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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Most Common English Questions and Answers

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daily English conversation questions and


topic 1 family

how many people are there in your family

there are five people in my family my

father mother brother sister and me

does your family live in a house or an


we live in a house in the countryside

what does your father do

my father is a doctor he works at the

local hospital

how old is your mother she is 40 years

old one year younger than my father do

you have any siblings

what's his or her name

yes I do I have one elder brother David

and one younger sister Mary are you the

oldest among your brothers and sisters

no I'm not

I'm the second child in my family what

does your mother father like my father

likes playing football and my mother

likes cooking your parents let you stay

out too late

of course not

they always ask me to get home before 10

p.m. each night

do you stay with your parents

right now no but I used to does your

family usually have dinner together yes

we do

my mom always prepares delicious meals

for us topic 2 restaurant

how often do you eat out who do you go

with I often eat out on weekends when I

hang out with my friends

what restaurants do you usually visit

well there are not many restaurants in

my neighborhood so my best choice is the

deli in convenience stores like Circle K

mini stop be Mart what type of food do

you enjoy to eat Western or Asian I'm

interested in Asian food western food is

not my thing

how much do you usually pay when you eat


it's not very expensive just around $5

for each meal

do you enjoy spicy food yes I do

especially on cold days are the server's

there friendly to you yes they are most

of them are really helpful have you ever

tried Italian food yes at least once

when I was in my friend's wedding party

are you concerned about calories when

eating out yes I am I'm on a diet now so

this really matters to me

our fast-food restaurants like KFC or

McDonald's famous in your country

yes they are the youth in my country are

big fans of fast food do you often drink

alcohol when eating out no not often

just when I have parties with my friends

topic three books how often do you read

books I read books almost every night

before I go to bed what's your favorite

type of book

I love reading about different cultures

what can you learn from books books

broaden my horizon about thousands of

things around the world and books are

also my best friends where do you read

books I read books at home sometimes in

the library what's the most interesting

book you've ever read I think that would

be Nepal a book written about the

country of Nepal in 1999 how long does

it take for you to finish a book well it

depends on the length of the book but it

usually takes me a week to finish a 300

page book do you usually bring books

with you when you travel yes I do when

I'm at the airport or bus station I read

books to kill time

are there any bookstores or libraries in

your area

unfortunately there are none near my

house the nearest one is three

kilometers away

topic for travel how many places have

you traveled to I've visited all the

provinces throughout my country who do

you usually go with I often go with my

family sometimes with my best friends

what's your favourite tourist attraction

that would be Venice city in Italy I

love riding the gondola along the canals

while watching Italian people live their

daily lives have you ever been abroad

yes I have I came to Italy last year for

a business trip what languages do you

use when traveling English but sometimes

I have to use body language because not

all people are good at English

what do you usually view during your

trip I often go sightseeing take

pictures mingle with the local people

and sample the local cuisine what do you

do to prepare for your trip before the

trip I search for information about the

location whether famous tourist

attractions transportation local cuisine

and prices on the Internet

what do you usually bring when you

travel I usually pack my suitcase with

some necessary items such as clothes

medicine food a map and a camera

do you prefer traveling by car train or


I prefer planes although it can be a

little expensive planes are faster than

any other mode of transport

do you prefer traveling alone or joining

a guided tour I love backpacking with my

friends who share the same interest as


topic 5 website what type of websites do

you often search for it varies depending

on my goal

I prefer entertainment and education

websites such as Facebook comm Wikipedia

org and VOA special English how long

have you been using them

I have been using these websites since I

was a freshman at University

what do you visit those website for I

use them to study online or relax after

working what's your favorite website

I think it's probably

can you read websites in English yes I

can most useful websites are written in

English what's the most popular website

in your country I'm not quite sure but I

guess it could be do you

think that you should use websites as a

reliable source of knowledge not always

they should choose their sources

carefully topic 6 accident have you ever

been in a traffic accident yes three

years ago what happened I was hit by a

car while crossing the road how did you

feel then I felt really terrible because

of my injuries

who was involved in the accident the car

driver his family inside the car and me

did the insurance company pay for repair

services I was walking so I did not

require any car repair services didn't

you need a lawyer

I hurt my lower back just a little so I

didn't call a lawyer did you report to

the issue to the police no we didn't

want to get the police involved were you

sent to the hospital after the accident

no the injury wasn't really serious do

you have a driving license yes I do I

always keep it in my purse

why should people obey traffic

regulations to protect themselves and

others the best ways are to wear a

helmet wait for traffic lights and stay

in the appropriate vehicle lanes topic 7

childhood memory did you have a happy

childhood yes I did

I enjoyed playing hide and seek with my

peers did you experience your childhood

in a city or a countryside I spent my

childhood in a rural area where I could

see vast rice fields did you usually

skip class when you were a child yes I

did and many of my friends did too who

were you with when you were a child I

was with my beloved family what did you

want to be when you were a child I

dreamed of being a fashion designer who

did you love the most when you were a


I loved my mom the most since she was

always there and took care of me

who was your childhood hero Robin Hood

he took money from the rich and gave it

to the poor what reminds you of your

childhood green rice fields which I

happen to see everywhere remind me of my

beautiful childhood did you change a lot

when you grew up yes of course I'm more

mature now both physically and mentally

why is childhood important because it

shapes people into who they will become

topic eight favorite rooms how many

rooms are there in your house there are

six rooms a living room two bedrooms a

bathroom and the kitchen which floor is

your bedroom on

my bedroom is on the first floor of a

three-story house is it big or small

it's not very spacious just enough to

put necessary furniture in

what color is your bedroom painted it's

painted pink my favorite color

do you love your room why I love it very

much because it is my private space

whenever I go home

what furniture does your bedroom contain

it contains a bed a desk and the

clothing closet

what do you do in it well I spend most

of my free time there reading books and

sleeping how much time do you spend in

your room

about 10 hours a day especially in the


do you share your room with anyone else

no everyone in my family has their own

room so I stayed there alone topic 9

presents what kinds of presents are

popular in your country it depends on

the receivers for children toys are the

best choice for youth souvenirs are

recommended who gave presents to you on

what occasions I have received many

presents most of which were from my

friends they gave me gifts on my

birthday what was your last present it

was a handmade doll given by my best

friend when I moved to another city what

was the one you like best

I loved my book Nepal a lot it was given

to me on my 23rd birthday by my mother

did you ever get a present you didn't

like yes I'd have but I still treasure

and take care of them

how do you thank people who give you

presents I gave them presents that they

would like what are the times of the

year that people give presents in your


some special occasions our birthdays

weddings graduation New Year's Day

Valentine's Day housewarming ceremonies

etc who is the last person you gave a

present to my mom I bought her a coach

on a business trip to Bangkok is giving

presents important in daily life yes it

is it's one of the best ways to show

your love and gratitude to someone topic

10 historical places which tourist


do you prefer when traveling historical

places or natural landmarks

well historical places are always my

first choice when traveling

what do you usually do when visiting

historical places

I usually listen to the tour guide

introducing the sites and take notes

about important historical events can

you name some historical places you have

visited whenever I travel to a foreign

country I always visit its famous

historical places some of them are the

pyramids in Egypt Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Stonehedge in England and the Taj Mahal

in India what's your favorite historical

place why I love the pyramids the most

taking the tour around the pyramids

I cannot only enjoy the gorgeous

architecture but also learn cultural and

historical values of the ancient

Egyptian culture

what is the most famous historical place

in your country it's definitely the

Statue of Liberty in New York City

what's special about it the statue was

gifted by the people of France it is a

symbol of freedom for the US as well as

a welcoming sight to people coming to

the u.s. from another country where is

it located it's located on Liberty

Island in New York Harbor NYC should the

youth visit historical places instead of

other places

sure nowadays the youth should visit

these kinds of places more often in

order to preserve historical and

cultural values of their country topic

11 newspaper magazine what are the

benefits of reading a newspaper or

magazine newspapers magazines can

broaden your mind about thousands of

things without the need to travel how

often do you read it I read it every day

what's the best time to read the


I think the

best time is in the morning when you

start a new day what types of magazines

do you usually read I usually read

politics and fashion magazines I also

enjoy reading about culture and tourism

what's your favorite magazine my

favorite is the New York Times which

writes about all sorts of things

business sports movies travel books jobs

education and real estate do you read

the paper or online news I prefer online

news to save money how much does it cost

you to buy a paper newspaper per month I

only buy a monthly newspaper so it

doesn't cost much money around $5 a

month what is the most popular magazine

in your country I think it would be

Forbes magazine a leading source of

reliable business news and financial

information with the popularity of the

Internet do you think newspapers and

magazines will disappear yes

unfortunately it's just a matter of time

topic 12 a memorable event how many

events have you joined this year what

were they about I have joy

more than 10 events so far most of which

were about education what was your most

memorable event the most memorable for

me was an international study conference

in which I was introduced to some famous

universities in Europe to study overseas

was it organized indoors or outdoors

it was an indoor event who sponsored the

event the event organizer was the

Education Department of American Center

but the universities introduced in the

conference were the ones who paid who

went to the event with you

I went there with my friends who shared

the same interest in studying abroad as

me what were some performances in the

event there were not many performances

each University representative just had

a speech to introduce their schools to

students and then they hosted Q&A

sessions was the event shown on TV the

event was not aired but there were

television advertisements for it

how would someone market an event taking

advantage of social media is a smart way

to promote an event topic 13 a favorite


what subjects did you learn in school I

learned math science physics biology

geology history literature English art

and music what subject did you like the

most when you were at school were you

good at it

I liked biology the most although I was

excellent at literature did your friends

like that subject - yes they did

they enjoyed every single biology lesson

was the textbook written in English or

any other language it was written in

English who taught that subject my

teacher was Miss Karen from the USA how

is the subject helpful to you it helps

me a lot in becoming a biology teacher

how often did you learn that subject I

often had biology lessons five times a

week how long did you spend on that

subject at home I spent roughly two

hours per day studying biology at home

have you ever attended any extra classes

for that subject yes I have

I usually attended evening classes is it

important to study hard on both social

sciences and Natural Sciences No

it isn't students should study the ones

they like and the ones that are helpful

to their career path topic 14 a museum

what type of museum is popular in your

country there are many types of museums

but the most popular are historical

museums what is the most famous Museum

in your country that would be the

British Museum located in London what's

special about it I'm impressed by its

large amount of historical art and

cultural work how many times have you

visited that museum I have visited the

museum twice what do you usually do when

visiting a museum I usually listen to

the tour guide and take notes about

important information are you allowed to

take pictures there no the guards did

not allow us to bring the camera in how

did you feel after visiting there the

overall experience was fantastic and I

learned so many things in just a few

hours what do you think is the

importance of museums in history museums

are an integral part of any country's

history and they help keep history alive

topic 15 a favorite movie do you use

watch movies at home or at a movie

theater I usually watch movies on my

laptop sometimes I go to the movie

theater is watching movies at the

theater more interesting than watching

movies at home yes definitely

because you can watch vivid images on a

large screen with lively sound effects

how often do you go to the movie theater

I often go to the movie theater every

weekend what's your favorite type of


what movie of that type do you like my

favorite type is comedy because whenever

I watch one I feel like there are no

more worries in the world

I love the mr. bean movie series was

that movie adapted from a book no the

story is derived from funny situations

in real life who are the actors or

actresses in the movie

mr. bean is the main character he is

played by Rowan Atkinson who is from

England was it recommended by your

friend teacher or family it was

recommended by my classmate was the

movie in your mother language or in

English it was in English but I can also

watch it with subtitles should children

watch violent movies I don't believe so

young children are very impressionable

and it could lead them to wanting to

imitate the behavior

what's the most important factor of a

great movie I believe that plot and

actors are among the factors which

decide the success of a movie topic 16 a

foreign country have you ever traveled

abroad if yes what country was it

yes I have I traveled to the USA last

year with my family where is that

country located the USA is located in

North America

what is it famous for the USA is known

for its cultural achievements and

landmarks what are the special foods and

drinks of that country

there are many

they are known for fast food dairy and

many beverages

what do you like about that country I

like the fast pace of life and the

various subcultures

how many citizens are there in that

country the current population of the

United States of America

was over 324 million in 2016 which

account for 4.3 percent of the total

world population what languages do

people there speak the national language

is English but many people also speak

Spanish French German and Chinese do you

want to go back there again

sure why do people like to travel abroad

they just want to discover new places

learn new cultures and maybe speak new

languages topic 17 parties

on what occasions do people in your

country celebrates parties there are

many occasions when people throw parties

such as New Year's Eve wedding

engagements family reunions birthdays

etc but sometimes people hold parties

just when they made up and want to have

something fun to do are you a party

animal yes I am I am crazy about going

to parties I love meeting friends

drinking and talking when do parties

often start and finish it depends on

what kind of party it is I believe the

perfect time to throw a party is in the

evening from 8 to 11 p.m.

where are the parties thrown they are

held inside or outside some formal

events like weddings housewarmings are

organized inside while others like

family reunions and birthdays may be

held outside what do you usually wear

when you come to a party I often wear

casual clothes like a t-shirt and jeans

if I go to informal parties and a dress

for formal ones

what do people do in the parties you

attended at the party people talk eat

and drink together

some go there to find business

opportunities and new partners do you

enjoy drinking alcohol at the parties

yes a little beer can cheer me up do

people have to bring anything to the

party it's not required but sometimes

visitors bring some gifts to show their

love for the host why do people

especially the youth love going to


it's just a good way for them to chill

out after a long day topic 18 a teacher

who was your favorite teacher I like mr.

Tom the most he is my English teacher

is he a foreign teacher yes he's from

the US

what do you like about his lessons

I have fallen in love with his American

accent and he always shows us something

new about the world outside of textbooks

what's he like

he's not only knowledgeable but also

very friendly

he always treats us like friends not

students what does he usually wear when

coming to class he usually wears a gray

suit when he comes to class

do you love his subject

yes I enjoy English a lot do students in

your class like him yes all of us admire

him do you want to be a teacher like him

no although I like him my dream is not

to become a teacher I would like to be a

chef have you ever been punished by him

no he rarely punishes anyone

do you want to see him again of course

he's a great mentor topic 19 a friend

who's your best friend it's Jenny

she's my best friend what does she look

like she has shoulder-length brown hair

I just love her lovely smile how and

when did you meet

I first met her when we were in high


how often do you see this friend I see

her everyday we're in the same class

what she like she's not only thoughtful

but also very understanding

she's always by my side to cheer me up

whenever I'm in trouble do you and her

share anything in common yes a lot

we both love shopping and playing sports

together what do you and her do together

we usually do homework and read books

together have you and her ever


yes but we seldom quarrel when we do

argue afterwards we seem to understand

more about each other does she know how

to cook yes but she's not a great cook

do your parents like her yes a lot they

always ask Jenny to come over for dinner

why is a friend important in life a good

friend can make your life better in many

ways I don't think anyone can stand

loneliness topic 28 hotel what is your

favorite hotel where is it located

it's the Sheraton a 5-star hotel located

in Saigon Vietnam how do you know that


before coming to vietnam for traveling I

searched on the Internet

it's one of the best hotels in Vietnam

why do you choose to stay in that

particular hotel I like the architecture

there and online all the reviews about

the hotel are positive is it by the


no Saigon is not a beachside city does

it attract many tourists yes I guess

when I stayed there

it was completely booked what type of

room did you stay in and what facilities

did you get from the hotel I stayed in a

double bedroom the room is equipped with

air conditioner a flat-screen TV

wardrobe etc what do you like about that


a gymnasium swimming pool and barbecue

area are available I also love the green

space surrounding the hotel is all the

staff friendly and helpful

yes definitely they are all professional

how much does it cost a night it costs

me around two hundred and fifty dollars

a night do you recommend that hotel to

friends yes if they come to Vietnam I

love everything their topic 21 a letter

who wrote the letter to you

my dad will the letter to me when he was

on a business trip did you keep the

letter yes I put it in a folder whenever

I'm down reading his letter would be a

good way to cheer me up

what was the letter about he told me

about his new workplace and how things

were there how did you feel about the

letter I was glad to know he was fine in

another city you have a letter

collection yes I collected all the

letters from family and friends it's one

of my hobbies do you like writing

letters or emails I prefer writing paper

letters do people in your country

usually write letters years ago they did

now people prefer emails what's the

difference between emails and

handwritten letters emails

much more convenient than letters

because they're free to send and they

get there instantly

however letters are much more special

why should we write letters to friends

or relatives it's a good way to show

love to people you care about topic 22

hobbies what is your hobby I like

playing sports especially swimming it's

your hobby common in your country yes

kids adults and senior citizens all like

swimming in my country is your hobby the

same as when you were a child yes I was

fond of swimming when I was a little

girl when did you start practicing that

hobby I started swimming when I was 5

years old is there anybody in your

family who you share your hobby with my

dad he taught me how to swim how much

time do you spend on your hobby I

usually go to the swimming pool twice a

week what benefits do you get from it

swimming is a really good workout it

helps me keep fit and chill out after a

long day working have you ever

of someone having a very unusual hobby

yes my cousin loves tattooing vehicles

he put stickers everywhere on his car

what do you think about someone having

weird hobbies I don't think any hobby is

weird it's just what you like to do so I

don't judge others what hobbies are

usually expensive in your country

playing golf is a really expensive hobby

only the rich can afford to buy golf

supplies topic 23 music what kind of

music do you like I'm crazy about pop

music is that the kind of music

preferred in your country it varies

normally the youth enjoy rock and pop

while middle-aged citizens prefer a

country music who is your favorite

singer I'm a big fan of Miley Cyrus a

talented US singer-songwriter and

actress what piece of music do you like

who sang that song my favorite song is

Jolin sung by Miley Cyrus

how much time a day do you spend

listening to music I usually listen to

music all day with an mp3 player do you

feel relaxed when listening to music

sure I feel like there are no more

worries in the world why is music

important to us music has the power of

beautifying our life do you usually go

to bars or clubs not often I sometimes

go there on weekends what do you think

about the teenagers music style

teenagers tend to choose loud and fast

music like rock or rap everyone has

their own taste of music though have you

ever thought of forming a music band no

I don't have any talent for music topic

24 shopping do you like shopping

yes I'm a Shopaholic what do you usually

shop for I usually shop for clothes I'm

a big fashion fan where do you go

shopping at some fashion boutiques in my


are there many shops in your

neighborhood yes my area is the city

center so I have many choices of where

to shop

do you spend much money on shopping

yes and I'm usually broke at the end of

the month do you usually shop online

what items yes but not really often I

only buy furniture online

what's the difference between shopping

online and offline

you cannot try on the pieces of clothing

or check the material when shopping

online topic 25 holiday where did you go

for holiday last year I went to

Singapore a Southeast Asian country why

did you choose that destination I love

to travel to Asian countries and

Singapore was my best choice because of

its beauty and culture how long did it


I stayed there for two weeks who went

with you I traveled to Singapore with my

best friends how did you travel

we flew there of course during the time

there we moved mostly by MRT and taxi

what did you pack up I only brought some

necessary items such as money clothes

medicine a map and the digital camera

what did you do during the holiday we

visited famous tourist attractions like

Marina Bay Sands merlion park art

Science Museum Singapore flyers we also

enjoyed local cuisine there what's the

difference between holidays today and 20

years ago well it has changed a lot

people now can afford holidays outside

to their countries while 20 years ago

traveling abroad seemed hard at what

time do people in your country you

usually go on holiday it depends on what

job people have when they have a break

from work they will find somewhere to

travel topic 26 animals are you an

animal lover yes I am I love animals are

you raising any pets yes I have a

pitbull puppy at home what is it like my

puppy is friendly highly intelligent and

well behaved he always waves his tail

and licks my hand to welcome me home

what does it look like he's a

medium-sized puppy with a strong neck

broad chest and brown hair what are its

habits my pitbull puppy loves doing

exercise every day when he plays he

plays to win what do you usually do with

it we usually play tennis together my

puppy helps me pick up tennis balls

what does it like to eat he loves beef

chicken and some dairy products what do

you learn from it he teaches me loyalty

an adult pitbull may make me feel safe

why do people keep pets they consider

pets as their loyal companions which

make their life better our pets well

looked after in your country yes people

in my country love pets topic 27 a

practical skill what practical skill

have you learned cooking is a practical

skill that I have practiced recently who

taught you that skill my mom is the best

cook she taught me everything about how

to make soup salad omelets cake etc how

did you learn it she shows me how to buy

food prepare ingredients and cook meals

whenever she's in the kitchen I learned

how to boil grill fry rays etc day by

day why did you learn it

I just want to be a good cook like my

mom when I get married I will prepare

the best dishes for my husband and

children how long did it take for you to

learn it I learned it in four years

the skill seems to be strengthened when

I live apart from my family for studying

how often do you use this skill I cook

every day I also love homemade food

how has the skill helped you it makes me

more confident whenever I go on a picnic


I'm always responsible for the barbecue

do people in your family know the skill

to my younger sister knows how to cook -

she has just started learning do all

skills need practicing yes they do

practice makes perfect

how is this skill important to you it's

an essential life skill all women need

to know this to keep their family warm

and happy topic 28 sport what sport do

you like I like playing badminton is it

easy to play that sport yes it's pretty

easy to play is that sports popular in

your country yes it is how long have you

been practicing that sport I have been

practicing it for five years who do you

play sports with I play badminton with

my friends sometimes with my brother

how often do you play that sports I play

badminton every weekend what benefits

can you get from that sport it helps

strengthen my muscles because while

playing I have to move continuously it

is good to burn calories as well do you

like watching football online or offline

yes I do I prefer watching football

offline and online going to the stadium

shouting and cheering are good ways to

relieve stress what is your favorite

football team I like the Manchester

United Football Club also known as the

Red Devils why is Sports important

sports are sources of recreation people

can learn how to encourage team spirit

while they play sports - topic 29 of


what school did you go to

I went to millennium high school founded

in 1999

where is the school located it's located

in New York City United States

do you like the architecture of the

school yes I do

the architecture is not really

impressive but I like it

that the building's architects left

plenty of space for lounging

what are the teachers like most of the

teachers there are helpful and friendly

I especially like mr. Mike my physics


how long have you spent there

I have spent three years of upper

secondary school there is that a

single-sex school

no it isn't this is a unisex school why

do you enjoy the time there although I

have to deal with quite a heavy workload

I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere when

hanging out with friends in the

cafeteria there what important lesson

did you learn from school I learned how

to work in a group in which there are

many friends coming from different


that's the lesson of cooperation will

you recommend that school to others

yes of course

topic 30 festival I am proud to

recommend millennium high school to

anyone who is searching for a good place

to learn how many popular festivals are

there in your country there are many New

Year's Day Martin Luther King Day

Valentine's Day st. Patrick's Day Easter


what is the most important festival in

your country I believe that New Year's

Day is the most important one since it's

a chance for family reunion and parties

people gather together to welcome the

new year when does it take place it

occurs on January 1st

where is the festival celebrated the New

Year's Day is celebrated all over the

country each family has its own way to

celebrate to the day what do people do

to prepare for the festival before New

Year's Day people go shopping for food

and drinks repair the house or put up

decor who can join the festival it's a

day for everybody what do people do in

the festival on New Year's Eve people

have a party with traditional food and

drinks after that they may visit friends

or relatives go to the movies or watch


what's special about that festival it

marks the end of a year and celebrates a

new year people believe that the things

they do on the first day will bring good

luck and prosperity to them during the

whole year is the festival culturally

related sure the festival is an integral

part of culture why is a festival

important it adds

to our social lives and connects us with

our families and backgrounds

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