fajitas.

MICHELLE: And just put guac in the pool.

You're a firefighter, aren't you?

You fight fires, or get cats out of trees?

Yeah, um, kind of.

There's a lot of maybe downtime where you guys cook a lot.

Yeah, yeah.

This type of food, is this the stuff that's gonna give you

the energy to go out there and...

- Oh, yeah. - ...and save people's lives?

You know what, I do a ta-- like I'll do tacos.


That's an easy way to feed a lot of people.

I know that we always talk about food, but I'm like...

I never knew you to be really a cook.

Yeah, well, I don't know.

I cook at-- I do the cooking at home.

But yeah, now that I'm on the job,

I definitely have to prepare a meal for 8 guys.

George has always been an amazing cook,

you know what I mean?

I feel like if you won the lottery, Wade,

the first thing, like the celebratory meal

would be fajitas, you know.


Like Tex Mex being not even authentic,

but it's still being just like...

you can have Tex Mex in any part of the world.

Let's discuss bad Tex Mex right now,

'cause I remember one time we were in Australia.



That's far from Mexico.

That's pretty far from Mexico.

And there was like a hot new artisanal taco place,

and going up there, and then they had like enchiladas with

like beef gravy inside them, and like they served Corona,

and that was about where it stopped, you know?


Like 'cause, you know, when you're traveling like as a band

all the time, you want those things that remind you of home,

or like, you know... so you make those wild decisions

to go to a place you maybe shouldn't.

I remember we were in Scandinavia,

went to-- you and me were at like a Mexican spot

and we're like fuck it, let's give it a shot.

And it was as if like aliens came to Norway and explained to

these guys what they think Tex Mex should be.

And I'm just like what's this blue sauce?

Yeah, you don't wanna be eating Tex Mex in Norway.

But Tex Mex is... it's there for you.

It warms you.

- To Tex Mex.

- To Tex Mex.

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