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(Channel 9_In The House)

(Before the pre-meeting)

Wow, what's this filter?

This filter doesn't do justice

Pink, pink, ink

I applied blusher heavily today

To look pretty

Did you see how she winked?

How cute

(Cartoon-ripped visual)

Wow!!!! That's Saerom!!!!

David of this era Saerom

Hello, we are



Come on, what are you doing?

Sorry, I was nervous

You don't have to, you cute girl

Let's proceed fast

Then stop doing something like that

(A few days later)


(This is Jiwon's back cushion called 'Mr. THIS')

(They're about to begin an interview)

Please check my eye makeup

(Someone's using a hair dryer)



Come on, Jiwon(already tired)

You look okay

Please check mine, too

You look okay

Please check again

I have good eyesight

Come on


You look okay


No, I don't

- You do - Hayoung, are you okay?



(Sitting for the interview)


- Mr. THIS is squashed - Hayoung, excuse me

Can you hold him like this?

No, this way is his original concept

(Mr. THIS having a hard time even today)

This is his original concept

Is this the way how he sits?

Jiwon always sits on his face

Oh? She looks like Mr. THIS now

(She is a friend of Mr. THIS) LOL

Come on

We have a new friend in our room

His name is 'Shibaski'


(Poor Shibaski doesn't know what is going to happen to him)

Okay, ask questions



1, 2, 3

Hello, I'm Jisun of fromis_9

I'm Saerom

I'm Seoyeon

I'm Nagyung

What's wrong with us?

Because we just woke up

Kkeng! Bbang! Jeon!

I'm Kkeng, 21 years old

I'm Jeon, 23 years old

I'm Bbang, a member of '00's'

Bbang, 3 years old


I'm Jiheon

I'm Gyuri


(Where is this place?)



I have to do it now

Come on, you just woke up

I have to do it now


The emergency text alert went off


They wake up when I turn on the light

Hayoung and I move quietly

while other members are sleeping

But Jiwon doesn't


- She causes troubles - I do it on purpose to wake you up



Sorry, you don't have to wake up

You're too noisy, seriously

She's sensitive, so am I

Hayoung is less sensitive

So I try not to make noise

For example, I use a cell phone flashlight when I need to find something

But Jiwon

she turns up the light and groans


She slams down a cup of water


She behaves as if she lives alone

Then she looks displeased

(It means 'Please be quiet, Jiwon')

She looks really displeased


'Oh, I didn't know that you were there'

Jiwon calls my name very loudly while Hayoung is sleeping

Then I say, 'Hush! Hayoung is sleeping'

She says, 'It doesn't matter, she has to wake up anyway'

Am I right?

But she doesn't have to wake up

She calls my name loudly even though nothing important happens

She says suddenly, 'Ah, ah, ah, Albamon'

'Ah, ah, ah'

'Hey, be quiet, Hayoung is sleeping'

Then she says, 'Come on, we're late'

'You two won't wake up forever without me'

Then I say, 'Come on, we wake up because of you'

Come on, you'll be late if I don't wake you up, don't you think?

You were late today, weren't you?

No, I wasn't

Come on, you were

(Hayoung doesn't know what to say)

Hayoung, we understand you

We understand you

You were running out of time today, right?

I'm fine, Jiwon

You need me, don't you?


(Walking around)


(Not moving at all)

My stomach's rumbling

I'm hungry as soon as I wake up

Why am I so hungry?

I've wanted to eat something since yesterday

I was having half a mind to order some food while I was cleaning

but I didn't

I tried to suppress my appetite

So I ordered some food as soon as I woke up this morning

I need to eat something as soon as I wake up

How do you divide the chores in your place?

It doesn't exist

(Screen adjustment^^)

My role is to be beaten

Role to be beaten

My role is to smell

Well, my role is...

This is pressuring

(A sudden ad-lib competition)

Which role does she play?

Say something

Well, mine is...


Self punishment

But we don't have that kind of system, do we?

What do we do?

- Hayoung cooks rice every day - Right

Are you going to have breakfast?

I'll cook rice for you

And you buy ingredients

Yes, I buy ingredients

The payment has completed

And you share your things


Yes, she does

- Two thirds of my cosmetic products are yours - That's right


I'm like a dog that guards a house

Name: Baek Watchdog Character: Stay home

She always stays at home

Her nickname is 'watchdog'

She always guards our place

When other members ask, 'Who is in the house?'

Then I say, ''watchdog' is in the house'

(Jiheon always stays in the same place)

Well, I always go on my way

Okay, so your role is 'going on my way'

I go on my way

(Gyuri goes on her way)

Guest 1, guest 2, guest 3, guest 4

Last time, I stayed in front of the mirror, right?

I've been still staying there

(Saerom's upgraded place)

Nagyung always stays in her bed

(Her bed is everything for her)

I stay next to the air purifier


(They all agree)

- I have to change my clothes when I come back home - So do I


Seoyeon is the only one who take a nap


She always does

(Seoyeon often takes a nap) She does it every day

My day doesn't go well without a nap

I understand

(The members on the upper deck are still sleeping)


(Saerom wakes up first)

(Jisun wakes up next)



(She makes her bed as soon as she wakes up)

(Looking at the camera)

(Good morning)

(She's still busy making her bed)


(Q.Waking up early in the morning is difficult for you?)


I think it's because of my personality

- We're more like 'morning-type' people - Right

Sleeping in feels like a waste of time

It feels like 'I've ruined today'

Yes, I agree

(Jisun prepares something)

I'm going to the gym

I'll eat something when I come back

(She has the pleasure of opening a parcel)

(Saerom enjoys this quiet moment)


(It's too dark)


(One by one, the members wake up)

Where are you going? Gym?

I've bought food for today because I won't go out

Are you preparing for a battle or what?

- Perfect, I've been into a webtoon - Which one?

(They're busy from early morning)

(Jisun going to the gym)

(Saerom enjoying the quiet moment)


(Saerom prepares to go out)

(Q.Where did you go?)

To the gym


I exercise regularly

(Jisun is diligent)I'm here for cardio exercises

(Jisun is diligent)

(Saerom exercises, too)

- Jisun and I both like eating - Right

But we try to exercise as much as we eat

She and I have something in common

We try to exercise hard

(Q. How's the atmosphere in your room?)

Well, our room never has a peaceful day

- Hayoung, why are you so quiet? - What happened?

- Am I? - Go out

(They can't bear the boredom)

Let's go, hurry

Let's go

Don't emphasize such thing, PD

- Don't discourage my baby - Why do you do that?


Let's do it naturally

So how is the atmosphere of your room?

Oh, I almost forgot, tell them

We share many things

That's the biggest difference from other members

Other members always ask each other, 'Can I use yours?'

But we don't do it because we share everything

I was supposed to meet Jiwon outside

She arrived and I realized that she was wearing my clothes

'You're wearing mine'

'Yes, these are pretty, are they new?'


But the thing is, I hadn't worn them

That's mean

I didn't know that

So I said, 'But I haven't worn them'

She said, 'Hey, you should've told me'

How could I know that you'd wear mine?

Then she said, 'Oh, gosh'

'I'll be careful, these are so pretty'

'Okay, do as you wish'

- Even real sisters don't touch each other's new clothes - True

But we never cross the line

- We don't touch expensive clothes - Right

We share only cheap clothes

I tried on a new crop T-shirt that I bought online but it was too small

So I gave it to Jiwon

Then Chaeyoung and Hayoung said,

'Thank you for the T-shirt'

It just happened a few hours ago

Yes, we both go our way

I go my way

We do our own things

I felt pressure because of the camera

I heard the upper deck members also go their way

But they can't beat us

They'll realize what 'going my way' means when they see us


What we do in our room is just asking,

'Can I use yours?', or

'Shall we turn off the light?', this is it

Or 'Let me turn on the light'

Frankly, you're happy when I'm out, aren't you?


So am I, I'm so happy when you're out

We're alike in that way

You girls are like a couple married for 10 years

It's quiet, isn't it? (They're half asleep)

It's quiet in our room and

we're busy doing our own things

- Why are you so slow? - We don't cause troubles

You're very slow today

She's even slower than usual

We're alike in that way

Wow, the weather is nice

(Gathered together) Yay!

It's a beautiful day

Shall we change clothes outside?




Are you going to eat Kimchi stir-fry rice?



We've never had troubles as we take care of each other

We've never had a serious problem

We don't feel distant from each other

Are you really coming?

Yes, I am

(It's always peaceful)

I'm hurt

Why are you letting me out?

We have our own chat room called 'Chicken Feet'

Let's call it 'Fried Chicken Feet'

Because it sounds less explicit

They'd say, 'Hehehe, what are we doing?'

Let's do what we usually do

You held a strange white teddy bear

Hey, it was a rabbit, not a bear

Sorry, I can't do this anymore


(Q.Your bed is completely blocked) I wake up easily to even soft light

I even use blackout curtains for the room and my bed

Otherwise I'll have a light sleep

I'd like to do that, too, but I can't because I use the upper deck

(Q. Your mosquito net have been ripped, how do you sleep there?)

(Like this)

It was okay in the beginning, but

it started to be ripped as I got into the bed

Now it even touches my face


How do you sleep there?

But summer is coming, so

I don't want to remove it because I hate mosquitos

I'll live with it till this summer

(Till this summer?)

You know, I can fix it

(Please let me go)

I can use the zipper, you know

Would you get me a new one?

(Innocent look)

This was just a preview


fromis_9's dorm life!

See you next week '-^

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